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Attack the System with Keith Preston

52:36 minutes / 135 words

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In today’s edition of Attack the System, Keith Preston offers his views on emerging radicalism in American society. Topics include:

  • What can one accomplish to change society
  • The Left’s loss of momentum
  • Trends in political apathy and political dissent
  • The long-term impact of the Tea Party and OWS
  • Social alienation and polarization in society
  • The Alternative Right
  • Infighting within and between dissident movements


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  1. kilroy
    Posted September 28, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for another fascinating episode. I found this one particularly inspiring because it focused on the practical side of our political task and realistic prospects for success. Being on the far right can often feel lonely and futile in the suffocating atmosphere of PC and what you have termed totalitarian humanism. I live up North here in Canada where I can’t see a shred of resistance around me, so my political activity has been confined to writing comments in newspaper websites, but I would like to do much more. In the past I have also found common cause with leftist environmentalists, palestinian activists etc….In sounding others with my true political views, the response is almost always always surprisingly positive. People find it puzzling and exotic. The fear and trepidation involved in expressing these views is real because they are a genuine threat to the present social order, but at the same time this is totally overblown. What we say has crossed the minds of everyone, usually at repressed, and therefore deeper levels of consciousness.
    At some point the “alternative right” in North America will have to cross the line from the internet to street level, in every city and town. At that point it must be set up with the right words and symbols, so that we can call to the depths of peoples hearts with what they already know makes life worth living.
    In that regard one thing I found interesting about the interview with Ms. Foster was a consistently libertarian attitude of this is my opinion, that is yours (I’m ok you’re ok). This seems to be a source of great power and courage. In the political context it is disarming; one expects to be dealing with zealots.

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