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Cat Lady Logic

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May 23, 2011

Obama’s speech in El Paso a few weeks ago began with a feel-good story about a graduation ceremony in Miami in which over 180 flags were marched across the stage – one for every nation that at least one student in the graduating class had invaded from. As each flag crossed the podium, that nation’s invaders cheered. “But then, the last flag, the American flag, came into view, and everyone in the room erupted in applause. Everybody cheered.”

This is, in a sentimental chestnut, the vision for America’s future which has replaced the traditional vision upheld by our forefathers. It’s an inversion of it, one in which America is not only something other than a great nation – it’s the anti-nation. The flag no longer symbolizes the founding values, values by and for a specific nation of people from throughout Europe who were integrating into a shared Anglo-American identity. The flag symbolizes the singular vision of the tens of millions of foreigners of varying legal statuses stampeding in: a free lunch at our expense.

Obama assures us that they’ve embraced our ideals and precepts. While most who parrot the recent idea that America is a “notional nation” shy away from explicitly defining the national notion, he came right out and admitted it: “opportunity”. “Pursuit of opportunity” is a euphemistic way of saying “pursuit of self-interest”. They’re here to get stuff, not to embody Enlightenment ideals, practice the Protestant work ethic, and watch the big game alongside the buffoons they’re replacing. They’re doing what’s in their interests by coming here, just as our hostile elites are doing what’s in their interests by inviting them here.

What’s curious is why so many ordinary White Americans are inviting them here. By what logic would we knowingly and willingly give up our inheritance, our infrastructure, our power, and our very future to an ever-growing horde of intruders who no longer even pretend to take assimilation seriously? America’s media and academia encourage and promote this madness, but there’s a method to the madness beyond the influence of our enemies. It’s a mindset ripe for this sort of manipulation.

It’s the mindset of a cat lady.

America has become the world’s cat lady, throwing its door wide open to whoever wants in. Cat ladies are motivated by an unthinking sentimentality that does the cats more harm than good in the long run. The cats don’t care if it’s sustainable or even tolerable for the lady, they just want in from the cold and in on the free lunch. The promoters of amnesty and open borders can’t define a point at which America’s charity would stop – because there isn’t one. Expecting the illegal immigrant to consider the welfare of his host country is as absurd as expecting a cat to consider the welfare of the old woman.

Ultimately the act which feels like charity becomes intolerable for all involved, including the parasites. Before you know it, they’ve taken the place over, refuse to be domesticated, and even threaten and attack their hosts. Obama openly mocked the growing number of Americans who are concerned about border security with jokes about “moats with alligators”, he spoke to the largely Hispanic crowd as a cat among the cats which have taken over the house, offering  up citizenship to the untold tens of millions here and the untold tens of millions on their way here.

We’re right, both logically and morally. We can’t, however, walk into the trap our enemies have set for us of being the heartless villains intent on being cruel toward immigrants. It’s both impossible and wrong to strip our fellow White Americans of the spirit of charity and sacrifice. White folks, especially the well-fed ones in their suburban subdivisions, can’t think the way the rest of the world thinks: in simple and stark selfish interests. Even if one could beat the Christianity out of us, the Christian themes and attitudes carry on in the mind long after God dies. It’s probably innate, as our pagan forefathers were already abstract, idealistic, and altruistic long before those impulses found expression in Christ’s message. The problem isn’t with charity, per se, but with the unthinking and unsustainable charity typified by the neighborhood cat lady.

If foreigners have a natural disaster, we’ll chip in. If their people are starving and we aren’t, we’ll do our share to help alleviate their suffering. But the solution these non-Whites want is to move over here, and that’s no solution at all. They aren’t escaping the problems in their home country. They’re bringing them here. The Mexican drug cartels are also spilling across our border, and you are guaranteed that they’ll bring their turf wars, their street gangs, their grisly murders, and their kidnappings for ransom with them. The legal ones will bring along the illegal ones, and the law-abiding ones will harbor the fugitives.

They obviously don’t respect our laws, or they wouldn’t be over there defying them and mocking us for trying to enforce them. They obviously don’t plan to integrate, or there wouldn’t be entire regions in America where the signs, businesses, and conversations are all in Spanish. If they’re sincerely loyal to this country, then why do they send tens of billions of dollars “back home” every year? Why do they wave Mexican flags, have Mexican flag bumper stickers, and show up in force at rallies to promote the interests of a foreign country in broad daylight?

Obama won’t seriously answer our objections to open borders. Sure, he’ll call us some names and try to guilt trip us with sob stories. But he won’t answer our objections. He won’t answer our objections because he can’t.

Our hostile elites will not allow an open debate on open borders because it’s an open and shut case of them working against the interests of ordinary White Americans. They’re hoping you’ll see their little signs depicting pathetic children begging not to be deported and take pity on them. They’re hoping you’ll be like the cat lady, and just keep letting a few more of them in until our entire home, our entire homeland, is completely overrun. That’s not hyperbole, that’s an official Census Bureau projection.

Mexico’s Southern border is guarded by armed soldiers who shoot to kill. This is how fiercely Obama’s adoring fans in El Paso protect their own border. Now, I’m not suggesting we stoop to their level. We should be guided by Christian charity in our actions. And when I say charity, I mean true charity, not the unexamined and self-destructive charity of the cat lady. I mean deporting them humanely, each and every last one of them. To do less would be to treat our own children and our children’s children inhumanely, because a nation that fails to define and defend its borders (especially a nation as bountiful and beautiful as this great nation of ours) is bound to fall.

We must not become refugees in a crowded third world madhouse dominated by the very people we once gave refuge. I’m proud to say that our advocacy group here in Indiana, Hoosier Nation, helped pass some of the toughest illegal immigration legislation in America. We can’t afford to wait for the federal government to do its job. We have to engage the political process and set an example for our White American peers of a morally confident and tactically competent resistance to the anti-White biases and anti-White policies that are designed to make us unwelcome and uncomfortable strangers in the land our forefathers fought for.

Our victory certainly wasn’t enough, and “politics as usual” aren’t enough to get us out from under this boot. All Indiana, Arizona, and the handful of other states passing these laws have done is decrease the force and frequency of the boot stomping us into oblivion. What we really need is a radical restoration propelled by a moral and spiritual vision capable of inspiring a true crusade. What we need is to redirect that boundless spirit of sacrifice of so many White Americans from feeding and supporting these ungrateful and undeserving intruders toward a cause and a nation worth sacrificing for.



  1. John
    Posted July 14, 2015 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    The ONLY legally and morally binding document stating why and for who this country was founded is the US Constitution. In its preamble it states it was founded for the benefit and use of the founders “Posterity.” i.e. indo Europeans and not non – Whites. Also notice that the Constitution doesn’t put out all that dribble about “Equality,”the fraternity of mankind, blah,blah,blah.. But the bottom line is that we Whites must establish a Whites ONLY homeland by any and all means necessary

  2. Roy J. Street
    Posted July 14, 2015 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    “..We’re right, both logically and morally. We can’t, however, walk into the trap our enemies have set for us of being the heartless villains intent on being cruel toward immigrants. It’s both impossible and wrong to strip our fellow White Americans of the spirit of charity and sacrifice. …”

    Yes, of course. All we have to do is explain to those nasty hostile elites that we’re all triple-basted and just dripping with Christian charity, and they’ll be all like, ” OMG! Us hostile elites had no idea we were making you white folks angry. We’ll send all those nasty foreigners right back where they came from pronto!”

  3. rhondda
    Posted July 14, 2015 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know. Putting down cat ladies, when Savitri Devi is probably the epitome of a cat lady just seems a bit ingenious to me for someone on the new right.

  4. Sandy
    Posted July 15, 2015 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    Excellent analogy Matt. I was a volunteer in a cat shelter for about twenty years until it was suddenly shut down when the owner got fed up and turned to dogs. In those twenty years I saw quite a few cat ladies and the end was always the same. Sometimes you could see it coming and other times the end was an unexpected emergency. The reasons for failure varied. Exhaustion was common but the others were unique and “out of the blue.” It will be the same with our multi-cultural society. It will just end.

  5. WhiteNationSocialist
    Posted July 16, 2015 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    If you are willing to consider for a moment the issue of capitalism versus socialism (put out of your mind what anti-white liberals might also say about the subject), clearly the purpose of importing many non-whites is to DISCIPLINE the white working class.

    Frankly, the elite White Nation capitalists and their Zionist cronies do not care about white workers. The capitalist elite of the White Nation hate white workers. They hate White Nation working class cultural, values, etc. Not only can non-white immigrants work for cheaper than white workers, they can also be used as a sort of political police for the White Nation working class. Non-whites in high places of power, like Obama, Condasleeza, and Colin Powell, also serve a propaganda function to the rest of the world: they scream “This isn’t a white-dominated country, follow us and our ways!”

    The only way non-white immigration can be stopped in this country is a movement in the trade unions. White workers have to get into the labor bureaucracy and take control of it. White workers also need to form their own political party, as Republicans don’t give a shit about working class whites, and the Democratics only care about fags and nigs. There needs to be a working class party for members of the White Nation. I say it needs to be called the Workers Party of the White Nation. The agenda of the Workers Party of the White Nation would be to liberate the White Nation from the clutches of Zionism and anti-white “Leftism,” to stop the flood of non-white immigration into the White Nation, and to put white workers in control of the economy, not anti-white Zionist elites.

    Only when the white working class is in charge, will it be possible to end government support of Israel, anti-white “Leftism,” and to put an end to force integration with blacks.

  6. Augustine
    Posted July 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    Same thing going on in Germany at present (video related: Here we had the liberal state media set up an interview / meet-and-greet with the “Omi”- (“Granny”) in-chief Merkel to discuss what are being labelled as “tough immigration reforms” (“tough” because as the Chancellor rightly states, some of the enrichers will have to be sent back because Germany doesn’t have the capacity to take them all on and because there are apparently more needy ones). A young immigrant girl happens to talk to (more like at) the chancellor about how she wants to study (hehe, what I wonder?) and have a nice life and how it bothers her to see others – most likely indigenous Germans – doing those things in a care-free way while she can’t. Merkel says some tripe about how tough decisions will need to be made and how the girl comes across as a “nice” person (hehe, yeah, because people who are clearly green with envy and stuffed to the gills with entitlement are “nice” people). In the end her statement doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and she moves on. Little girl cries. Merkel then attempts to convey something approximating human empathy by having a little cuddle with the girl. Que big obviously staged scandal and debate in German media and the idiot social media. Mainstream retards are now demanding more or less that we let everyone in. “Shame on her”, they say, for suggesting that this might not be possible. What a load of rubbish. Especially since she didn’t even say that much to begin with. Long story short, things are tough all over and I for one am sick and tired of these idiots.

  7. R_Moreland
    Posted July 19, 2015 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    This is something I have observed among many in the White rank and file: the desire to be “nice” to everyone and expect in return that everyone will be “nice” to them. This, in itself, is not a bad impulse, as long as it is done within a racial community. But when applied to humanity as a whole — it opens the floodgates to invasion. It’s a critical point, because we can not blame hostile elites alone for the current third world assault on White civilization. You have the Amy Biehls out there who believe that the power of love will overcome all adversity. And they do not “get it” until they are being cut to pieces by a third world mob.

    On some of the race realist websites I have seen the term “crystal methodism” bandied about. It’s loosely defined as the euphoria that White people feel when they shower tolerance on non-White, especially blacks. Crystal methodism is both a mental state and quasi-religion insofar as it promises redemption to the adept (and also motivates inquisitions against heretics–“racists,” “xenophobes,” “Islamophobes,” and etc.). The True Believer will keep on believing regardless of objective reality. It’s similar to an ideology (pace Burnham) insofar as it is impervious to reason, but operates not only on an intellectual level but emotional.

    I have seen this in action among too many White people. To give one example: I once was explaining some of the savagery that blacks have inflicted against whites (and each other) in post-colonial Africa and the USA to a friend, a guy who has been around the proverbial block and by no stretch a liberal. He stopped me and stated he did not want to hear it because it would cause him to dislike blacks–even when those same blacks would cut him to pieces if they had a chance to. Perhaps he would rather believe a pleasant Big Lie– that blacks are no threat to him–rather than facing up to the Big Reality of a world of eternal racial conflict.

    It’s like people I have known from the 1960s generation who were in the hippie scene who have informed me that there was a time when they believed that the power of love (or “flower power” if you can believe Americans once used such terms!) would bring peace to Vietnam, turn the ghettos into suburban developments, buy the world a Coke ™, and have the cops all smoking marijuana instead of busting heads. Groovy.

    People are motivated by many irrational impulses. People will believe any amount of nonsense in the face of rational exposition. Maybe it is related to Sexual Utopia, per Jef Costello’s article, a sort of “Beta” mentality gone amok.

    The dilemma is that this mentality is dragging the white world down with it.

    This is not to absolve hostile elites. They run the agitprop machinery, but you have to ask: does the agitprop create the mindset or just exploit what is already there?

    Part of the dilemma, I believe, is that white peoples these decadent days appear to lack “Alpha” personalities, strong leaders who would rally them in the face of adversity. I’m thinking of any number of Roman emperors — like Aurelian and Claudius Gothicus — who restored the Empire during the crisis of the 3rd century; or warlords like Stilicho, Aetius and perhaps Arturius who fought against the Fall.

    A strong leader causes other men (and women) to identify with them and sacrifice for the greater good of a civilization. So where are the white leaders today? Have they been completely purged, or just co-opted by the globalist system? The last real generation of White leaders seem to have burned out by the 1980s–Ian Smith, Magnus Malan, perhaps George Wallace.

    One of the tasks for White Nationalists is to create new generation of leaders. Nice is nice, but we gotta get beyond that and be prepared for a real fight on our hands.

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