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White Nationalists & Japanese Nationalists Against the Globalists

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It is now approaching the end of the fall semester here in the US, and a teacher’s job becomes busy in preparation for final exams and other academic work. I definitely fall in this category at the US institution where I am temporarily employed. As a result, I missed Richard Houck’s brilliant article entitled “White Conservationism and Why Race Matters” when it first appeared last month. When I finally did read it, I found the ideas it explicates brutally, somberly, and soberly truthful, as well as irresistibly compelling and galvanizing. Indeed, white civilization and all of its glorious manifestations depends on the white racial stock, which is a crucial and incontestable truth amply demonstrated by all the facts and records in spite of the vehement denial, derisive dismissal, and lurid hypocrisy of the anti-white Left. As a non-white advocate of White Nationalism, I agree with every one of the arguments in this great article, and it is exactly this overarching truth that constitutes my first and foremost reason for supporting the White Nationalist cause and thus ensuring the existential preservation, sovereignty, and prosperity of a healthy white stock.

I am fully aware that I myself, with my sincere and visceral support for and identification with White Nationalism, am a very rare exception as a non-white. As of 2018, the world’s total population was almost 7.6 billion, of which whites only account for about nine percent, which means fewer than 700 million worldwide. I estimate that among the massive and incessantly reproducing non-white population of about 6.9 billion, there are perhaps one million, if not fewer, who understand and are supportive of the White Nationalist cause in a philosophically and metaphysically grounded sense instead of for selfish, materialistic, and utilitarian purposes. And even those among that million should be judged on an individual basis before being treated as allies. But even that million (about 0.015% of the total non-white population) is a minuscule and statistically negligible number, especially given that the remainder of non-whites are invariably hostile, or at best callous, toward the white race and its racial interests.

As I am temporarily living in the US, I sometimes imagine the following scenario. What if, by chance, I encountered a white man with either pronounced or latent nationalistic sentiments here in America and gained his respect and trust after a congenial conversation during which I diffuse his pre-wired (and completely justified) bias against me, and convinced him of my sincerity as a non-white comrade of White Nationalism? At the end of our conversation, I would add the following caveat: “I am a rare exception, and you need to treat me as such. You will likely never encounter another Asian – or, for that matter, a Black, Hispanic, Arab, or any other non-white – in the future like me. At the very least, the chances are extremely slim. So perish any illusion and continue to be wary of non-whites. Do not let your guard down or allow your racial vigilance and judgment to be affected by our meeting. Judge all non-whites with an objective, yet stern and racially aware, mind and with a certain measure of prejudice, which is both right and necessary, and do not easily trust or fraternize with them unless their true nature and intentions have been proved beyond reasonable doubt.”

As for myself, I have no desire to reside permanently in America or any other white country. I leave next summer, and in the event that I come to the US again to work as a scholar and instructor, my only purpose in doing so is to aid the White Nationalist cause and to make my utmost contribution to it in my capacity as a scholar and teacher, and by leveraging all my professional advantages and abilities to educate and galvanize as many American white youths as possible to the cause of White Nationalism, as well as contributing intellectually and financially to the great world-historical mission of white revival and resurgence. This, according to Mr. Houck’s insightful observations, will also help other non-white sovereign peoples in the world, especially the one I personally care about, as I will discuss later. Furthermore, as I have previously averred, when the day comes that White Nationalism ultimately prevails and a state is established in North America, I will gladly “self-deport” and return to my own country – and which is where I rightfully belong. In the meantime, because of my contributions to the White Nationalist cause, I assume I will be granted a special non-citizen guest status by the new White Nationalist government so that I might visit for specified time periods as a friend and honorable guest. I would be immensely honored and satisfied if this were so.

It is my belief that one of the very few – if not the only – non-white peoples who has built a clean, orderly, cohesive, and productive culture and civilization, and which possesses a shared ethics, aesthetics, morality, and sensibility with the traditional West, is the Japanese. But my diagnosis of them might be surprising to many of you. While many Westerners, and White Nationalists in particular, tend to regard the Japanese as being robustly nationalistic even to this day, this is sadly no longer the case. This is in part due to Japan’s status as a defeated country subjected to heavy American political and cultural influences since the end of the Second World War. The grim truth, supported by many facts, is that today’s Japan is rapidly degrading and is heading for predictable doom and gloom no better than is the white world today.

Japan today is in the tight grip of the (((globalist plutocracy))) and its Japanese puppets and cohorts. The political, economic, and cultural elites in Japan are invariably worshippers of globalism, multiculturalism, and other Western liberal mantras. The political mainstream, as represented by the ruling center-Right Liberal Democratic Party and its leader Shinzo Abe (the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history), is essentially the spitting image of the American GOP establishment and its cuckservative bigwigs, tirelessly preaching globalism, free market fundamentalism, and open borders for Japan. The rest of the major political parties are even worse, being the ideological counterparts of the American Democratic Party, hell-bent on demonizing and destroying Japan’s traditional values, its history, and its cultural icons. The mass media, popular culture, and higher education are all in the hands of the far Left, which spews ethnomasochistic, self-hating ideas non-stop. Nationalists who resist are a smeared, harried, and suppressed minority threatened with looming “hate speech” laws. The younger generations are being deliberately debauched and dumbed down by multiculturalism, moral relativism, nihilism, pacifism, and hedonism; the men are being emasculated and sissified by testosterone-killing modernism, and the women are “empowered” by man-hating, #metoo-style feminism.

In the meantime, in spite of resistance from society as a whole, the political and economic elites are plotting to relax the formerly strict immigration laws and allow a substantial increase in immigration into Japan. More and more non-Japanese immigrants are being encouraged to enter popular fields such as the professional sports and the entertainment industry, often being promoted to stardom. And, most alarming, Japan’s younger generations are being implicitly brainwashed into accepting miscegenation with racial aliens, especially blacks; there is now a new generation of interracial crossbreeds. Many of mixed blood have already become conspicuous celebrities in a high-profile fashion, and a few of them will likely be picked and groomed by the system as future political stars, just like Barack Obama in the US. In the years to come, this trend is bound to accelerate under the governance of Japan’s traitorous elites. Their purpose is to make the Japanese public inured to immigrants, opening the way for mass immigration so as to eventually irreversibly alter Japan’s demography and dispossess and displace the native population.

While these facts are perhaps unknown to White Nationalists, they do bear a striking resemblance to trends in the US and the West at large. We see a gradually emerging pattern of pathetic altruism and ethnomasochism. Although it is not yet as pronounced as it is in the white world, it is becoming increasingly visible and anchored in the Japanese national mentality, wrought by the brainwashing efforts of the Japanese elite in tandem with the Western globalist elite. A besieged minority of Japanese nationalists are holding out with grit and defiance on the battered ramparts of traditionalism with their collective back against the wall.

Given all of this, I can’t help but wonder how peculiarly similar Japanese national traits as a distinctive sub-racial stock are to those of the white European race, in terms of both their superiorities and their flaws. Perhaps the Japanese people is indeed a historically and racially obscure relative of the ancient Aryans – or perhaps “quasi-Aryan,” as Hitler once remarked. The Japanese and the whites possess similar noble characters and strengths, but at the same time they are both plagued by similar flaws and foibles. They certainly belong in the same camp and should join their efforts to overcome the same challenges.

If, on the other hand, we look at the Chinese and Koreans, given their inherent vices of deceit, duplicity, mendacity, venality, unscrupulousness, and vainglory, they likewise share similar traits with blacks, Latinos, and Arabs in the sense of being blatantly and unapologetically ethnocentric and assertive and largely immune to altruism and masochism, which make them birds of a feather.

While I shall do my utmost in my lifelong struggle to restore the righteous sovereignty and pride of the Japanese nation, it should be soberly understood that, given its current condition as a semi-vassal state of the US, Japan cannot realistically expect to achieve full independence and national restoration on its own, no matter how hard the Japanese nationalists fight. The same rationale applies to Germany, and to a lesser extent the other Western European countries as well. Only after the majority of American whites are fully awakened in support of a robust and capable nationalist movement to subdue the (((globalists))) and their cohorts will the Japanese nationalists be sufficiently empowered to launch a successful frontal assault on their then isolated and demoralized domestic enemies – and the same is true in Europe.

As a pro-Japanese nationalist, this consideration constitutes my second reason for supporting the White Nationalist cause in America with all my physical and intellectual strengths.

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  1. Bobby
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    I can honestly say that I have never met a person of Japanese background, male or female, who did not impress me in a totally positive way, with their whole attitude and behavior. I don’t write this because of the authors respect for white civilization,etc. I sincerely mean it. I attended a high school long ago, that was almost completely white, yet, we elected a Japanese girl as President of the student body. So I must not have been the only person to ever have these feelings about the Japanese people. Another incident in my life impressed me involving a Japanese person. He was a guy who was a member of the chess club I belonged to. One night, when it was closing time at the club, we both went out to the parking lot at the same time, having become friends by then. Two white guys, yeah, they were white strangely enough, robbed my friend and myself and demanded the keys to our cars. LOL Yes, It strikes me as funny now, but not then when one of them pointed a western style revolver at us. What followed is my point. That gun pointing at me, scared the living what ever out of me, yet my Japanese friend stayed cool and calm, simply giving them his car keys and his wallet. They took my wallet too but not my car keys. It was the absolute sense of calm that my buddy possessed that made me totally admire him. But when I thought about it some more, that was the nature of his whole character, really something to be admired.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 7:27 am | Permalink

    It is nice to see a link between Japanese nationalists and European/white nationalists. I am not Japanese, but I share the author’s concerns about Japan. I suspect that many people, once they have been awakened, start to feel sympathy for their comrades in other nations, not just white ones.

    For example, I feel sympathy for Japan, Tibet, and any other nation whose peoples are under threat. Such cross-national sympathies also help diffuse charges of “racism” against us. What we have in common is wish to preserve our nations and our peoples, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Our opponents accuse us of “hate”, but really we love our peoples and bear little ill will toward others. The real haters are those who are trying to destroy us.

    I hope the author is well-connected in the Japanese nationalist movement. I hope he stays in touch with ours. I wish him well. Thank you for the article.

    • K R Bolton
      Posted December 3, 2019 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

      Well said on all points.

      One of the most knowledgeable and active Rightists I ever knew in New Zealand was this country’s first Chinese hotelier, Ian Bing. A thoroughgoing Spenglerian, with a very precise pronunciation of English, and a veteran Social Crediter, he made available not only Spenglers’ works here, but also imported the Noontide Press edition of Yockey’s Imperium for distribution, which is where I got my first copy as an 18 year old. He published a Spenglerian journal ‘Perspective 21st Century’, and each issue had the byline ‘White Man Think Again’, with a quote from The Decline of the West, which he knew like the back of his hand, that related to the latest news issues. I have met very few White NZ Rightists since (1970s) who approach this Chinaman in knowledge or commitment.

  3. John Wilkinson
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    This is a wonderful, insightful piece.

    Japan was once (prior to WW2) a dignified, proud NATION with beautiful traditions and culture. The self-flagellation in the post war era has been a tragedy…partially self inflicted but also partially forced upon the Japanese in the same way that Versailles was forced upon the Germans. Sometimes we as white Americans and Europeans forget the submission of the Japanese to American imperialism and what it has done to the character of the Japanese people. Truly a sin against humanity that their dignity was trounced upon as it was.

  4. Esoteric Du30ist
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    To the writer’s point regarding the Chinese and Koreans: two very dear friends of mine are Chinese-Americans whose parents immigrated to a very small, conservative, white town in an especially Southern-and-proud Southern state in the early ’80s specifically because they were Christians and faced persecution in their home country. These friends of mine, who are now serving as missionaries in Asia, are quite adamant about being careful around Chinese people. They themselves have admitted to me that the sin they struggle with the most is reining in the impulse to cheat or to lie to gain an advantage, even in small ways, and especially to do this to less-intelligent people (read into that what you will).

    As I have remarked previously on the topic of white/Asian cooperation or interaction, my wife is Asian, and though we love and care for each other deeply, it is obvious to both of us that we have many challenges in our marriage that would simply not be there if we were both of the same race. Granted, our decision to be married was arrived at before either of us had perhaps sufficiently contemplated these things, but it doesn’t matter either way now as we are certainly not going to divorce. Even in the case of my own wife, I know she supports ME personally, but does not share my views on politics outside of the most broadly socially conservative ones. This has understandably been a source of contention in our marriage. The same assessment would apply in the case of her otherwise entirely wonderful parents, who I love and respect as decent, hardworking, honest and Godfearing people.

    The point is, as the writer has pointed out, apparent non-white allies of the white-positive Right Wing should be judged individually. Even the ones that don’t oppose us actively may not actually support what we would like to achieve. And why should they? Ultimately the homelands of the European diaspora are not their homes, even if they live here, even if they were born here, even if they speak our language and share many of our customs, and perhaps even want the same things we do for their own people and countries.

  5. LS
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    I am saddened to hear about the political-cultural situation in Japan, though not surprised, given that I had already heard of recent changes to their immigration policy.

    It seems whites and Japanese do share at least one inherent fault, and that is the percentage of liberals that we sh*t out.

    And I want to tell the author that I have always thought that the atomic bombings were absolutely despicable. They could be the two most despicable distinct acts ever perpetrated by man. And that because the victims were Japanese.

    • threestars
      Posted December 4, 2019 at 2:06 am | Permalink

      The whole doctrine of saturation bombing of civilian centers was despicable. The nuclear bombs didn’t achieve higher body count than the worst Hamburg, Berlin, or Tokyo firebombings

      • LS
        Posted December 4, 2019 at 4:56 am | Permalink

        True. Absolutely true.

        But I do think you have to factor in the radioactivity.

    • Posted December 11, 2019 at 8:52 am | Permalink

      They are not the same type of ‘liberals’. For example, the Japanese polity, bureaucracy, and media were very happy about having a Japanese woman as the UNHCR, this at a time when the refugee intake in Japan was fewer than ten a year, but people claiming asylum were in the thousands, all sent on to the USA, Canada, Australia etc. Mainly bad for those places, at least from the first and second generations in the case of some Viets, forever in the case of Muslims.

      What one may describe as ‘the right’ in Japan spans the range from Nichiren Buddhism (central teachings of the core sects are specifically anti-whhte

      And tthey wade them so. Also Shinto, which is jr respect for the emperor.

      Shinto is also small shrines that celebrate a god of a small localities.

      Since the writer of the article has not responded to any replies, and appears to be a selff-fabrication, who has nnt to have responded once, I would assume that it was rubbish to start with.

      • Gnome Chompsky
        Posted December 12, 2019 at 6:55 am | Permalink

        OK, I know that the above post of mine has spelling errors, but I have good social connections with identarian types who are pretty effective. I wonder what the author of this article means by ‘Japanese nationalism’, it interests me that he writes long diatribes to thank posters of nothing of real relevance, but ignores my brief and relevant posts.

        I do not expect that to change, but really suspect that F.T. Comataose is faking much or all.

      • Comtaose
        Posted December 15, 2019 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

        I read your various posts with both interest and dismay. Literally, I can’t figure out what were there in your inexplicable mind, mister. You seemed to have written some positive comments on my humble article coupled with some interesting points of new knowledge and insight from your perspective as a westerner living in Japan, which I appreciated.

        But then you pounced on me, all of the sudden, with unfounded, untruthful, and inscrutable accusations such as “Since the writer of the article has not responded to any replies, and appears to be a selff-fabrication, who has nnt to have responded once, I would assume that it was rubbish to start with”, and “I wonder what the author of this article means by ‘Japanese nationalism’, it interests me that he writes long diatribes to thank posters of nothing of real relevance, but ignores my brief and relevant posts. I do not expect that to change, but really suspect that F.T. Comataose is faking much or all.”

        This is simply perplexing and baffling, and truly saddening. To be totally honest and candid, and with no offense, you not only seemed eager to fish for attention and compliments, but were utterly erroneous both factually and logically. And you did display a lot of sloppy misspellings in your writing.

        Frankly speaking, I had neither obligation nor enough free time to respond to all comments. Most of the comments so far have either been praises of my humble essay or added new and relevant facts or personal views affirming the main ideas in my essay, your first comment included, which were all very positive and encouraging to me and I deeply appreciated. But I simply didn’t have time to write back to thank each and every of the comment-making readers one by one, which I believe is natural, normal, and nothing offensive or impolite. I chose to respond to certain comments because they asked new concrete questions to me usually for requesting more detailed and relevant information about the Japanese Nationalist movement, thus I responded to them and my long responses are no “diatribes” as you had bizarrely called.

        As most of the readers, both those having commented or not, of my essay would certainly agree, my essay was surely not a “self-fabrication” and I was not “faking much or all” as you had luridly and weirdly claimed, in a jaw-dropping fashion of choice of words. Your erratic behavior of changing from saying that you agreed with “most of the sentiments” in my article to calling my essay “rubbish to start with” struck, not just me I believe but any sane person, as being flatly irrational and ludicrous, to say the least. And all this abrupt and drastic transformation was only due to the fact that I “ignored” your posts. You surely have a mind as big and generous as a needle hole, mister! To repeat my previous statement, I respect and appreciate all the previous positive and encouraging comments from readers to my essay including your first one, and only had adequate time and energy to respond to those that contained concrete questions or requests for new information related to the topic of my essay, and I consider this totally normal and justified.

        And to correct a glaringly outdated, impertinent, and anachronistic points of yours, the Japanese Nichiren Buddhist sect (日蓮宗) is not “anti-White”, calling that is a gross and sweeping misperception and over-generalization. Putting aside the fact that Nichiren today is no longer much potent and influential as it used to be, being a mere shadow of its own past, even when it was actually a considerable religious-political force in the Japanese society of the first half of the 20th century, it should be more precisely called “anti-foreign” rather than “anti-White”. And even it did manifest itself in some seemingly anti-White political and social activities back then, it had aimed at the Anglo-American sphere for its nationalist assertions and exhortations in the context of a 1930s world when Japan was allied with Germany and Italy in an axis of anti-communism and was regarded as an avowed enemy to be defeat by the hostile (((Anglo-American alliance))). In the necessary and inevitable war preparing propaganda effort against the antagonistic Britain and America, it was totally natural and justifiable that Nichiren castigated, lambasted, and strived to galvanize the Japanese public sentiment toward opposing UK and US and the British and Dutch “colonialist hegemonic presence” in Southeast Asia, which bore a specific historical context and should not be called summarily as “anti-White”, let alone dragging that label on to this day, which is both inaccurate and foolish.

  6. Peter
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

    I certainly hope that if a white ethno-state is created it would seek good relations, cooperation and friendship with all states that seek the same and cultural exchanges, visiting scholars and international sports competitions should all be a part of that. If countries made up of different races can’t co-exist in peace and respect each other then the globalists / multiculturalists are correct in their belief regarding this, and I do not believe this to be the case. I personally believe that in the last great war there was one ethnic group which stood out for opposing good relations between countries (which were almost all white) because it would be very disadvantageous to them if Europe had avoided war. This, of course, was the Jews, whose role in Europe (and the world) would have been greatly diminished without a war. I know that is why they are still the main group that continues to push for wars around the world (but mostly in the middle east). These wars are to weaken and destroy Israel’s enemies.

    There are people whose opinions I respect (and I agree with) that say the US dollar will collapse and / or the US economy will collapse and the time this will happen is approaching fast, as in possibly a year or two. It could take longer, but it’s inevitable. Many similarly believe other countries currencies are also in danger of taking big hits. The Euro could falter. These people are Ron Paul, David Stockman, Peter Schiff, Paul Craig Roberts and others. If this happens, I would think that might enable whites to come closer together and advocate on their own behalf as the rotten, debt laden Jewish dominated US is finally sunk. In my opinion the US has been on this course since at least the 1970’s when many of the USA’s great companies and industries were abandoned or faltered (steelmaking, the big 3, etc.).

  7. anon
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Great article F. C. Comtaose.
    A few questions:
    Who are the traditionalist/nationalist/patriotic Japanese politicians/businessmen/authors/historians etc. ? Could i get some names?

    Do they have any organisations like Amren or countercurrents?

    • Lars
      Posted December 4, 2019 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

      Thank you, F.C. Comtaose, for your article

      Another question:

      Are jews infiltrating or otherwise influencing Japanese institutions and government bureaucracies, either covertly or overtly, as economic advisors and geopolitical consultants?

      Are any NGO’s or lobbying entities in Japan receiving jewish funding contributions?

      • Comtaose
        Posted December 7, 2019 at 12:21 am | Permalink

        Hi anon and Lars, sorry for my belated reply. I have just been too busy lately with little time to respond to your inquiries in time, besides that some of your questions actually require some additional research work on my part as I do not have all the answers ready and available right now. So please forgive me to answer your questions only briefly for my limited free time at hand now. I will probably write more in the future when essays of relevant topics arise.

        Jews have actually been infiltrating in Japanese politics and other socio-cultural fields for long. They are actively present in Japanese government institutions, think tanks, academia and opinion-journalism and some of the prominent names are suspected to be “crypto-Jews”. Most of such people are openly and blatantly hardcore liberal, while some others being neo-con globalist masquerading as conservatives. Two of such prominent figures in my speculation are Masaru Sato (佐藤優) and Shigeru Ishiba (石破茂), the former being a scandaled former Foreign Ministry official-turned-opinion leader, the latter being a current heavy-weight politician within the ruling Party LDP. The former looks especially like a crypto-Jew if you take a look at his face.

        Almost all Japanese NGOs (which are predominantly leftist liberal or globalist commercialist) on political and economic policies, female and minority rights advocacy, pop culture and entertainment promotion etc. with links to various UN agencies, World Bank and IMF, or Western NGOs on women’s rights, environmental issues, immigration and refugee rights, mass cultural and celebrity promotion, as long as they cooperate or coordinate with, ally to, or receive funding from the foreign or international organizations, are invariably tainted with Jewish money, meaning their foreign partners or counterparts are usually those with Jewish globalist or leftist background operating mainly from Western countries.

        To expose and combat the Jewish infiltration and subversion of Japan, there are also a few insightful, discerning, and courageous Japanese patriots who have explored, written and published numerous books of their own on the topic of Jewish antagonism against and its comprehensive, historical and ongoing, infiltration and subversion of Japan as well as translations of many Jew-criticizing and debunking historical and political books of the West. The most famous, authoritative, and prolific of all is Ryu Ohta (太田龍) who is regarded as the foremost scholar on Jewish question in Japan, a man of enormous and profound learning who had achieved a mastery of English reading and writing completely through self-education. Mr. Ohta passed away in 2009. Any search on or will reveal a large number of his research and works on the Jewish question.

        In addition, there is also one other interesting book titled “What did Jewry do to Japan” written by one old gentleman Teiji Watanabe (渡部悌治) that is for sale on, which documents many vicious and surreptitious Jewish maneuvers against Japan before and during WWII including their secret presence in Japan’s political and economic highe echelons, their dark intelligence organizations operating in Japan, their sabotages of Japan’s war effort especially those on Japan’s nuclear weapon program, and their recruiting and colluding with traitorous Japanese elites groomed by them. Mr. Watanabe had been a member of the most prominent Jewish research institute in Pre-War Japan i.e., the Society of International Politics and Economy which was disbanded when Japan lost the war.

        Among contemporary researchers on the (((globalism))) and its dangerous and destructive effects on Japan and the West with a time range from Pre-WWII to today, there are also quite a few them. Due to my time limit right now, I can’t afford to give a long list and describe their respective works and features. Instead, I will just give two names that surface in my mind at the time being. Mutsuo Mabuchi (馬渕睦夫) is a retired former Japanese Ambassador to Cuba and Ukraine and a patriotic conservative writer and columnist who mainly focuses on and excels in the critique of globalist capitalism and post-modern Western systems. There are also solid scholars, writers and researchers like Michio Ezaki (江崎道朗), Michio Ochiai (落合道夫), Genki Fujii (藤井厳喜), and Hiromich Moteki (茂木弘道), among others, who have researched and written profusely and meticulously on criticasl historical and current questions of (((globalist politics, American hegemony and new world order))) in general with a wide range of topics from their respective specialized areas, such as Comintern and Jewish-communist infiltration in the FDR regime, Venona Project, communist strategies and espionage, modern US politics and globalist hegemony, Japanese-Chinese War and the communist factors etc.

        As I have previously written, most of my comments online are on popular websites such as Yahoo Japan BBS or news’ comment sections and youtube for the purpose of educating, enlightening, and awakening normies. I used to contribute essays or comments to some conservative and nationalist online forums but they are already defunct and not in active operation now. The main outlets of the Japanese nationalist and traditionalist movement I can think of now are the one I have already introduced in my previous comment entry i.e., the Japan First Party (日本第一党), and a new information I can give is Channel Sakura (チャネル桜), a private TV and Internet channel on promotion and preservation of Japanese history, culture, traditions together with programs on politics and current domestic and international affairs. Since you mentioned that you friends are fluent in Japanese language, they can easily and effortlessly find such entities and their websites online by searching the key theme words with just a few clicks.

  8. Hugo Adrian
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    Let’s avoid attacking Korea and China, especially in pieces where we show support for Japan. Yes, there are many issues that we could, but as white ethnonationalists it is not our place to get involved. We have a great respect for Japan, but we respect the others as well (if not the current regime). Korea is clearly being targeted by the globalists in much the same fashion as Japan, with rampant feminism and promotion of white models in the media. This is how they open the gates through the path of least resistance. Women are simultaneously encouraged to become self-sufficient, and there’s an agenda to make Asian women envious of Caucasian features through the glamorization of half-white fashion models. Tv shows and music videos give them a fantasy of “marrying up” with a white unicorn. Similar fantasies were promoted in Japan through girl’s manga where a Japanese girl would fall in love with a foreign exchange student or whatever. And this is very similar to the attack(s) on white males occurring in Western media, where black males are being propped up as the ideal partner and alpha in all media. As for white ethnonationalists, we should make it clear that we regret the Opium War and also point out that the chief operator in the opium trade was the Jew David Sassoon.

    Frankly, Japan should be careful not to side too heavily with the West, given the circumstances it may make more sense to ally with its Asian neighbors. It should be doing whatever it can to mend bridges with China and Korea. If America is knocked off its perch it will very likely be the Chinese who will dominate world affairs and Japan will have to make those concessions (or suffer much worse).

    • K
      Posted December 4, 2019 at 4:43 am | Permalink

      I agree with this to an extant, but even treating China with respect, the Chinese see us as bitter rivals and a large amount of them would like nothing more than to see us trampled underneath waves of immigration. Koreans hold us in similar disdain. I don’t want these people to be bred out of existence like what is happening to us, but acknowledging that they are not our friends, and rather close with our enemies is important. China in particular has made this clear several times even if there are Chinese sympathetic to us they are not even remotely close to the majority and the majority has a deep resentment towards whites stemming from our shared history. I don’t know how much they draw a distinction between Jews and whites for naming the jew to matter much to them.

    • Another Ghost
      Posted December 7, 2019 at 12:15 am | Permalink

      It’s not so one sided and relatable to blacks in America. For decades and decades and still most all Japanese anime or games feature a Japanese man with a white woman (often discernible by blonde or red hair contrasting the male’s black/brown hair and darker skin tone), especially the most popular ones. While the narcissistic, evil, or doofy male character resembling the European is blonde.
      Even old Disney movies used to be retouched in advertisements for the male character to look more Japanese. Stories about European mythology and whatnot may have European settings but often the major male character, despite having European attire, is intentionally animated to resemble a Japanese male.
      It occurs with actors as well. Various advertisements using Tommy Lee Jones had him retouched to look more like a Japanese man.

      I’m wary about 1:1 contrasting the situation in Japan to the West. Still I respect Japan and it deserves to be Japanese. There are far too many black people, white people, and (((white people))) there.

  9. Comtaose
    Posted December 3, 2019 at 9:23 pm | Permalink

    Many thanks to the your supportive and appreciative comments to my humble essay to which I feel immensely grateful. All your words are kind, thoughtful, and heartening, which in a sense attested to the positive and constructive value of the ideas in my essay and further encouraged and motivated me.

    In response to some of your comments, I indeed had some connections in the Japanese nationalist circles, at least used to. Years ago when I was still a graduate student, I had worked as a volunteer for the election campaign of a former Japanese congressman Mr. Shingo Nishimura (西村真悟), one of the most steadfast and hardcore nationalist politicians in Japan, and had had friends and comrades among civilian Japanese nationalists, had gained extensive publicity and acclaim on some conservative or nationalist online forums in Japan, and won a major award in a nationally reported nationalist essay-writing contest in Japan sponsored by a nationalist and patriotic real estate tycoon. But these were history, as time passed by and the focus of my life and work shifted helplessly dictated by circumstances, I have lost track of many of the old contacts and connections, though not completely and I believe some of them can still be retrieved and revived as long as I have willingness, time and energy to try.

    I now maintain ties with a only handful of nationalist friends in Japan, mostly being outside the movement though, and am still keeping my eyes on the latest developments in the nationalist movement of Japan and contributing some informal writings from time to time. In fact, in the last three months plus since I arrived in America, I have already written more than 30,000 words of essays, book reviews and comments in Japanese and posted them on some of the busy websites and online forums such as Amazon Japan, Yahoo Japan and Youtube, mainly for the purpose of targeting Japanese normies with some potent doses of enlightening and awakening nationalist thinking and perspectives, with a certain measure of success.

    Talking about the Japanese nationalist movement and/or conservative political forces, in the past, there mainly existed a major division of the so-called “Pro-US conservative” camp and “Anti-US conservative” camp. The former has always been the mainstream, sort of resembling the GOP establishment of US, as represented by the center-right ruling party LDP and its leader and current PM Shinzo Abe who are virtually neo-con globalist in essence and possess a large amount of political clout an financial resources. The latter is more of a indigenous and genuine nationalist an traditionalist force which of course does not really hate or wish ill of America, it just refuses to be a lapdog or mercenary to the US political establishment and aspires to reclaim complete sovereignty and independence for Japan (in the line of Yukio Mishima). But it is more on the margin with only limited political power, resources and influence and its members are spread across the civilian society and mainly active in local politics, with little representation in the central politics. This status quo, needless to say, is largely decided and solidified by the inexorable and woeful macro-political reality of the Pot-war Japan as a quasi-vassal state of US whose national defense and foreign diplomacy have always been dependent on and controlled by US.

    Notwithstanding the stale and ossified political landscape of a bleak reality, generation changes and the progression of time has brought about the birth of Japanese New Nationalism movement and the emergence of the Japanese New Right centered on Makoto Sakurai (桜井誠) and his Japan First Party (日本第一党) which is a vibrant and vigorous grass root political and social movement with potential political ambitions and possibilities of electoral success. This movement is in many ways similar to the North American New Right with principled and unrelenting immigration control as one of the pillars of its Party platform together with other robust and uncompromising nationalist ideas. Mr. Sakurai is a short, unimpressive, and unimposing-looking man but is witty and eloquent and has spine, guts, grit and gumption as well as a strong mass appeal. He had been a political candidate on a previous occasion for a Tokyo district parliament election and although not elected, he garnered quite a number of votes.

    Interestingly, although he does not speak much English, he has the far-sight and grasp of the merits of alliance and cooperation with the Western White nationalists. There are video streams on youtube about his two visits to US and participation in a White nationalist forum where he made good speeches which were meaningful, exciting and well received, despite the translator guy did a barely ok job and only got 70% or so of his ideas across to the audience in my opinion. He later published two books on his visits to US and exchanges with American White nationalists and both books had received very good rating on Amazon Japan. Also in the videos his talk about his personal countering rhetoric to the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal censorship in Japan and his encouragement and exhortation to the American audience at the end of his speech were both interesting and inspiring. I have posted several long comments in the comment sections under those videos to express my approval and give some further clarifications in response to some questionings from other commentators on several occasions but some were deleted by youtube. I had also sent direct and elaborate message of encouragement, support, and suggestions to the Party on its homepage.

    • anon
      Posted December 4, 2019 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

      Thank you for your detailed reply.
      Really glad I found this article.
      A few follow up questions:
      1. What are the links to these ‘conservative or nationalist online forums in Japan’ ?
      2. Who is the ‘nationalist and patriotic real estate tycoon’ ? Are there any other famous/wealthy people like that.
      3. If possible, could you also link to these as well ? ‘I have already written more than 30,000 words of essays, book reviews and comments in Japanese’
      4. Also this as well if you’ve got some links ‘The latter is more of a indigenous and genuine nationalist an traditionalist force which of course does not really hate or wish ill of America, it just refuses to be a lapdog or mercenary to the US political establishment and aspires to reclaim complete sovereignty and independence for Japan (in the line of Yukio Mishima)’

      Sorry for the abrupt massive request, you’ve already shared quite a lot of valuable information.
      I would just like to send this info to some friends who are familiar with Japan (they are quite fluent).

  10. Hhh
    Posted December 4, 2019 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    Much of the multiculturalism is two pronged, free market economics requiring a never ending horde of immigrated workers to drive down wages and hollywood.
    Also Japanese are. Friendly to westerners but aren’t that altruistic. There functionality comes at a steep cost, submersion of imagination and ingenuity.

  11. Felix Krull
    Posted December 4, 2019 at 3:35 am | Permalink

    “I am a rare exception, and you need to treat me as such. You will likely never encounter another Asian – or, for that matter, a Black, Hispanic, Arab, or any other non-white – in the future like me.

    Maybe it’s because I’m from Europe, but I have met several people like you, people who understand that nationalism for white people doesn’t mean that all other peoples should be murdered or enslaved but, indeed, that they have a right to a homeland just as much as white people do, that we’re natural allies to all nationalists no matter their skin colour.

  12. K
    Posted December 6, 2019 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    I knew about some of the propaganda that Japan was subjected, but this article confirmed my cynicism. Whites and the Japanese are in the same boat. I had noticed in uptick in Japanese media blatantly worshipping blacks. This was always present to some extant in manga and anime. I was hoping it was more toned down then what goes on in white countries, but it looks like it is just as bad. It seems like the Chinese are one of the few groups to openly acknowledge the reality of blacks. I hope the Japanese have an allergic reaction to the “opening up” and have harder restriction on immigration as a result.

    Also a note on Japanese people being similar to whites, I think we do share a lot in common and that is part of the reason things like anime and manga have become subsitute tradition for a lot of white boys and men. Not to mention, Yukio Mishima being inspired by Greece and Mishima’s works becoming inspiration for many right wing whites.
    All the best, Comatose.

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Posted December 10, 2019 at 7:31 am | Permalink

      It was not always present in manga and anime, it was forced in pop culture in general since the mid~1990s.

      • R.ang
        Posted December 13, 2019 at 12:31 am | Permalink

        The roots of manga and anime are in Western comics, so it is very much a cycle where both cultures benefit from the other’s ideas.

  13. Lovely Phenotypes
    Posted December 6, 2019 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    This article and some of the comments are so interesting. It’s shameful but a relief to see that other nations are experiencing the same hellscape we are.

    I know Jake (((Adelstein))) and various other Jews are pushing for more foreigners in Japan as well as seeing Africans (from Africa) all over Tokyo and tv in Asia.

    I’m also relieved to see I am not the only one who has empathy for Japan and Asia despite so many Asian American pundits or politicians/writers supporting our extermination (Sarah Jeong, Kathy Zhu etc.) I cannot bring myself to hate Japan or Asia. Too much history, knowledge, and respect shared between nations.

    Wonderful piece! One of the reasons I love CC.

    • Gnome Chompsky
      Posted December 10, 2019 at 7:21 am | Permalink

      Agree with most of the sentiments in the article.

      I live in Japan, see myself as a kind of refugee. My work is much appreciated, and is of high quality, so it should be.

      It is not ‘the same hellscape’ yet, by any means. In Tokyo in particular, one sees several picaninnies, usually with no father around (the usual spurt-and-run of most blacks of now), but it is not the usual.

      Tonight I was surprised by some mystery meat (some kind of south Asian) at a New Days kiosk.

      The Rugby Uniion World Cup was quite a surprise, just about all of the tries, by Polynerians. I was joking about it at the time (in Japanese) ‘it should be called the Japan and Pacific islands team.’ That got a laugh, it was too obvious,

      Also, two of European descent. I watched almost nothing of the matches, what little I watched was people who were clearly not Japanese going over the try line.

      When the NZer, John Kirwen, was the coach, eight years ago, he was suggesting two or three imported players. To me, it is mystifying that the team suddenly becomes almost minority Japanese, I can understand the one Korean member, he is like the Irish person who plays cricket for England and Wales to get to the top level.

      Naomi Osaka is a great player, but she is not Japanese, sure, half. Her father appears to have separated her from her mother years ago and used US law to gain custody.

      Funny. Not really.

      In Tokyo, there are numerous sub-hubs, Africans are given carte blanche by the police for illegal activity in Kabukichou, and in Roppongi, and in a more hidden way, in Shibuya.

      I was amused to witness an attempt to muscle in on Ikebukuro turf, the yakuza aligned forces were fighting back,when the police arrived,

      However, I doubt that the police initiated any immigration against the relevant crims., they can just go back to Kabukityou, Roppongi, Shibuya, instead of to Africa, where they belong.

  14. Steven JW
    Posted December 10, 2019 at 9:24 am | Permalink

    What an incredibly interesting and informative perspective. I had no idea Japan was dealing with similar issues. I and many Americans have always held Japan in high regards.

    The common theme in America is that all non-Whites are allied against a homogeneous White America. In that theme all non-Whites must be brothers in arms against us. I’ve never once looked at an African man in a similar light as a Japanese man. I highly doubt most Asians do either it’s just that noticing racial differences is the ultimate taboo. Blacks are the eggshells everyone must tiptoe around.

    (((Modern America))) seems to be waging a population war on the entire world using Africans and degeneracy as weapons of mass destruction.

    I do so hope something gives. This Tower of Babel is destroying everything. Best of luck to Japan. God save us all.

  15. Comtaose
    Posted December 15, 2019 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Some readers seemed to be interested in knowing whether there exist English translations to the writings of Mr. Makoto Sakurai, the founder and leader the Japan First Party. Unfortunately, as far as my knowledge goes and despite some focused searching online, it seems that English versions of such information is very limited. However, I did get hold of three pieces of interesting and relevant information which I believe would meet readers’ curiosity and interest in Sakurai and his movement to certain degree.

    The first is the Japan First Party’s homepage. Of course it is all in Japanese, except for the Party platform that is bilingual, from which you can more or less have a general understanding of its main stance and principles as a nationalist alternative party by taking a peek. The English version is translated poorly in my opinion notwithstanding. Please see the following link:

    The second and third are more interesting, both being video streams from youtube about Mr. Sakurai’s conversation and exchanges with North American nationalist organizations and leaders. One is about a speech at a nationalist convention in US organized by some one seemingly called William Johnson and his American Freedom Party, and the content included Mr. Sakurai’s tactics and countermeasure to Jewish censorship and bully and his ardent appeal, exhortation and encouragement to American White nationalists, which was interesting and inspirational. The other features his talk with Paul Fromm, a Canadian immigration control advocate and free speech activist who and whose views I believe are not unfamiliar to readers of CC, as his essays and video programs have appeared on multiple occasions on CC in the past. The content of it was rich, ranging from symptoms of the immigration problem to discussions of its globalist roots.

    Also in my opinion, in the first video stream, the male translator was adequate but not excellent, missing some of Mr. Sakurai’s punch points, while the female translator did a slightly more competent job in the second video. And as you can obviously see, Sakurai is a little chubby, bespectacled man with an innocent, innocuous, and harmless looking, not exactly a samurai in look but definitely in heart. The links of the two video streams are as follows:

    I believe these two videos are engaging and thought-provoking, but so far their viewers on youtube are mostly limited to Japanese especially supporters of Mr. Sakurai and his Party. All CC readers are welcome to spread all the information and videos around in our movement circles if you find them useful, beneficial, or possessing certain referential value to White Nationalism and the Whites who might want to know more about the Japanese nationalist movement and its most prominent and uncompromising spearhead the Japan Fist Party.

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