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City of Brotherly Death

Phil Eiger Newmann, Rob Mob, 2020.

1,644 words

My mom once hit a black kid with her car in the area of West Philly where police shot and killed a knife-wielding, dreadlock-swinging, serial arrestee and prodigious impregnator of black baby mamas named Walter Wallace, Jr. last Monday afternoon.

Mind you, mom didn’t intentionally hit the black kid with her car, although I wouldn’t put it past her. Read more …

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What George Lakey Gets Wrong about White Nationalists

The statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni in Philadelphia.

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Last week, morning joggers running  along Kelly Drive in Philadelphia came across the once-prominent statue of the Viking explorer, Thorfinn Karlsefni – torn down and lying upon the ground. The general consensus is that the statue’s toppling was conducted in the same spirit that led to a spate of vandalism against Confederate monuments earlier this year, given that it has also previously been defaced by anti-white graffiti. This statue is also where Keystone United (formerly the Keystone State Skinheads) meet as part of their annual Leif Erickson Day celebration. Read more …

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Shakespeare. Céline. Secrets at Bottom.

Louis-Ferdinand_Céline_document_photo1,912 words

Last night I ushered at the local Shakespeare Theater. I had to look the part. So I bought shoe polish at the dollar store, lathered my loafers three (3) times, and glossed my footing. Meanwhile, I discovered the secret of Chinese shoe shine exporters: mix dog shit and lard, slip it in a tin, seal it with a Royal English label.  Read more …

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Papal Sideshow:
Small Talk Amongst Les Petits Blancs in Philly

Pope-Philadelphia3,852 words

Sunday 9/4/2015

Tonight I went to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Three weeks before the Pope’s visit and already electric with excitement.

Read more …

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