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White Self-Guilt Twists Historical Truths and Undermines Healthy Nationalism Everywhere

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A few days ago I ran across a provocative and thought-provoking tidbit in a Western production of an anti-Japanese propaganda movie. This movie was proudly and gleefully introduced to me by a typically bitter and hostile Chinese chauvinist colleague of mine, in a WeChat group of which I am a reluctant member for the sake of work-related communication.

The movie, released in 2014, is named Diaoyu Islands: The Truth and was directed by Chris D. Nebe, a German filmmaker working at a small Hollywood film company. While ostensibly a documentary film, it employs arrant historical lies and half-truths to distort and muddle up the picture pertaining to the historical status of the Japanese Senkaku (Chinese name: Diaoyu) Islands northeast of Taiwan and southwest of Okinawa; in the process it displays both a shameless shilling for and groveling to China, and a baleful traducing of Japan.

What’s more, the film flickers with signals of ingrained self-guilt on the part of the white liberal pseudo-intellectuals and media operatives who were involved in its creation. This self-guilt not only serves China’s premeditated and long-practiced propaganda strategy of “divide and conquer” when it comes to Japan and the West, using historical disputes as a wedge, but also works to smear, discredit, and derail the healthy nationalism of nations like Japan – all to the delight of the old and new flag-bearers of anti-nationalism, globalism, and neo-imperialism such as diaspora Jews, Gentile elites, and China. Such self-guilt is suicidal to the white race in the long run by whitewashing and polishing the image of the Chinese regime and rolling out a red carpet for China’s rampant territorial expansion backed by brute military force and crafty propaganda. It is also sinisterly inimical and deleterious to the healthy nationalism of other civilized peoples, and therefore must be unequivocally named and opposed.

Though it seemed only a small production with limited circulation and influence, the stories behind its production were quite revealing, being indicative of the intent and motives of the director and his team.

This luridly tendentious film tells China’s side of story in the islands dispute between China and Japan, arguing entirely in favor of China’s claim while totally denying Japan’s justifiable and demonstrable historical sovereignty over the disputed islands. The film’s conspicuous and dubiously selective use of historical materials constructs a false historical narrative, and its flawed arguments are neither factual nor rational, but are instead extremely emotional and frenzied. For example, the film focuses heavily on old Chinese-Japanese grievances, going back to ancient times and including the First Sino-Japanese War of the late 19th century, and the Second Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945. These conflicts are used to paint a stark and slanted picture of Chinese suffering (with the spurious Nanking Massacre and other alleged Japanese atrocities on parade) as a basis for Nebe’s illogical reasoning that Japan owes China not only the islands, but also an apology for their wartime aggressions, the intricate historical and political causes of the historical Chinese-Japanese conflicts — as well as Japan’s repeated post-war apologies and heavy aid and assistance to China — be damned. Needless to say, Nebe had swallowed the official Chinese propaganda hook, line, and sinker; and revealed his willful malice towards Japan as well as his poor grasp, if not utter ignorance, of the historical truths behind the complex and multifaceted contemporary relationship between China and Japan.

And even if all the aggressions and wartime atrocities had indeed been perpetrated by Japan as claimed by Nebe in the long past, is it logically sound and reasonable to force a peaceful, democratic and civilized Japan to hand over part of its inherent sovereign territories to an arrogant, brutal, militarist and expansionist China? Should Japan cede the islands to a China that has never inhabited or exercised any sovereign control over that piece of territory in modern history, just like in the case of Taiwan which China avidly covets, constantly bullies, and is hell-bent on annexing?

For a brief historical lesson, the islands at issue had been essentially uninhabited, except for occasional stopovers from Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese fishermen throughout their history. Japan formally included them under its sovereign administration in early 1880s without any Chinese dispute or counterclaim, and has since exercised actual control of them. During the last century or so, the Manchurian Dynasty, the Nationalist regime, and the current communist regime that ruled China one after another all conceded the fact that the islands belonged to Japan, which was attested by various historical and official Chinese documents and publications including diplomatic letters, a government-issued atlas, and the communist state newspaper The People’s Daily. It was only in 1969, when the UN Economic Commission for Asia and Far East reported the islands’ surrounding waters were possibly rich in natural resources, that the Chinese started making sovereign claims over the islands. The issue subsequently became a flashpoint of and a rallying cry for militant Chinese nationalism, Chinese victimhood-signaling and anti-Japanese sentiment.

Not that this territorial dispute in the Far East and West Pacific has anything to do with the White nationalists of the West per se, but here are some relevant and sobering facts that do merit our attention. In the movie, Japan’s “unrepentant” or “non-apologetic” stance was excoriated and drawn into comparison with the “readily apologizing” post-war Germany as exemplified by the stale and shopworn episode of the former West Germany chancellor Willy Brandt’s kneeling down before the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, one of the favorite and frequently-used clichés for the Chinese and Western liberal extortionists to morally lecture Japan.

Furthermore, it was emphatically reported that the movie director Chris Nebe, a Weimar-style degenerate erotica filmmaker in his early days, asserted that he spent $500,000 of his own money working on this movie, which meant he was not biased in favor of China and not acting as a “Chinese propagandist.” First, we never know for sure whether he lied regarding the real source of the money for his film production. Considering China’s bloated war chest for conducting active propaganda campaigns in Western countries with its heavy financial investment and overt and covert infiltration into Western media outlets — especially its strenuous and incessant effort to rope in and cooperate with movie studios in Hollywood to “tell the Chinese stories” to a Western audience — it is highly dubious that Mr. Nebe actually told the truth regarding the source of financial backing for his film; even if he didn’t lie and never prostituted himself to China in exchange for financial rewards and other undisclosed benefits, his “honest and independent” effort was still harmful, abominable and alarming to White Nationalists as it shows exactly the kind of ugly mentality and skewed, fallacious worldview prevalent among and preached by the Western liberals, Jews and Gentiles alike, who were behind the production of this film and who are culpable for having wrecked Western societies. These liberal elites are now poised to erode and eviscerate healthy nationalism of other advanced and cohesive nations, such as Japan. Not to mention the harm done more generally by Nebe’s loose and incoherent interpretation of history and wanton employment of phony and invalid historical data in this so-called documentary film.

In a further analysis, Nebe’s film epitomizes two fatal problems with consequential implications.

First, it encourages and further intensifies an extremely dangerous and pernicious practice that is the rivalry of self-degradation and self-debasement. The Brandt kowtowing episode is now often trotted out by Western liberal intellectuals and the Chinese government as an evidentiary proof of Germany’s superior moral conscience in comparison with Japan and to shame the latter for its inadequacy of self-guilt and remorse. The purpose was to create and cement a vicious cycle of pathological rivalry between the two former proudly nationalist nations after both lost the war, to prompt them to engage in a competition of demeaning and spitting at themselves to see who can sink lower, and in that process, to snuff out the last remaining vestiges of Japanese nationalism. Suffice it to say, and I say the following with great pains as an ardent national socialist and long-time germanophile, due to the inexorable burdens of Hitler, National Socialism, and Holocaust, the more thoroughly brainwashed and spiritually castrated Germany has emerged victorious in this competition of self-abuse so far. Smug and self-pleased German hustlers masquerading as scholars or artists such as Nebe always take a morbid satisfaction out of their superiority over Japan in terms of the magnitude and frequency of confessing and repenting, and of flagellating, trashing, and eschewing the history and traditions of one’s own nation. But with the persisting activism of China and Korea sparing no effort to maneuver against Japan on false historical grounds, and branding the exaggerated Nanking Massacre with the stigma of newly-invented Holocaust, who can guarantee that Japan will forever fall behind Germany in this perverse contest of self-lynching between two nations?

Second, by virtue of the film’s production and the fanfare it received (it was given a Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2015), we are led to perceive a dangerous and alarming reality in today’s Western societies: the White liberal intellectuals and business elites of the West both shill for China, both speak in China’s favor, and both act as China’s proxy, shoe-polisher, and lickspittle. In regard to their respective motive, that of the former has been dissected and amply discussed in the previous paragraph, which is mainly about moral posturing, virtue signaling, and satisfying one’s sick ego — perhaps with a complementary factor of Chinese monetary bribes for those corrupt and unconscionable souls who are donning the cloak of scholars and professors. While for the latter (i.e., the business elites), the main motive consists almost exclusively in venal, unscrupulous, and fat financial interests which they expect to gain from business dealings with China. Now we are witnessing a new pattern that has emerged on the horizon, namely, the two streams of foul water are joining each other to form an establishmentarian intellectual-industrial complex that works to serve China’s strategic interest and global ambitions all the more feverishly and sedulously. For example, in the past few years, whenever major German newspapers chose to report the disputed islands at issue they sided with China invariably and without rigorous historical scrutiny. This is reflected by both the content and the tone of their reporting, which largely comports with the official stance and attitude of the Chinese government. Apparently the German media did this with dual consideration on ideological and materialistic grounds: first, to flaunt their moral high ground vis-à-vis Japan as fellow vanquished nations over 70 years ago; and second, to curry favor with and cast sheep’s eyes at China so as to sell more cars and outsell the Japanese brands in the huge and lucrative Chinese auto market.

Nebe also weirdly claimed that China has been unfairly and persistently mistreated, misunderstood and villainized by the West since the end of the WWII. This argument is proven false and untenable simply by taking a look at the formerly hardcore communist and lately oligarchic-imperialistic nature of the Chinese regime, as well as the unceasing and unstinting outflow of capital and technology transferred to China and tremendous amounts of Chinese exports allowed into Western nations by the ruling Jewish-plutocratic political-business establishment in the last several decades, all under the banner of a global market and free trade and at the dire expense of the White middle- and working-class. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies disguised as scholars and students are welcomed into the West with little scrutiny at the expense of overall national and economic security in the Western nations. All these facts have been unfolding before our eyes and are too unmistakably evident to deny or embellish. This claim of China’s mistreatment, together with Nebe’s wanton misrepresentation of history in the Chinese-Japanese relationship portrayed in his film, was done with utter brazen temerity in outright disregard of the glaring reality that China is an exponentially destabilizing and detrimental force on the earth and poses a cardinal threat to the long-term security and welfare of White people. In this sense, Diaoyu Islands: The Truth is so egregiously truth-distorting and disgusting that the ingratiating and cloying Chinese song performances of Ivanka Trump’s and Jim Rogers’ preening daughters pale in contrast.

White nationalists face two major internal enemies: the Jewish-Gentile leftist political-cultural force, its intelligentsia, media, education, and foot soldiers (Antifa and the likes); and the nation-less, race-blind, and money-crazed corporate plutocrats. They also face the major racial, geopolitical, and economic external adversary of China. These three major enemies work in tandem and must be confronted and dealt with without any illusion or compromise in order to ensure the long-term survival and prosperity of white nations, including their traditions, culture, and identity.

Finally, in line with the title and central topic of this article of mine, here’s my earnest appeal and stern warning to White liberal intellectual and art poseurs such as Mr. Nebe, who have worked tirelessly throughout these years to obliterate their own racial and national identity: stop smearing, slandering, and guilt-tripping the Japanese and other civilized and decent peoples into abandoning their inherent national pride and identities because of your own brainwashed, guilt-laden, vitiated and besotted mindset! Stop destroying other peoples’ traditionalism and nationalism that are natural, wholesome, and amicable to White nationalism; and countervailing to a wicked and vicious globalist-imperialist Chinese chauvinism!

Or we will fight you to the end, tooth and nail, brain and brawn.

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  1. K
    Posted January 11, 2018 at 3:18 am | Permalink

    I turned full blown white nationalist when I came here to teach in China six months ago. I was promptly taken advantage of because of the disgusting pro chinese propoganda in the U.S. Thankfully, I had some freedom to get out of my bad situation. I have to say I wish I came across your articles much sooner. If anyone has delusions about Chinese hostility, they should live here for a time.

    • Posted January 11, 2018 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

      Thank you.

      There are even those on the Right who see China as a bulwark against globalization. China aims to lead the globalization process, not fight it, and oligarchs are pleased enough for it to do so. The New Silk Road for example intimately involves US-based oligarchs.

      We need, rather, a resurgent Japan.

      See my recent article analyzing the total bollocks about Steven Bannon being joined by Henry Kissinger on an anti-China crusade:

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Posted January 12, 2018 at 10:57 am | Permalink

        Globalization is defined thusly : Globalization is the integration of national economies through trade, investment, capital flow, labor migration, and technology.
        (Merriam Webster).

        As such, globalization will lead to the total irrelevance of ethnic nations, if not ultimately to their abolition. If profit is the only motive in life, then globalization is “good”. The homo economicus cannot conceive of any other motive in life than profit.

        For us ethnic nationalists, identity, culture, tradition and idealism are more important. The economy should support such ideals, not replace them.

        China can play the globalization game without suffering a threat to its ethnic identity and economy, because it does not have to import labor and can provide for cheap labor itself without the need of outsourcing.

        For the West there is no other way than erecting barriers against the free flow of people, goods and capital, but trade under controlled conditions should be allowed. As long as we are ruled by a materialist, globalist elite further erosion of our identity will continue.

  2. nineofclubs
    Posted January 11, 2018 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    An extraordinary number of Chinese students now study in Australian universities.

    The universities encourage the trend and there are migration agents in Sydney and Melbourne which specialise in parlaying student visas into permanent residency.

    A lecturer in Business Studies at UNSW told me some time ago that over 80% of business students there were Chinese – and that because their spoken English was so basic, the course had to be ‘simplified’ (dumbed down) to the detriment of local students.

    In addition, Chinese students are commonly reluctant to engage in any kind of critical debate involving Chinese issues – stifling the kind of intellectual free thought one would hope for at a tertiary institution. Even the relentlessly global/liberal New York Times recognises this as a problem for Australian unis..


    • K
      Posted January 11, 2018 at 5:46 pm | Permalink

      Most Chinese won’t acknowledge any of the problems and blatant hostility of China. God forbid anyone calls out their occupation if Tibetan and Uygar land. They love to hide under the lines “we respect you” when confronted about their hostility towards the west. It is totally pointless to even try to get a Chinese to admit wrongdoing of any kind. They will lie straight to your face and if you catch them in the lie, they will deny lying. Anything to avoid owning up to wrongdoing.

  3. F. C. Comtaose
    Posted January 15, 2018 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    An additional point:

    The Chinese are cunning and crafty especially in the sense of their duplicity, camouflaging, disguise, double-talking, and feigning feebleness and friendliness when they reckon they are still not powerful enough to challenge you. So they do that to lower your guard down while they hurry to build their strength quietly and sedulously.

    To use the same islands dispute at issue as a telling example, in late 1970s and early 1980s, when China was still weak and poor as dirt, the government, while encouraging their general populace to protest and denounce Japan, kept a low key itself without antagonizing or alerting Japan. The late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, one of the toughest and most ambitious of the camp, repeatedly told Japanese political and business leaders during their numerous meetings that “we may as well shelf the (islands dispute) issue, and shall never allow it affect out bilateral friendship and economic cooperation adversely. I believe the future generations of our nations can always find a good and rational way to smooth out the differences we have on the matter to our mutual interest.”

    Fattened and strengthened by the continuous and enormous global trade, foreign investment and capital and tech transfers for over three decades, China now thinks it’s powerful and brawny enough to threaten, bully, hector and intimidate Japan, and started testing and provoking Japan on the islands issue from early 2000s. It had sent its vast fishing fleets and marine paramilitaries masquerading as fishermen to the islands’ surrounding waters repeatedly and frequently as well as some of its “civilians” to actually land on one of the disputed islands. Japan was forced to issue an official statement of putting the islands under formal government control (backed by almost no concrete action though), which was used by China as a perfect excuse to recriminate against Japan, further incite anti-Japanese sentiment and stoke up mobs to riot and destroy Japanese products and properties both inside and outside China.

    Now it took even more drastic and escalating actions by regularly invading the waters adjacent to the disputed islands with its marine forces including, in the most recent case, even a nuclear submarine of its navy which proudly and provocatively surfaced on the site and flauntingly displayed a Chinese national flag with a gangster’s impudence. Needless to say, more and worse are to be expected in months to come.

    Chinese is known to possess long time planning and enduring patience to carry their plans out. They can wait until the time they decide you are fatally weak and confused, and then strike like a serpent at your weakest moment. “Hide one’s light under a bushel and bid one’s time”; “velvet paws hide sharp claws”, consider these two proverbs the best and most accurate analogies that epitomize typical Chinese maneuvers. They did this to Tibet yesterday, is poised to do this to Taiwan and Japan now, and will certainly do it to the White people’s nations tomorrow. All White Nationalists of the West be warned.

  4. Posted January 15, 2018 at 6:29 am | Permalink

    Thanks, dear Riki Rei: Please see my comment as a genuine reflection of my sincerity and magnanimity. Where there is no discussion, there is no progress!
    Best wishes and kindest regards. Chris D. Nebe

    • Riki
      Posted January 15, 2018 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

      Mr. Nebe, for all the sharp differences we have presumably on a full range of political, historical and social issues, your good grace and civility are sincerely appreciated. Usually people would have been much offended by my intense and pungent criticism, but you have displayed an unruffled sangfroid and dignified response which was truly impressive and made me to perceive you anew with less prejudice and more objectivity.

      I wish you good luck with your new product of the Mysterious China series and hope you would approach this one with better balance, comprehensiveness, objectiveness and truthfulness, unlike your previous product on the Diaoyu Islands which was undeniably slanted. I myself do not hate the Chinese people categorically despite all its heavily flawed traits, in fact I appreciate and respect some of their excellent features together with the some classical cultural essences and I also have friends from China. I am only strongly opposed to and alarmed by their country’s sinister and ambitious neo-imperialist and expansionist agenda coupled by officially indoctrinated chauvinist education which definitely poses a long term threat to all the civilized and decent nations across the globe.

      If you are an honest humanist liberal artist as you probably believe and claim yourself, you have every reason to oppose and combat the actions of China currently with your film and other products, not legitimize or embolden them. You need to cast your sharp eyes at the stark and ugly reality concealed beneath the glossy veneer that the Chinese government presented to you, focus on the unmistakable current affairs ongoing and unfolding right before our eyes instead of some controversial and nebulous historical issues more than half a century ago!

      At last, could you please tell me how you found my essay on Counter Currents and why a person with totally opposite views and values like you actually bother to read this website? You came to this site by accident, or by other reason? I am just very curious to know the truth if you wouldn’t mind telling us about that honestly. Thank you.

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