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The Hater (2020)
& other works by Jan Komasa

The Outsider becomes an inside man.

3,486 words

The Hater (2020) is a slow and gritty tale of an outsider working at a troll farm in Warsaw as the city’s political factions are in an upheaval. Liberal politicians are confronted in the streets and on social media as nationalist Poland pushes back against anything akin to the oppressive socialist regime of the twentieth century. Read more …

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Alexander Sokurov’s Francofonia

3,349 words

Alexander Sokurov has been hailed by his peers as the “living Tarkovsky.” The 67 years young filmmaker has eighteen feature films to his credit and almost twice as many documentaries. A representative of the “slow and low” school of filmmakers, his work is a rebellion against the fast-paced, quick-cut, shoot em’ up action films of America’s Ritalin Generation. Time is the most influential element in a Sokurov film and shapes its atmosphere. Read more …

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Fenek Solère’s Rising

1,979 words

Fenek Solère
San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2017

“Tom had long harbored the suspicion that because the Slavs escaped most of the corrosive influence of political correctness, they would act as a catalyst for a White revolution.”

Russia. Less than a decade into the future and the Third Rome is under siege. Read more …

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Martin Zandvliet’s Land of Mine

2,114 words

Following the surrender of German forces at the end of World War Two nearly one million captured German soldiers had their status downgraded from Prisoners of War (POWs) to Disarmed Enemy Forces. The purpose was to provide the Allied force with a ready supply of slave labor by skirting around the Geneva Convention. In Denmark, under the direction of the British, two thousand soldiers were forced to clear mines along the west coast in violation of International laws prohibiting the use of captured soldiers for dangerous jobs. Read more …

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Redneck Squadrons & UFO Crashes! 
Col. Joe Kittinger’s Come Up & Get Me

kittinger6,022 words

Joe Kittinger and Craig Ryan
Come Up and Get Me: An Autobiography of Colonel Joe Kittinger
Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2010

“Fighter pilots and test pilots do not accept death. We accept the risks.” Col. Joe Kittinger

Col. Joe Kittinger had been ballooning upward for two hours. Read more …

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Oliver Stone’s Snowden

snowden3,156 words

Oliver Stone has quite the track record when it comes to biopics. With three films based on former United States Presidents (JFK, Nixon, and W.), and an additional feature about the man who is arguably the most influential leader in the history of Western Civilization (Alexander) he is no stranger to the complexity of the human spirit caught in flight between the firmament of absolute truth and the gravity of the world as it is, with mankind’s jealousy and corruption dragging down the state. Read more …

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