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Over the Line of Tolerance

parismassacre1,076 words

French translation here

The dust has settled on the most horrific terror attack continental Europe has faced in recent history, and Europeans are having to confront what they have been lulled into denial about. The nightmare prospect of social collapse and block-by-block ethnic conflict, in the capital and heartland of France, has long been forewarned by the European New Right and now is almost inevitable unless France becomes the first to succumb to Sharia.

The rationalizations peddled by the controlled media for the reckless acceptance of ever-increasing numbers of unscreened migrants not only sound hollow, but have been vaporized along with the Jihadi Bride who detonated in Saint-Denis. There can no longer be any doubt that the Muslim population in Europe is by its nature aggressive, dangerous, and an existential threat to the French and German people. News emerged November 18th that a bomb plot targeting a soccer stadium in Hanover was foiled with minutes to spare, as police were tipped off to the existence of an ambulance packed with explosives.

The mainstream press even now refuse to acknowledge that civil war is a real and immediate possibility. The idea that our glorious multicultural, multiracial, multi-factional society could disintegrate has never been acknowledged by the press in any significant way. Instead, the political class, barring “far Right” parties, insists that liberal democratic society has the capacity to take unlimited immigration by random, hostile foreigners. Praise and encouragement of Europeans is only allowed when they are sacrificing their children’s future on the altar of diversity.

Germany is reaching the boiling point as small towns of native Germans are being swamped overnight by the addition of tent slums. In Saxony a mob shouted Merkel down as a “traitor to the people” and a “whore.” About three weeks later, Breitbart London reported that in Lower Saxony, a village of less than a hundred was being forced to accept over a thousand migrants. The scale of state-supported displacement has reached unimaginable levels as Biblical-style exodus treks occur by the numberless third world from Greece up to Northern Europe.

But this push to trample Europeans into the mud of their own lands is the culmination of increasing state-mandated laxity on border controls in all the extreme liberal democratic countries — France, Germany, and Britain being the most ethno-suicidal. France has huge numbers of North Africans, many of whom are first, second, and third generation migrant colonists that have never assimilated and remain violent outsiders to French society, festering in the concrete suburbs around Paris Central.

There is increasing but uneasy acceptance that “Islam” is a problem for Europe, rather than simply “foreigners.” Sadly, from a nationalist point of view, decades of thought control and agitprop about the wickedness of “discrimination” and “racism” cannot be undone overnight, no matter how many dead Parisians.

The establishment is attempting to frame the conflict as a “Clash of Civilizations” between the costumed Caliphate of Islamic State, and the righteous, “brave” West, that adheres to its negative principles of self-denial, self-loathing, and passivity on the home front, even as it exploits the atrocities wrought upon it to justify airstrikes in Syria. The danger of framing the problem as “Islam vs. the West” as opposed to “Europeans vs. non-European invaders,” regardless of religion, is that it can be channeled into invading Israel’s neighbors (and stirring up more refugees), rather than removing invaders from our homelands.

The Clash of Civilizations propaganda model demands that Jihadi “John” — a name given to him, no doubt, to Anglicize him and portray him as just another British “bloke” even as he beheads journalists in the desert — be the face of “Radical Islam,” that “Radical” Islam poses a grave and existential threat to “liberty,” as if any liberty persists still in the West. It demands that “refugees”  be welcomed into Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy and Greece in order to foment ethnic conflict and ingrain Europeans with a bitter resentment and hatred of “Radical Islam,” as they are terrorized through pathological violence of Muslim foot soldiers and bomb-makers.

Europeans are asked on behalf of NATO, America, and Israeli military interests to happily allow their taxes to fund bullets used to massacre children in Syria in the name of supporting “moderates,” and then to look the other way when those same bullets perforate Paris tourists at a music concert. Europeans are told they are “racist” to notice a recurring Arab-Muslim tendency to rape white women and children — and then asked to support warfare in order to support “human rights” for Arab Muslims, and accept indefinite amounts of Arab Muslims in tent cities on their doorstep.

The “Invade the World, Invite the World” paradox of the latest American military adventures insist that Europeans treat Muslims as a collective abroad — a demonic evil that conveniently persists and is never entirely erased, posing in black ninja outfits as with AK’s after a hard day chainsaw-beheading — an evil that justifies continual aggressive military buildup in areas where a strong, Russia-allied regime is located.

But the moment these selfsame Jihadi LARPers cross the borders into Europe, they must be judged only as individuals. To judge them as collectively guilty within Europe would mean that some groups have to be discriminated against because of their collective propensity for violent acts, which would open a whole Syrian barrel bomb of worms. The very right of any Muslim to live in the West would be questioned, and unthinkably, possibly even the right of any other non-white to live in the West could come under scrutiny; but the real point of all this “tolerance” for rape and terrorism is to prevent people from asking if Jews belong in Europe.

This is the paradox of Democratic Liberal Imperialism. It needs Muslims to act according to their group interests in the West in order to justify NATO expansion and occupation, but also justifies their presence in the West by denying those group interests exist. The tolerance that has been extended to these “refugees” has now been well and truly abused, and the French now have to face an ugly reality of Islamic aggression cannot be rationalized away as “blowback” from the Iraq war or French microaggressions.

The Paris massacre crossed the line of what can be written off as just the cost of living under a liberal regime. It was too explicit. It was too merciless. It has shown Europeans that Muslims will either be at their feet or at their throat. Liberté, égalité? Idiocy!



  1. rhondda
    Posted November 26, 2015 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Indeed Bain, this is quite brilliant. The whole thing about the individual versus the collective is indeed part of the problem. In the west we like to see the individual, but forget the psychology of crowds and collective evolutionary push which justifies it. So you have a friend that is of another race and you respect him or her, but that does not mean that that same person will choose your friendship over his or her own people which is what whites have not been taught to do, but to choose the other. As if by doing so, some magical goddess will touch you with her magic wand to sanctify your goodness and you can tell your children flowers are a defense against bullets. On what planet that happens, I truly want to move there. Ghandi’s passive resistence and the flower power of the 60’s is over. Other races do not feel guilty by following their own dictates. It only worked on Christians who did not want to fire on these pacificists who underminded their beliefs. It boggles my mind that people will accept the death of their friends and family for some altruistic belief that that is goodness in the eyes of God. WTF If that is God, then …. fill in the blanks.

  2. Greg Johnson
    Posted November 27, 2015 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    Do your best to make it so.

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