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DECAMERON Film Festival
All-Star Weekend

262 words

Fróði Midjord’s DECAMERON Film Festival has been going on for close to two weeks now. Fróði and his range of special guests have been discussing the films and shows that light a fire inside our imagination, stories that we turn to for comfort and inspiration during trying times that keep us indoors, Read more …

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Melting Crackpot:
E. Michael Jones on Sam Francis

1,945 words

The Catholic writer E. Michael Jones is currently one of the most popular thinkers on the Dissident Right, owing to disaffected nationalists turning to Catholicism in the wake of Charlottesville. In their desperate search for a based Catholic thinker, these young right-wingers settled upon Jones. Jones’s many tirades against Jews and willingness to associate with the Dissident Right make him an appealing figure to aspiring Catholic reactionaries.

Read more …

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Zagreb Scandza Forum Postponed

The Plague on the Stairs, Theodor Kittelsen, 1896.

530 words

It is not without a certain excitement that I realize that current events, horrible as they may be, will force many of our contemporaries to reevaluate their blind faith in the Liberal world-view. This isn’t business as usual — and the naive need a wake-up call. But these events also interfere with our own plans.

Considering the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions, we are forced to postpone the Zagreb Scandza Forum until later this year. Read more …

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Scandza Forum Fundraiser
Announcement Update & Registration

875 words

“Fróði Midjord’s Scandza Forum is one of Europe’s most important identitarian metapolitical gatherings, providing fellowship and networking to those who attend and powerful ideas to those watching on the world-wide web. I am continually impressed by the Scandza Forum’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.” — Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 259
Fróði Midjord on the Jared Taylor vs. E. Michael Jones Debate

70 words / 59:33

To listen in a player, click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.”

Greg Johnson interviews Fróði Midjord on the upcoming Scandza Forum in Zagreb, Croatia on May 2, 2020, where E. Michael Jones and Jared Taylor will debate on the question of the meaningfulness of the concept of race. Read more …

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E. Michael Jones on Harvey Weinstein

980 words

I am not a Catholic, or even a Christian, even though I was brought up in a liberal Protestant church, but sometimes I do appreciate E. Michael Jones for his insights about people. His latest discussion on YouTube about Harvey Weinstein is particularly interesting, as he declares Harvey to be the official scapegoat for Jewish Hollywood. The idea of the scapegoat is an old Jewish custom. Read more …

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The National Dividend

C. H. Douglas, founder of Social Credit

1,949 words

When, during World War I, C. H. Douglas was sent to sort out the accounting muddle in an aircraft factory in Farnborough, England he noticed that the factory was generating costs faster than it was distributing incomes. Replicating the process at a hundred other large British firms he found that the total costs were always more than the money distributed in dividends, wages, and salaries.[1]

Douglas became concerned that the men who labored in the factories producing the necessities of life could not always afford to purchase the items they had worked to produce, Read more …

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Video of the Day 
Byron Jost’s Minority Rule

time: 57:34/221 words

Read more …

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