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The Burning of Notre Dame

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As news spread of the fire consuming the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the first reaction of most people was shock and sadness. You don’t have to be Catholic or French to feel as if some part of you has been lost. That was not just an old building or a historically important place. It was a symbol of Western civilization. Stand inside a great church and you feel the awe and power that inspired the builders. That cathedral was the primal roar of a people celebrating their creator and the essence of who they were as a people.

Of course, it did not take long for people to notice that its burning was a metaphor for the current crisis in the West. As Europe is swamped by Muslims, promising to replace Europeans in their own lands, it is only a matter of time before the great churches are turned into mosques or destroyed. Despite the endless propaganda from our rulers, most people here and there, are well aware of what’s happening. They don’t know how to articulate it or react to it, but they know. Watching the fire, they knew what it meant.

Not everyone had this reaction. The first reaction of Ben Shapiro was to make jokes about the fire and mock Trump’s tweet about it. This makes perfect sense. He hates Trump and what he represents, so his natural instinct, regardless of the mood of the room, is to attack him. Despite his ridiculous claptrap about Judeo-Christianity, to Ben Shapiro, that cathedral was just a funny looking old building. It meant nothing to him. That fire meant no more to him than seeing an apartment block burn somewhere in Los Angeles.

In the fullness of time, that inability to pipe down and shut up while his target audience mourns the passing of their heritage, will be a turning point in the Potemkin cult of Ben Shapiro. Even the most blinkered of normies was taken aback by such a crude and malicious statement. He was not the only one to slither out of the shadows and reveal his nature in the light of the flames. Those strangers invited in by our rulers were quick to remind us why they should never have been allowed to come to our lands.

That anger people feel is not the sort of barbaric rage our rulers assume is in the heart of every white man. There will be no occidental riots or calls for pogroms against the invaders. It’s a slow buzz as the batteries charge up, waiting for the moment somewhere down the line when the circuit is finally closed. That’s how these things go. Decent people are willing to tolerate what seems like an unlimited amount of deprivation from their rulers, but it reaches a point when the batteries are charged and the circuit is closed.

That’s why it is good to watch the footage and follow the coverage of this thing. Many of us have disconnected from the news, because it’s just propaganda. You can be sure the media will first try to wave it all away as an accident, but we know how they would be reacting if it was a dumpy old mosque or a synagogue that burned, rather than a masterpiece of Western civilization. We know. Everyone knows. Watching it will make you a little angry, but that’s a good thing. We need to charge those batteries.

Obviously, we’ll never know what really caused the fire. A black church burns and the usual suspects tell us there is a rash of hate crimes against black churches. Catholic churches all over France have been burning for years and we’re told it is a racist conspiracy theory to see a pattern. The same will happen here to people who wonder how an unoccupied building that withstood air raids suddenly caught fire in two places. It will be infuriating, but it just charges those batteries a little more each time you hear it.

Even if the cause was recklessness by some workers, that’s probably worse. Like America, this kind of work in Paris is done by foreigners now. The work crews are no doubt Algerians, Tunisians and maybe some Africans. The few French involved spend their time keeping these tribes from murdering one another. To these strangers, that cathedral was as meaningless to them as the fire. There, as here, the cost of cheap labor is the loss of your heritage. Is cheap stuff really worth feeling like this every day?

Of course, the other charging source that comes from consuming the news coverage of this event is the reminder that we cannot believe anything we are told now. Before the roof collapsed, the authorities were telling us it was not arson and not terrorism. In other words, they were more concerned about the feelings of the foreigners than what this event was doing to their own people. These events are a reminder that the West is ruled by strangers, who see no difference between a Tunisian goatherd and patriot from Lyon.

It’s a sad thing and you should be angry. Even though that anger is more like a building charge, it can still be put to good use. When your normie friend brings up Ben Shapiro or his nonsense about Judeo-Christianity, give him a little shot of that charge. When you are preparing for a day of box wine auntie and her nutty talk about the glories of diversity, give yourself a little shot of that charge, so you can be prepared to make her miserable with your mocking of her piety. Put that anger to good use in your daily life.

To borrow a turn of phrase, the burning of Notre Dame is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. These events open eyes and make the minds of our fellows receptive to the arguments we make. The subversive seeks to convince you to look away from the fire, so you don’t see what is happening. The revolutionary wants his people to look into the fire, so they can see what he sees. We’re all revolutionaries now. Our job is to take events like burning of Notre Dame and make more revolutionaries.


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  1. Posted April 17, 2019 at 5:11 am | Permalink

    ‘suddenly caught fire in two places. ‘

    Is there some proof for this anywhere?

    It was reported in the Finnish press that there were two explosions and a shock wave before the fire started.

    • BC
      Posted April 17, 2019 at 5:37 am | Permalink

      The statement that gave rise to this interpretation was first given on the French tv station LCI by D. Pujadas, a French tv host who claimed that “the fire had had two ‘hearths’.” That statement was then reproduced by FdSouche, a nationalist French news aggregator, and was later taken to mean – mostly by right-wing news blogs and the like – that the fire had been deliberately started at two different locations, not a stretch of the imagination, but one not explicitly stated either. This gave rise to accusations of conspiracy theories being peddled by FdeSouche, see more on the controversy here:

  2. Beware of MSM citing SITE re: ISIS
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 6:57 am | Permalink

    One doesn’t realize what one has until it’s gone, and, as the author states, the Notre Dame inferno lashes out at white Americans and Europeans with metaphoric and historic urgency. If Notre Dame can burn down, the permanence of our people, our past, our connection to high beauty, is vulnerable. For the fire to occur so close to Easter, the collective memory of significance will resonate deeper still.

    While I disagree that the dweebish Jewish hall monitor of Twitter should receive such attention during such a sad moment in history, I do agree that the fire is quite curious, and that the MSM was quicker to toss a wet rag on “conspiracies” of arson and/or terrorism than it was to reflect on the chaotic cultural clash that Paris has been forced to become.

    That said, I do not trust Drudge Report to uncover any culprits, not unless evidence is leaked. Today, Drudge is drumming up the complicity of “ISIS,” with his headline “ISIS warns of future attack.” Even before I clicked the link, to the Daily Mail article below, I correctly predicted who would be the source of this “ISIS” claim. And I hope that all Counter Currents readers pay attention.

    Excerpt: There is no indication that the fire was linked to terror but ISIS fanatics have revelled in the damage to the 850-year-old landmark, a symbol of Western civilisation, just days before Easter. The latest image, revealed by terror monitors SITE intelligence, hints at a possible deliberate attack by ISIS-aligned militants in the future.

    Yes, the Daily Mail gets this “scoop” and coinciding incredulous ‘shopped jpeg image from SITE Intelligence. If there’s one topic I’d like to see Counter Currents deep dive into, it would be an expose of Maryland-based SITE Intelligence and its owner Rita Katz.

    Rita Katz is perhaps the biggest disinformation propaganda peddler working in the United States today. Her bare bones operation, SITE, has for two decades now planted itself as the middleman between “radical Muslim threats” and the global MSM. Anytime “ISIS” makes a new “announcement” repeated on MSM or Drudge, it was found or uncovered by SITE and Katz. Truly alarming. It is never the CIA, it is SITE, and this allows MSM and the politicians who parrot the “scoops” vast plausible deniability.

    Rita Katz is a rabid Zionist Israeli-American whose father was executed in Iraq, when she was a child, for being a Mossad spy. He has no less than two statues in modern Israel dedicated in his memory. Katz has dedicated her entire Zioco life toward avenging her father, by baiting American MSM and its MIC with relentless terrorist propaganda to ironically terrify normies into permitting more war for Greater Israel. There is simply no way that Katz is not tied to Mossad or Israeli intelligence. Her credibility is poor, she was sued years ago for blatant disinfo after she appeared as an anonymous source on 60 Minutes as a “terrorist hunter.” She claimed a chicken farm was a US terror cell. Today, her Twitter account boils over with the same zealous insanity, including about WN threats in the US.

    It’s worth noting as well that just last July it was widely reported that “Paris has become Mossad’s playground” following a large expose in Le Monde. Its operations, including having an illegal makeshift headquarters in Bercy, just two miles from Notre Dame, are included in the below link:,7340,L-5317287,00.html

    • Alexandra O.
      Posted April 25, 2019 at 10:25 am | Permalink

      Thank you for your long post about all the interrelationships with Israel and France and Arab Terrorism. I learn something new every day on CC site here, and I appreciate long, intelligent posts. I had never heard of Rita Katz before, but now I will ‘look her up’!

  3. Quackercrack
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    ‘Not everyone had this reaction. The first reaction of Ben Shapiro was to make jokes about the fire and mock Trump’s tweet about it. This makes perfect sense. He hates Trump and what he represents, so his natural instinct, regardless of the mood of the room, is to attack him. Despite his ridiculous claptrap about Judeo-Christianity, to Ben Shapiro, that cathedral was just a funny looking old building. It meant nothing to him. That fire meant no more to him than seeing an apartment block burn somewhere in Los Angeles.’

    They just cant help being Jews can they?

  4. Gnome Chompsky
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 8:29 am | Permalink

    Yeah, no arson. Sure, I don’t know. Finding it hard to believe, though. Even if investigation makes it clear that it *was* arson, the lies will continue, and the results of said investigation will never be made public.

    Some of the arguments against arson are truly risible, ‘fire rises’, the easiest parts to burn were the wooden parts, and ‘nouvelle Francais’ sure had access to those parts.

    I will never believe that it was *not* arson unless I see a convincing explanation and refutation, and neither will ever come. … because it was arson.

  5. sterplaz
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    I wouldn’t rule out arson in the Notre Dame cathedral fire. There has been a rash of church burnings in France and many are thought by French authorities to be arson.

    Read this from Newsweek:

    Even with the renovation of N.D. in progress, that might make it easier to commit arson. People, not usually seen in/around Notre Dame, are coming/going. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same in France is happening as in America; 3rd world immigrants working cheap are given the manual labor jobs over native Whites. All I’m saying is to keep the mind open until the source/origin and cause of fire can be pinpointed. And by that, I mean not relying solely on authorities, who are too politically correct/corrupt to be taken on faith.

  6. Horsefeathers
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    The New York Times has pronounced judgement on the fire. It was “inevitable” given the literal forest of dry timber in the attic. Really? I’ve never heard of dry timber bursting into flame and I’ve stored timber in a barn loft for years. If this were a real thing, attics in old wooden houses would spontaneously ignite. Never happens.

    Why are they so quick to promote such an impossible explanation? Something is amiss here.

  7. Peter Kilbridge
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    Silver Lining Department:

    Fortunately, the Crown of Thorns was saved. If there is DNA extant on the Crown, scientists may be able to clone Jesus Christ. His return would doubtless solve all of our problems.

  8. inq
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

    Notre Dame is a symbol of Christianity.
    So is the Pope.
    Yes, God is watching:

  9. Sandy
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    For a catholic perspective, two American Catholics, Dr Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon talking about the fire (not everyone’s cup of tea):

  10. Duke of Earl Pitts
    Posted April 18, 2019 at 11:48 pm | Permalink

    It’s really great to see the Z Man here.

  11. Alexandra O.
    Posted April 25, 2019 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    That ‘apartment block’ that burned in Los Angeles, was an 80%-complete structure, mostly of wood, next to a roaring freeway, which would have housed people next to toxic fumes day and night — hardly a comparison with Notre Dame — but I get his point. He hates Western Civilization. When I saw the Cathedral burning, at first I wanted to cry and probably did for a minute, but then I thought — “What’s the point”? With all the insurgent immigrants now in Europe and more arriving daily, happily helped onto shore by giddy leftists, our Western Civilization hasn’t a chance. I tried to post on FB that these incursions into our lands will eventually get all civilization destroyed and many people killed as well, but I was politely thrown into FB jail for a month. When we are totally muzzled from defending our homelands and our ancient, beloved monuments, there seems little left to do. But, I am sure some ancient clean, clear underground spring is still bubbling, and will rise to the surface like a geyser soon. And I plan to do anything and everything I can to help it.

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