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Why the West Will Go Under

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The life cycle of a civilization is an extraordinarily complicated affair, subject to a thousand changing influences. It is all too easy for analysts, by focusing their attentions on various of these influences, to reach differing conclusions as to the state of health of the civilization they are studying. This is as true of Western civilization as of any other. Yet there are trends, clearly observable in the West today, which, if not reversed, must inevitably dominate all other influences and bring about the demise of the West. Furthermore, certain of these lethal trends have already reached the point where they are, by any means likely to come to hand, irreversible.

This is a difficult truth for most Americans to accept. Their country is still rich and powerful, and their average standard of living is falling at only a bit over five per cent per year. Whites still constitute a majority of the population, life is still reasonably secure, and the Federal government still seems to have a fairly firm grip on the affairs of state.

It seems to most Americans that life must surely go on indefinitely much as it has during their lifetimes, with a few ups and downs, to be sure, but with no permanent discontinuity in sight. Yet, consider these things:

* The immigration of non-Whites into the nations of the West – Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, and the United States, among others – has grown from almost nothing prior to the Second World War into an avalanche which increases its strength from year to year, is fed from a virtually inexhaustible source, and shows every sign of continuing to grow.

More than one million non-Whites are immigrating – both legally and illegally – into the United States alone each year, shifting the population balance in favor of the non-White minorities already in the country by more than half a per cent per year – more than two per cent for each succeeding presidential election.

The organized minority voting blocs – Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, and Orientals – are determined to keep the balance shifting in their favor until the White majority in the United States has become a minority. They are solidly backed in this determination by the Christian churches, the largest labor organizations, the majority of the nation’s political leaders, and even a substantial portion of the White electorate.

The few labor bosses who initially opposed uncontrolled immigration are dropping their opposition and falling into line with the others. Big business, including those sectors of it relatively free of Jewish control, is in favor of continued non-White immigration as a means of maintaining a plentiful supply of relatively inexpensive labor. Even those politicians with constituencies which are still predominantly White are afraid to oppose non-White immigration for fear of incurring the hostility of the increasingly powerful minority pressure groups.

In view of these political realities the U.S. government – not just the Carter administration, but previous administrations as well – has virtually abandoned any effort to enforce its own immigration laws. While special “emergency quotas” for Soviet Jews and Indochinese “boat people” are instituted to allow more non-White immigrants into the United States on a quasi-legal basis, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and its enforcement arm, the U.S. Border Patrol, have had the rug pulled out from under them in their efforts to check the flood of illegal Black immigrants from the Caribbean and Chicanos from Mexico.

* The U.S. Army is now 30 per cent Black, with Black enlistments running at 35 per cent and growing. The Army will become more than one-third Black during the 1980s. When Chicanos, Orientals, and other minorities are taken into account, the non-White segment of the Army will pass 40 per cent before the end of the decade.

The Blacker the Army grows, the more the re-enlistment rate of White Army personnel dwindles, and the greater becomes the danger of a “tilt,” as has happened in thousands of formerly White schools and neighborhoods when gradual Black encroachment reached a critical level, at which most of the remaining Whites suddenly fled.

Even without a “tilt,” however, the effectiveness and dependability of the U.S. Army will almost certainly continue to decrease. And what is true of the Army is becoming increasingly true of the other armed services. The embarrassing degree of collaboration between the U.S. Marine hostages in Tehran and their Iranian captors is a hint of the level to which morale in the Marine Corps has already sunk.

Rock-bottom military morale is the norm for other Western nations as well. Since World War II the emphasis has been on making sure the troops know their rights, rather than on making sure they will fight courageously and tenaciously and will maintain discipline and obey orders, no matter what.

Certainly, Soviet political and military strategists took this factor into consideration before they made the decision to occupy Afghanistan, and they will undoubtedly assign even more weight to it in making future decisions.

As depressing as the situation is among the military rank and file, it is even worse among the higher military leaders. A weeding-out program during the past 30 years has virtually eliminated career officers above the rank of captain who are willing to express any disagreement with the racial program imposed on the U.S. armed services. Eliminated with them has been any realistic hope of a military solution to America’s internal political and racial problems.

* The number of persons in the United States receiving all or a substantial portion of their income from government sources – in the form of salaries, pensions, or doles – now accounts for 54 per cent of the total population, and it is growing. The 46 per cent who work in the private economy to support the others are becoming relatively fewer each year.

Now, there certainly must be a few White idealists among that 54 per cent majority of government dependents who will vote against the hand that feeds them – but almost certainly not enough to make the drastic changes required to reverse the lethal trends sapping the life of the West.

Even when much more severe economic conditions in the years ahead open the eyes of more people to future dangers, the chances are that the majority on the government teat will cling all the more tightly to it. One may talk about taxpayer revolts all one wants, but with each passing year the prospect of a successful one becomes less likely.

* Those who are working for the West’s ruin know well the psychology of mass man; they know how tenaciously materialistic he is, how he will cling to his comforts and luxuries at the expense of his honor, his freedom, and even his life, deceiving himself all the while as to his own motives. Perhaps the very best example of this fatal weakness is provided by the behavior in recent years of the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa, a subject treated elsewhere in this issue of National Vanguard.

It is true that the world – including the rest of the West – ganged up on them; it is true that they are saddled with twice as many Jews, per capita, as the people of the United States; it is true that they were stabbed in the back by the Christian churches, in which they had foolishly placed their trust; it is true that their news media are controlled by the same gang which controls ours. But the fact remains that the Whites of southern Africa have, with their eyes wide open, chosen prosperity over racial integrity. As a consequence, in the long run they shall have neither.

The same shopkeeper mentality which made them fear an economic boycott more than the mongrelizing of their posterity prevails throughout the West. It is the mentality of what historian Brooks Adams has called “economic man”; men of this type have wielded power in the West since the Industrial Revolution, and their values are shared as well by most of the powerless.

The values and way of thinking of economic man may be tolerable for a while in an all-White world, but they are lethal in a world which also includes Jews. In the very near future they will be just as lethal for America and Europe as they have been for White Rhodesia.

In view of these trends – trends which transcend party politics and the short-term fluctuations of changing government administrations, trends which show every promise of remaining unchanged in the years ahead, indeed, of becoming increasingly worse – there can be little room for debate as to whether the West will go under. It has already passed the point of no return in its descent. The water is up to our necks, and the only question is, when will it reach our noses.

The ship, in other words, is going down, and it is going down not just because the captain doesn’t know how to sail and because there is a gang of saboteurs aboard who have opened the sea cocks, but also because it has become irreparably unseaworthy.

Now, this is a very important conclusion. It separates the National Alliance from the right wingers, who believe there’s still time to save the ship (or, if there isn’t, all is lost and so there’s no point in doing anything); from the liberals, who believe that the more water the ship takes on the better it will sail; and from the mass of voters, who, although they have a dark suspicion that something is seriously wrong and a nagging fear that the captain doesn’t know what he’s doing, are much more concerned that their feet are getting wet than that the ship is going down.

The most important distinction for the Alliance is the first one. The right wingers see the value of the West in its outward forms: its governments, its economic systems, its life-styles. When those are broken up – when the ship of state goes down – there is, for them, nothing left.

But the National Alliance sees the value of the West in its biological essence, in the human genetic material which was responsible for the building of Western civilization – and which has the capability of building another civilization to replace it. When the ship goes down, there will be lots of passengers in the water, and they will drown. What is important is to make certain that some passengers – the right ones – are in lifeboats, with a compass, oars, and directions to the nearest land.

That is the primary task of the National Alliance now: building lifeboats and organizing lifeboat crews. In many respects the work is not unlike that of trying to keep the ship from going down or trying to throw the captain overboard and install a new one: that is, “working within the System” by organizing yet another pressure group to compete with the minority pressure groups, or preparing for an armed assault on the System.

In any event, one must find, recruit, and motivate an elite minority among the mass, and one must then use that minority to build a viable, functional organization. Whether that organization eventually works within the System or takes up arms against the System or works at building something to replace the System when its own internal contradictions have destroyed it, many of the organizational requirements are quite similar.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand what the outcome of current historical processes will be, because there are differences, subtle and not so subtle, in the way one prepares for that outcome.

Not the least of these differences is in outlook: the degree of optimism with which one goes about the task at hand. The events of recent years must be depressing in the extreme for intelligent conservatives and right wingers. Unless they are blind to what is happening in the world, they must feel utterly overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to patch the old tub up and keep it afloat. For those of them who are racially conscious, the realization that each passing year brings us a population that is more mongrelized, an electorate that is more degraded in its sensibilities, must be terribly discouraging. How can one salvage such a mess?

To be sure, after accepting the view that the mess can’t be salvaged and that one shouldn’t even try, the prospect is no less grim. The breakdown of order, the unleashing of anarchy, is destructive of true human progress even under the mildest of conditions. In the racially mixed urban jungle of America it will be indescribably terrible – more so because it will almost certainly be a descent in many steps, rather than the single plunge and “crash” about which right wingers fearfully talk.

There will be a grisly justice in that most Whites who have collaborated with the enemies of the West in sinking it will themselves be drowned. It is almost amusing to contemplate the fate of the White gun-control advocates in America’s cities in the days to come, when they will be even more at the mercy of roving gangs of Black thugs than they are today.

And the rich White liberals in their exclusive suburbs – the fashionable writers, the ACLU lawyers, the pulpit prostitutes, the organizers of fund-raising dinners for trendy causes, the socially conscious coupon clippers who won’t own stocks in corporations doing business in South Africa, the news editors who conscientiously excise any mention of race from crime stories, the school board members who pretend that all is well in the racially integrated hells they supervise, the overpaid bureaucrats, the coke-snorting sophisticates who party with the new non-White elite and plan to ride high while their race goes down – will fare no better when the pets they have so long boosted as the “equals” of working-class Whites come surging out of the cities in their multihued millions. The ravages of these pampered non-White hordes in the years ahead will make the sadistic butchery of the Manson gang of the last decade seem like good, clean fun in comparison.

Unfortunately, the innocent and the wholesome will perish along with the guilty and the degenerate; the racially conscious and the racially valuable will go down with the deracinated egoists and the half-breeds. Nature’s justice operates at the species and subspecies levels.

Nor will anyone evade the suffering ahead, neither those who perish by it nor those who survive it, neither the grasshoppers nor the ants. It is said that suffering is good for the soul; if this is true, Westerners can look forward to a great deal of spiritual improvement.

But whether the maxim is true or not, the suffering is necessary. As long as he is moderately comfortable, the average man will not change his ways. Only when existence becomes utterly intolerable and there is no alternative can he be persuaded to do what ho should have done from foresight and through self-discipline at the beginning. That is his unalterable nature, and it is why democracy is such a catastrophe.

And who will survive to be the founders of a New Order? No one can say, on a person-by-person basis. But if one understands the nature of the tragedy that is upon us, one can state some general guidelines.

The first thing to understand about the going under of the West is that its more dramatic elements, the violence and the bloodshed, are not the really essential elements. As already mentioned, one should not anticipate a “crash” but rather a continually accelerated worsening of conditions. Those who head for the mountaintops with stores of canned goods to wait out the storm will be as disappointed as those who think they can head it off by praying or voting.

The essential aspect of what is happening to the West is spiritual. It is decadence which has sealed the fate of the West, not the birthrate in the Third World. It is the absence of a common purpose which has sapped the West’s viability, not just the scheming of the Jews. It is the loss of racial consciousness which has left the West defenseless, not the growing strength of our enemies.

What is important is that the corruption of the West’s spirit will continue in the years ahead – perhaps for decades – while the increasing anarchy, the more frequent breakdowns of order and flareups of violence, the economic disintegration, will be only incidental. There undoubtedly will come a great bloodletting, a time of mass throat-cutting and mass rape, when the West’s internal enemies will have free rein for a while. But the West will already have sunk before then.

And most of the inhabitants of the West will have sunk too, to the point where little of value will be left to be lost in the bloodletting. This is a point worth emphasizing again: the majority will perish with the civilization to which they are inseparably bound.

The problem is not to cull out the mongrels, the Judaized, the degenerates, the moral prostitutes from a healthy mass, so that the cull can be destroyed and the mass saved. The problem is to pick the few who embody the best of what the West once was and to take the necessary measures to see that that which they embody does not perish with the mass.

Those who would survive – more correctly, those who would have a hand in determining which genes and which values survive, for the time scale of the West’s sinking is such that no individual now alive can be sure of living to see the new age dawn – must have these qualities:

They must be both willing and able to fight for the right to determine the shape of the future; the meek and the disarmed will vanish without a trace.

They must be free of the superstitions and prejudices of this age; those who are mentally bound to this age will go down with it.

They must be pure in spirit and strong in will; this is the age of egoism and materialism, of self- indulgence and permissiveness, but the passage into the new age demands both selflessness and self-discipline.

They must be united in an organization which combines their strengths and focuses their wills; in this age of atomized individuals, where each person is submerged in the mass, without identity and without power, only those who are united can prevail.

They must be motivated by a single purpose, the overwhelming importance of which is always foremost in their minds; it has been the purposelessness of this age on which the West has foundered, but the new age will be illuminated and shaped by a common purpose transcending all other considerations: namely, the purpose of bringing forth a higher type of man and attaining thereby a higher level of consciousness in the universe.

Source: National Vanguard, no. 74, 1980


  1. Junghans
    Posted July 12, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

    Pierce was a visionary and racial genius extraordinaire. Most Whites in the West, along with all of their faults and foibles, are truly spiritually wanting; they have lost their racial soul as a people.

    • Posted July 12, 2011 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

      Is there an oil painting of Pierce? I’d like to have a copy of it in my living room!

  2. CompassionateFascist
    Posted July 12, 2011 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    Reading Elana Mercer’s INTO THE CANNIBAL’S POT right now. Except for the Jewish issue – Mercer is of the Tribe, ex-S. African branch – Pierce and Mercer are singing in perfect harmony. Oh yeah, one other thing: Pierce had it all nailed down 30 years ago. Back when Mercer’s dad (a Rabbi) was one of the leaders in the “fight against Apartheid”. Now, she’s sorry…..

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted July 13, 2011 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

      Compassionate Fascist in blockquote:

      Except for the Jewish issue…


      “Except for the motive force and design of the Plan issue”, absent those, everything would be pretty much as it was.

      That’s why Mercer fails. Longon description, short on prescription, anad always silent on the true Designers of the Plan, and the Motive Force for the Plan.”

      Might as well say, “Except for the Cause issue,” as if the Effect sprung magically from some magical, parallel universe.

      Wonder why the Effect? Look for the Cause. Effective? If memory serves, White South Africans are forbidden, by American law, from emigrating to America on the basis of asylum, or genocide. What Cause was responsible for that Effect?

      Mercer seems to be like the 911 Truth Movement, focusing on everything about the murder, except the murderer. Nice diversionary trick, that.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  3. Walter Rauff
    Posted July 12, 2011 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

    Pierce was truly a genius beyond measure. If Whites manage to survive the chaos and destruction coming and a new age dawns out of racial oblivion, he will be seen as a prophet and visionary who was without equal.

  4. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted July 13, 2011 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    William Pierce in blockquote:

    …a nagging fear that the captain doesn’t know what he’s doing, are much more concerned that their feet are getting wet than that the ship is going down.

    One, that sentence is an apt metaphor for the National Alliance, particularly during the end game, post-Pierce.

    Two, this entire article plays into the hands of our Enemy quite nicely, because it encourages a sense that we are the victim of vast, transnational forces and can only watch helplessly as the inevitable Collapse takes place. This sense of fatalism was injected into our Culture by our Enemy, and was the stated purpose of Freud, before he got off the boat.

    Three, self-confidence has been replaced by defeatism, a demoralization – see Bezmenov for the next phase – that, rather than be countered with the quiet confidence of a Christian with four aces (HT: Mark Twain), is replaced by a synthetic future that is kinder, gentler, softer, safer and gelded. It is the soft triumph of the Morlocks over the Elois.

    Four, what Pierce considered the vehicle for developing the vanguard of the Race, in microcosm, the “National” Alliance, has actually gone under. You would expect this, I suppose, from someone who completely lacked an effective metapolitical framework, must less any conception of how to build the temporal bridge for it.

    Indeed, for all of the good Pierce did – the ADV’s he developed with Kevin Alfred Strom, and that’s pretty much it – the absolute lack of effective organization development says more about Pierce’s actual conception of the Race, than it does about the Race.

    A fatalist dies, and his fatalism is validated. His failures are, as well. Fatalism remains the very philosophy of Good Ol’ Charlie Brown. “Kinsmen may die,” but first, they should conquer, with one eye on a future, a better future, for White Children.

    Contrast him with the amazing sense of positive hope, seeing the foundation of an Aryan Renaissance out of the ashes of 1945 Berlin, that Savitri Devi displayed, even while incarcerated.

    Let me go a bit afield in my metaphor.

    The ending of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” ends up with a young woman being destroyed, and arising out of the ashes with baby dragons clinging to her nude body. In his book, if memory serves, Martin describes this as the first time the sound of dragon’s wings were heard on the Earth in centuries. It is also the hallmark of evolution, with the best of the past restored, and born again, with greater power and effectiveness than ever before.

    We can afford everything but fatalism, the end of the process of demoralization offered to us by our implacable Racial Enemy. We must see the worst as merely the Old Order demonstrating its ineffectiveness in the face of the New Dawn, and prepare to become the living foundations of a new nation.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  5. Walter Rauff
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 12:44 am | Permalink

    1. So the NA has gone under – so what? A lot of people wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the message that made it out through Pierce. The man was the first guy to inject intellectual sophistication into the movement.

    2. There is no fatalism or defeatism in this article – it is actually a very realistic projection of the direction things are moving in. We need no illusions about what we’re up against – whites still have some sheltered suburban societies or gated communities where they can quietly ignore what is happening outside in the rest of the world, but that is foolish. there is no sense of hopelessness in the article, just projection of what we still can do and have to fight for. we are victims of vast, transnational forces – called international jewry, but even Pierce recognizes that it is a spiritual sickness that has done us in and magnified all our weaknesses as a race. I don’t know what planet you’re living on, but I have seen very little resistance to what is being done to the West, save for Robert Mathews and few other individual cases. No amount of wishful thinking is going to deliver the Media and Government (and the rest of the system) out of alien hands…of the few that are even aware and concerned of what befalls us, only a fraction will actually physically engage in this conflict – and time is running out. To the contrary, I think this type of message should motivate people MORE if nothing else, by serving as a wake-up call for surely will happen if things do not turn around. It is good to remind people that this is a life and death struggle for our race. The lyrics to RAHOWA’s “Ode to a Dying People” go nicely along with this article, of course before george burdi or eric hawthorne, whatever his real name, became a traitor. let us remember that not only are we fighting a determined enemy in near total control, along with the non-white peoples they manipulate against us – but our own race, odds of which would require us all to turn into SS soldiers with nothing to lose overnight to overcome.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted July 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm | Permalink


      (1) The relevance of the NA to this article is it demonstrates how the NA Leadership, criticizing the fall of the West, fell no less quietly. The original intent was to form the National Youth Alliance – Dr. Oliver talks about it here – but Pierce turned it into a “National (Hillsboro, W. Va.) Alliance,” where it provided Tonight’s Entertainment for more than 300 ADV’s. Fifty years of failure – Dr. Oliver’s description – is almost a century of failure, and the Racial Vanguard the NYA was supposed to foster became Bill’s Country Estate.

      As well, there was no “Movement,” as David Eden Lane and Robert Mathews would have told you. None then, none now. All of the electricity that might have been harnessed was grounded by the lightning rod of the National Alliance. It was great political theater, too – Pierce, knowledgeable, wise, learned, an Elder, juxtaposed against people who wore green satin bedsheets and pillowcases as formal attire, and people who adopted the regalia of a Cultural Moment that they were not fit to participate in. Still, all kabuki, as Pierce never made the National Alliance (did he ever discuss why he killed Rockwell’s National Youth Alliance?) into anything effective, despite many requests to do so. Why do you suppose that was? Ironically, the 300 plus ADV’s he wrote and performed (with Kevin Alfred Strom) could have been done in an apartment in Northern Virginia.

      2. When you said, “There is no fatalism or defeatism in this article…,” I had to laugh. Read the title. Pierce had no concern whatsoever about “defeating the Enemy.” It was all kabuki, political theater. The list of things he could have done is infinite; the list of things he did, outside the ADV’s, is miniscule. No political organization, no youth development system, no nothing but tales told, full of sound and fury, signifying impotence. However, it was a profitable performance, for Pierce.

      3. When you said, “I have seen very little resistance to what is being done to the West…,” I remind you that you can join the Resistance by sending money to counter-currents regularly. The button is on the top of your screen.

      Your examples of “resistance” – Mathews and Lane – paid the highest price for following Pierce’s “suggestions” – the use of force against the most powerful military and intelligence system in the history of the world. Ironically, Mathews and LAne had The Answer at one point, when they proposed the development of independent ethnocommunities, linked economically by self-supporting local Initiatives, as Lane proposed.

      The fullest flowering of such effective thought, of course, is to be found in the novels of Harold Covington. What do I think of these novels? Young relatives of mine, fleeing economic collapse where they were, have come to live with me. Graduates of public high schools, they have had to learn to read. They have done so, starting with “A Distant Thunder.” Their discussions on the issues faced by Shane Ryan, and Rooney Wingfield will help to secure a Homeland for our people, and a future of White Children.

      Pierce published “Which Way Western Man.” The answer is, Northwest. NOW!

      In the meanwhile, and while you Take The Gap, send some money to counter-currents regularly.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted July 14, 2011 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

        Lest 4mile’s juxtaposition of fundraising appeals for CC and critiques of William Pierce lead people to think that I share his views, a few words are in order about Pierce and the National Alliance. I think very highly of William Pierce as a thinker and a writer. I liked his broadcasts. And National Vanguard books published some important books and created an excellent book catalog. Pierce was also kind and generous to me personally.

        I was never of the mind that the National Alliance was the answer, but it was an answer. Namely, it was an effective organizational framework to keep Dr. Pierce writing and broadcasting and promoting books and ideas. Pierce obviously wanted it to be something more, and maybe it would have become that, had he lived longer. But it was good enough as it was as a platform for Dr. Pierce. Should I be tempted to be critical, I have to keep in mind that I done nothing (yet) to remotely equal his organizational achievement–and neither has anyone else in North America.

        As for the land in West Virginia: I think Pierce’s vision of a “White Zion” is inspiring, and I don’t begrudge him the money he spent. But I would have picked a more scenic location in the Pacific Northwest.

  6. Trainspotter
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Today, white nationalism at least has the beginnings of a meaningful intellectual scene. Since the intellectual side has to come first in any truly revolutionary movement, this is a damn good thing to have. For right now, it’s the only thing that matters, though in time that will change.

    I suspect that a lot of our brightest people got their start with Pierce, who offered insightful and incisive analysis in a way that nobody else was. Perhaps some of you are old enough to remember the sort of floundering Right of the 90’s. I was pretty young then, fresh out of college, and wasn’t even online. Every now and again I’d come across some right wing, racially oriented material – you know, real paper and ink. It was invariably awful. The huge captions, the photos of snarling blacks, text written at about a sixth grade level. It was, in a word, tacky.

    Yes, we know that niggers commit lots of murders. Yes we know that they commit lots of rapes. So….let’s put on white robes and burn a cross in somebody’s yard. After all, it’s 1995. Bound to work. Why change a winning formula?

    Looking back on those strange days, it strikes me as almost kitsch. So hopelessly ridiculous and out of touch with the real trends that were sweeping society.

    Now, maybe simple material has its place, and some will even need to be targeted at a middle school level. But first, you’ve got to have some really bright people who can put together a credible movement. Without that, you’re just lowbrow losers in the minds of most. People don’t follow lowbrow losers. Everyone “knows” that you don’t say certain things in public. Therefore, by definition, if you do say those certain things, or pass those words out in the form of a leaflet – you’re weird. You’re a loser. Unless…you obviously aren’t. Pierce obviously wasn’t, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

    Then, around 2000, I got online. So great was my thirst for the white perspective that I immediately sought out racialist sites. After seeing the nineties up close and personal, I had already largely radicalized on my own. But I didn’t really know where to go with it, and there were still a lot of connections that I had yet to make.

    So, literally within seconds of my first getting online, I took a bee line for white nationalism – no passing go or collecting $200. I remember bopping around a bit. I had already heard of Stormfront, so I went there. Eh, it was o.k. I still go there just to see news links, but it never really had much influence upon me (until much later with poster The Old Man, from whom I learned a thing or two – no longer at Stormfront by the way, he’s moved over to Kelso’s forum with the username Edmund Ruffin). I also remember an Alex Curtis, and checking his site out. A few interesting posts, but again….eh. Frankly, I was disappointed.

    Then I found Pierce and his weekly broadcasts. It was like striking gold. Nothing tacky or kitsch about it. Just a very intelligent white man with an uncanny knack for addressing contemporary issues, yet with a perspective that seemed inclusive of all the ages, from the primordial mists to a future unseen. Timely but timeless. I could dig it.

    It would be the first thing on my to do list on Saturday mornings, and I would lay in my bed and listen to the broadcasts. I really looked forward to it. A lot of these things I had figured out myself during the disheartening nineties, but Pierce connected the dots in a way that I simply hadn’t at that point. He was clearly a lot further along than I was, a total reversal of what I was used to. Pierce actually made it nice to be the student and not the teacher – he was that good.

    It was Pierce that convinced me that this could be a real movement at some point, that this could be something significant. I’ll always appreciate him for that. Before, I had almost felt pity for those that I had seen speak out. The nineties were a transitional decade. At the beginning of the nineties, I don’t think I had ever seen a black/white couple. Then all of a sudden I saw them everywhere. It was soul crushing (it wasn’t envy per se, I was quite the ladies man myself, but it bothered and offended me on a very deep level, even though I myself meet the SWPL profile in many ways).

    There were still some white working class types who had not learned to keep their mouths shut according to the new social norms, and spoke out at inappropriate times and places. They won over precisely zero converts. They were right, their instincts were good, and they had courage of a sort. But they were completely outclassed, literally and figuratively. This was painfully obvious. They could not articulate their vision, because they simply didn’t have one. Didn’t they get the memo? They were going nowhere fast. I wanted to protect them, and tried as much as I could. Since I’m reasonably effective socially, I usually was able to extricate them without much damage. I just wanted to tell them (and pretty much did, once in private) to STFU, I agree with you but your approach isn’t working, and no I don’t know what will work, just teach your none too bright working class daughters to not fuck niggers, try to hold it together and maybe we’ll get a break down the road, and that was the best we could do for now. That’s how I felt. It was friggin hopeless.

    There had been a war of ideas, and our side had lost – plain and simple. A redneck with good instincts but no education or credibility wasn’t going to make any headway at all – unless and until this thing gets really big time and he can be put to other purposes…but that’s another issue altogether. In the nineties, such a man was truly a lost soul, and yet his betters were doing precisely NOTHING. What a stain upon all of us. The disgust has never left me, though today I am far more optimistic.

    After a decade of seeing inarticulate whites fumble the ball and get absolutely nowhere, enter William Pierce. This guy could take on the best that the System had to offer. There was zero need for pity, only respect and admiration. That’s his importance. That’s what he did…nothing else matters. I could definitely dig it.

    Then came Linder (who also was clearly influenced by Pierce), who in his own way redefined white nationalism, moving it even further away from the lame nineties, and gradually more and more capable and intelligent people began populating the net. Today, I think the quality of intellectual white nationalism is better than ever – far and away better than ever, though even now there is some of the one step forward and two steps back variety. I practically gagged earlier today when I saw Hunter Wallace on the byline for an article at Altright. What is Spencer thinking, further insinuating that creature into a promising movement? Up until today, I thought well of Spencer. I still do, but am seriously questioning his judgment. Yes, let’s make a pathological liar, and that’s one of his better qualities, more prominent in the movement. Great call. Spencer, can YOU dig it? I wonder.

    In any event, gaffes and blunders aside, the intellectual momentum is clearly gathering steam. A flesh and blood movement is bound to follow – sooner if we shun the kooks. Pierce was in many ways the fountainhead of the good things that we now see around us. Yes, it’s a pity that he wasn’t able to take it any further than he did, but for those of you who have at least some memory of the nineties, you’ll appreciate how far ahead of his time Pierce really was. Very strange decade – good for me personally, but terrible for my race. Trust me when I say that in those odd times, he didn’t have much to work with. He showed us a different path, or at least the beginnings of a path. A path that could in time lead to victory, if we start playing our cards right.

    • Posted July 14, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

      Trainspotter, Your comments are so good that I will start collecting some of them (if you don’t mind). Cheers.

    • Posted July 15, 2011 at 10:31 am | Permalink

      Trainspotter says: “Yes, let’s make a pathological liar, and that’s one of his better qualities, more prominent in the movement.”

      Sounds like a dumb move, all right. At least “Hunter” eventually came to repudiate fellow PL and Pierce-hater Covington, who he had previously been a big fan of.

      Thank you for your touching tribute to Dr. Pierce, Trainspotter. You, too, Walter, CF, Junghans. I had quit visiting C-C for several months due to the unwarranted criticism of Dr. Pierce and his WV “mudhole,” not to mention the endless promotion of the fraud, Covington, and his Northwest Front as being somehow legitimate.

      It’s funny, Trainspotter, to see you say Dr. Pierce entered the scene in 2000 — the time when you discovered him. Some folks had been supporting him and his consistent program and goals for 25-30 years by then. It’s a shame you couldn’t have known him and worked with him through the 1990’s as some of us did. We could have used your help.

      You may enjoy perusing some of the old National Alliance BULLETINS from the 1990s and discover how our Alliance did things back then, here at this new blog.: Some old articles by Dr. Pierce that haven’t seen print in decades have been added there this month. Hopefully Greg will pick them up and add them to C-C’s Pierce archive. The more people we can reach with Dr. Pierce’s teachings, the merrier.

      • Posted July 15, 2011 at 11:27 am | Permalink

        @ At least “Hunter” eventually came to repudiate fellow PL and Pierce-hater Covington, who he had previously been a big fan of.

        “Hunter” only started to “repudiate” Covington when he responded to something he had written at Occidental Dissent. The pattern is always the same: “Hunter” overreacts when he feels criticized, even mildly, elsewhere. I was following closely both Covington’s podcasts and Occidental Dissent when “Hunter” changed the tone from respect of the Northwest idea to thoroughgoing “repudiation”, as you put it. But the point is that all of it was purely personal.

        And btw, in a recent podcast Covington spoke in very high terms of Pierce. He stated unambiguously that, in his time, “Pierce was second to none”. No Turner Diaries, no Northwest front Quintet. It’s just that simple. We are all indebted to Pierce and if I die old enough I look forward to see a statue of him in the ethno-state.

        No more Covington obsession in these non-Covington threads, please.

      • Andrew Hamilton
        Posted July 15, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

        The new Pierce blog link doesn’t bring up any web page .

    • Lew
      Posted July 15, 2011 at 11:08 am | Permalink

      Alex Linder set the movement back. I have not forgotten his vile attacks on Samuel Francis in the early 2000s (canny Sammy). Mentioning Linder in the same zone as William Pierce is not warranted. Otherwise, very good observations.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted July 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Permalink


        This thread might be titled, “Why White Nationalism Went Under.”

        Your point about Linder is well taken. At his best, he’s Mencken; look at the VNN 1.0 Archive for some great ideas, all of which went nowhere. Not surprising, that. The problem is, VNN as attracted some really first-rate people: “Geoff Beck,” for one, “Lita from New York,” for another. They all left, as VNN/F became a hotbed of lunatics, and the people who could carry the ball forward realized that the energy spent dealing with the lunatics could be more productively spent elsewhere.

        They still ahve great people “Hugh,” on VNN/F “A Better World” thread – but the Adults have left. Too bad.

        However, tying things back to All Things Piercian, note than VNN’s Main Page/blog became what it would have been under Pierce, the William Luther Pierce Electric Newspaper. Still populated by too many of the idiots who scare off competent Adults, but. what did you expect?

        Linder’s attacks on Francis were unmerited. If we had offered a bit more Light unto his Path, Francis may well have joined us as the source of deep, honest intellectual analysis we need.And if Pierce had done what so many wanted him to do – and you know my hypothesis as to why he failed – he could have created an above-ground political organization, complementing the work of underground political organizations. However, the National Youth Alliance died with Pierce, the National Hillsboro, West Virginia Alliance died with Pierce, and, fortunately, we have the opportunity to show him how it should be done, “all in an apple-pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles) And how is that, Children?

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

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