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Living within a Myth

1,974 words

Editor’s Note:

This is the text of Ruuben Kaalep’s talk from the first Awakening Conference, which was held in Helsinki on April 8, 2018.   

Our ancestors knew that we live within a myth. Read more …

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Identitarian Ideas VIII

1,105 words

img_0185Despite living near Sweden (Estonia) and being in good terms with many Swedish nationalists, this year was my first to visit the annual conference of Identitarian Ideas (Identitär Ide). I went to the conference together with three other Estonian nationalists from the youth movement Blue Awakening (Sinine Äratus), closely affiliated with the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE). The conference was also attended by four Latvians from the country’s main nationalist party National Alliance, as well as some like-minded Poles.  Read more …

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Safe East European Home

easterneurope2,935 words

The ancestral continent of all White people, Europe, can still be roughly divided in two according to the results of World War II. The East, which remained under Communist occupation for half a century, is still different in many aspects from the West. Read more …

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On Islam & Liberalism

-Freedom_go_to_hell-1,117 words

Following the mass murders in Paris and Brussels, we hear many political leaders saying that “our European values” and “our Western way of life” were attacked. The conflict between an Islamist in a suicide belt and a Western concert-goer or a tourist in the airport is thus value-based. As if out of thin air, something irreconcilable has emerged between those two people of different cultural backgrounds.  Read more …

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1944_poster2,226 words

1944 is the masterpiece of the small Estonian film industry and will most likely remain so for many years to come. Released in February 2015, it is a story of Estonian men who fought in the battles of World War II that became crucial for their country. Based on the authentic accounts of veterans and filmed with the help of military experts, 1944 can be a good starting point for non-Estonians who want to learn more about the history of Estonia — and perhaps all Baltic countries. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio No. 135
Ruuben Kaalep on Nationalism in Estonia

Ruuben Kaalep

Ruuben Kaalep

71:28 / 100 words

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Read more …

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