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A World without America:
Race in The Wandering Earth

1,201 words

“Routes are countless. Safety is foremost. Unregulated driving, loved ones end up in tears.”

The premise of The Wandering Earth, directed by Frank Gwo and based on the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin, is that the Earth must move to a new solar system after the Sun becomes overactive. Giant thrusters push the Earth away from the Sun, forcing the human species underground.

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Women & Game of Thrones

1,360 words

“[T]hey fight for the ‘emancipation of women’ because it is under the form of a generous activity, under the banner of ‘For others,’ that they can most prudently forward their own little private separatism.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

As Fróði and John pointed out on Guide to Kulchur, it was superfluous for Game of Thrones’ writers to include multiple scenes of little girls displaying their bravery in a recent episode. Read more …

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The 2018 Erkenbrand Conference

1,613 words

I walked up the escalator, placed my card on the scanner, and walked through the barrier.

“Follow the piano music,” he had texted me. I saw Justin waiting several meters away. We made eye contact and kind of stared at each other for a moment. Read more …

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The Scum from The New York Times

Anti-white scumbag Sarah Jeong

2,099 words

“I don’t have a place in your world,” said a Leftist with whom I used to have rather open discussions. “And you don’t have a place in mine,” she added. By talking with me she was leaving open the possibility that I might change my mind on White Nationalism; that the reasonable, generally amicable, and cosmopolitan disposition I displayed ultimately could not be reconciled with the desire for a homogeneous white state. Read more …

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