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Guide to Kulchur, Episode 16
Westeros Enters the Current Year

132 words / 25:28

In this Guide to Kulchur, Fróði Midjord and John Morgan discuss the latest (the second episode of the eighth season) episode of Game of Thrones, which marks Westeros’ entry into The Current Year as the series decides to go full SJW in nearly every scene. The surviving good guys — in this case, the literally and metaphorically castrated men and their female masters, who now call nearly all the shots — come together in a Dream Team of equality and empowerment just in time to face the assault by the undead army of the terrifyingly patriarchal Night King. Join us as we rip it to shreds! The episode is available on both YouTube and Spreaker (see below).

Listen to “Game of Thrones s8e2 seen from the Right – Guide to Kulchur, ep 16” on Spreaker.

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  1. DrExCathedra
    Posted April 23, 2019 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    Despite its inbred SJW-ism, GoT is almost alone in its virtually all-White casting. Trying to find something to watch that is not intrusively inundated with Numinous Negroes and their other POC variants, you have to go back into historical archives. So there is that. Plus, for visual splendor, interesting characters and terrific musical atmosphere, it is worth watching on a Sunday night.

    I endured some of the less compelling seasons largely because of Tyrion Lannister, the smart and wise-cracking dwarf-prince. But I find that since he gave up everything that made him interesting and threw his lot with the Good Queen Great Emancipator, he’s gotten dull. Not surprising, virtue does that, but sad.

    The two consistently dullest characters are also the most relentlessly victim-virtuous: Numinous Negroes, of course. Missandei the brilliant multilinguist ex-slave and her lover Grey Worm, the castrated yet ever noble and strong commander of the Unsullied. They are minor but present. When they rode together into Winterfell in S8E1 and the all-White Northerners made faces on seeing these unusual creatures, they turned to each other in wordless support, likely thinking, in sync, “Rayciss White people!”

    Phallic Females, though, are the besetting but to-be-expected sin of the series. With the likes of JRR Martin only intensified by (((Weiss and Benioff))), the female characters combine tragic victimhood with domineering agency. THE femynist fantasy. Kinda makes me like blonde Cersei’s ruthlessness and relieving lack of self-pity.

    At this point, the only character who has even the remotest possibility of turning out to be like a traditional Western hero is Jon Snow. (Hell, he’s even got a whiff of the Christ archetype in him: apparently born out of wedlock but actually the king’s son and true heir to the throne, who is rejected and killed by his own people yet raised from the dead to save the whole world.) But if you want a physically intact White male, hetero and cis-gendered, who might yet marry well and produce offspring, and prove himself a strong world-supporting patriarch both to his children and his subjects…he’s it.

    Given the drift of GofT, I’d be surprised. (((They))) can’t really help themselves. But I stand with Yogi Berra. I never make predictions, especially about the future.

  2. DP84
    Posted April 26, 2019 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    I must confess, I wasn’t nearly as offended by the events described by Midjord and Morgan as they were. The lovemaking scene between Arya and Gendry didn’t bother me at all because Arya is a Type A personality whereas Gendry is a Type B personality. It’s only natural that she would be the one to take charge in that scene, and besides, it’s not like its unusual for men to want to be submissive to women in the bedroom. I strongly disagree with the traditionalist assertion that men should always be the ones taking charge in bed.

    The Briene of Tarth scene, to me, was unremarkable. Ever since she was introduced in Season 2, it’s been clear that she’s an unusual brute of nature. Everyone makes fun of her physique when they first see her, most notably Jamie, who endlessly and hilariously badgers her in Season 3 when she secretly takes him captive back to Kings Landing on orders from Catelyn Stark (who, btw, destroys her family with that move). Anyway, the point is that Briene being Knighted will only tickle the feathers of the most ignorant of SJW’s who actually believe the shit they post on tumblr. To everyone else, it’s not a big deal.

    I also disagree that the show has become more progressive over the last couple seasons. I binge watched all of seven seasons in March, and I didn’t sense a major propaganda push in Seasons 6 or 7. The events and character development pretty much unfold consistently, and I would say the only character who has gone backwards is Sansa Stark, who has gone from naive, vain girl who secretly wants the Iron Throne to bossy, arrogant girl who secretly wants the Iron Throne. I’ve liked the character developments of everyone else, particularly Arya and Jamie, who are deeply relatable to me.

    Game of Thrones, to me, is a great show by virtue of the fact that it has an All White cast of primary characters (Grey Worm and Missendei accepted) in a High Fantasy setting with beautiful, Medieval scenery. It’s not as good as Lord of the Rings, but to be honest, it’s damn close in my opinion.

    • Posted April 28, 2019 at 9:52 am | Permalink

      “Offended” isn’t the right word. I would say that Frodi and I simply find GoT today laughably unrealistic. It’s a clear case of 21st-century liberal values being transposed to a medieval world. Sure, it’s fantasy, but fantasy stories should still at least be plausible. The things GoT is depicting now aren’t. If any one of the things you discussed had happened in isolation, it might be forgivable, but in this last episode it was simply one instance of SJW writing after another, in nearly every scene. The show has always had that side to it, but I disagree that it hasn’t become much more pronounced in the last couple of seasons. It clearly has. It’s been on the uptick since the fifth season, which, not coincidentally, is when the show started to run out of material from the books and the story began to be plotted by Hollywood writers. George RR Martin is indeed an SJW in real life, but he has always depicted a realistic medieval world in his books, and I am quite sure that if and when the final books appear they will be quite different from what the show has done.

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