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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast 142
Greg Johnson Interviews Kevin MacDonald on Trump, 2015, & the Next Current Year

macdonald257:53 / 216 words

Greg Johnson interviews Kevin MacDonald about the Donald Trump candidacy and other significant events in 2015, his hopes and predictions for 2016, and his work-in-progress on the nature of the European mind. Transcript here.

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Topics discussed:

  • Donald Trump’s candidacy and white working-class interests
  • Trump, Putin, and Jews
  • Trump vs. the neoconservatives
  • Trump vs. the cuckservatives
  • Why Trump could beat Hillary Clinton and become President of the United States
  • The 2015 National Policy Institute conference
  • Positive changes in the movement over recent years
  • Rising traffic at The Occidental Observer
  • The migrant crisis in Europe
  • Positive consequences of the migrant crisis
  • Jewish organizations that promote Muslim immigration into white countries
  • Why there will be more terrorism and unrest in Europe in 2016
  • The obstacles to nationalist parties in Europe
  • His research into the origins and nature of white individualism, egalitarianism, low-ethnocentrism, and openness/altruism toward other groups
  • How his new research fits in with his work on the Jewish role in white ethnic decline
  • MacDonald vs. HBD Chick on Christianity and individualism
  • Political correctness in the social psychology profession
  • Black Lives Matter vs. liberal professors and college administrators
  • Why he is optimistic for 2016



  1. c
    Posted December 30, 2015 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for this interview.
    One of Trump’s better moments was during a Republican debate (10/28), when the candidates were asked to describe their greatest weakness. Most of the other answers were fairly contrived. Trump’s answer was disarmingly genuine, and very much related to your discussion. He said: “I’m too trusting [of people] and when they let me down, if they let me down, I never forgive”.

  2. Harold
    Posted December 31, 2015 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    A little anecdote pertaining to trust: I was reading a story recently which involved the protagonist pretending to be a brigand and gaining the brigands’ trust with the intention of betraying them later. Obviously the protagonist was doing this to save good people and the brigands he was to betray were, being brigands, bad people. Nevertheless, I found that part of the story uncomfortable to read, as I do similar situations in other stories. I wonder how strong, and how prevalent, such a response would be in various ethnic groups.

  3. anon
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    Great Stuff

    trump and white working class – i think he’ll also get a lot of pre 1965 black and long settled hispanic

    immigrant invasion – imo the suddenness is because the bad guys know the economy is going down and they have to finish us off quick

    jewish shamelessness – sociopaths are shameless but generally solitary predators, i think the fake history Jews tell themselves creates group sociopathy. poking holes in their fake history e.g. by publicizing the Jewish role in slavery, weakens the their group sociopathy imo

    hillary clinton – all the dirt from Bill will do for her I think – especially any connection to Epstein’s kiddy island

    neocons running someone else – Bloomberg would be my guess

    eastern europe – imo the different reaction to the invasion in eastern europe pretty much proves the dominance of TV brain washing as the primary cause of the sickness in the west

    european uniqueness – i think KMac and hbdchick are both mostly right and it’s really a question of *layers* of evolution. I think the uniqueness comes mainly from those traits that evolved through all those thousands of years surviving the long winters. As time went by and the earth warmed up our ancestors then switched into cattle herding Indo-Europeans. This added a second evolutionary layer over the top of the earlier one but didn’t erase it. Then the Catholic church’s ban on cousin marrying simply peeled away a lot of the more clannish IE layer revealing the old “white walker” one plus adding a new layer.

    jewish manipulation of white traits – i agree with KMac on this, they simply spotted our weakness and exploited it. (another possible take is they may have evolved unconsciously to exploit it like a parasite). in China they’ll try and use whatever weaknesses the Chinese have.

    • mark leo
      Posted January 10, 2016 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

      The dominant role of the Sassoon/ Rothschild
      families in the opium trade militates against naïve Chinese acceptance of powerful Jewish interests. I may be wrong about this but I think we in the USA have a diminished understanding of the torments the Chinese people were subjected to as a result of Jewish drug cartels. Multiply the drug wars in the modern USA by a hundred and you get the picture. That Facebook and Amazon and other Jewish dominated enterprises face government opposition is no accident.

  4. anon
    Posted January 3, 2016 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    “fake history Jews tell themselves”

    by which I mean always the victim, never the perpetrator. that’s the key point imo as they see their group sociopathy as pre-emptive self-defense.

  5. anon
    Posted January 3, 2016 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    apologies, another clarification

    “layers of evolution” = the sequence of adaptation

    white people (to varying extents)
    1) tropical HGs
    2) mid-latitude HGs
    3) far northern HGs (unique)
    4) clannish herders/farmers
    5) outbred farmers (unique)
    6) urbanized

    asian (to varying extents)
    1) tropical HGs
    2) mid-latitude HGs

    4) clannish herders/farmers

    6) urbanized (some recent, some ancient)

    african (to varying extents)
    1) tropical HGs

    4) clannish herders/farmers

    6) urbanized (mostly very recent)

  6. Rob A.
    Posted January 3, 2016 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    Ted Cruz is a close friend of Jay Nordlinger of NR. That is a red flag for me as far as Cruz’s attitude to neoconservative foreign policy is concerned. I simply don’t trust him.

  7. Simon Ström
    Posted January 5, 2016 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    “Why do Europeans allow this to happen to themselves?”

    I don’t agree that we, Europeans, are as pathologically altruistic and individualistic that we “allow” replacement-level immigration to happen to ourselves. The reality is that we have been disarmed of our masculinity and innate tribalism. Even Europeans have primal instincts of family and tribe, even if we, to a greater extent compared to other races, construct in-groups based on morality and individual qualities rather than kinship.
    Protecting the perimeter from intruders is a basic human instinct, although we as Europeans collectively prefer to call the hostile out-group “Muslims” instead of “Middle-Easterners”; attacking their moral qualities before their actual foreign ancestry.
    However, a significant portion of European-descendedmen, do in fact realize that this is a question of spacial integrity – living space for our race. Were it not for the expansive state and the mass media, basically a surrogate for the village patriarch/chieftain/priest and their respective narratives, we wouldn’t have arrived at this situation in the first place.
    We fundamentally lack men, and male authority concerned with the people in particular, such as those listed in the previous sentence. The epicenters of power in liberal democracies are unnatural from the point of view of the people; ranging from self-concerned career politicians, to corporate media moguls and plain parasitic networks of Jews and minorities dominating the narrative with their own agendas.

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