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Don’t Learn This From the Germans

2,022 words

Susan Neiman
Learning From the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux: New York, 2019

Germans are notorious for their ethno-masochism. Their official identity is built on guilt and the need for atonement. Germans can only look back at their past with shame; pride is impossible. More Germans are challenging the national guilt cult, but it is still enshrined by the government and the culture. Read more …

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Guatemalans are Not the New Puritans

Guatemalan Catholics, just like people you might have met in seventeenth-century Plymouth, right? RIGHT?

1,758 words

“Catholic migrants from Central America now have more in common with our Puritan forebears than do most Europeans.”

So argues Matthew Schmitz, a Catholic writer who supports Yoram Hazony’s “national conservatism.” He claims that a multi-racial nationalism is possible so long as it’s guided by Judeo-Christian faith. Read more …

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Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic

1,757 words

Kurt Schlichter
People’s Republic
CreateSpace, 2016

I’m reviewing this book not because I think it’s an important one for the Dissident Right, but because knowing about it will be instructive. Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic is, in essence, a cowardly novel masquerading as a brave one. Yet, compared to the state of popular literature in the West, it’s still pretty brave. Read more …

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A Cringeworthy Ad

851 words

bushpledgesallegianceWhites possess innate psychological and emotional traits that Jews consciously and instinctively exploit to their advantage. Underlying all else is inborn Jewish dominance. Jews are naturally dominant over every race on earth, including whites. Other factors, such as Gentile ambition, self-centeredness, and greed; “fear of the Jews” (fright at the entire gamut of economic, social, legal, psychological, and physical terrorism at their disposal)—or, alternatively, admiration for Jewish brutality—and so forth, play a role as well.  Read more …

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Weißentum ist mehr als Schwarzenfeindlichkeit

whiteness2,284 words

Übersetzt von Deep Roots

English original here

Weißentum ist zumeist im Sinne eines “Anti-Schwarzentums” definiert worden, Read more …

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Whiteness Is More Than Anti-Blackness

2,216 words

German translation here

Whiteness has been most commonly defined in terms of “anti-blackness,” a distinction that remains supremely important to the Left. Read more …

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