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Lessons in Marketing from Coke

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If you took the opportunity to read my introductory essay, “Coyote Ugly,” you will recall my thesis that Western institutions are as much, if not more, to blame for our demise as a people than any historic or current tribal conflicts. Read more …

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Morse Peckham on Corporations & Cultural Incoherence

Morse Peckham

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Morse Peckham (1914-1993) was a literary critic and cultural historian who was very well-known during his lifetime but who has been largely forgotten today. He had all the qualities that make him anathema in today’s academia: Besides being white, brilliant, and a writer of enormous clarity and precision, Peckham was also a careful and insightful editor of nineteenth-century literary texts, a Darwinist, and a prescient observer of the decline of the American university.

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Woke Capital’s Free Option

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, a definite woke capitalist.

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As many of you already know, YouTube has recently embarked on a campaign to purge dissident voices from its platform. As expected, the Dissident Right was the hardest hit, with such luminaries as Dr. Patrick Slattery and my fellow contributor here at Counter-Currents, Jared George, losing their channels outright. Many others have had their videos removed or demonetized. It’s all anyone’s been able to talk about on YouTube, and it is a cause for concern. YouTube gives our movement a link directly to Generation Z’s hindbrain. Read more …

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Unnatural Order:
The Corporation as Parallel State & Culture

tragic-1-city-skyscrapers3,131 words

Most of us are familiar with the anti-white policies of the corporate world. From affirmative action and diversity promotions to termination for thought crimes and anti-white advertisements, big business happily accepts the dictates of the Jewish narrative in all its guises.  Read more …

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An Aristocracy of Industry?
Andrew Fraser’s Reinventing Aristocracy

Titian, Doge Andrea Gritti, 1544

2,913 words

Andrew Fraser
Reinventing Aristocracy:
The Constitutional Reformation of Corporate Governance

Brookfield, Vermont: Ashgate Publishing Company, 1998

If you own even a single share of stock, you have probably been pestered with letters requiring your opinion on matters of corporate policy well beyond your competence to decide. Read more …

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