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All the News Fit to Forget

Samuel T. Francis.

1,585 words

Have you ever heard of Drew Pearson? I grew up in the 1970s and 80s and vaguely remember a football player by that name. But a different Drew Pearson (1897-1969) was mentioned briefly in Wilmot Roberson’s classic The Dispossessed Majority (1972). I had never heard of him, but according to Robertson, his columns were once syndicated in 650 newspapers — twice as many as any other columnist at that time. Read more …

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Four Hundred Years Together:
Wilmot Robertson on “The Negroes”

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The New York Times has undertaken a “1619 Project” designed to place “the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the center of the national narrative.” In other words, more of the same. While the Times presents the usual fairy tales about put-upon yet angelic blacks being oppressed by malevolent whites, at least one of our thinkers would agree that blacks have a central place in American history. Read more …

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Wilmot Robertson on Conservatism

1,772 words

“The Old Believer, who is the quintessential modern conservative because he is the quintessential classical liberal, is probably the most effective of all Americans in keeping the Majority in the deep freeze of racial apathy.” – Wilmot Robertson, The Dispossessed Majority

Read more …

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On the surface, there is nothing new or unique about Taken (2008). Audiences thought it was just another summer action flick with guns, car chases, and explosions. So what makes this movie so much better than the rest? The story is implicitly pro-white and anti-immigration as well as explicitly in favor of traditional masculine—and Aryan—virtues. There are very few movies to come out of Hollywood that portray traditional Western values without judgment or distortion. Read more …

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