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The Struggle for Life in the Prose Edda

Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, The Ash Yggdrasil, 1886

1,480 words

Snorri Sturluson
Translated by Jesse L. Byock
The Prose Edda 
London: Penguin, 2005

There is always an air of mystery surrounding the most ancient religious texts. The great bulk were gradually developed through oral traditions, passed down, and then evolved from generation to generation. We typically know little or nothing about their authors, whether the Brahmins who composed the Upanishads or the Greeks’ notoriously elusive “Homer.” Read more …

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Pourquoi les conservateurs ne peuvent TOUJOURS pas gagner

2,104 words

English original here

J’ai récemment relu l’essai classique de William Pierce en 1971, « Pourquoi les Conservateurs ne peuvent pas gagner ». Comme Pierce, si j’étais obligé de choisir entre les libéraux et les conservateurs, je choisirais les conservateurs. Les conservateurs ont le réalisme politique indispensable pour la préservation d’une civilisation. Le libéralisme, je le reconnais, attire les meilleurs cerveaux, le meilleur sang, et le meilleur esprit de notre race. Mais bien que l’idéalisme et l’imagination libéraux puissent orner les hauteurs de notre civilisation, ils minent ses fondements.  Read more …

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Why Conservatives STILL Can’t Win

1,841 words

French translation here

Recently I re-read William Pierce’s classic 1971 essay “Why Conservatives Can’t Win.” Like Pierce, if forced to choose between liberals and conservatives, I would side with conservatives. Conservatives have the indispensable political realism necessary for the preservation of any civilization. Liberalism, I will grant, does attract the best brains, blood, and spirit of our race. But though liberal idealism and imagination may adorn the heights of our civilization, they are undermining its foundations.

Read more …

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