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First, They Came For Teenage French Pop Singers

France Gall

2,278 words

There once existed a time, alien to my young brain, in which people primarily discovered and listened to pop music on radio stations. These were entities subject to important forces, like censorship and record label interests, that gave rise to various standardizations and trade practices that persist to this day. During the age of the radio, the forces of globalization Read more …

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Pop Music is a Satanic Mind-Virus!
Part One: Jungle Beats

1,365 words

As the country gets more diverse, the radio gets more homogeneous. I don’t mean this in the ethnic sense, of course; America’s rockstars are more colorful than ever! Instead, the songs that dominate the country’s charts are beginning to sound more and more alike. The average pop station tends to be an indistinct mass of the same noises Read more …

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Imagine Music Without Black People

2,453 words

If there ever was a time that whites and blacks have aired their grievances, then the past two weeks have been it. Cities are burning. People are being killed. “Justice,” as defined by one person or another, is being demanded. In so many ways, the true nature of blacks in the United States is being put on display for all to see. In fact, many blacks are expecting us to thank them for their mere presence. Read more …

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In Search of Céline

1,704 words

Claude Sarraute: “And what, in your opinion, is the tragic element of our epoch?”

Céline: “Stalingrad. There’s the catharsis for you. The fall of Stalingrad was the end of Europe. There’s a cataclysm. The epicenter was Stalingrad. After that you can say white civilization was finished, really washed up.” Read more …

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Full Nazi

Buttercup1,875 words

The main reason Bronydom is seen as a “gender poison” to men is because of the surface neoteny. But scratch the pastel exterior and you’ll find a show whose main themes are social maturity, the importance of tradition, family, and bravery in keeping civilization together.  Read more …

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