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The Other Racial Spoils System


Marxists in velvet

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There are two sides to the gigantic racial spoils system that has been erected since WWII.

One side consists of affirmative action, institutionalized (anti-white) discrimination, compulsory tax and wealth transfers, educational and job preferences, hate crime and hate speech laws, anti-colonialism, “anti-racism,” the Holocaust industry, Zionism, gerrymandered districts, foreign aid, refugee assistance, caste-based professional sports, forced integration, restrictions on property and free association rights, massive interracial prostitution of white girls by pimps, pornographers, and other assorted sex traffickers, replacement migration, and colored-on-white crime and violence.

On the other side, the economic self-interest and ingenuity of many whites have been enlisted to destroy their own culture and people. According to this model, or hypothesis, an alternative racial spoils system creates middle- and upper-income jobs that harm the race but economically reward their white holders.

Hollywood actors are a good example: people who are well-paid to defame their race and culture. The military and intelligence agencies with their innumerable private contractors, and associated Veterans Administration, also come to mind. They, too, are harmful to the country and race.

Another example is the “refugee” racket, a network of private, “nonprofit” agencies headquartered in Washington DC, or with lobbying offices there, that selects the communities where refugees will be sent, processes, transfers, and resettles them, and connects them to subsidized housing, new automobiles, and a vast array of welfare benefits. These nonprofits lobby Capitol Hill and state legislatures for funding and the admission of more and more refugees. (Lobbyists, too, are generally upper-income whites or Jews who make a good living.)

Refugee resettlement is a profitable activity funded by federal, state, and local tax money. According to one website, there are nine major refugee resettlement organizations with 450 affiliated organizations throughout the country. They are:

US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
World Relief Corporation
Immigrant and Refugee Services of America (IRSA)
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
Church World Service (CWS)
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA
Ethiopian Community Development Center (ECDC)

The list reveals another pocket of the spoils system: “mainstream” (Left-wing) Christian churches, seminaries, publications, schools, colleges, and related organizations.

The fact that this massive spoils system is invisible, and never reported about to the public, makes it difficult to keep in proper perspective. It would require a massive research effort to get a sense of what is actually going on.

In “white” areas of the country a large majority of courthouse, license bureau, and similar government offices are filled with white women (not men). Even the bosses are women. These are stable, well-paying middle-class jobs with good benefits. White women also commonly serve as city managers, budget directors, librarians, and arts council heads. Post offices employ many women, though usually not a majority.

White men and women also work as university professors and administrators who socialize upcoming elites. Such people have long been, with few exceptions, hardcore Left-wing ideologues and bulwarks of the Democratic Party. When I went to college decades ago there was only one Republican in the entire political science department of a large state university. And he was just a Republican, not an extremist counterpart on the right—a neo-Nazi—of the Marxist professors who everywhere clog the universities.

The odds of this happening in the absence of ideological patronage or spoils are . . . zero. Such lopsided outcomes aren’t the consequence of an evenhanded merit system. The rules of the game are: heads they win, tails you lose.

These are exceptionally well-paid, high-status jobs. Universities always have clean, well-maintained campuses that are constantly renovated at taxpayer expense, even as they preach fanatic anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, feminism, totalitarianism, and racially discriminate against white applicants and students.

Elementary, secondary, and remedial schoolteachers and administrators are also conspicuous beneficiaries of the racial spoils system. With their university counterparts they complement the mass media as key pillars of the anti-white Establishment. In today’s mass society, culture is no longer transmitted by the family, but primarily by educational institutions and the controlled media. Together, they are far more important in socializing children than families are.

At the grass-roots political level, schools have long been sacred cows, enjoying automatic, unthinking voter support no matter what they do.

Millions of tax dollars are funneled to school systems and universities throughout the country, greasing many palms. Few government expenditures are more inimical to freedom, or to white survival, than money spent on education.

White school teachers and administrators are politically very active on behalf of the Democratic Party, have powerful, well-heeled lobbyists, and are unionized. It is here that you see personal greed and self-interest and political patronage tightly linked. Although it is never reported in the media, if you participate in local party politics you cannot fail to see it.

The careers of white policemen, sheriffs’ personnel, state troopers, conservation officers, federal law enforcement officials, and similar occupations are also aligned with the objectives of the anti-white state.

In addition, cops, schoolteachers, and others are the gatekeepers to vast, hidden “plantations” that employ many whites as wardens, guards, marshals, clerks, bailiffs, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, probation and parole officers, bounty hunters, consultants, psychologists, guardians ad litem, caseworkers, counselors, social workers, and in rehabilitation centers and foster homes.

As one System representative (a former police officer, SWAT sniper, and FBI agent) has noted:

The social services system and its affiliate, the public schools, are obsessed with what is normal. The definition is narrowed every day by new studies, new expert opinions, and batteries of ever more subtle psychological tests. [Note: this is where radical ideologies formulated by Left-wing academics, including racial ones, are injected into the bureaucratic system that molds society.] Anyone outside the acceptable range of behavior is, by definition, abnormal and subject to state intervention, supervision, and labeling. . . .

The social services plantation is staffed predominantly by women. Its attitudes are female, and, most importantly, its definition of normalcy is female.

For young men, this is a disaster. The system defines many innate male behaviors as abnormal and sick. For example, the social services plantation’s female overseers (teachers, social workers, counselors, psychologists) stigmatize boys for fighting, throwing and kicking things, teasing, resisting authority, etc. Yet these are things that [normal] little boys do. These behaviors are the play that become, in a man, fighting and hunting skills. (Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham, Arrest-Proof Yourself, 2007, pp. 35–36)

This out-of-control bureaucracy, fueled by Left-wing ideologies and policies, also intrudes into the family, dividing husbands from wives and parents from children.

This was well-illustrated in an episode of the long-running reality television series COPS, in which two patrol officers during a traffic stop removed a little blue-eyed, tow-headed lad from his mother and father. I believe a small amount of methamphetamine was involved. The female patrol officer, probably in her 30s, made a remark about the boy’s diapers not having been changed.

The blonde policewoman, cooing, cradled the boy in her arms. Though young, he was bigger than an infant. The child’s distraught mother was in tears. The cameras followed the policewoman as the boy was taken to what was either a government facility or a facility that contracted with the state—a place the officer had been directed to go by dispatch, and had obviously never seen before.

The camera followed her inside, and I was immediately appalled to see that the entire staff was non-white. A Negress blocked the camera and ordered the cameraman outside. However, you could still hear part of the conversation because the policewoman’s mike was still on.

She emerged shortly thereafter, literally in tears, because the place, she said, had no bed, no blankets, nowhere for the boy to sleep.

So, a child was torn from his mother and father under dubious circumstances and dumped, alone, into a nonwhite hellhole with no one to reliably look after him or safeguard his most basic interests. Director D. W. Griffith memorably condemned exactly such behavior in the modern segment of his silent film classic Intolerance (1916). The incident illustrates in microcosm how middle class whites often make a good living wreaking havoc upon their own community.

If one were to closely examine white middle- and upper-income participation in the present system, one would find that many whites are rewarded for destroying their nations, their culture, and their race. It is in their (narrow) self-interest to do so.

It would be optimistic to believe that a substantial number of these people can be persuaded by moral arguments to oppose white genocide, or not to crawl before the Jews.

If they do as they’re told, their political, academic, law enforcement, judicial, government, theological, etc., careers may flourish. But if they stand against evil in even the slightest way, the howling mob will kick them to death (Nobel laureate James Watson, best-selling military historian David Irving, Ernst Zündel, and countless others).

Years ago Robert Welch responded to a question about how businessmen and the wealthy could be persuaded to stop supporting Communism. (Welch was the candy company entrepreneur who founded the John Birch Society.) His startlingly cold response was, “They’ll stop supporting it when it’s no longer in their interest to do so.”

That principle still holds true today. Moral suasion will only take you so far. Much less far, I am afraid, than one would like to think.



  1. rhondda
    Posted August 9, 2013 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Thank you. As a former social worker, and in my experience, what you say is absolutely correct.
    I called it group think. It took me a while to figure it out and I did not have the words for what I was seeing, but my biggest animosity was for my peers. How they could justify and rationalize some of the stuff they did? I knew my days were numbered. They couldn’t get me directly because I produced a perfect audit and I had twice the caseload of others, mostly adolescent boys other people were afraid of. They were not bad kids, just lost with no direction and made into pathological cases by the system eg teachers and stupid parents and doctors and social workers.
    I left in despair and disgust when the one person whom I thought was on my side betrayed me.

  2. Bobby
    Posted August 9, 2013 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    Andrew, fantastic article, really. Good and important information that should be widely disseminated by and to European-Americans everywhere. Even those who disagree will be awakened to the fact, that a large segment of their peers, are not ignorant of these matters and are watching closely.

  3. J.Laurence
    Posted August 9, 2013 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    “They’ll stop supporting it when it’s no longer in their interest to do so.”

    Big Business benefits from the flooded labor market by having permenant “rights demanding” workers replaced by immigrants and temps who couldn’t care less about White Values. Even worse, Third World immigrants living in day labor barracks in North Carolina are happy to have such conditions to live in. I mean, from the perspective of big business, it couldn’t be better. They get to kill off the White Middle and Working Class and live like Kings while proclaiming how Equal and Just they are… it’s really quite sick.

    However, I’ve found the most convincing argument to people like this is to simply point out how their children have to grow up in the same wrecked world, and one really can’t insulate oneself with money forever, especially if ones children are the product of the dumbed down school system and they loose all your money, and then your grandkids are growing up on the streets of that world that you helped wreck and they’re getting raped by day workers or pushed around by low IQ “pimps”.

    Some of them get it, but frankly, most of them don’t give a shit.

    You see, they’re not very intelligent either.

    • torgrim
      Posted August 10, 2013 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

      The corporatists destroyed the tradesmen and family farmers in the scandal we call the S&L Crisis and the whipsaw effect of first, hyperinflation and then the bust with a 13% Prime Rate. So, when the economy staggered on after the 80’s and some sort of recovery allowed “normal” rates on loans and mortgages, these same corporatists needed bodies to build roads, houses, strip malls, etc., and the Border was basically taken down with Latin America.

      Now a generation later, this same tactic has been spread through out the Middle Class and eventually will come to the gated communities, through huge tax increases if not out right confiscation of tax sheltered income.

      No one even noticed the Working Class when it was reduced to poverty in the 80’s, but now, this type of corporate raiding of the capital of the Middle Class and Upper Class incomes is hitting home, folks.
      And I must say, a lot of these high income types aren’t going to get it until they are lining up for food stamps.

      • Sandy
        Posted August 11, 2013 at 3:49 am | Permalink

        Torgrim, The high income types might be getting it as they line up for food stamps:

        Posted July 22nd, 2013 at 12:50 PM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under General Editorial.
        My Dear Friends,
        The entire financial and social episode from 2008 to 2020:
        The Great Flushing 2008 – took place with the forced bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers that guaranteed an eventual and total meltdown of the legacy OTC derivative fraud (which is still to come) as the means of the following;
        The Great Leveling 2014-2016 – is coming which will eliminate the Middle Class. Main Street is already eliminated.
        The Great Reset 2016-2020 – will come as a product of the BRICS which the West will first oppose then adopt as their own idea.
        This is why I am doing all these Q&A meeting as it is too sensitive to write about in today’s world of computer word recognition.

        There are many financial gurus out there. If you think the 73 year old Sinclair who has been in the gold business all his life is worth some time his free web site is

  4. redcorona
    Posted August 9, 2013 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    This is the question that comes to mind every time I finish a new book and consider the way out. Without money, no amount of pathos (The Boers, Christian Newsom), logos, or ethos will result in social change. And I keep coming back to the same thing.

    We need a Kahal.

    We need a gang of cultured thugs to pool their (and our) mental and material resources and somehow beat our enemies at the game of modernity. When their coffers floweth over, the race traitors and materialists will bow once more to their legitimate leaders.

  5. Glen
    Posted August 9, 2013 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

    Regarding the spoils system I’d like to see a list of tax breaks, low interest loans, grants, market protection, etc., for non-white/foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

  6. White Republican
    Posted August 10, 2013 at 3:59 am | Permalink

    This article has the effect of lifting a large boulder and exposing a horde of slithering vermin that have been previously hidden. I think Andrew Hamilton is right to remark:

    “The fact that this massive spoils system is invisible, and never reported about to the public, makes it difficult to keep in proper perspective. It would require a massive research effort to get a sense of what is actually going on.”

    The institutional criminality and tyranny that Hamilton addresses receives little attention and is effectively invisible to the general public. (Aspects of it may be exposed in books such as Stephen Baskerville’s Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, but the circulation and influence of such books is very limited.) Most people probably think of such things in terms of corrupt individuals or bad policies, when it is actually institutional, and they think that the system responsible for such things is amenable to reform.

    Those who haven’t been trampled upon by the state generally have no inkling of how vicious, callous, and lawless it can be.

    People often seem to assume that most people share their ethical sensibilities. They don’t seem to recognize just how widespread moral evil and moral weakness are, or how corruptible and weak they themselves are.

    By coincidence, I was recently discussing a similar issue with a colleague, and the need to be able to properly research them in relation to campaigns.

  7. me
    Posted August 11, 2013 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    This has to be THE best Andrew Hamilton article of the year! It is so revealing!

  8. Armor
    Posted August 12, 2013 at 6:03 am | Permalink

    “female overseers stigmatize boys for fighting, throwing and kicking things…”

    What exists in French and probably American schools is a system of anarcho-tyranny. On the one hand, female overseers don’t like boys to fight and kick things, and sometimes, it may create a stifling environment for restless boys. On the other hand, and it is much worse, school authorities often refuse to enforce order through punishment and through separation of the pupils. Besides, today’s teacher education schools disapprove of discipline, hard work, and rote learning.

    The presence of non-Whites means that classrooms are no longer orderly. Learning has become difficult. The school system won’t protect White pupils (and teachers) against that. What the pupils are protected against is both their urge to kick things, and to learn things. So, the system doesn’t protect their real interests at all. Even so, teacher education schools think of children as a population category that should receive special protection… until they become adults and officially become oppressors of society!

    “If they do as they’re told, their political, academic, law enforcement, judicial, government, theological, etc., careers may flourish. But if they stand against evil in even the slightest way, the howling mob will kick them to death (Nobel laureate James Watson, best-selling military historian David Irving, Ernst Zündel, and countless others).”

    It isn’t a howling mob, it’s the Jews, the government, the leftist minority. Teachers and policemen for example, may work for the Jewish dictatorship, but they would have a better life in a society managed by White people for White people.

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