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What Socrates Knew:
Thirty Socratic Theses, Part 1 of 2

Socrates and Xanthippe

7,763 words

Part 1 of 2

Author’s Note:

On August 24th, 1999 I began a lecture course called “What Socrates Knew” with a lecture called “Thirty Socratic Theses.” What follows is a transcription of the first half of the lecture by V.S. The thirty theses are listed below, as are links to the audio of the lecture. 

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Znaczenie filozofii dla zmiany politycznej

3,128 words

English original here

Tytuł tego eseju jest poniekąd mylący, ponieważ zamierzam dowodzić, że filozofia ma znaczenie dla wszelkiej ludzkiej aktywności, nie tylko dla polityki. Filozofia jest nie tylko metapolityczna, ale „meta-wszystko”[1]. Ale wiem, że moi czytelnicy zainteresowani są zmianą polityczną, zatem był to mój wybieg, aby zachęcić Was do lektury. Co więcej, twierdzę, że filozofia nie jedynie znacząca dla życia, ale jest sprawą najwyższej wagi.  Read more …

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La pertinence de la philosophie pour le changement politique

socrates23,898 words

English original here

Le titre de cet essai est quelque peu trompeur, puisque je vais arguer que la philosophie est pertinente pour tous les efforts humains, pas seulement la politique [1]. La philosophie n’est pas seulement métapolitique, mais méta-tout [2]. Mais je sais que vous vous intéressez au changement politique, donc c’était mon hameçon pour vous faire lire. Read more …

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Socrates on Wisdom from Plato’s Euthydemus

socratesinconversation1,737 words

Editor’s Note:

The following text is an excerpt from Plato’s dialogue Eythydemus translated by Benjamin Jowett. Here Socrates seeks to convince Cleinias, the son of Axiochus, who is something of a “dumb jock,” and thus a tough sell, that wisdom is of paramount importance to the good life and that philosophy, as the love of wisdom, is thus the noblest of pursuits. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 29 
Counter-Currents Radio  
Plato on Courage:
An Introduction to the Laches

corinthian_helmet71:41 / 198 words

Audio Version: To listen in a player, click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target as.”

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The following lecture is an introductory treatment of Plato’s dialogue Laches. It was given on December 20, 2000, to a circle of friends and students in Atlanta.  Read more …

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The Relevance of Philosophy to Political Change

3,526 words

Translations: French, Polish

The title of this essay is somewhat misleading, since I am going to argue that philosophy is relevant to all human endeavors, not just politics.[1] Philosophy is not just metapolitical, but meta-everything.[2] But I know you are interested in political change, so that was my hook to get you reading. Furthermore, I will argue that philosophy is more than just relevant to life, but of paramount importance.

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