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The Plymouth 400 Symposium
Yankee Wisdom, Yankee Work:
Henry Cabot Lodge & Frederick Winslow Taylor

Phil Eiger Newmann, Journey’s End, 2020.

2,226 words

On December 18, 1620, the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Bay, on the western part of Cape Cod Bay. They were a small group of people, a mix of Protestant religious fanatics and venture capitalists. They would go on to found an enormously successful society. Read more …

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Kevin MacDonald’s Individualism & The Western Liberal Tradition
Part 7: White Maladaptive Altruism

Benjamin Haydon, The Anti-Slavery Convention, 1840, 1841.

5,142 words

The white race is uniquely altruistic. Why? This is a very difficult question to answer. It is easy to understand altruistic behavior for the benefit of one’s family members. This is common among animals. Mother bears will put their lives in danger to protect their cubs from attack. Sacrifices for one’s relatives and ingroup ethnic members Read more …

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New Sweden, the Quakers, & the Midlands:
A Study of America’s Middle People

Peter Minuit arriving with his colonists in the New World.

3,727 words

On March 29, 1638, a group of men on the ship Kalmar Nyckel established the New Sweden colony on the Delaware River. They had set sail from Gothenburg, Sweden four months earlier. The Swedes were led by the Dutchman Peter Minuit (c. 1580-1638), a former director of New Amsterdam Read more …

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A Journey through Britain’s Village Utopias

yallop1,319 words

Jacqueline Yallop
Dreamstreets: A Journey Through Britain’s Village Utopias
London: Jonathan Cape, 2015

Dreamstreets tells the story of various ‘model villages’ that were built during the industrial revolution and beyond but it also tells a wider history of Britain through the nineteenth century. Read more …

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