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Generation Identity Introduces Itself

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We Are Generation Identity
London: Arktos Media, 2013

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people viewed the French youth group Generation Identity’s Declaration of War against the “’68ers” on YouTube. Sympathizers quickly translated it into the major European languages without the video’s creators having to lift a finger.

Within days of the video’s release, some hundred young activists (also from Generation Identity) occupied the construction site of a mosque in Poitiers, France, demanding a referendum on immigration and mosque construction. Once again, hundreds of thousands saw the footage on the internet.

Parallel groups in other European countries started sprouting up like mushrooms. The Facebook page of GI’s German equivalent even managed to surpass that of the French original in number of page views.

Generation Identity’s leaders soon afterward published an open letter to the Prime Minister, interviews with alternative websites and a speech from its national convention in Orange, France.

All these texts and others have been translated into English by your servant, and are available in an elegantly brief booklet from Arktos Media, Ltd. Don’t trust what other tell you about this important new organization; read for yourself what its own representatives have to say. You will find it admirably forthright and uncompromising: the kind of movement desperately needed in these United States.

Here follow some brief excerpts:

Generation Identity is a fighting community which brings together young men and women from across French-speaking Europe. We call upon young people to raise their heads high: in the face of foreign riffraff, in the face of those who want to police our life and thoughts, in the face of the homogenization of nations and cultures, in the face of the tidal wave of mass immigration, in the face of a school system which hides the history of our nation from us to prevent us from loving it, in the face of a pretended coexistence which is becoming a nightmare…. Generation Identity is the first line of resistance.

Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have only one command: do not retreat! We are a generation that has been sacrificed, but not a lost generation. For we are launching a war against all who want to tear our roots from us and make us forget who we are. Our ideal is reconquest, and we will see it through to the end.

From the first waves of African immigration and from the “family reunion” law adopted in 1976, our people have never been consulted about those they have been forced to live with. Mass immigration has radically transformed our country. A nation can recover from an economic crisis or a war, but not from the replacement of its population: without the French, France will no longer exist.

We are of the generation from whom everything has been stolen: memory, pride, courage. In contrast to certain of our fellow citizens, we have made our decision not to retreat any farther. We have chosen to make a start, to sound the alarm. We have rediscovered the memory of our past. We know that the man of the future will be the man with the longest memory. We have updated our role models. The valiant warriors of Thermopylae, of Poitiers in 732, of the Gates of Vienna or the heroes of the Holy League at the Battle of Leponto are our points of reference. We have made the choice to reconquer our identity and declare war on its enemies.

To the immigrant invaders and the lobbies of the culture war which has been declared upon us we say this: enough submission, enough compromise. We are aware that we are committing ourselves to a battle to the death. Globalism will kill identity, or identity will kill globalism.

Militant engagement is one of the last adventures worth the trouble of experiencing today. Together toward the Reconquest of our identity, our fatherlands, our lives. Together, let us declare war on our cowardly political elites. We can confidently tell them:

We are tomorrow, you are yesterday. We are Generation Identity!

The website of Generation can be viewed here. (French only)



  1. WotanJugend
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 5:36 am | Permalink

    The major problem with this so-called “mouvement identitaire” is the fact that they reject racism as a preliminary basis for constructing white European identity. Thus, non-whites are accepted to become a part of the movement, which is ridiculous. In fact, one of their major slogans is – “0% Raciste, 100% Identitaire”.

    • Lucian Tudor
      Posted December 13, 2013 at 11:30 am | Permalink

      You are clearly uninformed about New Right and Identitarian philosophy in general. I keep asking people this: have you ever actually read the works of people like Faye, Benoist, Sunic, and Krebs (these are key thinkers who formed the intellectual basis for the Identitarian movement in Europe)? Their rejection of “racism” has absolutely nothing to do with being racially egalitarian; you are thinking of it in a very superficial manner. For them, the term “racism” does not equate to a belief in race; rather, it means racial “supremacism” and chauvinism. This is distinguished from believing that race is real and that it matters; for Identitarians and New Rightists, you can believe race is real, that it is a part of your identity, and that race-mixing is undesirable, and still not be a “racist” as long as you are not also a supremacist (for a definition, see for example Benoist’s essay “What is Racism?” and also my own essay “Race, Identity, Community”). This way of defining “racism” versus simple racial separatism is actually quite common in Europe, even among some traditional nationalists, not just identitarians. I don’t necessarily condone using the term “racist” in this manner, but it is still understandable. I am really tired of people making superficial analyses of the European New Right and Identitarianism.

      • WotanJugend
        Posted December 13, 2013 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

        The problem is that I personally know this milieu, more precisely I am talking about “mouvement identitaire” in Paris and Nice. There are some non-whites who see themselves as “french” (for them it means being christian, speaking French and being born in France) involved in the movement on the day-to-day basis. I can’t bet my bottom dollar on the fact, that they are actually full members of the movement but they are clearly present in their activity. Another good example of non-whites involved in an identitarian movement is Casa Pound, you can easily find photos and videos of blacks taking part in their public actions on the internet.

        Talking about New Right philosophy, I am actually quite familiar with it and had a chance to chat with Faye in person while his was visiting Moscow. In fact, you are absolutely right, “for them, the term “racism” does not equate to a belief in race; rather, it means racial “supremacism” and chauvinism”. That is exactly the problem. Racism postulates inborn inequality and natural hierarchy between the races, with some superior and others inferior. Identitarian ideology rejects this notion. Instead, it perceives different races as different entities having equal status.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 13, 2013 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

        WotanJugend, I still have my doubts about your understanding of New Right and Identitarian philosophy, because you should not rely on Faye alone for it. Also, whether or not some non-whites consider themselves “French” is not really relevant, because no real Identitarian would agree with them. It is possible they may accept their assistance in political activity, but that doesn’t mean they want to mix with them, much like the way historically some nationalists accepted assistance from people of another ethnic group in their locality yet they still remained ethnic nationalists. Identitarianism, in the sense defined by its intellectual founders, takes as its basis both racial and cultural identity (not merely the cultural) and rejects the notion that race is irrelevant. Perhaps there are a few Identitarians who are stupid enough to disagree, but they are definitely not a majority; Identitarians take their philosophical basis from “New Rightists” such as Faye, Venner, Vial, and Krebs (in fact, these thinkers are sometimes directly referred to as “Identitarian”), all whom strongly believe that racial heritage matters.

        Furthermore, concerning “racism”, you seem to understand something of the basic concept but you are still not getting my point: the idea is that you can reject “racism” but simultaneously be a racial separatist. In other words, it means that one does not believe in “supremacism” but still wants to establish racially homogeneous societies (how many ways are there to put this?). This stance is not even much different from what many typical white nationalists have advocated (for example, David Duke and Jared Taylor), so I do not understand why you are surprised by it. I suppose if you actually had a strong personal belief in racial supremacism – which you probably do from what I see – you might be annoyed by it, but otherwise it is completely understandable. It is also, as I pointed out, not very different from what some traditional nationalist groups in Europe have done; the concept is really not unique to the New Right & Identitarianism.

      • Jaego
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 3:16 am | Permalink

        I admit Blacks are faster runners than Whites. I should since it’s true. And they should admit Whites are smarter since it’s true. So there’s the equality: we are better at more important things. Even they know this and it burns them ceaselessly. Only Whites deny the obvious. And only Whites believe in equality – even the kind you are talking about, that of rights. So hopefully all these discussions will be only amongst ourselves. And they might be valuable since Whites are hobbled with a crippling degree of morality. We have to get it right before we can be strong again. And yes, it is our glory as well.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

        Jaego, according to certain scientific studies some Asians are clearly more intelligent than some Whites (and vice versa, actually), but why in the hell should I care? What matters is one’s racial identity, not some subjective notion of superiority. Naturally, we (in the Right) all prefer our own race and culture over all others, and we place its interest above all others. However, this is refers to preference and personal selection, not a theory of supposedly objective “superiority”. And no, I am not talking about equality when I refer to the idea previously discussed, a term whose complications you clearly do not understand. Also, I only wish that it was the case that “only Whites believe in equality”, because people would be so much easier to deal with if that was the case. Unfortunately, one of the complications of modern “multicultural” society is that there are people of all races who are sucked into serious egalitarian belief. The sooner we face realities like this, the sooner we can begin dealing with them properly. Do not deceive yourself.

    • Posted December 13, 2013 at 11:35 am | Permalink

      Where have you seen evidence that any identitarian group accepts non-Whites as members?

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 13, 2013 at 11:45 pm | Permalink

        As far as I can see, his claims are very questionable, since they appear to be based off of nothing more than rumors and supposed personal experience, but his manner of speaking makes me doubt his claim of experience. I have yet to see any solid, reasonable evidence of what he says. His attempt to connect Identitarianism to Casa Pound is also strange, since Casa Pound is a Fascist nationalist group rather than an Identitarian one (it is also hostile to immigrants from what I know, which also makes his claims doubtful). Frankly it looks more like he is taking part in a smear campaign.

      • Posted December 14, 2013 at 2:12 am | Permalink

        Agreed, Lucian. I also wondered how Casa Pound got brought into the discussion (not that I believe they work with non-Whites, either). I haven’t been an eyewitness to every identitarian event in Europe, but it would seem very odd for non-Europeans to support a movement which has the stated aim of having them and people like them removed from European soil. I suppose it’s possible there are a few who might support it for some idealistic reason – if so, they should not be shunned. Membership is something else, but even our friend here backed off from that claim when challenged, which suggests to me that the idea is pure BS.

  2. Defoe
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 7:12 am | Permalink

    A Generation Identity movement is DESPERATELY needed in North America! Majority Americans have never said “yes” to the massive immigration taking place in our country today. I fear that the complexion of my country has been irreparably changed already by this quiet invasion.

  3. AleCes
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Since I’m a European myself you ought to be warned against overestimating those folks: the force behind white genocide is not Islam but rather cultural integration and above all racial mixing.
    And those who push for that are NEGROES, not Mohammedans; I know from first-hand experience that the average Arab suffers as much as we do in this filthy “urban” culture. The silent majority longs for an identitarian lifestyle, and guess what, they too are getting angry and frustrated at the promotion of the Negro as a paradigm of masculinity, which is making more and more inroads among their unveiled and sluttified women.
    Even though their elite keeps on pushing for more niggerfication and resentment against Whitey, their relations with their fellow “oppressed” are all but optimal. They perfectly know that they will never be able to beat the Negro at that game: after all, the Negro just revels in the Oedipus Complex of slaughtering me and then raping my wife.
    And what’s more: the Negro’s game is not theirs: they long for a communitarian Medinan community, not for the Black Street Culture, this on top of their traditional negrophobia should bring us together at least in a temporary and tactical alliance against Negro un-culture, which is going to be the real winner from a Jihad/Reconquista clash.
    Wake up Americans! Islam isn’t the real enemy inasmuch as it’s a full-fledged cultural paradigm, and our enemies don’t want any culture to subsist apart from the Black Street one.
    Last but not least, I use the occasion to implore White Nationalists to get me to America so that I can join the real struggle! For you to get a taste of what the European “Resistance” is all about: here in Italy we have the Pitchfork Movement whose only contribution to White Renaissance was stoking useless and counterproductive inter-white brawls with Romanian and French lorry drivers while Negroes pouring from the shores of Africa relentlessly pursue the sexual conquest of our women, the only thing they’re good at! Just look at our football champion, Balotelli! He’s the model of Italian manhood now!
    So, please, get me out of this nonsense, I’d do whatever mean job it takes for a trusted WN, his gardner, his servant, even shoveling manor for him! That’s better than hiring a Mexican, isn’t it?

    • Lucian Tudor
      Posted December 13, 2013 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

      AleCes: “I use the occasion to implore White Nationalists to get me to America so that I can join the real struggle!”

      Even though you sound like you’re ranting, I will tell you this: you can try to come to the United States to join White Nationalists, but you will see that it is not any better than Europe. Actually, as a European who lived in America for most of his life, I can personally assure you that America is much worse off than Europe in terms of the struggle for racial and ethnic separatism. Egalitarian, multiculturalist, and “liberal” (in the modern American sense) ideology is very heavily ingrained in American mentality at this point, in such a way that you do not see among Europeans (or even South Americans). Europeans are normally only superficially multiculturalist/multiracialist; for many Americans, on the other hand, it is a very deep part of who they are because of the psychological effects of this particular system. This is why the Right-wing struggle is so difficult here, and also why it is so incredibly difficult socially to be one of us in North America. Do keep in mind I am not the only person who has seen both Europe and America to have made this observation (I know, for example, that Sunic and O’Meara have said similar things).

      • AleCes
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 7:03 am | Permalink

        Hello Lucian,
        Isn’t my rant the sigh of relief of a liberal who’s just been mugged by reality? Not a warm welcome for a new convert, is it? If we show this kind of camaraderie among us we cannot expect to be respected by other races.
        About the purported superiority of Europe: European might be superficially multiculturalist, but at heart they show a patronising attitude toward the mud, this is part of an older colonial mindset which now holds that “They’re suffering in their countries, let them come here, we’re superior!”, while before it was “They’re suffering in their countries, let us come over there, we’re superior!”, so it’s kind of a reverse colonialism but a one which still has white supremacy as its underpinning. However we, the newer generations are enthusiastically adopting the multicultural mindset and act as losers while the manly mud humiliate us and gets as a reward the blond prize.
        In a word: the old De Gaulle style white paternalism you mentioned is dead and buried and Europe: the old European culture is quickly crumbling under the weight of the Black Street Culture and even Mohammedans are veeeery uneasy about that, trust me!
        On the other hand, real America has always had a conscience of itself as a white master race struggling for survival against other hostile races, the come-back of this attitude is exactly what we need, while Europeans have always conceived themselves against other whites first and foremost, and have often armed non-whites in order to fight their fellow whites,; they also accepted some non-whites as fellow citizens although they obviously used to be much fewer in number than they are now. All this rested on a “White Man’s Burden” mindset which has to be discarded for the sake of our race.
        I hope I’ve brought my point home to you. Also read the fourth paragraph of this: for a glimpse of what the reawakening of European nationalisms is going to look like.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

        AleCes, I hope you realize that you are talking to a very educated person who has studied multiple theories of how White/European nations ideologically, socially, and politically transformed to become egalitarian and “multiculturalist.” You do not need to tell me what I already know. However, in a way it is good that you told me, because now I can inform you in turn that what you see in Europe (the “reverse colonialism” you speak of) is also present among many Americans. If you think that by coming to America you are escaping something you see in Europe, you are wrong. On the contrary, truly you should be proud that you are a European living in his homeland, because things are so much worse in America. I already know what the younger generation is like in Europe, and believe me it is still very superficial in terms of its acceptance of multiculturalism; for many Americans, multiculturalism almost seems like it is part of their soul (and I could not say for most other White countries, especially the ones that are not Anglophone, who are in much better shape culturally). If I lived in Europe, especially a country like Italy or France or anywhere in Eastern Europe, I would not be afraid to publicly express my views; in America, on the other hand, White Nationalists and Identitarians normally live in terror because of how completely surrounded they are by people whose world-view and most basic values are different from theirs. A Right-wing European can hope to save his whole country; an American can at this point only hope to save a select portion of his country. That is the way I look at it, anyway, although I have no doubt there are a few hopeful American White Nationalists who will try to disagree (of course, I think they’re wrong). If you desire so much to become an American and try to join that potential “select portion” I mentioned, by all means do so; why should I stop you? All I’m trying to do here is to make you and other people more informed of the situation.

      • Thanatos
        Posted December 17, 2013 at 7:10 am | Permalink

        “A Right-wing European can hope to save his whole country; an American can at this point only hope to save a select portion of his country.”

        He’s got this part right. Still,though, it’s a pretty big portion. We can pretty much give up on New York on down to near Virginia on the East coast, and Washington state down to Los Angeles on the other side. There is residual nationalism in the South and scattered across the Midwest,though. If a nationalist South rises, the Midwest will fall into line. A country that size would look like quite the prize to a European indeed.

        Someone should bring him over. Before the Recession, I might have jumped at the opportunity to do it myself. An old-fashioned apprenticeship,can’t get more volkisch than this. Also, another reason to be optimistic on his part is that an American nationalism can be more or less Pan-European. In a way, it would almost have to be. I can put myself in this person’s shoes and see why it would be inspiring from the outside-looking in. Lucian is,of course, offering a more or less accurate summary from the other side,the inside-out perspective, but things could change here in America and new European blood might be just what we need to shake it up and reawaken our dormant folkways.

        I can only say, being limited to the American purview myself, that we have a great deal of admiration for the courage of European New Right groups and Identitarian groups. As Lucian said,over here we worry needlessly about the thought police and this paralyzes and polarizes us. It is not so much that the majority of America accepts multiculturalist propaganda as fact, but that not doing so carries a high social price, and too few are willing to pay it. So they are intimidated into silence or cowing to the leftist mob even when we have the numerical and military advantage.

        America needs two things right now:balls.

  4. Posted December 13, 2013 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    Salve fratello AleCes!

    Condivido cio che scrivi quasi in pieno. Contattami alla mia pagina FaceBook (clicca sul nomignolo) se vuoi discuterne di piu’. Molto piacere “incontrarti”. A presto.

  5. AleCes
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 6:09 pm | Permalink

    Ave Catilina!

    Non uso né facebook né twitter, sinceramente sono contrario a queste manie informatiche, ti bruciano il cervello. se vuoi fare la mia conoscenza il mio telefono è 3386276719, se mi fai uno squillo ti richiamo, o mi mandi la tua mail così ti riscrivo.

    For everybody here in the forum, what pisses me off and makes me despair about the future of our race, is that we’ve lost our WOMEN! Women of other races, especially Negresses are fanatically devoted and faithful to their men, who in return routinely defile them and publicly display their insatiable lust for white (especially blond) girls in front of them! We treat them like princesses and they just cannot help but long for being gangbanged and mistreated by the scum ceaselessly belching out of the Black continent! It’s white women, and not white men who have scuttled the West!

    • Lucian Tudor
      Posted December 13, 2013 at 10:07 pm | Permalink

      AleCes: “Women of other races, especially Negresses are fanatically devoted and faithful to their men…”

      Not really, because it is far too typical these days to see women of other races interested in white men. Likewise, a vast amount of white women seem to be interested in nothing but white men. You are generalizing too much. It is also absurd to try blaming the current problem of race-mixing on either men or women; it is an ideology and a corrupt political system which is responsible for our situation, which was contributed to by both men and women.

      • AleCes
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 6:16 am | Permalink

        My take is that they’re just looking for the green card, they secretly keep coveting for their strong black dudes, trust me I’ve been in Africa, most of them hold nothing but contempt for us: we’re just a ticket out of Africa, nothing more.

  6. rhondda
    Posted December 13, 2013 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    I am really sick to death of white men blaming white women for the collapse of western civilization. Good grief. You would think that somehow we were not influenced by education, church and parents. Look at the parents of that Amy Biehl — how they get off on her death!!! They make me want to puke. They taught her to be for the other. School reinforces that crap and they think they are doing the right thing —- the Christian thing that Christian women are supposed to do. It is as if men do not get rewards for selling out. How many white men sell out for their careers or for money? Give me a break. The parents of Varg Vikernes’ wife are trying to take their children away from them! Movies and tv are always preaching how wonderful the black man is. They even have a black man as Heimdall. And really, it was white men who first went around sleeping with coloured women. Personally, I have a natural repulsion for coloured men and have been rebuked for not wanting to date one. I guess I am a racist. It’s hard being female and a racist you know.

    • Sandy
      Posted December 14, 2013 at 3:53 am | Permalink

      You are quite correct rhondda. The Christian template for men/women relations is Jacob’s dream in which his father was the sun and his mother the moon. So if the moon revolves around the sun and man wanted to be free from the restraints of his God then women’s lib was merely women wanting the same rights as men. Which brings us back to men leading the way which wasn’t exactly what I set out to say; but I’m just a man!
      I’ll try again. If man wants to lead then he must lead and not blame the woman. Well, as they say talk is cheap but if man want to lead one way is to “put your money down” and make sure that Counter-Currents is successful and that our beloved editor becomes a beacon of light in the dark. I’ll be sending in my Christmas $10 next week and if a thousand American men could do the same…………!

    • AleCes
      Posted December 14, 2013 at 6:24 am | Permalink

      OK, I’m sorry! But, you know, alpha white men have never really liked Negresses, there are many idiots in France now who think that dating Negresses is a reprisal against Godzilla. But they’re just about to be mugged by reality because:
      1) Negroes don’t give a damn about Negresses and they just treat them like shit.
      2) Negresses themselves, even those who act “white” and date “white” abet their brothas in their white genocide plans. Just look at Aïssa Maïga who’s only dating whitey yet is one of the most vocal forces for our genocide.
      But let’s change the subject: are you ready for a white date? I’ve been seeking for a racially-aware mate for a long time.

  7. JHRP
    Posted December 14, 2013 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    People in this milieu should never ever use the term “racism”. Remember the origins of it in the 30’s, and how it was applied over the years. It is nothing but a pseudo-scientific denunciation. Ignore it.

  8. Jaego
    Posted December 14, 2013 at 1:50 pm | Permalink

    The more things change the more things stay the same. We cannot expect reciprocity from other races. Yet many here seem to be assuming that as part of the “equality” aspect of Identitarianism. It’s simply not true and believing it is just more sentimentality and ethnomasochism. Blacks aren’t interesting in the rights of other races. Muslims aren’t interested in the rights of Non-Muslims. Any negotiations with Non Whites must be from a position of strength. If we ever want a White Republic, we’re going to have to be very heavy handed. Why would Non Whites leave paradise of their own accord?

    Of course I might have no problem with a bit of Advertising Copy that assumes equality. Muslims in the West do it all the time. But they have no problem with actually believing it. As ever, Whites can’t seem to make the distinction between in group and out group. Thus any kind of deception is actually dangerous for us. How humiliating.

    • Lew
      Posted December 14, 2013 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

      I didn’t get a chance to say it, but I thought you made a fine point in a recent exchange on identitarianism. Your point was that Lucian Tudor and John Morgan tend to focus on how diverse it is as opposed to coherent. I perceive this too. They’ve spent many key strokes clearing up misunderstandings about identitarianism. They’ve been generous with their time on this front; however, the question naturally arises, what is it about identitarianism that lends itself to such easy misunderstanding in the first place? If reasonably informed people can’t understand this body of ideas without studying Faye, Krebs, etc., or participating in the events first hand, I see that as evidence the leading identitarians need to fine-tune their message. I’ve read Faye, etc. because that’s my idea of recreation. Most people will not do that, nor should they have to, to understand a movement’s main goals.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 14, 2013 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

        Well, like I said before, Identitarianism may have some diversity in it but its central ideas are clear and simple when you think about it (it parallels the situation of White Nationalism). As for common people, we have brief manifestos for them; after all, everyone has to read at least a manifesto to understand the basic ideas of a political or ideological movement. There is not one political movement in modern history that does not demand reading at least a little bit to understand what it stands for.

        By the way, I’m actually tired of coming here and clearing things up over and over. The reason Identitarianism is creating misunderstandings is because people who are initially hostile to it (or trolls) constantly like to engage in telling lies about it and spreading misinterpretations. You’re a reasonable person, but people like WotanJugend (and, to be frank, Jaego too) on the other hand are very suspicious. I cannot be sure of what they are, but these people keep coming by and doing the same thing repeatedly, and Identitarianism is not the only Right-wing group that suffers from these sorts of activities.

      • Jaego
        Posted December 15, 2013 at 3:27 am | Permalink

        Thanks. Lucian is getting tired of coming here and helping us poor slobs – lesser breeds without the Law no doubt. So let’s take the battle to him. Where do these so called Identitarians live? Think of it: we’ll fight back to back in the center of the cyclone until our fallen foes lie in hills around us.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 15, 2013 at 10:07 am | Permalink

        I am always happy to talk to honest and reasonable people like Lew, who have genuine thoughts to contribute and oftentimes make worthwhile responses in return to me. But people like you, Jaego, and WotanJugend are not honest or reasonable, and the phrase “poor slobs” fails to describe such people who seem to be crazy, subversive, or deceitful. Considering that you attack the New Right almost every time the subject comes up with the same nonsense – just worded differently occasionally – I don’t see why I should take your sarcasm seriously.

  9. Jaego
    Posted December 15, 2013 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    Lucian: Many perhaps most Asians believe in Asian superiority. It’s mind blowing if you don’t know that. Their IQ and a seemingly effortless capacity for deception make them a great danger to us. That’s why you should care. Or do you think only Whites are “the problem” and once we get morally straight, the World will be at peace? I think we should get morally straight too – so that we can Fight all the more effectively. I had hoped you guys got this, but I’m not so sure now.

    Also when dealing with Negroes, if you assume they are anything like us, you are making a very big mistake. With them (unlike the East Asians), we are not dealing with equals. Your theory fails radically if it doesn’t take this into account. Study the work of Laurence Kohlberg. Morality correlates with IQ to some extent (it’s necessary but not sufficient). Most Blacks have low IQ’s and the low morality that goes along with that. Identitarianism must respect and learn from scientific racism. We cannot compromise on this point. Why should we? Or is all this too “vulgar” for your sensibilities? Many would rather the White race die than have to be vulgar in its defense. But few men can fight without being angry. And getting vulgar is for most the beginning of anger. Only Warrior Saints like Ali or Arjuna can fight without being vulgar and angry.

    • Lucian Tudor
      Posted December 15, 2013 at 10:30 am | Permalink

      Well, as you admit, few men can fight without being angry, so you’ll forgive me if you find me to be so in this comment. When I asked why I should care in that previous comment, I was referring to the scientific studies of their intelligence level, not whether or not Asians themselves believed they were superior. The question was the philosophical validity of the very idea of racial superiority, not the consequences of people believing. It is much like the way the political consequences Whites believing in racial supremacism is not the subject of a philosophical debate on whether their belief is valid, but rather that debate would focus on what the consequences are of their belief rather than its validity. I suppose a “poor slob” like yourself would fail to realize that that is what the conversation focused, but I thought it was so self-evident I did not bother to include a disclaimer.

      Finally, as for Negroes, I only have to take a quick look at Africa to see how incredibly different they are from us. Their difference in temperament, ethical attitude, intellect, and their spiritual differences are clear to anyone who knows that race is real, just as is the fact that we cannot communicate with them in the same way we do with others. The New Right acknowledges this because it acknowledges racial and cultural differences between peoples; it does not assume people are the same, and thus they reject the notion of biological or cultural equality (and of course, to acknowledge this is not equivalent to being a “racist”). Apparently their constant attacks on egalitarianism once again did not make this obvious enough to this “poor slob”. This is a part of what I meant when I referenced the fact that you do not understand the complications of the term “equality”. And once again, I ask you, have you read anything of the works of the New Right authors? Now, unless you have something serious and legitimate to say to me, I am done having silly conversations with you.

      • Jaego
        Posted December 15, 2013 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

        So you admit that we cannot expect fair treatment from these Non White Ethnic Supremacists? And that Strength is our only guarantee of Safety? That’s exactly what White Nationalism has always taught. Good, you are reinventing the light bulb. But perhaps a better one. I’m not against you, I just refuse any attempt at premature consensus. That you see this as rebellion speaks volumes though.

        I just got banned from a Conservative site. The guy said all the typical Conservative things: he was against racism be it from either Blacks or Whites, but his focus was on White indiscretions. And it makes sense: if Whites and Blacks are equal, and Blacks continue to screw up, it has to be the fault of Whites in some sense, be it proximate or ultimate. Glad you reject any such equality because it leads to terrible consequences intellectually and then in actual practice in the physical world.

        I will continue to say what I think about Identitarianism. You could invite me to your site to so we could continue to this useful battle.

      • Lucian Tudor
        Posted December 15, 2013 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

        American “Conservatism” is pathetic and irrelevant, and a faction with divergent interests from anyone on the Right who wants to overcome the current system; unless of course you’re talking about Paleo-Conservatives, most of whom are already racialists. As for how I want our people to view and to deal with non-whites, I agree with what Greg Johnson described in his comments on the American Renaissance interview with Benoist. It is politically practical and it is also in the line of Identitarian thought.

  10. Jaego
    Posted December 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm | Permalink

    A number of us go to Conservative sites to preach. Some of them are tolerant or at least unguarded and we get a chance to say quite a bit.

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