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Generation Identity Introduces Itself

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We Are Generation Identity [2]
London: Arktos Media, 2013

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people viewed the French youth group Generation Identity’s Declaration of War [3] against the “’68ers” on YouTube. Sympathizers quickly translated it into the major European languages without the video’s creators having to lift a finger.

Within days of the video’s release, some hundred young activists (also from Generation Identity) occupied the construction site of a mosque in Poitiers, France, demanding a referendum on immigration and mosque construction. Once again, hundreds of thousands saw the footage on the internet.

Parallel groups in other European countries started sprouting up like mushrooms. The Facebook page of GI’s German equivalent even managed to surpass that of the French original in number of page views.

Generation Identity’s leaders soon afterward published an open letter to the Prime Minister, interviews with alternative websites and a speech from its national convention in Orange, France.

All these texts and others have been translated into English by your servant, and are available in an elegantly brief booklet from Arktos Media, Ltd. Don’t trust what other tell you about this important new organization; read for yourself what its own representatives have to say. You will find it admirably forthright and uncompromising: the kind of movement desperately needed in these United States.

Here follow some brief excerpts:

Generation Identity is a fighting community which brings together young men and women from across French-speaking Europe. We call upon young people to raise their heads high: in the face of foreign riffraff, in the face of those who want to police our life and thoughts, in the face of the homogenization of nations and cultures, in the face of the tidal wave of mass immigration, in the face of a school system which hides the history of our nation from us to prevent us from loving it, in the face of a pretended coexistence which is becoming a nightmare…. Generation Identity is the first line of resistance.

Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have only one command: do not retreat! We are a generation that has been sacrificed, but not a lost generation. For we are launching a war against all who want to tear our roots from us and make us forget who we are. Our ideal is reconquest, and we will see it through to the end.

From the first waves of African immigration and from the “family reunion” law adopted in 1976, our people have never been consulted about those they have been forced to live with. Mass immigration has radically transformed our country. A nation can recover from an economic crisis or a war, but not from the replacement of its population: without the French, France will no longer exist.

We are of the generation from whom everything has been stolen: memory, pride, courage. In contrast to certain of our fellow citizens, we have made our decision not to retreat any farther. We have chosen to make a start, to sound the alarm. We have rediscovered the memory of our past. We know that the man of the future will be the man with the longest memory. We have updated our role models. The valiant warriors of Thermopylae, of Poitiers in 732, of the Gates of Vienna or the heroes of the Holy League at the Battle of Leponto are our points of reference. We have made the choice to reconquer our identity and declare war on its enemies.

To the immigrant invaders and the lobbies of the culture war which has been declared upon us we say this: enough submission, enough compromise. We are aware that we are committing ourselves to a battle to the death. Globalism will kill identity, or identity will kill globalism.

Militant engagement is one of the last adventures worth the trouble of experiencing today. Together toward the Reconquest of our identity, our fatherlands, our lives. Together, let us declare war on our cowardly political elites. We can confidently tell them:

We are tomorrow, you are yesterday. We are Generation Identity!

The website of Generation can be viewed here [4]. (French only)