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Men in Black II

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July 15, 2002

My cat and I saw Men in Black II this past weekend, along with a cheerful bunch of white college students. My cat found the movie complex, challenging, and fully engaging. I was less impressed, but I admit that I was much amused.

The cartoonish nature of the film was underscored by the fact that it was preceded by a cartoon, just like in the good old days. The cartoon was pretty funny, and I am amazed to see what can be done these days with computer animation, along with excellent sound and projection facilities.

I was also pleased by the style of the opening credit sequence. The space-ship piloted by a she-tyrant cruising through the galaxy and disintegrating planets was right up my alley. The movie itself also has a great look and fantastic special effects.

The music was immediately identifiable as Danny Elfman’s, because it sounds like everything else by Danny Elfman. Thank goodness there was relatively little contemporary “rap” noise.

MIB II is fast-paced, entertaining piffle. I can’t say that I recommend this movie, but if you are dragged into seeing it, it won’t be too big a waste of time. Judging from the audience, this movie will be seen by lots of bright white people. So it is worthwhile to ponder if White Nationalists can make some hay out of it. So here are some talking points.

MIB II is about the problems of policing an America infested with aliens — criminal aliens, repulsive aliens, and aliens that are just annoyingly, well, alien. These aliens are not merely invaders. The movie makes it clear that they are allowed in.

To deal with these aliens, a “secret society” of Men in Black was created. But the MIB are not really a secret society. They are a secret police force. Now, I have nothing against a secret police force per se. If White Nationalists are going to save our nation, that is to say, our race, then a secret police force will come in handy. Himmler’s SS: The Original Men in Black.

What I object to is a secret police force designed to hide the problem of alien infestation from the host population until it is too late for them to do anything about it. And that is precisely what the Men in Black do. If a secret police force is necessary to control the aliens among us, then why not use them to solve the problem permanently?

Why is it necessary to give special attention to policing aliens? Aliens are more prone to violence. Some may be genetically predisposed to violence. But even the gentlest are foreigners, and foreigners are more likely to get into misunderstandings with the locals, and these misunderstandings can easily escalate into violence.

Aliens are more prone to criminal activity. They have trouble holding real jobs, and so end up resorting to crime. For instance, who would want to employ “Jeff,” the giant worm that eats subway cars?

Aliens also have access to advanced technologies that make it easier for them to prey on the natives. (The Men in Black, however, have access to the technologies necessary to fight the aliens, but they do not share them with their fellow citizens.)

Aliens, furthermore, feel none of the bonds of social solidarity and kinship with the natives, and these bonds stand in the way of preying on others. Finally, aliens are prone to bringing their wars to our shores.

For instance, on September 11th, 2001, the war between two alien groups — Jews and Arabs — killed thousands of real Americans in lower Manhattan. On July 4th of this year, the same war flared up at the El-Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport. Thank goodness nobody important was killed.

In MIB II, two alien species bring their war to Earth, and their battle threatens to blow up the entire planet, not merely a couple of buildings. Wouldn’t America be better off if we were much more xenophobic and made aliens feel unwelcome?

MIB II also shows the folly of using aliens to police other aliens. Apparently the Men in Black are not immune to multicultural, egalitarian madness. Even though the survival of the planet itself depends upon their efforts, that does not deter them from hiring and promoting underqualified aliens with questionable loyalties.

For instance, the character “Jay,” played by Will Smith, is clearly an alien who does not belong in our modern, technological civilization, much less in a responsible job. Aesthetically he is unappealing. His head is shaped and colored like an eggplant, with tiny, round, protruding ears. His cranium is small and his brow low, features correlated with low intelligence. His skull is so thick that it can crash into steel beams at high speeds without splitting open. His jaw is prognathous and his lips large and rubbery, clearly evolved to produce vulgar spluttering, fart-like noises to a moronic boom-chucka-lucka rhythm.

He is evidently not up to the job. It requires too much intelligence and personal responsibility. So he spends his time belittling his human partners until he is paired with a fellow non-human, a creature that looks like a small pug dog but which can talk incessantly about sex and food, which is more Jay’s speed. But still Jay is unhappy, perhaps because he would be more comfortable as the wise-cracking sidekick than the senior partner.

When Jay becomes sexually infatuated with a racially similar alien, he forgets all about his responsibilities and training and breaks several important MIB directives.

When Jews are caught doing this sort of thing, they wring their hands and pretend to wrack their consciences over the onerous moral burden of “dual loyalties” that they have to bear. You almost feel sorry for the little traitors. But then you notice that when forced to choose between their host country and fellow Jews, there is nothing “dual” about their loyalties at all. They always choose fellow Jews, because they only have one loyalty, to the hive.

Fortunately, when the very existence of the Earth is threatened, Jay realizes that he is outmatched. So multiculturalism and affirmative action are put on hold, and Jay’s human ex-partner Kay, played by Tommy Lee Jones, is hauled out of retirement to save the day. Jay is demoted to buffoonish sidekick and takes well to the role. Lesson: Never send an alien to do a man’s job.

Now why, you might ask, does MIB II treat with such levity the potential destruction of the whole planet because of suicidally stupid policies like flooding the country with aliens and then hiring incompetent and questionably loyal aliens to police them? To answer this question, we must understand another kind of alien infestation that is not portrayed in MIB II. The movie is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and produced by Steven Spielberg, who are themselves aliens, namely Jews.

Although Jews have from time to time ruled their own states, they have no genius for self-government, so these experiments have been relatively short-lived and unsuccessful. For most of their history, Jews have been aliens, living scattered amidst other peoples. Because their religion teaches them to despise and exploit non-Jews, their host populations naturally come to hate them in turn, eventually resolving to control or expel their Jewish “guests.” (Or is it parasites?)

After centuries of experience, the Jews have noticed they fare best in corrupt, disorganized, multi-racial, and multi-cultural societies that lack the social solidarity to resist them. Jews fare worst in upright, orderly, racially and culturally homogeneous societies. Therefore, Jews infesting these societies lobby to open their borders to the immigration of other even more exotic-looking aliens.

While Koreans seek monopolies on ghetto convenience stores and Pakistanis buy up cheap hotels in the South, Jews have been guided by their sense of destiny to rule or destroy other peoples to seek the levers of real power: first banking, then the mass media, including Hollywood. Using their control over Hollywood, Jews produce a steady stream of propaganda to advance their subversive agenda and to conceal it from us at the same time.

MIB II is an attempt to assuage the rising anxieties of real Americans about the ongoing alien invasion. The movie attempts to convince us that an America that looks like the Star Wars cantina is a rich, colorful, strong, healthy, and, above all, exciting and entertaining nation.

And when the occasional problems crop up, these are no cause for alarm. They are certainly no cause for booting out the aliens and closing the borders. Oh no. Any problems will be solved by a brave and competent multi-racial, multi-cultural secret society of Men in Black.

The purpose of MIB II is to encourage us to laugh off our ongoing extermination. The irony is that the movie contains enough of the unpleasant truth that the careful viewer can discover it “between the frames,” so to speak. America really is infested with aliens. These people really do need to go back home. Our borders really do need to be sealed. The races really do need to go their separate ways. And we really do need a secret police force, our own Men in Black, not merely to contain the problem, but to solve it, forever.

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