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The Worst Week Yet:
January 17-23, 2021

Phil Eiger Newmann, The Libotomy, 2021.

1,176 words

I attended the last presidential inauguration because I wanted to.

Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t have attended the weird Carnival of Masked Corpses in DC this time around because I’m man enough to admit I am no match for 25,000 National Guardsmen Read more …

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Truth Doesn’t Win Wars

Phil Eiger Newmann, Walk of Shame, 2020.

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I fell asleep early on Election Eve because I lost faith in the federal government — and the very idea that the United States was a sustainable nation — years ago. Ever since November 3, I’ve been disinterested in the issue of election fraud because I don’t think there’s much of an “America” that’s left to save. My gut feeling is that no matter who got elected president, we’re already well into a post-American phase and that the USA is a bankrupt and irredeemable enterprise. What good is one last round of chemo if the patient is already terminal? Read more …

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Progressivism’s Willing Executioners

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The recent spate of White Nationalist mass-shootings has been seized upon by the progressive media, who are hard at work recycling every one into grist to the mill of increased surveillance and repression of white men. I imagine they must feel a sense of vindication, even of accomplishment, under the protestations of outraged universal love. Read more …

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Conservatives Show Their True, Pathetic Colors After El Paso

George P. Bush thinks that war needs to be declared on White Nationalism.

1,472 words

“Crush White Nationalist evil!” is the conservative answer to the El Paso shooting.

The overwhelming majority of conservatives have called for the government to treat White Nationalism like Islamic terror. Logically, this would mean drone strikes against American Renaissance conferences. But the conservatives who advocate for this drastic action are self-aware enough not to go that far – they just want the government to censor speech they call racist.

Read more …

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Video of the Day
Against Right-Wing Terrorism

71 words / 29:42

Here is the video of Greg Johnson’s talk at the Scandza Forum in Stockholm last Saturday, March 30. Greg discusses the many trends which indicate why those on the Right should be feeling optimistic about the future, given that our metapolitical efforts are beginning to bear fruit, and why the desperate situation that Right-wing terrorists and their supporters feel that they have been forced into simply isn’t borne out by the facts. Read more …

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