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Torchwood: Children of Earth

2,727 words

Children of Earth, or more accurately “Children of Britain,” was the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood’s third outing. Torchwood dropped the Doctor and asked what happens when he’s not around to save the day, a not-unreasonable question given the astonishing frequency the Earth is attacked by aliens. Being a BBC show, it’s always Britain that gets attacked first and hardest, and a “Time Rift” in Cardiff keeps vomiting out beasties for the Torchwood team to tackle. Read more …

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The One Perversion That Can’t Be Normalized

1,222 words

Netflix thinks pimping preteens is a great way to market its new movie Cuties. The French film follows a dance troupe of 11-year-old girls who discover their “femininity.” Netflix advertised the film with images of the girls in suggestive outfits, which inevitably drew a public backlash. The streaming giant apologized for the advertisements Read more …

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Who is Responsible for the Murder of Cannon Hinnant?

2,155 words

It happened on August 9th, a date that carries a lot of bad juju. It happened in Wilson County, North Carolina, which has a population of about seventy-five thousand. 55.83% white, 39.33% black. Median income $33,000. Of households with children, less than half are married couples. 16.5% have a female householder with no husband present; 30.9% are “non-families” (presumably, non-married couples). Opioid overdose fatalities have tripled in Wilson since 2012. In short, it is a poor county with all the attendant social problems that now plague rural America. Read more …

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The Best Man’s Divorce Speech

Detail, The Divorce of Empress Josephine in 1809, Henri Frédéric Schopin, 1843.

1,604 words

One of the best memories I have is giving the best man’s speech at my best friend’s wedding. I gave that speech 14 years ago and my friend has been married ever since with three great kids. Unfortunately, I have also known men who have lost their property, money, and custody of their children from devastating divorces. Read more …

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Of Baskets & Bears

982 words

It is often said that we do not know ourselves until we are faced with a crisis. The present crisis wrapped up in the Chinese coronavirus has, unsurprisingly, even further laid bare the agenda of the egalitarian regime. Read more …

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Red-Pilling Our Children

Portrait of Pavel Morozov.3,080 Words

Contemplating all the thorny dilemmas facing race-realist or white identitarian parents brings me back to the story of the Soviet youth Pavel Morozov (or Pavlik, as he was known). I say “story” because the boy and the hagiographic myth which surrounded him for over fifty years were two very different things.

Pavel Morozov was a thirteen-year-old peasant boy who, in 1932, reported his father to the Soviet political police Read more …

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