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Another Dyslexic Demonstrator

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“Black lives matter,” goes the sign held by those demonstrating the entirely justified killing of giant wannabe thug Michael Brown. Yes, black lives matter, except when it comes to the major cause of deaths by violent crime among blacks: blacks themselves. 

Irresponsible liberal sites like Slate do their best to perpetuate the myth that blacks are a victim group of other groups with misleading headlines like “Black Teens Vastly More Likely to Be Killed by Police Than Whites Even After Adjusting for Crime Rates,” a story that was quickly amplified through the rest of the mainstream media.

This story at Fox News gives a good statistical breakdown on the allegations in the Slate story.

But the thing that the Fox News article misses is that not enough violent young blacks are being shot (or apprehended) by police. This is especially true if your primary focus is the safety and well-being of America’s blacks, because quite simply the problem of black people is not conscientious officers like Darren Wilson, who probably saved several future black lives when he emptied his gun into Michael Brown. No, black people’s problem is other violent black people.

Even though blacks are around 13% of the US population, they are 50% of homicide victims; while 94% of blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks. Most murders of whites (83% in 2011) are also by other whites, and, yes, a lot more whites are murdered by blacks than vice versa.

But although homicide is largely segregated, black homicide rates are six times higher than those of whites. This has nothing to do with black victimization and everything to do with the fact that blacks tend to live in black neighborhoods and whites in white ones. If America was totally integrated, we could expect the murder victim rates to converge, although most of the perpetrators would still be black.

Overall, murder rates seem to be falling. In 1995, the FBI reported that 9,074 blacks were arrested for homicide, but in 2012, the number was 4,203. This is due to a variety of factors, but one factor it is not due to is a general improvement in black morality, self-control, and leadership. Blacks still need to policed, and in order to reach the ever-desired equality of outcomes with whites, they will need to be policed at a much higher rate than present (and possibly drugged).

But thanks to the same egalitarian mindset that demands this equality of outcomes – and construes all differences of outcome as racism – such policing would be highly politically unacceptable, especially with black leaders ready to bleat “racism” at the drop of a baton. See my earlier article on some of the underlying paradoxes of multicultural policing here.

It would be wrong to say, as certain conservatives do, that black leaders don’t care about black lives, because the fact is that blacks don’t really have any leaders; at least not in the sense of people who can mobilize and shape black consciousness and behavior like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. One of the results of Civil Rights is that black communities have a lot less solidarity and self-control than before. Only “leaders” who follow the mob will be accepted. This is why all black leaders today merely seem like shysters who trail after events and put into words what the blind, unthinking, emotional mob is feeling.

But a community that loses its leaders in this way ends up behaving like a shapeless blob. It loses all agency, all discipline, all true respect for itself. The ego and superego die. Only the id remains, a sobbing, blubbering, hollering, bleating mob: rather than black lives mattering, we have black matter living.

Another slogan that bobbed up in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death was “Get the killer cops off our streets.” From a conventional viewpoint, this is obviously a mad idea, but, in the light of the slow-burning relentless failure of all other efforts, I say let’s give it a try. Let’s allow black communities total autonomy and stand well back. Best for them and best for us!


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  1. The_Brahmin
    Posted November 2, 2014 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Here’s what I have to posit – European Americans love African Americans.

    Evidence, well, watch the outpouring of love of theirs for Afro-Am musicians. The Euro-Am follow that through by emptying their wallets that has made many, many Afro-Am musicians rich beyond belief.

    Further evidence, Euro-Am have the bad habit of watching live / televised ”sports” where chemically-altered, oversized apes pretend to be playing ”games”, cheered and paid for by Euro-Am. Mind you, its all voluntary. Sure, its being broadcast on TV stations owned by Yahweh’s Chosen but the Euro-American behaviour is wholly voluntary.

    More evidence, look at all the Afro-Am characters in the TV serials and movies. They are attributed with the smart lines, the caring-protective attitude, the wisdom, and the Euro-Am lap it all up. They find it delicious. How sweet of them!

    Concluding evidence, national politics. The mainstream left and right both cannot get enough of Afro-Am politicians and power-brokers. MLK is now an icon of the (neo-con) right. Glenn Beck is lighting incense at his statue. You have Ben Carson and Herman Cain. The National Review (neo) conservative crowd ejaculates prematurely if they sight an article by Thomas Sowell.

    So there’s no end to this ”love affair”. The pitch of group suicide has been queered for the Euro-Americans. And just when their self-preservation instincts begin to kick in, along comes a Jonah Goldberg or a world-hugging Judeo-Christard to lay waste to it.

    What does a nation / group do if the instincts of its constituents are atrophying and riotous? Not much, I guess, aside from just switching on Hannity & Colmes and catalysing the atrophying process. But hey, apparently there is a shale boom in progress in America so who knows.

    • Colin Liddell
      Posted November 3, 2014 at 1:17 am | Permalink

      Sadly, all too true for many Americans (and other Whites). My impression is that a LOT of this attitude stems from the teachings of the various Christian churches.

  2. R_Moreland
    Posted November 3, 2014 at 3:17 am | Permalink

    Law enforcement needs to consider the events of Ferguson.

    In the past, the system has supported the police. Look at the media with its “Dirty Harry” movies and many clones, or television shows like “COPS.” And the media has been generally supportive of extraordinary law enforcement policies, like the war on drugs. SWAT teams kicking in doors have been a staple of 6 o’clock news ratings, as well as a source for federal largesse in equipment and training. Policemen were the guardians of American society, the thin blue line between civilization and barbarism.

    And with Ferguson, that’s all crashing down. Officer Wilson did a “Dirty Harry,” shooting and killing an (alleged) thug in the streets. And how did the system respond? By throwing Wilson under the bus.

    The media switched sides. The cop executing street justice was no longer the hero. Suddenly, the full force of the babble machinery glorified Michael Brown, an “unarmed teen.” (Most cops as well as citizens know that “unarmed teens” are capable of wrecking any amount of havoc, most recently in the form of flashmob attacks.)

    Most cops know that “people of color” commit most of the violent crime, are most of the gangbangers, are doing the flashmobbing and driveby shootings. But that’s not what the media has been showing these days. Instead, the rare great white defendant is turned into Public Enemy Number One. There’s the grotesque case of George Zimmerman, actually a person of color whom the media rewrote as a “white-hispanic” to fit the script. For Ferguson, the media is rewriting a police officer into the public enemy.

    The government has gotten into the act. The Department of Justice is coming down on the Ferguson PD with a bogus civil rights investigation, while local and state politicians appear to be caving in to the crudest demagoguery from the usual race hustlers and talking heads. The White House sends representatives to the funeral of Brown as if this were a state occasion and then attempts to railroad Officer Wilson.

    The cops need to consider all this. Maybe there is a sea change going on in America. Maybe the system no longer needs the cops. Maybe the system’s got left-wing activists to take it to the streets and gangbangers to do the dirty work. Does the system perhaps see Brown as a martyr whose life and death are to be celebrated and used to inspire even more public disorders?

    Look at the bigger picture.

    Why is it that law-abiding Americans are being subjected to increasingly draconian laws and universal surveillance, while the country’s southern borders are de facto opened up by the federal government and its allies on Wall street? Why is it a high criminal offense to talk back to a TSA screener shaking down some grandparents, while literally millions of third world illegal migrants can freely trample through US border towns, ranches and farms? Among those migrants are members of some of the most ruthless criminal cartels on the planet who are even now organizing gangs in once safe American cities.

    There may be all sorts of criticism of paramilitary policing, but when the system opens the gates to paramilitary gangs, that just may be the future. If the current trend continues, we will see American cities turned into the kind of warlord warzones you see in Mexico. Can you imagine what police work will be like, especially if cops are going to be pilloried for shooting in self defense?

    Let’s go higher up. Cops may ask why Wall Street gets away with the looting of an entire nation, and then is bailed out by the federal government. That’s the same federal government which is bringing the hammer down on Officer Wilson. We have a war on drugs, but there’s no war on massive financial fraud or the globalization which is destroying the middle class—and not incidentally undermining the American dream and thus creating more crime.

    Are cops tired of the indoctrination from political commissars masquerading as apostles of “tolerance” and “diversity?” Are they tired of not being able to tell the truth because they might “offend” some race hustler who will then get them disciplined or fired? Have they seen too many unqualified personnel promoted for political reasons and then risking everyone else’s lives? Do they want to stop the destruction of their communities?

    If so, the cops need to speak up.

    I know, relations between law enforcement and the far right have not been cordial in recent decades(to put it mildly). We’ve all seen Ruby Ridge and other incidents. But the police and the far right might consider how the system has played them off against each other.

    Maybe it is time for cops to reconsider their relation with the system. Otherwise, they can become the next Officer Wilson.

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