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A Place for Women in the Alt Right

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It’s no secret that historically, men have harnessed intelligence, drive, pride, and anger to lead and conquer, while women have been empathetic supporting characters who provide vital biological services. For the most part, it’s a model that works, and Alt Right arguments for traditional female roles are legitimate: there’s tremendous value in having women devoted to raising many healthy, happy, stable children amidst a well-tended home. But there may also be room for woke women in the Alt Right, despite widespread opposition to an open-armed welcome. The movement can consider, with some reservation, incorporating women without being feminized or co-opted.

The truth is that men are better suited to the cause. After all, what makes women caring also makes them crazy; the stability they instinctually seek can also be irrational. These emotionally-driven characteristics that enable the creation and rearing of beautiful white babies are often at odds with the tenets of the Alt Right: confident intellectualism and literacy, reliance on statistics, righteous hatred, unassailable positions regarding immigration and Jewish power, clandestine friendships, late-night trolling, love of offensive memes, and reverence for a certain frog.

Further, Alt Right men have unlocked the power of disregarding what normies think of them. They’re also growing bolder in declaring themselves White Nationalists versus the Alt Lite safe space of civic nationalism, and have an increasing supply of comrades in case they alienate friends and family with their salty truths. What’s more, their belief in the cause is so strong that such losses might even be a relief. Being declared a racist or a Nazi is the new compliment. And while the ladies in their lives can hear their arguments, clear and potent as moonshine, women are justly afraid of what taking the red pill might mean for themselves.

Feminists can spew their drivel about fair pay, consequence-free sex, or growing out all their body hair while demanding government-subsidized birth control and abortions. But the true core of the female ethos is a need for stability. And, if truly and properly embraced, the Alt Right is a dangerous and unstable proposition.

The only constants in the Alt Right are Pepe’s knowing smile and a rejection of the existing order; otherwise, the path forward is uncertain. It requires commitment to viewing the environment through a crystal-clear truth lens, even though the world is filthy. It’s the terrifying realization that your people are being deftly dispossessed, and knowing that it’s impossible to return to blissful ignorance of the reality of diversity. It’s the embarrassment of having been pulled along on puppet strings by Jews who’d eradicate you as easily as employ you. And for women, this path forward is far more worrisome than for men, for whom racist loathing and suspicion can, remarkably, be passed off as endearing, idiosyncratic personality quirks.

White women, particularly mothers, are pressured by progressives in the same way blacks and mestizos are to vote Democrat – fall in line, or be maligned. Many women who openly identify with traditional gender roles or demonstrate a desire to be surrounded by their own ethnicity will get blackballed; ironically, those who are usually crying racist are living well in their own white enclaves. It’s typical liberal logic: they claim the moral high ground and the title of most tolerant . . . until you disagree with them.

A man’s risks in going public as a member of the Alt Right are mostly financial. It’s horrific to lose your job over your (totally correct) assessment that race, specifically the white race, matters. If a man’s naxalt-rhetoric buddy from the soccer league or his batty aunt turn their backs on him . . . no great loss. But a woman’s risks in going Alt Right are largely social, and without the availability of Standard Pool Parties to fall back on, a woman has no social safety net.

A woman can lose everything by going public with her desire to avoid people and color and the fact of her preferring the company of whites, because her relationships with other people are a large part of her identity. If she is openly referred to as a racist, a traitor, or a doormat, it will hit her emotional well-being harder than it would a man. Her reaction may be weak compared to a guy’s, and the Alt Right doesn’t deal in propping others up when they demonstrate weakness or ineptitude. But as women thrive on a sense of community, it’s valid to acknowledge that the threat of having their social standing stripped from them in favor of a crusade that is still in its infancy is undoubtedly petrifying.

There aren’t enough women who publicly align with the Alt Right at present in order for the newly awoken to find that new community. A man can thrive as a lone wolf, but a woman will wither from loneliness. So while many in the Alt Right want to keep it a goy’s club, the women around them will suffer if they’re not given some meaningful way to interact with or participate in the movement. Supporting them as they learn the lingo and how to properly troll could mean all the difference as they lament the likely loss of numerous long-standing relationships. It may sound trite, but for a movement as important as White Nationalism, there is strength in numbers, as whites are a rare breed as it is. Turning away women because of their emotionality is reckless and shortsighted.

Consider the sad scenario of a man being part of the Alt Right and not indoctrinating his woman before they commit themselves to each other. Women are vastly more important biologically than men, and with today’s white, liberal/independent/apolitical woman, he’ll be lucky to get a single child out of the relationship. She’ll continue to signal the virtues of being a career woman, and instead of performing the most important function the Alt Right espouses by having many white children, he’ll maybe end up with a single weird kid, two unhappy parents, and three ambivalent cats. Instead, a wife who’s a White Nationalist is far more likely to push for procreation. That’s win-win, folks.

In the Fourteen Words context, it’s also illogical to keep women at arm’s length: as the most fervent supporters of their kids’ well-being, it makes sense to bring women into the Alt Right. The people who would literally die for their children should be the ones entrusted with protecting their interests in education, relationships, and lifestyle from birth. Keeping your women in the dark regarding the realities of race might unintentionally fuel the multicultural fire that’s being stoked in today’s school system. Without someone there to keep tabs on the “lessons” your kid’s getting at school (if she can’t homeschool), he’ll be fully down with the brown and indoctrinated in their ways in no time.

If your kids and the future existence of the white race is the most important and costly investment you’ll ever make, is it cheaper to raise them (alt) right with both parental influences, or to fight the system for eighteen or more years with half your household disarmed and clueless, hoping to red-pill your kids at some point in the future? For anyone who’s ever been stuck in a depressing conversation with a twenty-year-old Bernie supporter, it should be easy to acknowledge that it would have been preferable to teach them race realism and the importance of national identity years ago.

The Boomers made many critical mistakes, and not least among them was to let their kids choose their own paths: seeking a useless liberal education, leaving them ignorant of the reality of race, and tossing aside their racial identity in favor of systemic compliance. In the meantime, the Jews laughed and promoted their own children into the financial sector and other influential fields, thus solidifying their control even further.

So while Hillary Clinton’s shockingly tone-deaf Alt Right speech brought a lot of cucks and Jews to the movement’s door, it’s actually the women who might just boost the movement to the next level. While the Alt Right has thrived in part thanks precisely to its exclusionary nature, it’s only reasonable to assume that a movement has to expand and evolve in order to gain greater influence. By embracing the opportunity that an exceptional woman can provide, a man can do more to propel his genetics and the white race than he could alone via the Internet and Pool Parties. It’s not a strategy available or sensible for all men, but it should be a consideration for those who wish to become involved in, and promote their current and future family members’ involvement with, the movement.

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  1. Renzo
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 1:35 am | Permalink

    More articles by this lady, please.

    • H Talbot
      Posted January 27, 2017 at 8:28 am | Permalink

      Agree. Good points on how to guide your wife and the mother of your kids along so she can perform her role even better.

  2. Matthias
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 2:03 am | Permalink

    Interesting. All good points. The question is indeed how to harness female power while maintaining the heroic, masculine spirit.

    • Ty
      Posted January 25, 2017 at 5:39 am | Permalink

      Great comment Matthias. Also, they’ll need to save their ‘fight’ for outside agitators only and not punch right themselves. They’ll have to be demure around the men, it is the only way.

  3. Matthias
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    I’m too, have doubts with the presence of women in leadership. I am not so sureabout the correct leaders in Europe, who can take advantage with the opportunities we have now.
    Miss Le Pen have her position only because her father. And have as her most important advisor, the effeminate Florian Philippot. The madame and her gay friend.
    In Germany, Merkel showed his feminine nature, as the “mutti” adopting and nurturing muslim aliens. By the way, as alternative, we have Frauke Petry. She seems to be a toxic neurotic type woman.
    We need strong men.

  4. Margot Metroland
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 5:13 am | Permalink

    >>”But a woman’s risks in going Alt Right are largely social, and without the availability of Standard Pool Parties to fall back on, a woman has no social safety net.”

    Huh? Whuh? No frails at the Pool Parties? Where IS this?

    I salute the author for at least taking a stab at a thankless topic, but too much of it is uninformed, erroneous, or just empty glibness. For example, this:

    “The Boomers made many critical mistakes, and not least among them was to let their kids choose their own paths: seeking a useless liberal education…”

    Where to begin? A Liberal Education is what our parents and grandparents had, in fact any educated person had, going back to the Middle Ages. Liberal Education is the whole purpose of universities. It’s what they do.

    And as for “kids choose their own paths”? Have not kids generally chosen their own paths in recent centuries? The author seems to be under the impression that until about 1975, young people were all tightly controlled by helicopter parents, who chose their playmates, their spouses and their careers as well. No no no, it was never that way. Not in America. Maybe in some Lower Slobbovian enclave of the imagination, but not here.

    Even in the early 19th century, the freedom afforded American children was a matter of some comment by European visitors. And incidentally, it was Boomers who practically invented the syndrome of the smothering, controlling helicopter-parent. Before them it didn’t exist enough to be noted as a malaise.

  5. ex South African
    Posted January 25, 2017 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    If push comes to shove, and the times get hard, women will rise above the times.

    Look at the old Rhodesia not for sensitive viewers):

    During the pioneering days of South Africa in the eighteenth century, the Boers wanted to move away from the British administration. They had to face many tribulations, moved with ox-waggons over high mountains and planes, and faced vicious black tribes. Many males wanted to give up, but the women forced them to move on. A tribute to the hardy women of South Africa.'s_Monument

    I can name many other examples in history during wars and bitter times – from France, Germany, England, you name it.

    Times where they were not corrupted, because the urgent problems of the day did not allow such luxuries. Even today I believe there are still sane women around who can clearly see what is happening. I have met some of them. They are in the minority, but leaders are always in the minority. I write as a male, and look how many males have been mislead and have chosen the wide path of comfort. Difficult days and difficult nights will again forge a new class of mankind in future, that always was the course of history.

    • ex South African
      Posted January 25, 2017 at 10:31 am | Permalink

      Perhaps I should also mention how much a letter from home and the wife or girlfriend was appreciated by the soldier at the front. As a moral builder it literally meant the difference between life or death. The man is the enabler, the woman the battery and guiding light in the background, I once read somewhere. How true.

  6. Le Happy Pepe
    Posted January 26, 2017 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    I honestly fail to see the point of this article. There is nothing currently keeping women out of the Alt Right. How can there be? It is a decentralized movement primarily based online. They are perfectly free to start their own blogs, trolling campaigns, conferences, speaking engagements, or do whatever it is they want to do in order to benefit the movement. The Alt Right may be overwhelmingly male, but there are certainly several prominent women within it who have proven themselves worth listening to (hbd chick, Ann Coulter etc….) There is therefore no need to “welcome” women, as they are already welcome. I have not seen anything from major Alt Right outlets saying that they would not welcome female speakers or contributors.

    I apologize if I come off a bit hostile, but this article reminds me of one too many contrived “Diversity is our strength” narratives that promotes inclusion on the assumption that it will somehow benefit the organization in question through some vaguely defined mechanism. If including women is a benefit to the Alt Right than that will be shown to be the case without any sort of needless hand wringing about inclusion and gender parity.

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