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The Bitcoin Time Machine

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Imagine going back in time to the 1500s. You can only take one technology with you: the freezer. For the purpose of this thought experiment, we will pretend you’ve also got a way to power it. Now imagine you show the freezer to some peasants in a village. At first, they will probably be most interested in its craftsmanship. They’ve never seen such perfectly smooth metal, the astoundingly high-quality hinge, and the interior of the box magically lights up when opened. Read more …

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Bonfire of the Shorts

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If you’re new to high finance, then the concept of “shorting” is bizarre and convoluted. People actually make money from stocks falling? How is this possible? Why is it legal? Does this contribute anything to society? Am I missing out? Here’s how shorting works.

Let’s say you have a neighbor who is a cat lady that collects Beanie Babies. She has one prized beanie called Roary the Lion, worth $5000 (according to the intellectual darkweb, where these things are traded). Read more …

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Bitcoin Basics

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To get started in Bitcoin, you need to learn a few basic skills and concepts. I’ve listed the key skills here. There are many different Bitcoin wallets and exchanges, and the best ones depend on which country you are in. So doing a comprehensive step-by-step guide for everyone would be too much. My goal here is to point you in the right Read more …

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What White Nationalists Should Know About Bitcoin

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I should preface this by saying I’m not a licensed investment advisor. Only risk what you are willing to lose. That goes for any investment, whether it’s government bonds or expired yogurt. Bitcoin is one subject that causes a lot of disagreement. Many people think it’s a scam. It’s often cited jokingly as the cause of someone’s wealth, or their poverty. It has been around for more than a decade, and yet many people still file it away in their minds as “that newfangled thing that’s a bubble that will fall to zero any day now.” Read more …

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