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Night Time Baseball

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Last fall, I was watching the World Series, the Kansas City Royals versus the New York Mets. I have a little more than a casual interest in baseball, but I didn’t really care who won (the Royals did, by the way, four games to one). Rather, I’m drawn to the game by its lingering suspense, myriad decisions, and brief bursts of action. A tightly contested baseball game can suck me in for a long time. 

But the thought occurred to me that in order to take this White Nationalism thing seriously, one would have to turn one’s back to all of this. Really, professional and college sports have become so ubiquitous that it becomes difficult for many of us to envision an America without it. And what would we lose? Quite a lot. Millions of Americans identify themselves at least partially with their sports teams, college or pro. It’s part of who they are. Sports have also become embedded in American history and folklore. In baseball alone we have Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, the list goes on. These men were all bigger than life and achieved legend status while still in their primes. They have been heroes to more Americans than the soldiers who’ve fought and won our wars. And why? Because there is something mesmerizing about sports. It contributes to the sublimation of many of our more aggressive tribal instincts, rendering them more or less harmless in real time.

For example, a friend of mine, who by all accounts is a mild, church-going fellow, got into it on Facebook with some Mets fans during the fifth and final game of the Series. He is a big Kansas City Royals booster, but I didn’t know how big until he began taunting his Met-fan friends during the game. The taunting got worse as things got more and more desperate for the Mets. After a while, the Mets fans stopped posting altogether, but the taunting continued. It was almost cruel. But my friend didn’t care. His boys were winning. And he was feasting on his opponents’ broken dreams and washing it all down with their sweet, sweet tears.

Could a person like this ever accept a White Nationalist worldview? Well, possibly. But to do so would mean discarding part of his own identity. Because hand in hand with serious sports fandom comes its buck-toothed, red-headed stepchild: negrophilia. Due to the manifest talent and passion blacks have for sports, it is very difficult to have one without the other. Sports writers often like to describe how sports help Americans overcome racism. And they’re right, at least as far as whites are concerned. If your team is down four to two in the bottom of the seventh, and your very black shortstop cracks a rocket of a line drive to left field, bringing in two runs to tie the game, are you not going to cheer? If you love your team, it would be impossible not to, regardless of what that shortstop looks like. And if that shortstop performs well enough on the field and behaves well enough off of it, eventually you’ll get to love him as well. They’re not talking about making a statue of black Red Sox slugger David Ortiz in Boston for nothing.

To take this idea even further — and to demonstrate what we’re really up against –– I remember during the Series that a couple of the female Met fans on Facebook (pretty white girls, both) kept referring to one of their relief pitchers as “Big Sexy.” This was Bartolo Colón, a pudgy, round-faced Dominican in his early forties. Truly, looking at him does not exactly scream “baseball player,” let alone “athlete.” But there he was, saving games for the Mets in the postseason. And his fans were loving it. And him.

This, of course, is a problem. As long as we have millions of white women referring to brown men as “sexy” because they’re good at throwing and hitting balls, then White Nationalism will remain in the future. As long as there are millions of white men who let their women do this in public, then White Nationalism will remain in the future.

This is a rich life we’re missing out on because the quality of play from most of these athletes is quite high. But we miss out on this life only because we envision a richer one; one which cannot coexist with the present.

Imagine taking a large swig of 150 proof grain alcohol. Sure, there’s an immediate rush, but if you drink enough of that stuff, the poisons in your body set in and the rot starts to spread. This is my analogy for the presence of blacks in civilized societies. It’s thrilling to watch them perform (whether it’s music, dance, or sports), but when you get enough of them in your country, things start to fall apart. We have been witnessing this in our inner cities and in places like Ferguson, Missouri since the 1960s. White Nationalists envision a world which does not have these problems. Imagine an America with less poverty and crime and illegitimacy. Imagine an America with functioning inner cities and safe, high quality public schools. Imagine an America without endemic drug addiction and gang activity. Imagine an America lacking Third World-styled corruption and dysfunction in its government. This is a great world we envision; only to achieve it there would have to be far fewer blacks than we have today. The majority of American blacks would have to be repatriated somewhere. It would be a dirty job, yes. It would have to be done with as much compassion and respect for human rights as possible. But it still must be done. In fact, some Black Nationalists might even help us.

And the price we would ultimately pay for all this? Fewer baseball stars. Not a bad tradeoff, in my opinion.

Maybe, just maybe, our identification with sports teams can go just a wee bit too far. Maybe by taking sports and its concurrent negrophilia too seriously, we neglect other aspects of our identities, ones that will, in the long run, ensure our survival as a people and as a race.

Our tribal affiliations go much deeper than the city we’re from or the team we followed when were kids. Once upon a time, they stretched across entire nations and continents. From one ocean to the other. On September 12, 1683 the largest cavalry charge in history descended upon 140,000 Turks camped outside the gates of Vienna and routed them. The cavalry was composed of nearly 25,000 Poles, Germans, Austrians, and other European nationalities, all aligned to rid Europe of its invaders by the sword. A pan-European all-star team, if you will.

Where is that attitude now? Where is the cavalry? Distracted by sporting events while non-white invaders and their Leftist enablers slowly rob us of our homelands? When are we going to realize what is going on?

I’d like to think that articles like this one have influence, but I know that they really have very little, if any. Only history can exert the kind of pressure needed to force people to give up one identity for another. And this has to be some pretty powerful history, such as a tremendous spike in anti-white crime and violence at the hands of the blacks and the browns abetted by a corrupt and inept socialist government. A Hillary Clinton administration and others like it, essentially, with so many amnestied black and brown illegals voting for them to kill any hope of a conservative ever winning the White House again. This is a very real possibility for the remainder of the 21st century. In such circumstances, history will be coming at white people fast. Whites will be in crisis. They will be suffering and will be forced to choose between their sexy black shortstops and their race much more quickly than anyone had predicted.

This is why I have sympathies with White Nationalism. I would like to avoid this kind of trauma. But for many, it would require a significant identity change right now and a letting-go of an America that isn’t as great as it could be. It would mean switching teams.




  1. Peter Quint
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 9:32 am | Permalink

    “This, of course, is a problem. As long as we have millions of white women referring to brown men as “sexy” because they’re good at throwing and hitting balls,”

    This reminds me of a biographical show they were advertising on Fox, or ESPN sports channel earlier this week. I watched a little of it when it came on at a local sports bar. The biography was about Darryl Eugene Strawberry, and his brother Michael Strawberry. It made me sick, and appalled, because they bragged that in the late 80’s, they frequently would point out a women in the stands, and invite her down into the dugout for sex between turns at bat. I was appalled, because I was sure that most of these women were white.

  2. Peter Quint
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    “we have Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, the list goes on.”

    I must object to your inclusion of white athletes in this list. In almost every sitcom I’ve ever watched, or drama, or whatever, the characters would rhapsodize reverently about black athletes when the subject of sports comes up. I cannot remember the last time I heard a character rhapsodize about a white athlete, but almost every show I have ever watched that was created after 1965 a character rhapsodizes about a black athlete (if the subject of sports come up), or injects the holocaust myth into the conversation. What I am saying is that recognition of great white athletes has not occurred in decades.

  3. Consigliere
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    Baseball was beautiful. *

    In the current year, baseball is degenerate because of drug usage, advertising, statistical analysis, and manufactured female interest.

    The “new” baseball for White Americans is hockey.

    – Mickey hitting the frieze at The Stadium.
    – Larsen’s perfect game.
    – The Iron Horse’s speech.
    – Murderer’s Row. (It’s like a historic picture of the demographics represented by the alt-right.)
    – Charlie Hustle taking out Ray Fosse in the 12th at the All-Star game.
    – Johnny Vandermeer’s back-to-back no-no’s.
    – Williams hitting .400; Mickey winning the triple-crown.

    (Your list looks like something from HuffPo.)

  4. Yapius
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    I have a pet theory about the rise of football and basketball. What was the American pastime before the 1950s? Baseball of course. In every other European derived country? Soccer. Why then are football and basketball the premiere modern U.S. Sports? Of the four, these are the two where blacks substantially outperform whites, with the nagging exception of the quarter back position in football. I suspect that this reflects social engineering on the part of US society to more effectively heighten the effects described in this article

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    I detest (most) modern professional American sports. It’ll like favoring one grocery store over another. Who gives a shit?

  6. Dov
    Posted July 29, 2016 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps it’s because I grew up without TV in our house, but I’ve never been a sports fan. As a kid raised for 11 years in Chicago, I went o several baseball games with various summer camps, and had a notion that Frank Thomas and Michael Jordan were good/amazing players in their respective sports… but I was never one of those children who memorize players’ stats or know teams’ rosters. Consequent to peer pressure, I probably wished that I had a TV at home so I might be able to match my classmates’ knowledge in the area, but I am fairly certain that I’ve never found any thrill in living vicariously (and that’s exactly what sports fandom is) through ball-players. There’s only one athlete whom I follow on Facebook and actually think is living a live I wish I had – the snowboarder Travis Rice. Watch The Art of Flight, and you’ll see why!

    As identity goes, sports fandom is a vacuous substitute for legitimate kinship – an empty shell. I have nothing more than contempt for my friends who root and cheer for basketball players who join their city’s team… for five-year contracts and tens of millions of dollars. This is a social ill I notice particularly with friends from Miami. What, exactly, do you (as accountants, lawyers, etc.) have in common with these mercenaries? They’re coming to snatch up some money, and will leave as soon as a brighter opportunity shines. I’ve been so baffled by the phenomenon that I’ve come to the conclusion that sports fans simply must not be very intelligent. Elitist? Arrogant? Perhaps. But I can’t think of another explanation for the inanity of these slavish followers.

    There is one thing of which I’m very happy. I’ve never been to a professional basketball game, and I have no intention of ever going to one.

  7. Walter
    Posted July 30, 2016 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    “Midnight basketball” reminds me of a time twenty years ago when a billion dollar program was discussed in Washington to build basketball courts in cities across the United States to give the black youths hanging out downtown at midnight an alternative to committing crimes. I believe that such downtown midnight basketball courts have been built, but I don’t know about their purported success or popularity. After all, even if there is a court to play, one need a ball and from where would one get one at midnight for a casual meeting?
    Anyway, I felt such immense contempt for the simple-mindedness that shone through the discussions which were led in seeming complete seriousness. The democratic political system seems to offer careers and success in politics to such people who are very clever but can’t put two and two together. I call them intelligent idiots.
    The time of the midnight basketball courts was also the time when for a several weeks the word “bellwether” was used in the news and in speeches all the time. I also felt contempt. As fast as the word appeared, it disappeared and I have not heard it once since those days.
    Soon after, I got rid of my television.

    • Spencer Quinn
      Posted August 1, 2016 at 9:35 am | Permalink

      Hi Walter,
      I’ve met people like your “intelligent idiot” above. But I wouldn’t call them intelligent. I call them cunning.

  8. Jaego
    Posted July 30, 2016 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

    All quite true. People take it very seriously and blue collar types would be amazed and/or offended if I revealed I didn’t follow the Red Sox. And in their participation mystique, they project all this onto the players. Red Sox fans were heart broken when a gifted Latino ballplayer’s contract ended and he signed up with the rival Yankees. They don’t get that very few of the players have any loyalty to a given city. It’s a job to them even if they really love the game as many do. And America is all about careers. Many players aren’t even American anymore – as Latin American ball players can be gotten cheaper. That certainly takes a lot of the romance out of it.

    It all did come together finally for Red Sox fans when they beat the curse and won the World Series against the Yankees. And local boy Kurt Schilling kept pitching even as his leg bled. He had grown up wanting to be a Red Sox, and he never had any interest in playing anywhere else. Rare indeed.

    Blacks who follow sports never wear the name or number of White players on t shirts or jerseys. I imagine it’s the same for Hispanics. So it’s not that Sports per se are Race neutral, but that Whites changed as Society changed them, and Sports where a major arena for that process.

  9. Posted July 31, 2016 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    I stopped watching major money sports sometime back. The expansion of the NFL and MLB stretched the talent pool so thin the quality of play fell off to the extent that games became boring. Florida has three NFL teams!!! MLB has so many teams and the season so long it’s difficult to keep up with the mess. It should be a law that MLB will have no teams west of the Mississippi except St. Louis like in the golden days of baseball. I tire of player doping to force the season home-run record up and up to gain fan interest. Ruth is still the home-run king on a per game played basis.

    Early on I became exhausted of Negro-worship like on display to a certain extent in this article. The Monday morning BS sessions about magic player Tyron or Gemal etc where grown white men fawned endlessly over Negros still makes me sick.

    Negros have ability beyond whites at the margins in certain spots in football yet white players face real discrimination in recruiting for those “black” positions. Whites rarely get opportunities and awards or chances to grow and make mistakes like Negros often do who are allowed to stay on the team. I give you the Philadelphia McNabbs as an example, Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding.

    Quality white players face overwhelming discrimination. In your face racism was displayed in recent years where two white running backs were blatantly screwed out of the Heisman Trophy.

    I disagree with this soft Negro worship article that without blacks the quality of sports would drop. There are too many examples of white teams defeating black teams to support that contention. About ten years ago you had an unknown nearly all white team from Boise State defeating the Sooner all black team for the national championship. Of course, BYU always was competitive with its overloaded white players who routinely defeated black teams. There are many other examples available to disprove the theory that black teams = superior. Under fair recruiting the NFL would be at a ration of about 45 percent white starters and blacks 55 percent. It might even be 50-50. This ratio gives the edge to Negro participation due to their marginal advantage in speed.

    Negro worship gave us Obama, a lackluster glib individual with no talent. A white man with his ability and record would still be in the Illinois state senate, maybe.

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