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Are Things as Bad as They Seem?

Franz Geffels, The Relief of Vienna, 1683-1694.

2,905 words

How bad are things now? “Pretty bad” is a decent answer, though a brief one. We’re faced with daunting challenges, quite obviously, though it’s a mischaracterization to say that all is lost. This has some very practical considerations.

The importance of realism

When getting our message out, rather than the excesses of optimism or pessimism, we should steer the middle course of realism. Positive thinking is all well and good, but “don’t worry, be happy” clearly doesn’t fit the situation as it is nor does it rouse the masses to action. On the other hand, an overly negative outlook will cause hopelessness. Too much optimism leads to apathy, and too much pessimism leads to the Black Pill. We have to convey the urgency of the present situation while keeping in mind the goal of inspiring effective action. Let’s not demoralize ourselves; that’s the enemy’s job to do!

Note well, anyone trying to prevent our success will want to take us off the middle course of realism. This means promoting apathy or demoralization within the public, or even within our ranks. They can suggest that our concerns are overblown, there’s no real problem, and we’re merely jumping at shadows. Alternatively, they can say that Leftism and globalism are foregone conclusions, and there’s nothing we can do except hide out in a bunker and sulk until Doomsday. (Let’s not add to all that, shall we?) An odd synthesis of the two, occasionally heard from our side, is the suggestion that we should enjoy the decline; if society is in the toilet, why not have fun on the ride down the tubes? Accelerationism is another misguided response.

What’s telling is that The System certainly doesn’t believe we have no chance of winning. That’s what they say, but they also act like we’re Public Enemy Number One. (I hope to explore this in greater depth at a later time.) Pretending that we have no popular support or potential is psyops on their part, trying to demoralize us and discredit us with the public. If they really have victory in the bag, why do they go to such ridiculous lengths to censor an ideology that they believe has no chance of success? If their power is that unlimited, then what’s the point of pearl-clutching hysterics over tiny Narrative Violations, or the cheap intimidation tactics? Are they the ones jumping at shadows? Not exactly; they know very well that if they lose control over The Narrative, then they’ll lose control over the public. That’s the problem with building an ideology out of lies.

How things were

To assess where we’re at now, let’s examine an earlier time: the 1980s. In many ways, it was a charmed era compared to now, and impossibly normal by contemporary standards. Still, that doesn’t exactly mean it was a golden age.

President Reagan did well to call out demagoguery, but that wasn’t the end of it. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were up to their usual antics. However, even before then, it had become taboo for politicians to be openly pro-white, even mildly so. (No, coded language or “dog-whistling” doesn’t count; not when minority politicians had impunity to mouth off endlessly about wypipo.) Political correctness hadn’t gone full retard yet — oops, I meant mentally challenged! — but there was no shortage of crabby Leftists. The flapdoodle over Narrative Violations by James G. Watt, Al Campanis, and Howard Cosell revealed an underlying prickliness that would increase greatly during the “walking on eggshells” 1990s. Even Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson got in trouble over bad attitudes about Jews.

Many readers, likely most, don’t remember this far back. Few of those who do were involved in the Dissident Right. (For those who were, please comment and add your experiences!) As for the USA, there was the National Alliance, Fraternity Tri-Kappa, a tiny number of militants, and about half a dozen fairly tame advocacy groups. Eventually, skinheads emerged onto the scene, and some were my friends. This was the greater part of the visible Dissident Right back in the day. The munchkins at the tricky “watchdog” foundations surely had less naughtiness to document on the “hate maps” useful for scaring senior citizens into donating.

Among the grassroots were all too many big talkers, gossips, and armchair Caesars; I knew some of those too. Jared Taylor described his impression of the scene around that time as “funny-looking people in ill-fitting clothes.” That was a pretty grim assessment, but having seen it myself, I have to admit that there was at least something to it. Flaky types still exist, of course, but nobody honestly can claim that they’re the face of the Dissident Right today. Fortunately, it’s the Leftists who are notoriously grungy these days.

Among the general public, I saw a tremendous amount of apathy. When I was in high school, I had a little success in getting the message out. However, for most of the students, I might as well have been talking to a brick wall. The “Don’t worry, be happy” factor added to the boundless lack of enthusiasm typical of American teenagers. College turned out to be a lot worse, since my campus was more Leftist than the University of Leningrad. (On the bright side, I learned a lot about Marxists and what makes them tick.) Among those who weren’t indoctrinated, apathy still was common. I recall one conversation discussing immigration; the rejoinder went like, “What, you want lettuce to cost $20 a head?”

Why all the apathy? As of the 1980 census, the white population (deducting Hispanics) was about 81%, merely down from about 90% in the mid-1960s when the floodgates were opened. The public was a lot more concerned about nuclear proliferation and what would happen if someone pushed the Big Red Button. The only people who were saying that mass Third World migration could end badly were “extremists” like David Duke. Why, surely he was just blowing smoke, right? “Don’t worry, be happy!” The malaise of the Carter administration was a thing of the past; America was no longer in peril. We won — well, didn’t we? Reagan did legalize a few million illegals, but the other side of the compromise is that the Republicans would fix the immigration problem, boy howdy! (Worked out great, didn’t it?) These days, with the white population probably a little above 60%, it’s obvious to anyone not wearing the PC blinders that we’re not in Kansas anymore.

There were some exceptions to the apathy. During that time, I got a flippant letter to the editor into the local fishwrap, which (among other things) said that television was for propaganda. Two people wrote me back directly with heartfelt letters of encouragement. Apparently it was inspiring enough for them to look me up in the phone book, write a note, and put a stamp on it (a small but tangible sacrifice). Neither gave a return address; this is how intimidated they were. By now, a large fraction of the white public realizes that something is deeply wrong, but they haven’t been able to find the answers. The good news is that these days, it’s a lot easier to do so. Like-minded members of the public (or even the merely curious) easily can find Dissident Right opinions. These days, anyone can write an email of support for free, or participate in an online discussion.

Corporate information control was nearly total. There were only three commercial TV networks, all headquartered in the same neighborhood of Manhattan, all dishing out much the same bullshit, and PBS was hardly an alternative. The Clinton News Network isn’t much to write home about, nor even LOX News, but not even these were around back in the day, or the international stations. (For the record, I recommend avoiding TV.) Right-wing talk radio — such as it is — didn’t exist yet. There was little ideological variety in broadcast media, unless you happened to have a shortwave receiver.

You can buy The World in Flames: The Shorter Writings of Francis Parker Yockey here.

Publishing houses weren’t as centralized yet, but free self-publishing was nonexistent. Our books couldn’t be found at conventional bookstores; I asked a shopkeeper who was fairly sympathetic, but he didn’t have a way to get titles like that. Our music was very difficult to find, and usually came as tapes copied several times. As for our publications, National Vanguard and Instauration were the major ones of note. Most of the rest were a handful of smaller organizational newsletters and samizdat zines. Good luck finding them at the local newsstand; hardly anyone knew they even existed, other than those with Dissident Right contacts. Any other information about us that a citizen might get would’ve come from some MSM hack who wrote a hit piece run through the Narrative Filter.

These days, there are countless places for the public to go to get our message straight from the source. Lately, we don’t appreciate the Tech Tyrants illegally practicing ideological censorship, forcing us to find alternatives. In the past, we didn’t even have that, since Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet yet. Lately, The System is losing a game of Whack-A-Mole trying to get information back under wraps, but all they’re doing is making themselves look bad. Vast amounts of counter-Narrative information have gotten out already, saved on private hard drives and on servers outside of their reach. There are thousands of blogs and video channels that haven’t been shut down yet. If someone censors mine, I know where I’ll relocate it, and when I come back, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

There have been some other interesting counter-Narrative developments since those days. The Bell Curve reignited the intelligence debate. (That’s huge, since it’s an alternative to the Leftist tautological explanation about amorphous forces like “privilege” causing differing average outcomes for populations.) Science has advanced, providing specifics on which genes boost intelligence and which populations tend to have them. Moreover, there’s further information on genetic clustering. These things took at least some of the piss and vinegar out of race denialism.

All told, the USA of the 1980s was immeasurably more normal than now. Even so, for the reasons given above, my assessment was that there was a lot of desperation in the Dissident Right at the time. Say what you will about our bad fashion sense, only we were seeing clearly which way things were going, but we had no way of reaching the public. If things seem grim now, things were grim four decades ago. (For earlier data points, one can consult Commander Rockwell’s 1950s-era tales of horror.) Still, it’s a fact that we’ve made some very significant advances.

Dark days in the past

When things look bad now, this is a good time to reflect on all the crises that have been overcome in the past. Sometimes fortune gave us a last-minute reprieve, but usually, it took action. The brave individuals who saved their society were the heroes of their time, whether their deeds were recorded in history or not. Note well, the stakes are too high in the present-day crisis to count on blind luck getting us out of this mess; action certainly will be needed.

Some of the first keynote events in which our fate hung in the balance were during the High Middle Ages. The Mongols overran Russia and were beginning to press further. An advance into Poland was stopped at the Battle of Liegnitz, in which European unity held the day. A southern offensive into Hungary posed a threat that suddenly ended after the second Khan died, apparently of illness. During the next century, the Black Death emerged onto the scene and quickly wiped out a third of Europe’s population. (Our present-day Wuhanic Plague is small potatoes compared to that!) The Islamic threat, already entrenched in Europe’s home territory in Spain and the Balkans, and a menace across the Mediterranean, would continue for a long time.

As for America, interesting times are nothing new. This began very early on, with the first and much-besieged settlement at Jamestown. This wasn’t the only time that things hung in the balance for colonial America. (The local Indians weren’t exactly peace-loving Red hippies.) Later, the Civil War brought devastation not seen here since then. Fast forward to the 20th century. The politicians tricked the public into two World Wars. Between them was a massive depression caused by Wall Street gambling, leaving a quarter of the country out of work. We didn’t know it at the time, but all throughout, globalists and Communists had been infiltrating the government. Much espionage and hamstringing of our foreign policy followed.

In 1946, it might’ve seemed like we were past the difficult times. Still, dark days were at hand. The infamous Morgenthau Plan was still unofficially in effect, a blot on our history. Then there was much babble and happy talk about the new United Nations becoming the one-world government. Fortunately, it became merely an expensive cookie pusher boondoggle, and proverbially a talking shop for Third World dictators. Also in 1946, the tricky bankster Bernard Baruch got the globalist boy wonder Dean Acheson to create a whitepaper (coauthored by TVA commissioner David Lilienthal) about placing nuclear weapons under the control of an international agency. If that turkey had flown, then the Big Red Button would be in the hands of some unaccountable globalist NGO capable of holding the defenseless world hostage. Instead, we were about to get into a decades-long nuclear standoff with the USSR, only a marginally better outcome.

Then early into the 1960s, that Cold War almost became very hot indeed. A direct military confrontation was now out of the question, but by some strange coincidence, we found ourselves amidst an unprecedented cultural revolution. Summer became race riot season, degeneracy was chic, and Leftist radicals were up to the usual. (That wasn’t so different from now, was it? In some ways it was worse!) Moreover, America’s archetypal spit-in-your-eye war heated up. By the 1970s, it looked like the free world was hanging in the balance. When the 1980s came along, it was morning in America, but hardly the best of times for the Dissident Right.


For the apathetic, Samuel Adams had a public service announcement for them a long time ago:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!

For the Black Pilled, I say the following. The USA is undergoing some very difficult times now, as are other Western nations. Perhaps the major part of the struggle has just begun. Although the Dissident Right isn’t yet where we need it to be, our position actually has improved over the years. The situation now isn’t going to be the same as what we’ll face in the future. In some ways, things are nearly certain to get worse, but other things will probably improve. In the times to come, there will be unexpected developments and new opportunities. (The Internet has been one of them, partially circumventing the information blockade.) Let’s be prepared to take advantage of whatever comes our way and maneuver into a better position yet.

As of now, the demographic situation from population replacement migration is our most pressing concern. The Evil Party stuffing the ballot box by opening the borders is practically treasonous. The Stupid Party’s failure to do anything about it is inexcusable negligence. The only good news is that the “boil the frog slowly” strategy only goes so far. “Don’t worry, be happy” isn’t working like it once did.

Another problem is about the pestilential Leftist radicals specializing in dirty tactics such as depriving critics of their livelihoods. Mob violence is becoming increasingly popular. They wouldn’t hesitate to put us in reeducation camps, of course. They can’t because they don’t have the power to do that. Well, let’s keep it that way!

It’s true that the government has become increasingly corrupt and repressive, big-money interests exert undue influence, and the two-party system is about as genuine as professional wrestling. The System seems powerful now, but no dynasty lasts forever. Also, in the broad historical context, things could be worse. Despotism has been the norm over the last six thousand years of human civilization; actually, some governments have been positively horrid. We’ve gotten a bit spoiled because classical liberalism worked a lot better than modern liberalism. Fortunately, there are certain remedies for bad governments. For now, we don’t have someone like Robert Mugabe in charge — and let’s keep it that way, too.

These problems — among others — obviously are daunting ones. Still, the fact is that our society has been through worse on several occasions, and we survived. We too may be called upon to do that which is necessary for ourselves and our posterity.

With dedication and the right action, we will prevail!

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  1. HamburgerToday
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    It’s true that the government has become increasingly corrupt and repressive, big-money interests exert undue influence, and the two-party system is about as genuine as professional wrestling. The System seems powerful now….

    These two ideas don’t really hang together that well. They’re not completely contradictory, but they’re also unlikely to both be true at the same time.

    My guess is that the System is seen as illegitimate by a large number of people, probably a super-majority. Different partisans of different political persuasions see the System as illegitimate for different reasons, but with a wide-spread lack of popular support, the system is not really all that ‘powerful’.

    The wreckage of the BLAntifa Jewgro Army is not a sign of a strong system. Enlisting an irregular army to do its dirty-work is not a sign of strength or power. Yeah, the System can do harm by supporting these people, but the fact that the System is using them in order to maintain plausible deniability is a sign of weakness. A strong and powerful system would act openly and demand recognition of its application of State power.

    The Center Cannot Hold.

    • Nova Rhodesia
      Posted August 18, 2020 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

      The system, like the Soviet system, is powerful until people decide they don’t want to put up with it anymore. With regards to the Evil and Stupid parties, they are also treasonous and corrupt.
      My earliest memory of the PC tyranny was the incident with Jimmy the Greek. I was just a little kid, but I liked him, and his firing struck me as grossly unfair. In that sense, things have gotten much worse since then.
      Most of what we would call the dissident right seemed kooky to me in the 1980s. Of course, back then, I still believed in the ultimate goal of equality for all. But I did have doubts, even as a child. Blacks especially just didn’t seem to have what it took to succeed in the world. Even in a continent as rich as Africa itself, they had accomplished essentially nothing.
      That being said, I don’t know that George Lincoln Rockwell or some of the others will have much appeal to the general public.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted August 18, 2020 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

        GLR worked with the time and tools of his day. They would seem laughably crude by our standards, as would most of politics by the major parties from the same time. GLR’s analysis was correct. He predicated where we are today in the 1950s. Whites inherited power and, like most people who inherit something valuable, they failed to appreciate and take care of it. GLR could see this and could see that (((certain parties))) were working to displace Whites from their inherited positions, acquire power by doing so and determined to turn that power to do harm to Whites. BLM 2.0 is a Jewish-run, Jewish-financed operation. BLM 1.0 was anti-Semitic and the Jews dismantled it one piece at a time and replaced with the monster rampaging through America right now. If you see organization, that means there’s an organization somewhere making things happen. BLM riots will not help Blacks. Just as the ‘civil rights movement’ did not help Blacks, But both Black-fronted phenomena hurt Whites and that’s the point. Look up ‘loxism’ if you are not familiar with the term.

  2. Nikandros
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

    I believe George Lincoln Rockwell was correct in his assessment of the fundamental error that the Right wing makes – that we can change the minds of the masses through superior arguments. Trying to out-sneak the Jew has led to failure every time, and you get called a “Nazi” no matter what. The optics debate should never have been about watering down the message and trying to infiltrate a hostile institution like the Republican Party. It should have been about purging the Hollywood Nazi element and forming a true National Socialist Party full of everyday Americans that is bold and willing to go out into the real world to protest the destruction of our white nation. Only courage can bring the masses to our side, not reason.

  3. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    When I recently saw Trump’s interview with the Jewish journo Jonathan Swan, who accused him of “wishful thinking”, it was clear to me that he wants fatalism as the right attitude to life for us all. It’s not about day dreaming, pipe dreams or illusion. Defeatism is a contraproductive attitude. Pessimists regularly claim to be the true “realists”.

    It’s about mindset. It’s about winning mentality. It’s about the power you can draw from yourself even in the seemingly “deepest night” (law of the eleventh hour). He who doubts is lost. An athlete who is not driven by the conviction of winning the game should not enter the field of play. The English language has a nice formulation for this: “Fake it till you make it”.

    I have studied the subject intensively. Why does music in minor make us sad, but major cheers us up? I doubt there are “bad days” or “bad weather”. The weather and the time do not care how we judge them. People want to have “hope”. But hope is hopeless because it is passive. Hope means something is beyond my control. Confidence that it will work is an attitude that every successful person shares.

    • German Reader
      Posted August 18, 2020 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

      Medical science also knows terms for this: placebo (optimism) and
      nocebo (pessimism). Psychology calls this “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

  4. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    Another example: poor people “wish” for wealth, rich people are convinced that they deserve wealth.
    You can apply the principle to everything, including courtship. If there is something that deeply weakens our race, it is the misconception that we do not deserve to be winners. The high suicide rate among young white people is a clear indication of this. They throw their lives away, they’re not grateful for it. The cause is lack of self-esteem: “Whatever comes, I will master it!”

  5. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    A winner’s attitude says, “I refuse to lose!”

  6. FedUp
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    Chapter 8, War Propaganda. Read it.

    The masses are effeminate – especially masses of normies – and a strategy of trying to wake them up (so that *they* do the dirty work, be honest!) is a strategy I am embarassed I even entertained.

    Won’t EVER happen. They act based upon feels. Not reason. Not facts. The fallacy is even believing they truly are “asleep”…why does white flight happen then? Why is a huge wave of white flight beginning now (there are articles about this happening in Hollywood & NYC, and there’s no reason to doubt it)?

    Tony Robbins & much of neuroscience believe that we are hardwired to seek whatever we *perceive* will cause us pleasure and to *avoid whatever we perceive might cause suffering/pain.*

    And they say that the average person is FAR FAR FAR more likely to take action – to DO – based upon avoiding pain than they are to seek pleasure. Basically, fear is the most powerful force known to the average man. Fear is the most influential of all phenomena motivating humans to act.

    Point being, so long as whites fear the system more than us the system will win. On top of that even the dissident right is weighed down with semitic garbage wherein we resist not evil in this world cuz this world doesn’t even really matter. Not really. Don’t wanna burn in the lake of fire after death…yeshu will forgive us for not fighting for our grandchildren. I know because i was born into that cult from judah/judea.

    Make your choice, Dr. Johnson. But if you choose to keep peddling to jewish chrisitianity & actively promote it rather than Truth…man you are just part of the problem. Yeah, your donations will probably decrease, christians tend to be very hateful & petty people who take natural human hypocrisy to galactic proportions…you will be on the wrong side of history, sir.

    A revival of christ cuckoldry might take place here in America, the philo jewish country which began tearing itself thanks to egalitarian christian dogmas apart before the jews came in droves, and all who go along with such garbage will get what he deserves. If that revival of “true” christianity takes place, which i doubt, the same damn circus will begin anew and whites definitely definitely will be done for. The jews will take power again and finish the job. They’ve gotten closer & closer every time they are let back in into our lands to boxxing us into a point of no return. And you are helping them do it by promoting this cuck crap.

  7. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    The optimist sees the world in terms of possibilities and opportunities. The pessimist looks for the “hair in the soup” (as we Germans say, to find fault with something), for what is missing. Actually, the pessimist is an “idealist” whose ideal does not correspond to the world. But the world is only ideal for people who see their life as an opportunity for growth of his personality: “That which does not kill me strengthens me!” In this sense, the optimists are the true realists.

    • Dr.C. Fhandrich
      Posted August 19, 2020 at 6:52 am | Permalink

      Very relevant points you make here on facing life. I’m reminded of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice on how he approached some of his goals, to wit, “I didn’t have a plan #2.” Plan number two’s he opined, only make it easier to back out of plan number 1.

      • German Reader
        Posted August 19, 2020 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

        Meanwhile I am convinced that it is less the thoughts than the feelings that make people “communicate” with each other. On a sublime level. Thoughts are only the culprits.
        Thoughts are triggers, impulses. If you’re negative-calibrated, people avoid you.

        Not everyone is always in a good mood. But it is perhaps the strongest form of self-esteem to stop being poisoned by negative thoughts. Your “emotional signature” changes. Animals can sense whether you’re upset or sad. If you get into a negative feeling, you talk about it, you strengthen it.

        Therefore, never say, “I’m feeling really bad” when your colleague asks you how you are. Always say, “I’m doing great!” You didn’t believe it yourself until just now, but suddenly you realize it.

  8. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    If the National Socialists had been pessimists, they had called it “Triumph of Fate” instead of “Triumph of the Will”. They were convinced that the will is the true driving force of a successful system.

  9. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    With your kind permission, I will go one step further. A positive attitude must not be exhausted on paper or in theory. It means showing gratitude and appreciation to our national comrades and ancestors. They have built the land on which we rest. We should even have a good word with the cashier in the supermarket and appreciate her for her good work. So few people do. She will remember you! She knows her work is not in vain, she’s not a “market economy” robot.

  10. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    Man thinks about 60,000 thoughts a day. Most people are afraid of the future and feel guilt from the past. And they allow themselves to be blackmailed and manipulated by that. Being positive means living in the here and now, because that’s all we have.

    The past cannot be changed, the future cannot be predicted. It takes practice to have the “smile behind the eyes”. But it is worth asking the right (“realistic”) questions. Optimists do not always win, but their attitude makes the expectation of success much more likely to be fulfilled.

  11. Vehmgericht
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    The Mongols were not stopped on the field of Liegnitz! In fact the flower of European knighthood withered there under the arrows of the steppe horse archers. That defeat, along with the calamity at Mohacs left the entire Central European Plain at the mercy of the Horde. There was little to stop the Mongols investing cities and picking off the principalities of the Holy Roman Empire one by one — as had befallen the Kievan Rus.

    No, what spared Europe a centuries long ‘Tartar Yolk’ was the providential death of Ögedai and the return of his captains Subetai and Batu Khan to contest the succession in Karakoram. The retreat of the Hoarde gave Europe a precious decade in which to regroup, re-arm and reassess tactics before the next wave of Tatar raids commenced.

    We cannot expect such grace in our own days, and I fear that the closest fictional parallel to our times is the Akallabêth of J.R.R Tolkien, which I would urge all here to read and reflect upon.

  12. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    My favorite animal is the badger. His cheekiness, determination and audacity
    are unsurpassed. No one dares to take him on! He is certainly not a pessimist!

    • german too.
      Posted August 19, 2020 at 11:33 am | Permalink

      I shoot 3 badger this year, no one could resist the .308 Win…

  13. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    That’s why we would do anything for a woman who believes in us. We want
    to live up to her expectations. And this is the natural form of marital union.

    Such women have become rare through the
    indoctrination with Jewish media poison.

    What we get now is not the obedient Eve, the faithful companion, but the poisonous Lilith (symbolic figure of feminism), a nagging stress machine, who takes us to the grave early.

  14. German Reader
    Posted August 18, 2020 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    The media is teeming with disasters and scandals. “Horrable.” They scream at us: “The world is ending!” Why do they plunge us into helplessness and despair? Well, guess why. You should be outraged, indignant and upset! It is always about economy and energy. They suck out your mental energy to strengthen their economy! Energy thieves, psychovampires.

    Is there an end to this? As long as you don’t learn how to throw the off switch, no. We must learn again to be good to ourselves and feel that we are being abused. It’s a hard start when the daily “news” sirens howl at us, but it’s worth learning to say “No! I no longer give you power over my emotional balance!”

    The so-called news is the unsaturated “food for the soul”, which is the sugar for the body. It’s completely worthless. Better be a pet that has never heard of “Corona”! And yet, still indulges its evolutionary joy of life. It saves our hairy darlings from being caught up in a (((media mass mania))).

  15. Francis XB
    Posted August 19, 2020 at 2:03 am | Permalink

    The 1980s-90s?

    I’ll restate what has been recorded elsewhere on C-C:

    There were many people at that time who saw where things were going. Conservative activists griping in private about the government’s failure to deal with illegal immigration. And the growing power of left-identity politics, especially on the campuses. And the lack of an effective nationwide rightist student activist organization. And even with the Reagan Revolution and the Contract with America there was no legislation to end affirmative action.

    Something had to be done, but nobody in power seemed to be doing it.

    The collapse of American support for White rule in South Africa was a harbinger of things to come. This collapse went back to the lack of a suitable ideology for White interests. The best that could be ginned up was, “we need to support South Africa because the communists want to seize its minerals and besides sanctions would be bad for their blacks.”

    Nobody in the conservative-sphere could stand up and declare the obvious: “We need to support White rule in South Africa because all of us Whites are in the same lifeboat!”

    A popular book was Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints. Even marginally aware readers could see the Raspail scenario as the endgame given current trends, the rising tide of color if you like, and a threat greater than all those Soviet nuclear weapons and tank divisions poised to descend upon the plains of Europe. The real invading hordes were going to be in Raspail’s ostensibly helpless third worlders arriving in a fleet of rusty cargo ships, deploying the most devastating of all weapons – the demographic bomb.

    There were a few voices crying in the wilderness.

    Feral House published books like Apocalypse Culture, intended as shock therapy for the complacent. There was attendance at artistic events, invitation only, which kept alive certain ideas. Occasional flyers were found stapled on university bulletin boards, or stacks of newsletters stumbled upon stacked on remote library bookshelves, courtesy of groups which today would be called White Nationalist 1.0.

    Some were shocked into racial consciousness. Others doubled down on voting Republican because, ya know, real conservatives would lower taxes, raise defense spending and balance the budget.

    The events of 9/11 2001 refocused national attention to a war against assorted terrorist bands and military sabre rattlers across Eurasia and Eastasia. Those third world hordes were finally going to be clobbered by vastly superior American military power, right? Still, there were doubters who joined the antiwar movement, not because they were commie peaceniks (OK, some were) but because they saw the racial issue as the canary cage being kicked down the road. As always, the real struggle was on the homefront (a point Raspail makes, by the way, in Camp).

    Nonetheless, the 1990s had closed out with Wag the Dog, Fight Club and The Matrix, all broadcasting the superluminal message: “Wake Up!” Many White people turned off the tube, tuned out the commercials, and dropped that Red Pill.

    The path was open for the Alt Right, and then the Dissident Right and White Nationalism 2.0.

    The war for the White World continues…

  16. SRP
    Posted August 21, 2020 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    “Few of those who do were involved in the Dissident Right. (For those who were, please comment and add your experiences!)”

    OK. In 1999 I was in the National Alliance. A discouraging experience. A few of the people I met in NA were strong in ideology, bearing and personal character. But most were simply pot-bellied loudmouths, play-actors, and mental cases.

    I believe that there were, and are, many men of good character who would step forward, but two things are lacking: 1) not enough socio-economic agony yet, and 2) no compelling leader.

  17. As I Said
    Posted August 26, 2020 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    I also do not know any traditional European folk music
    song that is written in minor. Music was not a funeral
    procession, but a celebration of joy and cheerfulness.

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