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Kostel plný

722 slov

English original here

Zrovna jsem doposlouchal rozhovor Grega Johnsona s Markem Dyalem na rádiu Counter-Currents. Dyalova pouť od samolibého antirasistického skejťáckého pankáče a fanouška Public Enemy, přes studenta černošských studií až k nieztzscheánskému skinheadskému fašistovi je pro mě zároveň fascinující i povědomá. Read more …

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Tripping on the Red Pill

2,298 words

Let me tell you a bit about my experiences with the red pill. Drug stories can be fun, in large part because of they provide a transgressive taste of the taboo. This certainly is the case with the effects of this little red pill in the present culture. I will sketch some of my experiences; for many readers this may bring back memories. We can chuckle together about my story, being both in the know, and sharing in the taboo. Read more …

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A Church Full of Whores

771 words

Czech version here

I just finished listening to Greg Johnson’s interview with Mark Dyal on Counter-Currents Radio. Dyal’s journey from smug anti-racist skate punk and Public Enemy fan to Black Studies major to Nietzschean skinhead fascist was at once fascinating and familiar. Read more …

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I Am Awakened

839 words

By a child of the Black Sun

I am awakened. I know exactly why I live the life I do and how far it falls short of what could—should—have been.

I was born in England—from a family that was as English as English can be. My granddad saw the decline looming—left the London area he was born in and came across to America. Read more …

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White Awakenings 
A Jew for Jesus & a Girl in the Library

Carl Spitzweg, "Mineralogist in the Grotto," c. 1880

953 words

Editor’s Note:

“White Awakenings” is a series of autobiographical reflections on the different paths individuals have taken to racial awareness, whether it was a single event that led to an epiphany or a long process of observation and study. Each author also strives to give us a sense of his or her personality, since the goal of this series is not merely to inform but also to allow readers to form personal connections with our authors.

Read more …

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