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Sága alternativní pravice o čtyřech dějstvích. Část čtvrtá.

Sága alternativní pravice aneb tudy cesta nevede…

2,504 slov

English original here

Předchozí části: prvnídruhátřetí.

Bělošský nacionalismus 1.0 & 2.0

V roce 2015, kdy se nová alternativní pravice postupně začínala sžívat s myšlenkou bělošského nacionalismu, měla většina s ní spojených lidí jen velice matné povědomí o předchozích generacích hnutí. (Blogger) Lawrence Murray se například svěřil s tím, že „osobně nikdy neslyšel o [Williamu] Pierceovi ani [Davidu] Dukeovi… dokud nenarazil na alternativní pravici.“ Read more …

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What is the Alternative Right? Part 4

2,560 words

Czech version here

Part 4 of 4, Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here

Author’s Note:

This is the final installment of the opening essay of a forthcoming anthology called The Alternative Right.    

White Nationalism 1.0 & 2.0

Read more …

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Looking Back at Black & White Genocide

KillTheBoer2,829 words

Back in 2012, I caused some controversy with a pair of articles that touched on the issue of genocide: “Is Black Genocide Right?” closely followed by “Is White Genocide Right? Read more …

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The Sixty Million
Jews & Bolshevism, Part 5

2,940 words

LeninPart 5 of 5

The Internationalist Perspective of Communism

Volkogonov writes that Trotsky was fixated on the coming of a ‘world revolution’. Not unrelated was Trotsky’s thesis that, “The Jewish question, as a result of the whole of Jewish history, is international . . . Read more …

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The Sixty Million
Jews & Bolshevism, Part 4

Constructivism105,582 words

Part 4 of 5

The Bolsheviks Put Down the Real Revolution—of the Peasants  Read more …

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The Sixty Million
Jews & Bolshevism, Part 3

Constructivism45,287 words

Part 3 of 5

The Ukraine Complication

A “Dec. 20 1922 New York Times article . . . detailed the activities of a ‘Jewish army’ made up of 500,000 men that was established by Lenin’s Bolshevik regime to do its bidding in Ukraine.” It was “a supreme force in some cities.” Then there was the Cheka. Solzhenitsyn relates American historian Bruce Lincoln’s estimate that the Ukrainian Cheka was 80 percent Jewish. Read more …

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The Sixty Million
Jews & Bolshevism, Part 2

Trotsky6,160 words

Part 2 of 5

The October Revolution 

Inspired by the Balfour Declaration, 80 percent of Jews had voted Zionist in the Constituent Assembly elections. But Zionism = fanatical ethno-religious chauvinism + socialism, and that combination could just as easily transmute into leadership of Communism, thereby harnessing a largely Jewish-based universalistic ideology to a particularistic agenda. Read more …

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Porque el Holocausto Pasó, y Porque no pasará de nuevo

Holocaust-memorial-usti-nad-labem1,205 words

English original here

Como no-judío, hay muchos países en los cuales no me encuentro libre de cuestionar los hechos del Holocausto o incluso ofrecer una definición de lo que fue. Read more …

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Why the Holocaust Happened, & Why it Won’t Happen Again

Holocaust-memorial-usti-nad-labem1,078 words

Spanish translation here

As a non-Jew, there are many countries in which I am not free to question the facts of the holocaust or even to offer a definition of what it was. Fortunately, for the purposes of creating white homelands, I don’t have to.

I’m not a historian at all, much less a historical revisionist (although I support the freedom of revisionists). I’m a philosopher by training, and my focus is New Right metapolitics, which means establishing the intellectual and cultural preconditions of White Nationalist politics. And, as I have argued in my essay “Dealing with the Holocaust,” whatever happened to Jews in World War II does not impede the case for white ethnonationalism in the least. Indeed, as I shall argue here:

  1. The “lesson of the holocaust” that Jews solemnly evoke whenever they can squeeze the slightest financial or political advantage from it, does not actually follow from the holocaust as Jews define it.
  2. The lesson of the holocaust as Jews define it supports rather than impedes the case for White Nationalism.

According to Jews, the lesson of the holocaust is that ethnocentrism and nationalism lead inevitably to genocide against those who are “different,” so we need to suppress ethnocentrism and nationalism and embrace multiculturalism and globalism, including race mixing and open borders. Every time whites show the slightest ethnic and national self-assertion, the specter of the holocaust is trotted out to put us in our place.

It is implied, of course, that a holocaust could befall anyone who is “different.” For instance, the meme above is now being inserted into discussions about excluding Muslims from white countries. And it is true that any people can be a victim of genocide. For instance, as I have argued elsewhere,[2] whites today are the targets of slow, systematic genocide.

Jewish holocaust propaganda emphasizes the universality of the threat of genocide to build a coalition of people who are against “another holocaust.” But the only holocaust such campaigns actively work to prevent is another holocaust against Jews. For if every people can fall victim to genocide, then every people should have the right to protect itself: to differentiate and defend itself from others who might destroy it.

But the threat of “another holocaust” is deployed precisely to prevent non-Jews from erecting intellectual and political barriers to genocide. It is deployed precisely to reinforce multiculturalism and globalization, which dismantle all intellectual and political barriers preventing Europeans from being demographically swamped by fast-breeding aliens.

The only people who are free to erect barriers against “another holocaust” are Jews.

  1. Jews have created a Jewish-supremacist state, Israel, which is dedicated to Jewish survival world-wide.
  2. Israel has a mountain of illegal nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons sufficient to deter any attack and to blackmail other countries into doing its bidding.
  3. Jews rigorously police the borders of Israel to prevent unwanted immigrants, just as they subjugate and squeeze out the indigenous non-Jewish population.
  4. Whether in Israel or the Diaspora, Jews encourage a strong sense of “us” vs. “them,” which is constantly reinforced in their education, both secular and religious, and popular culture.
  5. Finally, Jews are highly sensitive to preventing threats to their long-term biological survival, including miscegenation, dysgenics, and low fertility.

Jews are a small nation with a tendency toward low fertility and high parental investment (the K-strategy). All such populations are vulnerable to demographic swamping by more fertile, less civilized peoples. But Jews have erected the intellectual and political boundaries necessary for their long-term survival.

Yet Jews routinely claim that they face “another holocaust” whenever whites say “no” to the Jewish state or whenever anti-Semitism shows a tiny uptick. This is utterly ludicrous, because of all low-population, high-K strategy peoples today, Jews are the least threatened by “another holocaust.” It is also morally obscene when Jews, who are in no danger of genocide, use the specter of “another holocaust” against whites, who are currently the victims of slow genocide.

In short, the “lesson of the holocaust” promoted by Jews is pure self-serving hypocrisy, another “live and let die” double standard: ethnocentrism for Jews but not for us, walls for Israel but open borders for us. The people who are most threatened by genocide need to embrace multiculturalism and open borders, while the people least threatened by genocide can live and travel and make enemies wherever they please, secure in the knowledge that they have an ethnostate with a nuclear arsenal as their protector and refuge. It’s a disgusting moral and political swindle, nothing more.

What, then, is the real lesson of the holocaust? To answer this, we first have to know why the holocaust happened.

The answer is simple: The holocaust happened because Jews lived among other peoples rather than in their own homeland. When different ethnic groups live in the same society, ethnic conflict is inevitable. And when ethnic conflicts explode into violence, stateless peoples are much more vulnerable to extermination than those who have sovereign homelands.

However, there will never be another Jewish holocaust. Why? Because the state of Israel now exists, with its vast illicit arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Adolf Hitler’s clone could be elected German Chancellor, and there would not be another holocaust because Jews have nukes and Germans don’t.

Thus whenever Jews evoke the possibility of “another holocaust” to extract another pound of flesh from our dying race, the most polite response is to tell them that we have our own holocaust to worry about.

Jews have invested a great deal in promoting the idea that no crime is worse than genocide. Since whites are actually the target of genocide, White Nationalists can use this propaganda to our advantage. The lessons Jews draw from the holocaust—stigmatizing ethnocentrism and nationalism for whites while promoting it for Jews—is morally indefensible. The true lesson of the holocaust is that multiculturalism is bad for everyone, and ethnonationalism is good for everyone. Jews already have their homeland. Whites need to start reclaiming our homelands and sending non-whites to resettle in theirs. That is what White Nationalism is all about.

Ethnonationalism for all nations won’t create a world without conflict, but it will create a world without holocausts. By replacing multicultural nations with homogeneous homelands for all peoples, ethnonationalism will eliminate ethnic conflicts within states and make it impossible for stateless minorities to fall victim to genocide. As whites approach minority status in our own former homelands, this is a lesson of the holocaust we can all take to heart.

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The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

Michael Mertes, German representative for Israel at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Michael Mertes, German representative for Israel at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

1,869 words

I’ve recently come across an interesting document (found here) which details a conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

Read more …

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Joshua Blakeney Interviews Greg Johnson, Part 1

3,660 words

Arthur Melville, The blue night, Venice

Arthur Melville, The Blue Night, Venice

Part 1 of 4

Editor’s Note:

This is a transcript by V.S. of Joshua Blakeney’s interview with Greg Johnson, which you can listen to here. The topics discussed in this segment are: Old Right vs. New Right, the rejection of imperialism and colonialism, hegemony, the Jewish role in fomenting multiculturalism, non-white immigration, and white demographic decline, and the genocidal intention behind these Jewish policies.

Read more …

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White Spree Killers

Wade Michael Page

2,245 words

Killing sprees are becoming more common as “Western” civilization unravels.

If killing sprees per se mattered to elites, there would not be a sharp distinction made between killings committed by conscious (or unconscious) whites, Read more …

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Greg Johnson interviewed by Deanna Spingola

119 words

On Friday, August 3rd, 2012 Deanna Spingola interviewed Counter-Currents Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson on her show “Spingola Speaks” on the Republic Broadcasting Network. They discussed his book Confessions of a Reluctant Hater and his essay “Dealing with the Holocaust.” You can listen to both hours of the interview, complete with commercial breaks, here:

Read more …

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Podcast No. 9 
Down the Rabbit Hole with Horus the Avenger

time: 40:54/7,200 words

Audio Version: To listen in a player, click here.

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click here.

Read more …

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None Dare Call It White Genocide

2,003 words

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill

The overarching goal of the “open borders” movement is to flood millions of non-Whites into all traditionally White nations. Make no mistake — this is not mere coincidence. It is White genocide by design, worldwide in application. The United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia: White people founded and populated these nations. All of these nations operated under the implicit mandate, if not explicit by law, that they existed as White nations for the posterity of the White founding stock. Read more …

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