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Weaponizing Money, Part 2

J. R. R. Tolkien’s original illustration, “Conversation with Smaug,” from The Hobbit, 1938.

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Last May, I wrote an essay entitled “Weaponizing Money.” In it, I argue that racially conscious whites should act with urgency when it comes to money, and earn as much of it as possible. I dispel any notion that this is selling out — as long as the money can somehow contribute to the cause and not a person’s expensive lifestyle. I also argue that it is possible to make a lot of money and still be passionate about what you do. Any white person supporting white advocacy should, at a minimum, accustom themselves to living as cheaply as is reasonably possible and being as generous as reasonably possible. Read more …

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Tech Censorship Delegitimizes The Election

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Big Tech censored a major newspaper last week in the service of its preferred presidential candidate. The New York Post’s bombshell report about Joe Biden’s failson Hunter would’ve been the biggest story in the country, complete with reporters grilling the Democratic candidate and every other outlet making it front-page news.

But that didn’t happen. Read more …

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Panoptic Power & the Surveillance State

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A new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in quantity hitherto without example.

— Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) Read more …

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Google is a Dirty Word

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The Alphabet Company, the parent of Google, has a market capitalization of $991.53 billion, which is about the same size as the nominal gross domestic product of the Netherlands. Chrome accounts for 68% of the global desktop browser market, Read more …

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Technological Censorings of America for Make Benefit Glorious League of Anti-Defamations

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I am old enough to remember a time where you could get instant laughs by saying jagshemash. It was a mythical era known as the mid-2000s. Life was simpler and slower, but it was richer than our hyper-digitized era. It was the last quarter of the Bush era; the defining political issue of the day was America’s foreign adventurism and imperialism. Read more …

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Who Do You Want in Charge of the Internet?

Oliver Darcy of CNN, proof that one reporter has the power to do a lot of damage to free speech.

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Tech censorship is an existential threat to the Dissident Right. No serious political movement can successfully operate if it is barred from social media. Even mainstream conservatives are being threatened by this, and Big Tech may sway the 2020 election against Donald Trump. This phenomenon only continues to get worse, as the recent YouTube purge attests.

Read more …

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