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God Emperor No More

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Never betray your friends to court the favor of your enemies. If you betray your friends, the most principled and perceptive among them will drop you, leaving only the delusional and venal. That is not a good trade, given that the approval you gain is bound to be fleeting and contingent, whereas the contempt and distrust you create will be permanent. The people you betrayed may come back to you out of sentimentality or self-interest, but their trust and respect will never return. They will always regard you as a traitor. 

Why is such a simple lesson so hard for politicians to understand?

Donald Trump’s dizzying about-face on Syria has won the temporary applause of his enemies, but he has forever lost the respect of his most ardent supporters on the Alt Right, the people who actually believe in and defend his nationalist-populist message, including his America First foreign policy.

I thought Trump’s willingness to fight a two-front war against the Democrats and his own party was sufficient proof that he was sincere about his America First foreign policy. But he ditched it at its first real test.

I no longer trust Donald Trump.

But it is worse than that. I no longer like or respect Trump either. Trump didn’t just betray us. He betrayed us over something utterly stupid. We’ve seen this all before. We’ve seen pictures of dead or injured Syrian children on CNN (although not the victims of US-backed forces). We’ve heard stories of Assad “gassing his own people.” We’ve seen the same vulgar emotional manipulation and ginned-up storms of social signaling. We’ve been asked to start wars based on what some little Syrian Anne Frank allegedly says on Twitter. We know that the press, politicians, and intelligence agencies behind this are trying to topple Assad. We know that they are liars, because they are the same people who lied to get us into the Iraq War. And Trump has seen it all too. He knew better. We know he knew better, because of a long history of Tweets about Syria, which now make him look like a feckless hypocrite. So for him to fall for the warmongers this time frankly makes me question his intelligence, his character, even his sanity.

Beyond that, attacking Assad exacerbates our problems. We want Assad to win this war. We want him to destroy ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups. We want peace and stability in Syria, so we can send millions of refugees back home, whether they want to go or not. And we certainly do not want heightened tensions with Russia.

Furthermore, Trump’s intervention in Syria is now being used as an argument to admit more Syrian refugees.

Then, there’s the little problem that Trump’s strike was unconstitutional. Wouldn’t it be poetic if Trump gave the establishment the Syrian war they have been trying to start for years — as well as grounds for impeaching him before he manages to slip up and do something good for America?

Finally, why are we even debating retaliations for atrocities committed by Syrians in Syria? Obviously, because no matter what side you come down on, Jews and Israel benefit. They benefit when we actually promote chaos and regime change in Syria. And they benefit even if we end up doing nothing, simply because we are not debating, say, retaliating for atrocities committed against whites by Muslims all over Europe, or against whites by blacks in South Africa, or against whites by mestizo invaders in America. Let’s debate regime change in South Africa or Germany or Sweden or Mexico, shall we?

Or better yet, why not focus on America First? Trump has his work cut out for him effecting regime change in Washington, D.C.

Some have suggested that Trump changed his Syrian policy out of Machiavellian calculations:

  • To impress/intimidate the President of China, who was dining with him in Florida
  • To impress/intimidate Putin, to make him more tractable in future negotiations
  • To impress/intimidate Kim Jong-un in North Korea
  • To undermine the “Trump is beholden to Putin/the Russians ‘hacked’ the election” narrative that Democrats have been pushing because they are incapable of taking responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s disastrous candidacy
  • To placate Jewish warmongers and their lapdogs like McCain, Rubio, and Graham, as well as their chorus of media shills
  • To get his faltering Presidency back on track by doing something popular with the establishment that opposes him
  • To convince the world that he is a dangerous madman, to make other powers more tractable to US designs

We are also told that the ineffectual nature of the strike was actually part of the plan. The Syrians and Russians were forewarned, expensive equipment was removed, etc. Missiles were allegedly deactivated in flight. (Certainly more comforting than believing that Russian technology shot a lot of them down.) Trump does not want to actually harm Assad. There was no risk of escalation with Russia or Iran. Trump just wants to do one or all of the above.

Frankly, I’m not buying it. None of these theories are half as clever as purported.

  • Russia, China, and North Korea would not be impressed or intimidated by a mere expensive fireworks display that risked nothing. But if Trump tried to hurt Assad and failed, that is hardly impressive or intimidating either, and saving face would require escalation, perhaps into outright war.
  • If Trump warned the Russians and Syrians and did nothing to hurt Assad, it would support, not undermine, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. It is a meme that the Democrats would rather court nuclear war than take responsibility for their own failure. If Trump actually tried to hurt Assad and risked real escalation with Russia, one has to ask: Is it worth a nuclear war to shut these people’s lying mouths? Trump would have to be mad to think so.
  • If the establishment can get Trump to do its bidding by blocking his policies, it will only continue to stymie Trump until more Danegeld is extorted. Trump surely knows better. It is far too early to declare Trump’s administration a failure. Realistically, I expected him to be stymied by liberals and cucks for a full two years, until the 2018 elections. Trump was never deterred by bad press. How many times was he declared finished in the primaries and election? He didn’t listen before, so why would he start now?
  • Trump has already convinced a significant percentage of the world that he is a dangerous madman. But the Syria pivot does not support that perception. It supports the conclusion that he is a mercurial, hypocritical buffoon who cannot be trusted to maintain his most basic promises. How, exactly, does that make him a more formidable negotiator?

The most plausible explanation for the Syria pivot comes from Seventh Son at The Daily Shoah (Episode #145). When Trump was asked about the gas attack by a reporter at the news conference with King Abdullah of Jordan, he saw it as an opportunity for abusing Obama as a weak little girl for declaring a red line in Syria and then backing down when Assad crossed it rather than acting decisively. When asked if this attack crossed any red lines for him, Trump of course had to agree and amplify, lest he too be a weak little girl like Obama.

In short, Trump painted himself into a corner with his big mouth, his adolescent Alpha posturing, and his fixation on denigrating Obama, and since acknowledging mistakes has never been Trump’s strong suit, it was child’s play for the establishment to spring into action and funnel him into launching airstrikes. The politicians, pundits, and masses are well-programmed with Jewish talking points. All they needed was an opening, then all the tools started whirring for war.

Let’s hope that Trump has realized his mistake and decides to declare victory and turn back to real priorities. Let’s hope that the other players in this game, like Syria, Russia, and Iran let him.

I think Seventh Son’s analysis is correct, and it helps us decode Trump’s whole foreign policy. For a long time, we on the Alt Right were scratching our heads about the great anomaly in Trump’s America First platform, namely Iran. Trump constantly repeated the rankest, most gefilte-fishy neocon talking points on Obama’s Iran deal, which threatened to cause a terrifying outbreak of peace in the region. My hypothesis was that Trump took this stance simply to contradict and abuse Obama.

But, goyische kopf that I am, I assumed that the rest of Trump’s foreign policy — the stuff I agreed with, of course — was sincere. Now I am not so sure. Is Trump’s entire foreign policy agenda simply based on negating Obama’s? What about his domestic policy agenda? Does Trump base his policies not on a sober assessment of what is good for America, but simply on some sort of egomaniacal desire to one-up and put down Barack Obama and his ilk? Granted, doing the opposite of Obama and Hillary is generally a good guide to policy. But you’d have to be an overgrown adolescent chimpanzee to run a country that way. Could this be why Donald Trump is idolized by rappers?

If this is the Trump code, you can bet I am not the first one to crack it. Which means that the establishment now knows how to play Trump. History is one long record of the triumph of the cunning over the macho. Which means that all bets are off for the MAGA agenda. Sure, we might still get some of what he promised, but now a new enemy has emerged from the shadows, perhaps the most formidable one yet: no, not the “Deep State,” but Donald Trump’s own adolescent egomania. (Yes, I know cat ladies have been saying this for years, but they say that about anyone with a scrotum, so they are not to be taken seriously.)

For the Alt Right, it’s Mourning in America. We believed in this guy. We liked this guy. And now he just seems stupid. Frankly, so do we. The day Trump launched his strike, I received the proof copy of my book In Defense of Prejudice, and I cringed my way through the chapters on Trump. Sure, I can tell myself that it was still right to support him, that Trump is still better than Hillary. So why is he enacting Hillary’s foreign policy? Maybe Martin Heidegger really was the last philosopher with sound political judgment.

I’m a little suspicious at how quickly we on the Alt Right moved to condemn Trump. As soon as I heard that missiles had been fired, my feelings changed completely. The cloud of confusion and anxiety that was building over the previous days suddenly erupted in lightning and thunder. It was a catharsis.

But in truth this break has been a long time in coming. I think that we all felt that Trump was faltering out of the gate, especially with the health care bill. And when people feel that a relationship is doomed, it is quite common to search for a principled pretext to give it a coup de grâce and move forward. It is psychologically easier that way. One maintains one’s sense of agency, which is an important component of one’s self-worth. In short, it is just another case of what I call honorable defeatism. In this case, however, it is a good thing, for two reasons.

First, a lot of us were too emotionally invested in Trump. I thought I had a pretty realistic view of Trump, but this betrayal still came as a brutal blow. It must be a lot worse for the souls who actually thought the Alt Right was responsible for putting Trump into office, who felt that we owned a piece of him. The Alt Right’s relationship with Trump was always a one-way man crush, based largely on projections. Ending such a relationship is a healthy thing.

Second, it helps us refocus on our mission. When Trump was elected, I argued that the Alt Right needs to see itself as Trump’s loyal opposition, the opposition that wants him to succeed in spite of himself. After all, Trump is not one of us. He’s a populist and a civic nationalist with generally good instincts. But he’s not terribly articulate or intellectual, which is one reason he seems to have been so easily misled by the Jews and cuckservatives that opportunistically crowded into his administration. It is our job to offer an intellectually sound and emotionally compelling case for nationalist populism, to help Trump advance his policies, and to help as many Trump supporters as possible advance beyond them to White Nationalism.

Now that the God Emperor has fallen to earth, we need to remind ourselves that Trump was never the end game. He was — and remains — an immense opportunity to smash the current globalist establishment and unleash nationalist, populist, and racialist forces that will be raging into the future, long after Trump is dead. It is our movement, not Trump, that represents the real long-term interests of our race, and we have to start acting like it.

* * *

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Greg Johnson


  1. Hrothgar
    Posted April 8, 2017 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again Greg.

  2. Chaz
    Posted April 8, 2017 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

    Another great article as always. Thanks Greg

  3. Saint
    Posted April 8, 2017 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    Well said, I feel youve really done a good job of condensing my own feelings…

    Ive always thought there might be a chance that trump was a trojan horse and that the entire time I was cheering at Trumps attacks on the main stream media and his establishment opponents I may have been playing into a carefully constructed stage play .

    Our enemy is clever and a decade ago they could have seen where things were leading as the mainstream lies began unraveling thanks to the internet…

    I dont know but Im very disappointed. I knew the entire political system was a joke but finally felt we had a wildcard and at least the possibility of some change (or at least a slowdown pf the bleeding) but over the past month amd a half ive had to do mental gymnastics to try and make sense of everything without admiting id been duped. This last week was it.

    We were betrayed.

  4. R_Moreland
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 12:22 am | Permalink

    I’ve discussed Trump’s Syrian missile strike with a couple acquaintances, “normies” with some expertise in military affairs. They supported the strikes, pretty much in line with the issues you list (to impress China and Putin, etc.). They also inform me that Trump had to do something about Assad’s (alleged) chemical attacks against his own people. Otherwise, America (they claim) would never be taken seriously again. And as Seventh Son observed, this was a chance to put Obama in his place.

    The dilemma is that most Americans are still operating within The Matrix. They accept whatever narrative that CNNMSNBCBSABCNBCPR project on the cave wall and pod hookup. To them, issues of White displacement, globalism and the Eurasian balance of power are not even distant clouds on an otherwise sunny plasma screen horizon. What matters is that the Big Man in the White House has proven his mettle in a “boss fight” at the end of the first level of the computer game called Presidency 2017-21. Heck, even some of the applause by neo-cons and liberals is sincere at this moment. People want to be on what appears to be the strongest side.

    And it gets back to the dilemma. Most Americans are operating on a different plane of reality than the Alt Right. Bear in mind that what Alt Righters take for granted is not within the playbook for normies. They lack the reference points and even the language to understand the national struggle. At best, they have an inkling that America has lost its greatness and that by supporting Trump they can somehow get the country back on the right path. They haven’t taken that Red Pill, not yet. Until they do, they will be responding not to the actual threats but to the shadows on the pod wall.

    The Alt Right has to get more Whites to switch off that screen, move out of that cave, and start taking both the Red Pill and their own side.

    The struggle is just beginning.

    • Riki
      Posted April 11, 2017 at 8:08 am | Permalink

      A hostile warning message to Russia? Probably. To China? Nope. China has always been in the same boat with the (((American and Western establishment))) since early 1980s at least, it has been a hand-in-glove, behind-the-curtain ally with the force of (((globalization))), the two forming a sort of symbiotic relationship one another and China having been receiving tremendous amounts of capital, material and technological supports and subsidies from the corporations and governments of the West in the hands of (((you know who))) in the last three decades through the racket of free trade and international market. Hence we all see the current Chinese leadership sparing no effort in vociferously promoting and advocating globalization while denouncing burgeoning trends of political and economic nationalism and trade protectionism in the Western nations in whatever high-profile international meeting it has attended lately.

      As to the occasional or intermittent saber-rattling and muscle-flexing of US military in the South China Sea dotted by small islands of geostrategic and resource importance, which China claimed to be its own wholesale unreasonably and arrogantly, in response to China’s own frequent bullying and intimidating actions against the small nations in the adjacent areas and also its repeated and swashbuckling provocations against US as well as in the elsewhere such as this time’s missile strike in Syria, they never truly aimed at China but were merely staged puppet shows of hoodwinking and false-flag posturing agreed upon and coordinated between US and China with the international Jewry pulling the strings attached to the both parties behind the curtain as characterized by the starkly phony pattern of the naval standoff between US and China on the stage of South China Sea that has repeated itself numerous times, which can be described with a Chinese proverb “雷声大雨点小” (all thunders but no rain). Nothing more!

      My speculation is that in the latest Trump-Xi meeting in US, the two sides possibly struck a secret deal in regard to the situation of Syria and to a lesser extent, of North Korea too. This is demonstrated by China’s rare official announcement to distance itself from the Syrian government and call for it to cooperate with the international community on the so-called investigation of the gassing atrocities, a clear sign that China has relented and backed off from its former strong stance of siding with Syria. When push comes to shovel, I predict that China will eventually abandon North Korea and leave it to the wolves of the Western military attack. Signs already started to surface in the domestic news report and opinion circulation of China’s state-controlled media with implied undertones that China may not militarily fight in a war on the side of North Korea in case US and its South Korean puppet state choose to strike North Korea and depose its leader by force someday in the future. China may even sell out Russia in a future showdown between Russia and and the (((West))) by siding with latter implicitly at least, and perhaps take the opportunity to stab Russia in the back and “reclaim” its so-called lost territories in Russia’s Far East. As the remarkably insightful and prescient White nationalist scholar Dr. Kerry Bolton has pointed out in his short but greatly valuable book “Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific”, China definitely is against Russia in a long run and will side with (((US))) and its (((Western allies))), determined by the same Jewish globalist and oligarchical nature of both China and the West today.

  5. Norman
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    Alternate title: War Trumps Trump. Or: Hate Loves Trump War. Or whatever.

    But, indeed:

    Finally, why are we even debating retaliations for atrocities committed by Syrians in Syria? …

    ¿(((Cui))) semper bono?

    Until now, histrionics-free discussion of Trump has oftened featured, for clarity’s sake, the binary qualification: “Trump, the Man” and “Trump, the Phenomenon.” But inevitably we must add “Trump the Fait Accompli” no matter the aroma… though it is hard to see or smell anything surprising about a useless and expensive missile attack following a lame provocation. It’s positively bipartisan!

    And it is amusing, but also not surprising, that the Left enjoys zero political elbow-room or agility here (that Nancy “Warbucks” Pelosi calls for an “investigation” elicites an audible laugh with some barnyard sounds, like a British MP calling for a “parliamentary inquiry”).

    After all the fantasy rantings, the 2-Dimensional Left can’t call BS by quoting Trump’s past anti-war, anti-Obama tweets, because it would be an admission that Trump the Man was at one point correct about an actual thing, thus eroding The Trump Effect(TM).

    We can call BS, however.

    It means the Alt Right is actually political, hence owing nothing like loyalty to Trump, nor to the rotten edifice he was elected to preside over.

    Dashed hopes, future costs and benefits notwithstanding, I don’t see much need or profit in the gnashing of teeth and so forth. We are not now, and never will be an Airforce 1 cargo cult.

  6. Posted April 9, 2017 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    From the beginning of the Trump phenomenon, there have been two conflicting visions of Trump. Either he is precisely what he seems—erratic, incoherent, and not particularly intelligent—or else there is more to him than meets the eye. Anyone who believed the first to be true and supported him in any case can hardly be surprised that he has now performed an act which is to all appearances erratic, incoherent, and not particularly intelligent. Disillusionment in such a case is totally unwarranted.

    Now I suspect that most people in the Alt Right supported Trump, and are presently disillusioned, because they believed him to be more complex than he seems. But supposing that to be true, must we also not admit that this attack could also be more complex than it seems? Mr. Johnson makes a persuasive case that this is not so—but none of us has access to the information that Trump does. We are not yet in a position yet to pass sound judgement; then perhaps it would be best to exercise some caution until the air has cleared. Events even in the coming days will surely be illuminating.

    If Trump’s action is really what Mr. Johnson says it is, then it cannot harm us to tentatively denounce it now, and definitively denounce it later. If on the other hand Trump’s act is an act of greater political deftness than outwardly seems, then I do not think that this immediate, unequivocal, and (in other articles) embittered reproach on the part of the Alt Right will much serve the reputation of the Alt Right in the long run.

    This seems to me particularly true, given the amount of support the Alt Right has invested in Trump.

  7. Ted
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 1:37 am | Permalink

    I’ll give a lot of credit to Greg here for being honest, admitting how the Alt Right has been wrong here, and what a disaster Trump the man (as opposed to Trumpism the campaign movement) is. This contrasts to attempts to rewrite history and portray the Alt Right as always being very cagey about Trump, which in general was not the case.

  8. Sven
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    I have been thinking long and hard about Trump’s move and there is one scenario that makes the most sense to me.

    Already starting in the early 2000s, serveral high-profile politicians (including Merkel) made public statements about how multiculturalism was a failure. What we are seeing in Syria (and other countires in the region) may be part of a long-term plan to end multiculturalism in Europe. Let me explain why.

    With 50 million muslims living in Europe and their high fertility rate you cannot out-wait the problem, something has to happen. Deporations are needed, but departations are inconceivable in a liberal democracy. What is needed is a crisis that will make even the most die-hard antifa activist shut up about how “nobody is illegal” and “refugees are welcome here”. The easiest way to do that would be to flod Europe with refugees and wait till TSHF. That may have been the reason behind Merkel’s non-sense move to open the German borders and invite the whole world in. At this point we are waiting for the situation to get worse and worse (and it is getting worse every day).

    Trump was propably not in on this plan, but surely he was briefed after he took office. He was now confronted with the decision to 1) worsen the situation by bombing Syria or 2) to ease the situation by sticking to his non-interventionist foreign policy. He took option 1) what means more instability, more refugees and more chaos in Syria and in Europe.

    If this scenaro plays out, we shall see more terror on the streets of Europe every day (a given) and finally a huge terror attack that makes everyone in Europe agree that multiculturalism has failed and drastic measures are necessary.

    I do not expect anyone here to agree with me, it is a long shot. But I think it is a reasonable scenario and one should keep it in mind and check whether we keep moving along the script.

    • Renzo
      Posted April 9, 2017 at 5:56 am | Permalink

      I know the story about the elephant, the little bird and the cat: not everyone that buries you in shit wants to harm you, and not everyone who pulls you out of it wants to save you. Still, when someone calls for my annihilation and seemingly does everything in his power to bring it about, for decades, I think the odds are he is sincere.

      “How-many-of-you-do-I-have-to-kill-you-to-save-your-lives” is an intriguing and (suspiciously) comforting hypothesis, but it begs the questions:

      If the White Genocide agenda is at least many decades old (Coudenhove-Kalergi), how old is THIS plan?

      At what point of the whole insane Middle Eastern Israel First enterprise did someone decide, “okay, fuck it, the Jews are jewing us to death, we’re making Whites racist again. And for that, we’re going to use millions and millions of these semi-retarded savages we have enraged, and let them rape our ancestral homelands halfway to extinction. That will totally do the trick”?

      Also, if the plan was to roll back multiculturalism and make Europe White again, couldn’t they just have indoctrinated the masses with the TRUTH, instead of anti-white lies?
      Couldn’t they have gradually dropped the culture of anti-white critique and framed the defense of White interests as the moral imperative it ACTUALLY IS? Surely, if you can convince millions of people to protect their obvious enemies, you can convince them to protect their own children?

      Maybe a League of Deep Frog Shadows does exist, and it is not yet so powerful that it can just take out the Jewish media and financial power. Because they OBVIOUSLY want White Genocide, and they are (apparently) getting it. They may have been sun-tzued though.

      But then, WHO formulated this plan? And who is in on it? Whoever that is, they would have to be outjewing the Jews so masterfully that it goes beyond our wildest dreams and hopes…

      Does that sound, like, say, François Hollande? Jean-Claude Juncker? Martin Schulz? Matteo Renzi? And yeah, Angela Merkel, and all the other major advocates of invade-and-invite? Have they been given the briefing? How about OBAMA? Or CLINTON?

      If your hypothesis is right, that would completely reverse the apparent effects of many political events. For example, a Le Pen victory in France is bad, because it may marginally slow down the rising tide of allahuakbaring, a Le Pen loss is excellent because it advances the master plan to redpill the redpillable and shut up everyone else. Well, maybe. At least we can see a silver lining and keep up morale whatever happens.

      That “multiculturalism has failed” thing does seem awfully out of pattern. But where they really saying “multiculturalism has failed” in the sense that we may have to segregate again?

      Listen to that segment again:

      Here is Cameron’s:

      I think it is more likely that they simply meant it as “we must unify the culture”, or “living side by side has not worked, so we must get rid of the boundaries entirely, and become the same people. No distinctions = no divisions, problem solved”. It sounds like they were already going in that general direction.

      I’m not ruling out your hypothesis, I’m just thinking out loud here. It is something to consider.

      The thing is, the SHTF moment is coming in Europe, and it’s coming soon regardless. Even if it DOES spark a Reconquista and the rise of White solidarity (plus a wave of well-deserved mainstreamed anti-semitism) we will probably never know for sure whether it had been planned like that all along.

      And I don’t know that putting our faith in some benevolent deeper-than-deep-state powers will help us do what’s necessary. Unless the higher power is not of this world, as in, “There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil.”

      So, I will keep my eyes open for signs of a good will behind horrible deeds, but at the end of the day, we still need to prepare for war.

      • Miha M
        Posted April 10, 2017 at 4:32 am | Permalink

        Of course it would be much easier to end multiculturalism with truth, all this charade makes sense only if there is some ulterior motive beside ending multiculturalism. So what if part of the plan is also to end capitalism and depopulate? Because then it suddenly makes a lot more sense. Of course I consider this is to be only a possibility and if it wasnt for Georgia Guidestones I would probably consider it quite unlikely.

        I am in environmentalism and economy way longer than white nationalism and I am certain capitalism will destroy planet if its not stopped. If we want to stop destruction of ecosystem and which is lowering the carrying capacity we need to reduce resource extraction. If I have to choose between billion whites living on subsistence level or couple hundred million living in prosperity, I’d pick the latter.

        As for who’s Jewing the Jews: This comment of yours still resonates with me. Jews are not some special masterminds, they are only a group of people with specific skills and attributes. Anyone with intense knowledge of their nature could use them. Great example of that are the Protocols which are obviously not a report from actual meeting, but a masterpiece written by person with such knowledge.

    • AAA
      Posted April 9, 2017 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

      For the purpose of clarity, is this commenter ‘Sven’ the TRS’s ‘Seventh Son’?


  9. Posted April 9, 2017 at 5:09 am | Permalink

    I, like others, have been taken back by this sudden reversal of policy with hardly any warning.
    With Gorsuch’s strategically critical nomination in the works right as this happened, the neocons suddenly happy, the death star’s media turbolasers suddenly holding fire…it smells like some kind of a deal.

  10. Sharkeisha
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 6:04 am | Permalink

    The whole Steve Bannon vs. Jared Kushner thing has a very Old Testament feel – specially the affair between Mordecai vs. Haman in the Book of Esther. This time we’d better be prepared to back up Haman all the way.

    We are in a deadly serious fight.

    • MIGA not MAGA?
      Posted April 13, 2017 at 2:59 am | Permalink

      Several days later, and the alt-right still hasn’t reached a consensus on Trump’s left-field Syria strike. I believe this was partly Trump’s reasoning. He wants his base and the Left off-kilter — highly disrespectful to us.

      But I reply to this comment, because I similarly feel, with heavy dread, that Netanyahu, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner (Yoel Chaim) do *know * Trump’s foreign policy, because they are a brain trust. These Tomahawks were dogwhistles to the Greater Israel set. Flares of tacky prophecy.

      Mr. Johnson’s assessment of deep betrayal is my own, but I’m surprised Jared Kushner wasn’t run through a rat trap of a paragraph. In the week leading up to the strike, Gotham media was locking in a narrative: Kushner as new Kissinger, Jared as the cunning, reserved Jew maneuvering the rumbled, exhausted white nationalist Bannon into an impotent footnote. Trump understands press as well as anyone living. This projection of Kushner v Banner is his, just as he pulled out a merit-less chair for Ivanka next to Merkel.

      The message was: this is a Zionist administration that goes blood deep. The future looks like “Javanka” and not the alt-right. To make matters Trump-tier gaudy, the press later reports Ivanka convinced Trump to bomb Assad. 4chan’s /pol/ autistically shrieked, and countered on Twitter with #FireKushner and #KushnersWar, hashtags the ADL cited as antisemitic in Newsweek.

      As the commenter above urges: we’re in for a dark, dark showdown. Trump threw Bannon under the bus yesterday — implying he barely knows him. Again, this is Page Six behavior leaking into MAGA country. Call me kooky, but is Trump intentionally redpilling flyover supporters that the Trump Train is actually a ZOG Limo? And that anyone not gungho Israel has to walk?

      By summer, I expect we’ll have ground troops in Syria and/or readying for Iran. When the neocons smell bombs their mouths water and their fangs descend. Israel is clapping like those Urban Moving Systems spies on 9/11. As Mr. Johnson reflected, Trump was proudly opposed to Iraq/ousting Saddam and the “muh poisoned babies” Syrian push in 2013. Was.

      The Dubbya regime was about oil. It follows that if Bannon resigns, Trump’s familial regime is about blood. And not the blood of gentiles. BAD! And Fox News will sing its war song, what with Murdoch and Rothschild having shares in Genie Energy to suck oil from Assad’s Golan Heights.

  11. Dov
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    As soon as Trump won the primary and I made known to my relatives that I was supporting Trump over Clinton because of his immigration stance (I never committed to any candidate prior to the primary nomination, and I still think that Cruz might have been a better option, with an A rating from NumbersUSA, but that’s for another discussion), I was asked repeatedly and cuttingly how I could possibly trust the man. My answer was fairly simple: Trump could be trusted to more or less follow the path he’d laid out during the campaign because if he didn’t – or, worse yet, proposed amnesty – he would be seen as the greatest hypocrite and liar of the generation, and would be remembered with nothing but derision by *everyone*. And I said that his ego would not allow him to shoulder such ignominy.

    The vast majority of Trump’s moves cannot be reliably predicted, but this element of inscrutability does not stem from the mastery of four-dimensional chess, as the cliche goes. (Another aside: the fact that people actually ascribe this ability to everything that Trump does demonstrates the power memes and echo chambers have to reduce rational thinkers to sycophantic pawns.) No, it stems from the fact that the stroking winds of popularity and politics change direction with great frequency, and President Trump can and will turn on a dime to gain accolades. As a candidate, arguing with the establishment was the easiest way for him to be in the spotlight, as he’s seemingly incapable of having a substantive, adult-level discussion, and trolling works as a surrogate for coherent argument in the present age. But as the president, he likely envisioned that this move would draw support from the “Left” (read: heavily Jewish-influenced Democratic Party) and the “Right” (read: heavily Jewish-influenced Republican Party and the Fox News-watching morons who are celebrating now that “America is back!” and “Trump isn’t the feckless, effeminate tool that Obama was! We sure gave that dictator a lesson in America!”).

    It’s up to the real Right to make known its severe displeasure with this Syrian involvement. I certainly can’t speak with any certainty about the current administration’s attitude, but I have no doubt that word of the people’s fury has reached Trump’s ears.

  12. Ted
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Let me be the first on the Far Right to say it: Impeach Trump
    This is just too much:

    If we are going to have a hysterical woman and her Jew husband making policy, let’s just have a definitive cuckservative like Pence and not have any sort of civic nationalist/populist cover for Neocon policies.

    • rhondda
      Posted April 9, 2017 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

      She is not hysterical Ted. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to play her dad. Jewish princesses know how to do that especially if she is doing it for the ‘altruistic’ reason of helping Israel to prove how devoted she is.

    • Catiline
      Posted April 9, 2017 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

      Agreed. I think we could use this as an opportunity to barter with elements of the left that are open to an unholy alliance. Trump’s removal in exchange for a Muslim ban and mass deportations of illegal aliens.

  13. jones
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    Trump’s ego was hurt after he failed to replace Obamacare and maybe he felt as though he needed to compromise on some of his beliefs in order to get legislation passed. But making deals with (((devil))) is dangerous and he should know that.

    The only other explanation I can think of is that this is a quid pro quo with Zionists for either supporting him during his campaign or for something in the future such as the wall.

    In short I don’t think Trump is doing this because it is what he ideally wants to do. Maybe he’s convincing himself it’s the right thing but it’s ad hoc to another calculation. When people do things that go against their beliefs it is usually out of desperation. Trump was desperate for something.

    If he got wall out of it maybe I could understand but if he got anything else then in my opinion it wasn’t worth it.

  14. dolph
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 2:21 pm | Permalink

    Look at what Trump is, rather than what you want him to be.

    Trump is a 70 year old real estate billionaire. His whole life has been about himself. Why do you think he would care about struggling middle aged or younger white men? Other than, of course, trying to appear big and strong and appeal to visions of an America that no longer exists?

    Were you desperate to just get any alternative in the white house? You need to sober up and take a good hard look at the situation. Nobody cares about you. There is no racial solidarity in America. Only business solidarity – the rich and powerful patting their own backs.

  15. Robert Pinkerton
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

    Many who have called Mr. Trump the “God-Emperor,” seem unaware of the context from which that phrase arose, God Emperor of Dune, by Frank Herbert. In that novel, Leto II Atreides, the God Emperor, says more than once that with his departure will come “Kralizec – typhoon struggle.”

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted April 9, 2017 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

      I think it is actually from some video game that the kids play, not Herbert.

      • Michael Bell
        Posted April 10, 2017 at 4:50 am | Permalink

        It’s from the tabletop game “Warhammer 40,000.”

  16. Walter
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    What if this was a strategic move, although one fraught with danger? I don’t understand this flapping around of Trump on every issue, but I do believe that he did seek the presidency because he wanted to work for a different future than that provided by the Wilson-onward successions of American presidents with the possible exceptions of Hoover and perhaps Nixon. It is hard to stop a train once it is in motion.
    I don’t want to give up on him yet as someone who may stop the train on the brink of the abyss, even if believing in him becomes more difficult with every one of his measures.

  17. cecilhenry
    Posted April 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Its not about Trump. Never was. The bathwater is mostly those he has allowed himself to be surrounded by now.

    We must use him and the opportunities to push him in our direction, the direction he leaned to that got him elected. Keep fighting, and don’t try to destroy Trump. Expose the ever present cadre of traitors around him.

  18. Richard Edmonds
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 1:02 am | Permalink

    Very well said, Greg.

    You, Americans, have the taste of bitter disappointment in your mouths. We elsewhere have tasted that before and we may well taste it again soon: has Marine Le Pen condemned Trump’s attack on Syria ?; her father would have done so instantly.

    Clearly, the Trump train has a buffoon, Greg’s phrase, at the controls…interesting times, folks, interesting times.

  19. R_Moreland
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 1:47 am | Permalink

    There’s a tactical issue here. The Alt Right seized the initiative in 2016 with the Vast Internet Troll Army (VITA) pushing memes like Pepe. This culminated on election night, 8 November, where the seemingly impossible occurred: Trump was elected! But in the weeks following, there was an establishment counteroffensive with the creation of the “fakenews” meme, the attacks on Alt Right access to social media, and the mainstream media banging the war drums over Assad. This culminated with cruise missiles being launched at Syria.

    The Alt Right has got to get the initiative back. It can not just respond to the fracas over Syria. There needs to be a new offensive, right out of right field, to throw the mainstream media, the neocons and the left onto the defensive.

    Here’s one idea: mass acts of Internet civil disobedience by defying Merkel’s new bans on fakenews and hatespeech. Think of how the Kony 2012 campaign went viral. But this time, it’s thousands of Alt Right activists leading millions of social media users in transmitting items on the proscribed list. Make it hip and make it trendy to bring in the normies.

    Think of it. A million Facebook(tm) users post a fakenews item every day, or perhaps even nationalist hatesymbolism. What is MiniTruNews going to do? Cancel everybody’s account? Same with Twitter(tm). It’s been reported that police in various European countries have arrested people for hatetwitting. OK, but what do they do when a thousand people transmit the same, then the thousand becomes a million, and then ten million across national borders? Let them respond to that!

    VITA becomes the standard bearer for online freedom as well as making the System look (more) ridiculous.

    And the Alt Right becomes the leader in the battle for free speech against a repressive System.

    The struggle is just beginning!

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted April 10, 2017 at 2:42 am | Permalink

      How about we help Marine Le Pen get elected.

    • Posted April 10, 2017 at 9:19 am | Permalink

      yes, moreland, yes! now that we sixty million realize as one that trump IS the swamp, we must quickly return to our strong suit–ideas. ideas and endless curiosity have always separated we whites from the rest. let us now go where our curiosity & ideas take us.

  20. Proofreader
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 6:15 am | Permalink

    With his criminally foolish air strikes, Trump has not only attacked a Syrian airbase, he has also attacked his support base in the United States.

    Speaking of air strikes, perhaps we should recall the truism that land power is more decisive than air power in the waging of insurgencies and counterinsurgencies; winning such wars requires putting “boots on the ground.” As one military veteran put it, “You may fly over a land forever; you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize it and wipe it clean of life — but if you desire to defend it, protect it, and keep it for civilization, you must do this on the ground, the way the Roman legions did, by putting your young men into the mud.” The war we are in requires putting “boots on the ground,” not in Syria, but in the United States. The sooner we realize these things, and act accordingly, the better. We need to effectively mobilize people. We shouldn’t see politics exclusively in terms of standard operational procedures — which often means doing nothing, or doing nothing effective — or in terms of activity within the channels of the system, as if such things as electoral activism exhaust all possibilities for activism.

    We should also recall that, to use the words of David Pan somewhat out of context, extensive metapolitical work is needed to “to establish a new structure of the public sphere” that can form “the basis of the regularity that does not yet exist but is being envisioned by the partisan. Without the tie to regularity, the partisan does not represent an alternative order and thus cannot make any claim to ideological legitimacy for guerilla tactics. The partisan is only irregular to the extent that [he or she] represents an excluded notion of the public sphere that either already exists in some other place or can be imagined for the future. Without this alternative vision, there would be no partisan but rather only a criminal.”

  21. Oleron
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 6:33 am | Permalink

    Well, you said Trump was their last chance, not ours. Now lets just continue about the business of building a race-based, non-christian foundation for a revolutionary movement. It’s better to find out now what Trump, than in the fourth year of his term. It just means that more white people will realize that the current system cannot be worked-in, and come to sites like this. On another note, Hitler’s birthday is coming up, don’t forget to buy a candle.

  22. Mike549
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    This article sums everything up very well. I know I’ve been lying to myself for a couple months now about Trump. I never wanted to really reckon with the fact this his cabinet picks have been absolutely appalling or that maybe he really does believe that Iran is a huge threat to America. After the Syrian air strikes, it feels better to just admit that he’s doing a very poor job so far. He’s spent all his political capital on Ryan-care and middle eastern intervention so far; almost no effort has went into high profile deportations, the repeal of the anchor baby loophole, the border wall or protectionist trade deals, which were the ideas that got him elected.

    So far, he has governed almost exactly as Jeb or Rubio would have, and apparently tax cuts are next in line for him to focus on. It’s disappointing, but kind of a relief at the same time, to be pulled back down to Earth.

  23. George Kerby
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    There’s always been too many of (((these))) around him but I admit to having some hopes for a little while after the inauguration.
    He has been on a slide of defeats ever since then; maybe the Tomahawk usage is an attempt to finally win one (a bit short of the “nuclear option”).

  24. Posted April 10, 2017 at 3:05 pm | Permalink

    When Big Orange the god-emperor becum Cuck-Orange Da Dog Humperer

    Why are you all disappointed in Big Orange the god-emperor? Didn’t you know all about the darling daughter married to the jewboy and the son married to the jewess? All his grandchildren being half-kike mischlings?

    So he “drained the swamp” and re-established the same old kikeagaters? And now he’s tussling with Bad Vlad & Assad over someone Muslim allegedly gassing some baby mongrels?

    [S]Election nite and within 5 minutes of drunken crying [S]willery calling up the Awfool-Male to cooncede and Da Dog Humperer is already telling the gleeful proles chanting “Lock ‘er up, Lock ‘er up!!!” about what a wonderful jewb Killery & Bubba-Baal Caligula done on the ZOGland and gives them the “thumbs-up” for mercy when Trump’s ZOGling lumpen-whiggertariate wants the inevitable end to Mortal Kombat. The Mighty Big-Orange cucked out just them for the first time — butt not the last.

    Fifty-nine $2 million Tomahawk missiles taking out a bunch of $50,000 trucks, some obsolete half-century old MIGs and killing six Syrian troops and wounding several dozen other ragheads? Why it is the end of the world as we know it!!!

    Trump’s “win” was not our win, but it was useful in breaking up the dialog. Big Orange the god-emperor never was one of us and we shouldn’t get all butt-hurt thinking that he was and treating this as a great betrayal. He was a useful politician that broke the ice and got us to where we are now and we should simply let him run amok, but without us.

    Trump is an independent tard and we should always do whatever we please without ever being under the delusion that he was one of us and that we need to support him.

    I voted for Trump. I bought Roxie $5 of McDonald’s slop and got her to vote for Trump. Who would you rather have for President? That Evil Bitch Hillary? I’m still glad that me and Roxie voted for Trump, even though, as Roxie said, “Trump is an ass-hole.” I agreed, but what does that have to do with anything in the face of Hillary being much, much worse?.

    Let Trump be Trump. When he does what we want fine and good. When he doesn’t then let the Democrats and Republicucks have at him.

    In other news, I cum in a distant second for Mayor of Granby and didn’t even mention what to do with Granby’s non-existent jews — there is NOTHING in Granby that a jew would find worth stealing — and handful of negroes and beaners but rather pledged to allow working whiggers to put up single-wide trailers on their own town lots and to roll back the gas meter charge from $17.50 to $10 per month. Such sobriety gained me 20% of the vote in a two-whigger race.

    If Trump had ever really been one of us, he wouldn’t have had a chance. So stop acting like whiney tards as if Cuck-Orange Da Dog-Humperer “betrayed” us at all.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  25. Yapius
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I think he’s literally scared of impeachment. That would explain several things: first the administrator that he dismissed for having spoken to the Russian ambassador remember that? Unless that was a pretext, and he actually wanted to get rid of the guy for other reasons, he’s trying to avoid anything that could be used as grounds for impeachment.
    I don’t understand the mechanisms of the government very well, but from my understanding impeachment, once the charges brought, is a purely political decision. He he’s literally zero allies on the left, and the neocon right is very powerful. If they were able to make something stick and bring about an impeachment hearings, he would definitely be impeached.
    The demotion of Bannon,The acquiescence, or apparent acquiescence to neocon policy in Syria, all those things hang together.
    Again, this is the special pleading variation, but perhaps some compromise is essential to transforming the deep state and creating some sort of dynasty or lasting political movement. The coming months and years will reveal more so let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions.
    Of course, maybe he never really understood the forces behind the Iraq war.

  26. ReinDeDio
    Posted April 12, 2017 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    Capitalist Jews, Zionist Jews, conservative jews, liberal ones. Trump’s Jews, Putin’s Jews… So what if the whole plot works out and they get Assad’s body dragged through the streets and there is a US invasion of Iran. Is that really going to cause any tears for me? Israel is at least helping the military find targets for firing practice.

  27. Yapius
    Posted April 15, 2017 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    This is true about the trap, the gold chains. I was thinking much similar thoughts about the black elite. Where has the black intellectual class gone? And here it’s easy to completely silence them, given they’re so small a group to begin with! In the late 60s and early 70s, it was a diversity of black intellectuals, some of whose writings were posted on countercurrent at various times. Now, it seems the entire black leadership is subsumed into the greater Democratic Party philosophy in the form of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. There’s virtually no against the grain thought in the educated black classes. For example, I’ve always thought it ridiculous that blacks are so vocally opposed to trump, because it seems that they should be happy with the repatriation of illegals, a group that competes with blacks for their natural economic niches(of course some have observed cynically that welfare is their natural economic niche!) Any talented black author Or thinker such as Ta nehisi Coates or however you spell it, is immediately sucked into the Pulitzer Prize, national book award highway, if he Merely cleaves to the party line.

    • Yapius
      Posted April 15, 2017 at 9:14 am | Permalink

      Not to mention the Low key ethnic cleansing of blacks by hispanics which is sometimes described in the Southern California sphere.

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