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Fier ou coupable d’être blanc

Fidus, Lichtgebet, 1894

1,606 mots

English original here; Slovak translation here

Aujourd’hui, aux Etats-Unis comme dans la plupart des pays du Monde blanc, on dit au petit enfant blanc, à peine en âge de comprendre le langage, qu’il doit se sentir coupable des crimes de ses ancêtres. Coupable d’avoir découvert, conquis, mis en esclavage et tué des non-Blancs à travers le monde…quitte à ce qu’il se perdre en chemin. Coupable, non de ses propres crimes, mais de crimes commis par d’autres personnes de la même race que lui. Read more …

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Biela hrdosť a biela vina

“Light” by Fidus

1,153 words

English original here

V Spojených štátoch a vo väčšine bieleho sveta bude dnes každému dieťaťu dosť starému na to, aby rozumelo jazyku, povedané, že by malo cítiť vinu za zločiny svojich predkov. Vinu pre obsadenie, dobývanie, zotročovanie a zabíjanie nebielych na celom svete… A ako bonus vinu za odhadzovanie odpadkov. Vinu nie iba pre svoje vlastné zločiny, ale pre zločiny iných ľudí rovnakej rasy.

Ale bude mu tiež povedané, že by nemalo pociťovať žiadnu hrdosť na úžasné výdobytky jeho rasy. Read more …

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White Pride & White Guilt

“Light” by Fidus

1,338 words

Slovak translation here; French translation here

Today in the United States and most of the White world, as soon as a White child is old enough to understand language, he is told that he should feel guilt for the crimes of his ancestors. Guilt for finding, conquering, enslaving, and killing off non-Whites around the globe . . . and littering in the process. Guilt, not for his own crimes, but for the crimes of other people of the same race.

But he is also told that he should feel no pride in the amazing achievements of his race. Read more …

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