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Lawrence of Suburbia:
Coping with White Pathology

Lawrence of Arabia: A Paragon of White Pathology1,477 words

French translation here

The White race is uniquely disposed to pathological responses to interaction with racial outgroups because of its relatively strong will to power. This genetic predisposition has fueled a great deal of our progress and is a vital aspect of our racial character, but it introduces unique and potentially fatal vulnerabilities.

Within a random sample of White males, a greater number of them than any other advanced race will be averse to socially submissive behavior. The number of natural leaders outspans the available leadership roles in contemporary society, leading to a variety of racially unique coping mechanisms.

The first coping mechanism is primordial democracy. From the earliest recorded histories of White populations, we find a prevalence of superficially egalitarian social orders. The Germanic ‘thing’ assemblies, the Hellenic experiments in democracy, the Roman Senate, and the development of the American Republic were all products of this social dynamic. The driving force behind this phenomenon is that a distributed power arrangement is the only stable power arrangement when so many of the tribe’s males strive to be the alpha male.

We're a race of kings, pretenders, rebels, pioneers, and hermitsThe second coping mechanism is abandoning the tribe altogether. This can manifest in several forms. In one form, you have the isolated hermit, a sub-type far more common among our race than among other races. In another form, you have the pioneer, abandoning his tribe in pursuit of new frontiers. What is a rebel, but a leader without any followers? And what race features more of this social type than our own?

Within this context of abandoning one’s own tribe, a particularly attractive alternative to accepting a submissive role within one’s own tribe is accepting a dominant role within an alien tribe. A whole world of submissive and subservient minions await our natural leaders. Lawrence of Arabia, Madonna in Malawi, and countless thousands of White pioneers who integrated into America’s indigenous tribes have all demonstrated an innate will to power which exceeds their innate ethnocentrism.

The uniquely Western development of sporting competitions developed organically as a constructive way to sublimate this competitive instinct. The greater variety of subcultures and political movements — the perpetual social splintering — is a non-athletic equivalent, providing a diversity of politically and reproductively tangential contexts for expressing the will to power.

There’s the time-honored question among White Advocates of whether we fell or were pushed. The answer is: both. In numerous cases, Jews had little if any role in the pathological expression of our will to power. The Conquistadores submerged themselves socially and genetically into the indigenous Amerindian communities on their own accord. The extent and nature of colonialism and neo-colonialism can only be partially explained by exogenous economic factors. The drive for social dominance was insatiable for our people, manifesting itself in both the most egregious acts of aggression and overreach and the most suicidal acts of paternalism.

Jews and other enemies are certainly eager to exploit this vulnerability and have become quite adept at doing so. It is, however, an innate vulnerability which we must resolve independently. If we attempt to resolve it afterwards, then the Jews will merely need to frame themselves once again as huddled masses of humble victims seeking our leadership and protection. And if one White nation is wise enough to resist taking them in, they’ll certainly find another.

The modern Western male is politically irrelevant, no longer a subject of history. He’s no longer even afforded the traditional human male privilege of being socially dominant within his own home. He is, however, empowered to play out his impotent fantasies in a variety of pointless and self-destructive ways. By embracing the banner of civil rights and multiculturalism, he can envision himself as a veritable Lawrence of Suburbia, a selfless defender of his polychromatic minions. By rooting for his college football team, he can vicariously experience a range of emotions concomitant with the assertion of social dominance.

White Guy Sucked Into Virtual World (Pearl Jam - Evolution)Some futurists have a foreboding about the potential consequences of virtual reality technologies which will allow people to retreat from society altogether in pursuit of ever more realistic wish-fulfillment fantasies. While the technology will certainly improve in the coming decades, this dystopia is much farther along than many presume. Pornography, televised sports, narrowly framed political contests between utterly indistinguishable teams, and Internet blogs, forums, and chatrooms already empower White males to satisfy their innate will to power in an array of virtual realities.

Even among our remnant of men and women who realize in some abstract sense that we’re being herded into a soft genocide by the modern world, its cosmopolitan technocrats, and its Jewish oligarchs, the will to power is overwhelmingly expressed in counter-productive ways. Our ethnocentric organizations splinter and implode in a whirlwind of infighting at the slightest provocation, precisely because we have this overwhelming will to power and have yet to master it in the service of our ostensible aims.

Individually, we can improve our fitness by identifying and resisting every impotent expression of the will to power . . . playing video games, indulging in pornography, watching spectator sports, participating in controlled state and national politics, and admiring those who do. Female supporters, being primary objects of male status competition, can play a pivotal role in refusing to respect or humor White male achievements in these pursuits.

While positively esteeming tangible acts of leadership (expanding leadership in this respect to include actively following and supporting useful projects) in the cause of White Advocacy is an obvious and natural thing to do, a blunt refusal to honor any and all virtual status accomplishments, a renewal of the taboo against pornography and masturbation, and an aloof detachment from popular sports and conventional politics will help nudge those in our circles of influence in the proper direction.

A survey of populations which have managed to succeed within the modern world demonstrates that these basic prescriptions are already enacted. Perhaps it’s an organic and intuitive response. Perhaps it’s an incidental byproduct of refusing to part from traditional constructs which include these elements (for an obvious selective reason). Perhaps it’s due to explicit knowledge of this process among community elders who translate this systematic knowledge into the community’s mythic context — as an informed decision to repair the tribal memeplex.

Mormons against the modern world

They’re all traditional, patriarchal, and rigorously careful about which expressions of will to power are tolerated and rewarded. For the most part, they all rely almost exclusively on reproduction rather than recruitment for their expansion. This suggests that while they can reliably educate and train a young male to think and behave in a productive and constructive manner, they’ve had very limited success in pulling contemporary males away from their computer games.

The implication to be drawn from this is that our conventional mainstreaming and recruitment strategies are dramatically less likely to reap tangible progress than expanded efforts to adapt existing resources and develop new resources to inculcating the appropriate thinking and behavioral patterns in our children. One alarming trend I’ve noted within the White Nationalist community is the tragically low rate at which our own offspring adopt our worldview . . . much less become champions in defense of our tribe and traditions.

The goal of translating feminized and decadent adult Western males into champions in defense of our tribe and traditions is one we definitely must achieve. That goal is, however, quite remote. There’s little evidence that even organizations with far more minds and resources at their disposal than we have at our disposal can achieve that goal. It may even be impossible, or at the least practically insurmountable while the overarching socioeconomic context continues strongly rewarding and encouraging self-destructive thinking and behavioral patterns.

Fairy Tales, by Mary GowUntil then, what we definitely can do — and what we definitely have not been doing to any meaningful extent — is cultivate parallel education and entertainment options for the children of White Advocates. We have a rich inheritance from traditional European folk tales to adapt and exploit. We can even rely to some extent on non-White productions from genres in countries like Japan which emphasize martial values and refrain from the pervasively decadent and anti-White indoctrination of our own culture’s creative works. Advances in technology have made producing creative works more accessible and affordable than ever.

If we can rear a generation of young men and women whose first thought is the defense of their own precious families, communities, and traditions rather than those of the aliens in our midst and a cobweb of Enlightenment abstractions, that generation may well be the nucleus of a vanguard capable of challenging a culture which will be all the more senile and vulnerable as it succumbs to the crippling effects of Modernity. The next generation may well be capable of expressing their will to power in a constructive way.

We might even raise ourselves up our very own Lawrence of White America, a man capable of “uniting the tribes” and inspiring an insurgency against our common enemies.



  1. kendoka
    Posted October 19, 2012 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    I suggest the author look at Dalrock’s Blog ( or the articles of F.Roger Devlin for a more detailed understanding of the dysfunctional modern dynamics between the sexes and the underlying legal and economic causes. Hint: Men aren’t the problem.

  2. Posted October 19, 2012 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    While I appreciate the clarity regarding the present survival of caucasian humanity, I have refrained to comment to many voices who see the answer in what I define as corruption. We are noble from empathy and compassion, and are unique in this trait. Never shall we remain we, if to mirror the narrow heartlessness of the jewish Talmud, never. I hear may voices from white nationalists that say such evil as ‘sex sells’, using women to compete in the whorehouse few see past. Also primitive social darwinism is tragic to my mind. Lon Chaney Sr. was the first granted a full Marine Funeral for his portrayal as a sergeant, yet his genius of expression came from being raised by deaf mutes, so he did not speak until his teens and learned what developed without voice. Abilities often arise from disabilities, this the clumsy Eugenics movement never grasped… had they been victorious, I would have been spared incarnation to my benefit, but less art and poetry from tortured life hating creative beings would have ever occurred… simply review how may creators and inventors took their lives, to grasp my point… H.

  3. Jaego
    Posted October 19, 2012 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    We must “create” (wont be hard) a whole mythos of our dispossesion – based on our trusting nature and the evil of our opponents. And of course, the incredible betrayal of our Elites. Nothing unites a people like this. Worked for the Jews. Worked for the Irish. It will work for us.

  4. Lew
    Posted October 19, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    Good essay. You have a talent for finding original insights and interesting parallels. I don’t how other nationalists parents feel, but I find the effort the shield my kids from the culture is always a fight. In my home, there are no video games besides chess, and I rule the TV programming with an iron fist. When my kids watch TV, I make sure it’s something healthy or educational that can’t be corrupted by propaganda (nature and science documentaries usually fit the bill). The problem is the omnipresence of the culture. No matter what we do in the home, it’s everywhere outside the home. I was at electronics store recently looking at the phones. My daughter was with me. As I was looking over the options, I lost track of her for a minutes. When I found her, she had put on the sample headphones and was listening to Lady Gaga.

    • Junghans
      Posted October 20, 2012 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

      Lew, I fully empathize with your difficulty in trying to bring up White children in the current culturally corrupted environment. We are engulfed in a sea of toxic ideas and vexing peer group pressure, that is very difficult for most people to resist. Children, being the most impressionistic and vulnerable, creates a huge dilemma in meaningful, White identitarian parenting.

  5. Roissy Hater
    Posted October 19, 2012 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

    “One alarming trend I’ve noted within the White Nationalist community is the tragically low rate at which our own offspring adopt our worldview . . .”

    Yes, we live in a dystopia and things are likely to only get worse as the Facebook generation matures.

    If you raise your children to espouse and live out the views presented here on CC, they will be alone, alienated, and somewhat depressed. That’s the exact reason why there are so few of us who choose not to conform.

    That’s why I will never have children. If they were truly Traditional in orientation, they would have trouble fitting in and making friends. Ultimately, your children may turn into everything you hate because of their environment.

    • realist
      Posted October 20, 2012 at 2:07 am | Permalink

      “That’s why I will never have children. If they were truly Traditional in orientation, they would have trouble fitting in and making friends. Ultimately, your children may turn into everything you hate because of their environment.”

      That’s why with such attitudes the West will sink in a limp wristed whimper by butt-hurt male betas. Get out of your head and move to the North West. It’s not an immediate solution but a start, if your environment really pains you that much. Tradition is eternal, just as cosmic laws are, but it will never be re-instated by a ruling Elite (or Elect) until room is opened for such a power to come into existence. Needless to say, this will not happen until the USA is sufficiently weakened or collapses unto itself as a federal power. A brief window of opportunity will follow before competing powers consolidate themselves against a white republic (or new Imperium based on the Laws of Tradition). Until then its Riding the Tiger through the dark night.

      Living in Europe and knowing intimately how self-conscious ethnic communities can hold out against hostile nation-states for years. Poverty and hardship breed tough survival mechanisms which lends promise to the idea that HAC is correct in NorthWestFront hypothesis. All it takes is willing to go through much pain, torture, death and punishment to achieve such goals, but if they can be achieved at all, then it’s a win for us. Since it is all going to come down eventually, it’s best to be prepared or at least have offspring to be there to see it through.

      We are living in and end patch of the civilizational cycle, where the corrupt state has not yet imploded and the vacuum of power has not yet been opened to allow for self contained communities. So many things can still be done and won, in the time being of holding out. The very influence, morale and effect that this blog has is a testament to such methods. The frankness and braveness of this blog (and publishing house) is something that has no equivalent in Europe or elsewhere in the world, due mainly to its unapologetic expounding of Germanic/Anglo-saxon heritage.

      Guenon believed nothing short of a massive cataclysm could possible turn things around. He was right (even if he did flee to Egypt and procreate a hybrid Arab family), but if we’re all doomed anyway, with nothing to lose, we may as well give it our all.

      • Posted October 20, 2012 at 10:10 am | Permalink

        I was going to say something about Evola & Co. but I see you beat me to it!

        Interesting that you allude to his Ride the Tiger, since in that book he devotes two chapters to this very topic, although his opinion seems to be quite contrary to yours.

        Going back to the Fascist period, when Mussolini pursued a “Policy of Births”, Evola relentlessly opposed the idea that Italy, or any state, was weak because of a low population. Empires are created not by numbers but by Will. Example number one, the British; they didn’t rule 3/4 of the Earth by being more populous, nor did they lose the Empire through underpopulation; they simply lost the Will to hold it.

        In Ride the Tiger, Evola moves away from this political context and looks at the individual of Traditionalist bent. Here he observes that while in a Trad. society, one might expect ones progeny to pass on ones values, today the odds are reversed, thus making reproduction at best irrelevant to the Wise Man. He also notes that here in the late Kali Yuga increasing the population means precisely increasing the lower or un-traditional elements, thus being a self-stulifying solution.

        To go back to Guenon for a moment, he did not believe anything, even a ‘cataclysm’ could “reverse” cyclical developments; this is mere sentimentality. The “restoration” of the Golden Age is actually the START of the Golden Age of the next cycle. The Wheel reaches its lowest point, time and motion stop, then begins its new ascent.

        The only ones to ‘enjoy the new age’ as he says will be an elite handful who, presumably by their spiritual development and powers, will survive the cataclysm and form the nucleus of the new elite, passing on Tradition and providing cyclical continuity. There are the Manis, Yellow Emperors, Solons etc. that founded our own traditions. This is what Evola saw as the role of the Order: Templars, Round Table, Assassins, SS, etc.

        This is the Mannerbund that Evola saw as the origin of Aryan culture, as I’ve tirelessly pointed out here. Thus, Evola’s Order has more in common with William Burroughs Wild Boys or Johnson Families than any “big patriarchal family”.

        BTW, the Mormons are a materialistic counter-Traditional group whose success, perhaps soon to include the Presidency, is a truly sinister but all too appropriate development in this stage of the Kali Yuga, not a model to be followed. At least, that’s what Guenon says.

        As for Evola, after the failure of the SS, he saw nothing but developing individuals who would be able to Stand Upright in the ruins, thus passing on into the new cycle. Babies and families, not so much.

      • Roissy Hater
        Posted October 20, 2012 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

        “That’s why with such attitudes the West will sink in a limp wristed whimper by butt-hurt male betas.”

        My position is completely reasonable. I have no power. I am surrounded by degenerate morons in my family and potential school system which would corrupt my child and turn him/her into the average degenerate consumer you see on the street.

        You, on the other hand, refuse to see reality and would rather go along to get along … that’s your definition of ‘alpha’ — one who smiles and conforms, a weekend rebel!

      • realist
        Posted October 21, 2012 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

        Going back to the Fascist period, when Mussolini pursued a “Policy of Births”, Evola relentlessly opposed the idea that Italy, or any state, was weak because of a low population. Empires are created not by numbers but by Will. Example number one, the British; they didn’t rule 3/4 of the Earth by being more populous, nor did they lose the Empire through underpopulation; they simply lost the Will to hold it.

        Yes, quality over quantity backed by an affirmative Will. Unfortunately Germany lost the War due to a lack of quantity and not through lack of Will. The fact is, you need both in some cases, and the British empire was undermanned by Brits themselves who relied on pitting natives against each other but they too were overwhelmed by revolting native masses which in turn lost them the economic Will to carry forward.

        In Ride the Tiger, Evola moves away from this political context and looks at the individual of Traditionalist bent. Here he observes that while in a Trad. society, one might expect ones progeny to pass on ones values, today the odds are reversed, thus making reproduction at best irrelevant to the Wise Man. He also notes that here in the late Kali Yuga increasing the population means precisely increasing the lower or un-traditional elements, thus being a self-stulifying solution.

        The trouble with this is that Evola had not witnessed the mass immigration of non-whites to white societies and the subsequent declining birthrates from liberal lifestyles, so it is uncertain has to how he may have reacted to it, at least as a block to further poisoning. He had on a similar tone, advocated political action as a method to create “space” in a democratic system as this would be non-existent under a communist regime. Nonetheless we have a clearer picture of his life and actions that may not appeal to many. After all he did chose to live un-traditionally since the opposite was impossible except within local confines as he put it.

        All else said, Evola may actually have had an illegitimate son if the accounts of Fr. Frank Gelli – a one time close associate of E. – are to be believed in his book “Julius Evola: The Sufi of Rome”. According to a review on, and I quote: “Evola showed Gelli a letter from an Argentine woman who claimed she gave birth to his son. Evola protested to Gelli, doubting the proof of his paternity (that’s what happens with promiscuity), and wishing she had “done away with him”.” Now I’m not one to ever adhere to gossip or hearsay but there is a strong likelihood the accounts are factual. So without any stable institutions of marriage or even a civic partnership between two heterosexual individuals of similar ethnicity, where no nucleic family unit has room to grow, all we are left with is random accidents by permanent bachelors to spread future progeny, who undoubtedly will be raised by matriarch single moms on state subsidies.

        To go back to Guenon for a moment, he did not believe anything, even a ‘cataclysm’ could “reverse” cyclical developments; this is mere sentimentality. The “restoration” of the Golden Age is actually the START of the Golden Age of the next cycle. The Wheel reaches its lowest point, time and motion stop, then begins its new ascent.

        To quote the exact words of Guénon himself:

        “We have in fact entered upon the last phase of the Kali-Yuga, the darkest period of the ‘dark age’, the state of dissolution from which it is impossible to emerge otherwise than by a cataclysm.” – from The Crisis of the Modern World. Sure he would rather know, something than believe anything, but that quote sounds like a belief to me if not an act of faith.

        Guénon remained an authoritive figure on Tradition to Evola all the way up to his death in the post war period, from what we can gather from their correspondences. Note also that Evola had pondered the prospect of entering India having “exhausted all possibilities in the West”.

        It should be reminded that Guénon too, had tried to enter India only to be blocked a visa by the British. But more damaging was the fact that he didn’t move over to a traditional Roman Orthodoxy or Catholicism, and according to the famed hermeticist, Valetin Tomberg, Guénon had been “impoverished” for not doing so. I tend to agree. For had he done so the French Novelle Droite leadership would not have been so splintered over its siding with Islam (as even G.Faye has noted). This decision in fact held the Right back by years.

        Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, for all his near genius level of accumen on the Vedenta convinced his son Rama to pursue traditional Catholicism as the closest reminiscence to it in the West, citing Dante’s poetry (as both initiatic and esoteric) as the epitome of eternal Rome (Amor). Truely a high point of medieval Aryan imperial consciousness and traditional continuity.

        Guénon may also have been wrong about the actual time cycles of the kali-yuga but that’s perhaps the topic for yet another debate on the whole “we’re doomed so why bother” hypothesis, of a disgusting defeatism. Check here until then:

        But whether we are at the end of the Kali Yuga is, at the very least, moot. My own impression is that the more genuinely traditional Hindus tend to see the Kali Yuga in terms of the much longer time frame of 432,000 years. While Guénon reviled the West and its attempt to erode the traditional values of Asian civilisation, ironically his view that the end is at hand comes far closer to the spirit of Christianity, the ultimate Western religion – which for 2,000 years has been predicting the imminent return of Jesus – than it does to Hindu thought. .

        So despite his utmost traditional spirit, Guénon fled the West to Sufism whereupon he married and had children. Simply put: it is not beyond a priest or warriors calling to have offspring, even if it also must be sancified in an institution of marriage – which predates Christianity, regardless of the times we live in.

        Now on to the Männerbund and other nebulous contentions. Even Evola clearly states in his Men Among the Ruins and in his quasi manifesto of the Order of the Iron Crown, that yes a man with a family can be admitted to such an Order (this is not to say that an Order is a family which is isn’t). His only inhibition he felt was that a family could hinder a mans ultimate devotion to a traditional action to be ready at any time. However Evola also noted Zen’s equivlent in the Japanese Kamikaze volunteers, who knowing their sacrifical calling were still able to join with their families up to the very day of their departures. On a similiar note, Goebbels and his family’s’ last days with the Reich, mirrors that of a traditional action.

        Controversially, Evolas alternative for the single males who must avoid familiy pursuits for battle readiness wasn’t so much about pederasty but the formation of a third party contingent of skanks who could please their desires on the whim. Of course this isn’t plausible for obvious reasons even while historical reports have noted hookers on the front in more modern times it is not a sustainable solution.

        Yet other exceptions emerge to this supposed ideal of celibacy amongst the Kshatriya caste. The Samurai warriors had sons who would accompany them to battle, as did the Roman phalanxes. The most acclaimed warrior band in European history, the esteemed “300” had to upon admisson have a “son of duty”, this means they could sacrifice all, knowing their name would be avenged or at least pass on in future progeny. Even at the onset and in the full knowing of the total destruction of their community they continued in an heroic calm. Same with early priests of the church, who would have a family first as the necessary evil and then renounce to full communion with God – which shares similiarity with Alain Daniélou’s observations of traditional Hindu society. This is Tradition (passing on) of both a physical and spiritual chain of race understood in both practical terms and in its essence. There should be no exceptions to time or place on this rule but if the exception was to become a rule than this would have obvious dangerous implications for our race. There has always been some immanent cataclyms just waiting around the corner. It is only in the late decadent oestrogenated West, do we now view raising offspring as a complete burden on our lifestyle rather than an act of duty (which transcends any judaic law) and the pathetic excuses are to no end by all parties. To those who will brave it in any case and raise children in spite of it all, my respect is total.

        @Roissy Hater
        A rebel can still have children. In fairness, your excuses are frankly a weak cop-out in these challenging times. I’m afraid you bare too much resembelence to the permanently juvenile attitudes of nihilistic liberals who take a similiar whiny posture in regards to the world “being too ugly to raise offspring” since it would interfere on their comfort zones. At least in our grandparents era it was not even a choice to consider the prospect. Of course it’s a challenge to raise children in any time and the perils are great today but I side with Parrott, Totteri and Gregs stance on this. Needless to say there will always be those who will not bear offspring even in a traditional society however it should still be kept as an exception rather than as a rule for racially conscious whites.

      • Roissy Hater
        Posted October 21, 2012 at 8:49 pm | Permalink


        If this were the 1950s, perhaps even the 90s, I might have children. Unfortunately, things have culturally shifted so far south into the gutter that having children today seems insane. I’m an intelligent, good looking anti-natalist, given the present circumstances.

        If Pat Buchanan were President, and America reflected his values, I would have three minivans worth of white children.

    • Tottori
      Posted October 20, 2012 at 10:04 am | Permalink

      “That’s why I will never have children. If they were truly Traditional in orientation, they would have trouble fitting in and making friends. Ultimately, your children may turn into everything you hate because of their environment.”

      I take a much more liberal approach with my siblings. The first step in my opinion is to give them a historical-biological-cultural identity. After that I prefer to ‘Ride the Tiger’ of modern culture rather than to run away from the tiger.

      I want them to obtain a particular historical outlook upon life- so I make them read DiLorenzo’s ‘The Real Lincoln’, Buchanan’s ‘The Unnecessary War’, as well as Ivan Eland’s ‘Recarving Rushmore’ & ‘The Israel Lobby’ by Mearshimer. The purpose is to take their historical views well out of mainstream Churchill, Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Wilson cults- and to seriously question the expansionist outlook of US foreign policy. Sometimes to reinforce these lessons I’ll have them read selections and critique the worldview of people like ‘Diplomacy’ by Kissinger, or ‘Grand Chessboard’ by Brzezinski.

      For biological awareness, I have them Read Lynn’s ‘Dysgenics’, Rushton’s ‘Race, Evolution, and Behavior’, Moir’s ‘Brain Sex’, Nisbett’s ‘Geography of Thought’, Cochrane’s ’10,000 Year Explosion’ and Stout’s ‘Sociopath Next Door’. The purpose of this is to bring awareness to biological differences in class, gender, and race so that they can appreciate those differences (making them value their group more). Sometimes I reinforce this with Coon’s ‘The Races of Europe’, or a documentary like ‘A Conversation About Race’, or ‘Going Tribal’, or ‘Brainwash Race’ (all on YouTube).

      For Cultural awareness, I have them read Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Culture of Critique’ (more of a culture-ethnic-political awareness book) as well as his ‘Cultural Insurrections’ (The Iraq War section is incredible). I’ll also have them read ‘Suicide of a Super Power’ by Buchanan, or ‘The State of White America’ by Murray. To reinforce these ideas I’ll have them watch movies with bias against white identity, or Christians, or our history- I love showing them examples of all three like Supra Ninja’s season 1 episode 9 ‘Dollhouse’ (on YouTube).

      Now that that awareness has been built strongly of a particular historical-ethnic-cultural identity, they have the solid footing to go out into the world and experience it. When I read ‘Ride the Tiger’ by Julius Evola I got out of it the idea that whites shouldn’t flee big cities and modern culture- instead they should go right into the centers of power and participate in modern culture but to critique it when needed, and to avoid the really bad stuff. We go to parties, nightclubs (where we laugh at the grinders, black people with sunglasses and towels etc.), we listen to some modern music and laugh at how bad the values are (a lot of modern culture we just can’t participate in- but maybe the other 50% is acceptable with some critique)- as the Kali Yuga continues we ‘Ride the (modern) Tiger’- critiquing it- and one day when the tiger tires we’ll return to our natural culture.

      I’ve tried the tactic of withdrawing from cities, listening to only classical music, watching only old movies, reading only high class books, but it wasn’t for me. Everyone at work wants to talk about the football game, the recent movie, or the political debate. My point is that I don’t think withdrawing is the only tactic within our movement- we can do the opposite as well to a certain extent. So if your kids don’t run from the modern culture tiger, having them riding it isn’t the end of the world.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted October 20, 2012 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

        It is possible to give children a critical perspective on modern culture that will immunize them to its potential harms, which allow one to live in the world but not of it.

      • Posted October 21, 2012 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

        I like your response.

        Ride the Tiger; do not run from it.


    • Posted October 20, 2012 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

      That’s why I will never have children. If they were truly Traditional in orientation, they would have trouble fitting in and making friends. Ultimately, your children may turn into everything you hate because of their environment.

      I have reason to believe it’s not futile, and that it’s possible to raise a child to be authentically traditional while fully functional. I’m hoping this post is the beginning of a fruitful exploration of ways for parents to arm their children with the knowledge, inspiration, and analytical tools they’ll need to ride the tiger into the next generation.

  6. Posted October 20, 2012 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    Matt Parrott is becoming to White Advocacy what Mark Hackard is to Christianity i.e. our best young writer and advocate.

  7. Posted October 20, 2012 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    “In one form, you have the isolated hermit, a sub-type far more common among our race than among other races”

    Not to be pedantic, but do we really know this? Right off the top of my head I can think of the Taoist ideal of the perhaps not necessarily ‘isolated’ but at least wandering and likely alone Sage:

    A poem by Chia Tao who lived during the T’ang dynasty (777-841):

    Searching For The Hermit In Vain

    I asked the boy beneath the pines
    He said, “The master’s gone alone
    Herb-picking somewhere on the mount,
    Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown.”

    (as translated by Lin Yutang)

    And in India, the fourth stage of life, the ideal stage, was the life of solitary “forest dweller.”

    “Alain Daniélou, distinguished Orientalist, musicologist, and linguist, reveals the foundations of India’s culture and the four aims of human life as they are viewed in the traditional Hindu society: virtue on a moral plane; success on the material and social planes; pleasure on a sensual plane; and liberation on a spiritual plane. Coexistent with these aims are the four stages of life: quest for knowledge, family life, retreat into the forest, and renunciation. ”

    Two fairly major races, I would think; unless you want to argue this just proves they came under Aryan influence, which is a whole other argument….

    Btw, looking up the Danielou book, I see a blurb on Amazon from … Collin Cleary! He’s everywhere!

    “Offer[s] us an abundance of excellent advice about how to understand life and to live well.”
    (Collin Cleary, Tyr, August 2002)

    • Posted October 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm | Permalink


      [Re: White loners] Not to be pedantic, but do we really know this?

      You did predict one of my arguments, which is that many of the historical examples of hermits and loners were White, Whitish, or strongly influenced by a White culture. This subject definitely deserves further inquiry.

      If we are to build a Traditional society, we should look to traditional sources, not follow Judaic obsessions.

      The taboo is hardly limited to the Jewish tradition. Idle wanking is quite clearly and objectively a waste of profound motivation and energy.

      When men have no women to sleep with, they satisfy themselves with other kinds of vulvas […]

      So, although the Kama Sutra recognized masturbation as a necessary evil, they did not altogether condone it.

      I feel like my point has been made for me, that even this notoriously risque classic work which surely had no Jewish influence…frowned on masturbation.

      Alternatives to heterosexual relations have always existed and have always manifested in some manner in every age and place. There are always going to be asexual, polyamorous, homosexual, infertile, and deformed people. For rather obvious temporal reasons, committed heterosexual relations should be protected and promoted as the norm.

      I’m not convinced that these ancient warrior bands had the sexual dynamic you suggest that they do, though I haven’t explored the topic enough to conclude one way or another. But even if you’re entirely correct on the history, and completely setting aside all moral frameworks which are arguably Semitic in origin, I think it’s irrelevant.

      We’re not talking about choosing between being in an Aryan Mannerbund of fearless warriors versus being in a traditional family. We’re choosing between wallowing in a nihilistic cesspit of video games and Cheese Poofs versus redirecting your psychological and sexual energy into real competitive struggle.

      • Greg P.
        Posted October 26, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Permalink


        Great article.

        And I commend you for bringing up the issue of porn/masturbation. Even though I was aware that the constant sexual imagery we’re bombarded with in “Western” countries is a form of psychological warfare and weakens our people, until recently I was unconvinced trying to make porn taboo would be wise, or was even really desirable.

        That changed for me after I read Dr. Lasha Darkmoon’s pieces on TOO, “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain” part I and part II. Despite her reference to what she suggests is a “cure” for homosexuality* and my disagreements with her on some other issues, I think her pieces are well worth the read. They didn’t convince me of her position completely but they definitely opened my mind and got me interested in the subject. If it’s even a fraction of how harmful she argues it is, I think it deserves more attention. I started looking at her sources and was shocked at what I found.

        For anyone that’s interested, here are some worthwhile links (in addition to her articles above):

        Senate Subcommittee Hears Experts on Pornography Toxicity

        The Neuroscience of Pleasure

        Slave Master: How Pornography and Drugs Changes Your Brain

        Your Brain On Porn Series: Porn Addiction (video)
        Description of the above video:

        Anatomy & physiology teacher Gary Wilson explains the evolutionary forces behind porn’s appeal, how the brain changes in response to super-normal stimulation, what makes today’s porn different from static porn of the past, and what you need to know to regain your sense of direction if you’re hooked on porn.

        This presentation is not an argument against pornography, nor does it suggest what percentage of Internet porn users become addicted. It was created for anyone who has an Internet porn addiction, or wants to understand Internet pornography addiction.

        *Note: I wish Darkmoon would read David Duke’s My Awakening. I was really surprised and fascinated by the chapter/section on homosexuality. It brings to light a lot of scientific studies and evidence that strongly suggests something other than mainstream views on it, both of the “liberal” establishment and especially of the Christian “conservatives.” I found it extremely informative, and to have only a very mild anti-homosexual bias. I even think that James O’Meara or Jack Donovan would largely agree with his conclusions.

    • Gregor
      Posted October 21, 2012 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

      James, thanks for recalling one of my favorite poems by Jia Dao.

      Its simplicity and elegance shines forth in its original form even more than in translation.

      归隐者 不偶


  8. Posted October 20, 2012 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    I think this emphasis on masturbation and pornography is misplaced. As Freud said of homosexuality, while assuredly no advantage” it is hardly a cause for concern.

    If we are to build a Traditional society, we should look to traditional sources, not follow Judaic obsessions.

    The following texts from The Kama Sutra (which date back to the forth century B.C.), describe how Hindus relieved sexual energy when they didn’t have a partner.

    “When men have no women to sleep with, they satisfy themselves with other kinds of vulvas, or with dolls, or else masturbate. He manages by simply “seizing the lion” [simbakranta], meaning
    masturbation. In this connection it is said: In an upright position, seizing the lion means grasping one’s sex with one’s hand and thus scattering one’s orgasm. Since spilling one’s seed anywhere is a serious offense, a purification rite should then be performed.”

    The women of a harem also had ways to pleasure themselves when men were absent:

    “They use objects with the shape of the virile member: carrots, turnips, and fruit such as bananas, aubergines; roots like that of the sweet potato [aluka] or others, as well as wall pepper roots [talaka]; fruits such as marrows [alabuka], cucumbers, etc. Having cleaned the fruit, they grasp it and insert it in the organ, so as to cause a pleasurable feeling. This is merely a question of erotic amusements and does not involve feelings of love.”
    —The Complete Kama Sutra 1994, Translated by Alain Danielou

    So, although the Kama Sutra recognized masturbation as a necessary evil, they did not altogether condone it.

    In a traditional society like the world of Islam, where women are closely segregated, it is expected that young boys will satisfy each other. Thus, the well-known “vice” and “perversity” of Islamic culture, according to crypto-Judaic Victorians, which others have seen as precisely the attraction of it. See John R. Bradley’s Behind the Veil of Vice.

    As for pornography, the real problem with it is that, as Gore Vidal said, it appeals only to people with little or no imagination of their own. The result, if we follow this line further than Vidal did, is that it effectively replaces or substitutes for ones own imagination an artifact created by another. And we all know WHO runs that industry, don’t we?

    The problem is not pornography as such, as if it had been a “problem” for Traditional societies, but rather the Judaic enemy, who as always controls both sides: puritanical morality and sleazy sexploitation.

  9. Posted October 20, 2012 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    Whoa, this is full of food for thought! I’ve commented on it, and quoted the first part here:

  10. Junghans
    Posted October 20, 2012 at 2:33 pm | Permalink

    Great insight into some of the nuances of the Anglo/White psyche, Matt. I like your ironic and mocking play on words with the title LAWRENCE OF SUBURBIA. How appropriate. It fully captures the quixotic, White tomfoolery of our deluded, self-destructive age. I hope that you are also working on an incisive essay on White Pathology for the next all WP issue of TOQ.

  11. Andrew II
    Posted October 20, 2012 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    “Within a random sample of White males, a greater number of them than any other advanced race will be averse to socially submissive behavior.”

    Oddly perhaps, Mr. Parrot’s observations inspired in me a measure of hope. Having muddled through nearly seven decades of life, I could see all too much of myself in his analysis. His clarity helped. With his indulgence I would like to regard our various failings as a race, not so much as pathologies to be cured, but as divine traits expressed unwisely or immaturely, in an evolutionary sense.

    Since early childhood, I have been a stubborn hater of rules and authority. Sometimes this proclivity served me; often it hurt me. Certainly it was a persistent psychological hindrance for me in my military and government engineering careers where I achieved modest success, but where I found it somehow viscerally repugnant either to accept or to issue orders. I always much preferred to deal with others as equals within the context of mutual agreements or contractual obligations, rather than as a subordinate or a superior in a formal hierarchy.

    However, occasionally I would come to know my commanding officer or my boss as well as his family more closely, and the underlying relationship would become an easy and sincere friendship between two men who shared an enthusiastic commitment to a common mission or project. As this occurred it seemed natural to accept my boss as a mentor and I would willingly accept his leadership while searching for ways to support his efforts.

    I believe this averseness to submissive behavior to be especially true as regards government authority – perhaps a major reason why libertarian thought appeals so strongly to a small, but growing and persistent fraction of Aryan men, and to no other demographic group, its few Jewish proponents notwithstanding.

    Individualism, notions of private property, Austrian economics, freedom to explore, create, invent, and venture, the tolerance to live and let live, opposition to collectivist tyrannies such as central banking and government-enabled corporate monopolies, and the careful ethical inquiry into the proper uses of lethal physical violence for defense of kin, kith, and property – all of these historical currents were initiated exclusively by Aryan men, and from my humble perspective, may serve to help satisfy our racial penchant for universal fairness in all our dealings while offering a long-term strategy for coping with our “will to power” without repressing or perverting what is otherwise a noble strength.

    With due respect for the erudite Dr Johnson’s unfavorable views on libertarianism and Austrian monetary theory, we should acknowledge that SWPL libertarians, unlike WN’s have already taken the initiative to concentrate their numbers in certain locales such as Wyoming and various towns in New Hampshire, proactively networking to help newcomers move and settle, supporting one another through coop housing, community gardening, and guerrilla markets, educating others on the use of alternative currencies like bitcoin and silver rounds, establishing alternate news media for exposing local government shenanigans, using tactically planned displays of civil disobedience to thwart excessive regulation of the trades and crafts, organizing weekend cleanup projects in public parks while exercising the right to open-carry (almost always to good effect), organizing to block local legislative proposals to restrict home schooling, militarize law enforcement, or accept federal funding, and pursuing other such endeavors of which Mindweapons Kievsky or NWF’s Mr. Covington would approve, at least as a starting point.

    Yes, most libertarians I know are still naive about the urgency of racial preservation, but their communities are nearly 100% White, they want Leviathan to leave them the hell alone, they believe in self-responsiblity, and, though for reasons WN’s may consider wrong-headed (universalist rather than racial), they most vigorously and actively oppose the collectivist tyranny which advances anti-White agendas such as affirmative action, racial hiring hiring and contracting quotas, wealth redistribution, property and income taxes, favored treatment of minorities (or anyone for that matter), fiat central banking, misandrist feminism, and government interference with the right to associate with whomever one chooses for whatever reason.

    In a libertarian society Whites would easily prosper, and any opposition, whether intentional or not, to agendas which reward free-riders to the detriment of producers, savers, and planners clearly benefits Whites. To their credit the folks in WY and NH are actually doing something in this regard.

    For further consideration, Professor Hans-Herman Hoppe of the University of Nevada has written extensively on the advantages of a stable, accountable monarchy over democratic states as a possible strategy for protecting a libertarian society within a defined territory from outside aggression.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted October 20, 2012 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

      Libertarians are not “naive” about race and racial preservation. They are philosophically opposed on principle to racialism and racial preservation as “collectivist.” A White Nationalist regime would of necessity be “statist” and collectivist and not regard private property as sacrosanct. The only objection to Jewish media power that a libertarian could have is if the checks did not clear. Libertarians, if true to their principles, would fight against a white nationalist regime. They’re our enemies. Unless and until they change their principles. It’s that simple.

      • Tottori
        Posted October 20, 2012 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

        This is true for 99% of libertarians. The only exception that I’ve ever known is when I decided to read Hans Herman Hoppe’s ‘Democracy The God That Failed’. His chapters 7 and 8 are titled ‘On Free Immigration and Forced Integration’, and ‘On Free Trade and Restricted Immigration’. He actually quotes J. P. Rushton a couple of times in his reasons for opposing immigration. His argument is that cultural-ethnic-religious homogeneity can be more important to a community than short or long run economic interests and can therefore restrict immigrants to only those similar to themselves.

        I think Libertarianism- like most political systems- will start out as a small government but eventually naturally swell to a bigger form of government within a couple generations as people want welfare nets, public institutions, and other goodies. I think Libertarianism can be used to our advantage as an ice breaker. It’s really good at decentralization or breaking an Empire of races-cultures-religions up into more homogeneous areas without a civil war. At that point I think a group can arise and request a Singapore like strategy (I prefer to try a method that’s actually been tried and worked rather than abstract theoretical libertarianism. I recommend the book ‘From Third World to First World’ by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew).

      • Roissy Hater
        Posted October 21, 2012 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

        “Libertarians, if true to their principles, would fight against a white nationalist regime. They’re our enemies.”

        Libertarians are ahistorical, post-Enlightenment thinkers. Libertarians should study the idea of the organic society, perhaps take a look at Vico and Spengler.

        This would certainly cause them the embarrassment of realizing that their ideas are are just as delusional and ridiculous as the Marxists on the far left.

  12. EssEm
    Posted October 21, 2012 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Re Junghans’ ” the quixotic, White tomfoolery of our deluded, self-destructive age…” Well put, sir. I watched two films on the British raj recently, the 1984 Jewel in the Crown and A Passage to India. In both cases, Whites (women in particular) decide, on highminded moral grounds, to transgress the colonial racial protocols in the name of equality, etc. What results is disaster…especially for the Indians involved. Whites do seem to be vulnerable to a particular kind of moral foolishness which is enchanted with noble-sounding ideals but which clashes with sublunary reality and brings catastrophe in its wake. What is perhaps unique to Whites is the attachment to such ideas even when –or especially when?– it is their own people who are damaged by them.

  13. Mike
    Posted October 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

    The individual will to power, then, needs must be tempered and redirected/re-aligned with what benefits the group, instead; for is it not better to serve your superiors, as a crew-member on a luxury liner, than to laud it over your inferiors, as the captain of a junk?
    To reconstruct that pillar of Marxism: “from each according to his desirability, to each according to his worth”.

  14. Greg P.
    Posted October 26, 2012 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    @Roissy Hater
    You said,

    If you raise your children to espouse and live out the views presented here on CC, they will be alone, alienated, and somewhat depressed.

    Wrong. If you raise them to be aware of race and the Jewish Question and instill in them the ALL HOPE IS LOST! mentality, there is a good chance they will be depressed and alienated. There’s also a chance they would realize how inherently defeatist, stupid, and weak that attitude is, and reject it for a more life-affirming one.

    Or, you could trash that effete attitude and raise your children to be resilient, to not give up in the face of adversity.

    You said,

    That’s why I will never have children. If they were truly Traditional in orientation, they would have trouble fitting in and making friends. Ultimately, your children may turn into everything you hate because of their environment.

    Oy vey! They MAY turn into the opposite of what we want them to? OMG! You’re right! …and they could even get hit by a car or get cancer! Those are surely good reasons by themselves just not even bother having kids. And what if they have problems, issues? What if they are not well-adjusted to society? I just can’t bear the thought that my kids would ever have to endure anything difficult…it’s just too much!

    I have trouble understanding why anyone on here puts up with such retarded arguments. I’m surprised Greg even allowed such nonsense on here.

    Seriously, if you think all hope is lost and there’s no point in raising the next generation of white children, why are you even on here? It would be more productive to go drink/drug yourself to death than to spread such nonsense among people focused on solutions.

    Listen Roissy, I’ve read and liked some of your previous comments, and I’ve spent my fair share of time in the all hope is lost! mentality myself, but I don’t to tolerate it anymore. This battle, this mental battle inside each of us—to strengthen our resiliency, our faith in ourselves and our abilities, our will to power—is more vital to overcoming our predicament than anything else. “We are already defeated, so why even try?” is exactly the mindset our enemy wants us to have. The English, despite many of their abhorrent, frankly disgusting characteristics weren’t able conquer and rule 3/4 of the planet because it was easy. They didn’t take an attitude of, “I shouldn’t even try because—*gasp*—what if I fail?!” They took an attitude of daring; they lived for the challenge, the struggle and they did the seemingly impossible. It’s scary what white people can do when they set their minds to it.

    (That’s part of the reason it’s so imperative for anti-whites to keep us mentally shackled and defeated, to keep the that portion of our people who are attracted to great struggle and sacrifice fighting for our people’s genocide.)

    Should the Spartans have taken a similar attitude as yours at the battle of Thermopylae?

    I’ve had countless experiences in my life where I could have given up, where the odds were staked against me, where I couldn’t see any way out, but where I put one foot in front of the other and somehow things ended up working out, in ways I never could have imagined. And I’ve got news for you, sister, the odds of our people’s struggle aren’t half as bad as that of King Leonidas of Sparta, or a million other examples throughout history.

    All hope is lost!” WNs constantly ignore all the evidence suggesting we can secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. They ignore the fact that there are more white people on the planet today than there ever has been before (or close to it). Sure, our people are disorganized, confused, and have a whole host of problems we need to sort out, but our situation is far from hopeless. I can, however, guarantee you that choosing to give up, to refuse to raise the next generation of white children is surefire way to destroy our race.

    You might not pass on your genes, but I sure as hell am passing mine on. I’m having white children, and I’m instilling in them the four tenets of the “Warrior Ethos” (borrowed from the US Army):
    -Always place the mission first (secure the existence of our people and a future for white children)
    -Never accept defeat
    -Never quit

    -Never leave a fallen comrade behind

    And the mantra of many units in the Marine Corps:
    Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

    To quote a military textbook:

    Soldiers who live the Warrior Ethos put the welfare of their unit first, refuse to accept defeat or distraction, and never give up until they accomplish their mission. They have absolute faith in themselves and their team . . . they hold common beliefs and values.

    That’s the attitude you need for victory. That’s the attitude WE need. The attitude we are forging as I write this.

    In another comment you say,

    My position is completely reasonable. I have no power.

    You have incredible power, you have the power to give birth to white children that will pass on your genes and whom you can raise to be strong and stand up for themselves and their people. You have tools at your disposal, such as “the mantra” you can use to destroy the current anti-white system and programming, to re-moralize our people. You are aware and engaging with people on Counter-Currents, a website and group of people that are currently and will have a growing profound impact on the future racially aware white elites (one way or another). You have the power to help spread this message. You have the power of knowledge, you can see and grasp things most other people can’t. You can decide which tools, websites, approaches to support financially, and even if it’s only humble support, like mine, it makes a big difference, especially at this stage. And that’s not even to mention all that you could do/become, or the skills you could offer our struggle if you put your mind to it. You have incredible power, more than you even know, more than you allow yourself to believe, but you choose not to exercise it.

    You say,

    I am surrounded by degenerate morons in my family and potential school system which would corrupt my child and turn him/her into the average degenerate consumer you see on the street.

    Why would you even consider sending your children to the schools that exist now? I guess I’ve had the distinct advantage of being homeschooled most of my life, and then attending private and public schools. I would never even consider sending my children to school unless it was required by law. Why would you send your children to the anti-white state-run schools to be indoctrinated? To be suffocated by the mediocrity, the degeneracy? Homeschooled kids can easily learn every subject they need to in a fraction of the time they would at school.

    I grew up a radical political leftist in the most “conservative” part of the country. I mostly socialized with other homeschool families that shared roughly similar beliefs and who often lived fairly far away. I always had a distinct sense of being different, of belonging to an outgroup. In many ways, I felt superior because I was obviously more intelligent than my peers in school. I grew up going to civil war reenactments and being one of the only kids in a blue uniform fighting the hordes greys after the main, adult enactment. I was proud. I felt morally and intellectually superior.

    I shared a sense of community with the other homeschool families in our circles. We had different norms, different values, different traditions than the dominant culture surrounding us. I was an outsider, proud, and strong.

    I see no reason why my children shouldn’t have the same. I recognize, love, and want to recreate many aspects of my childhood for my children. Except, they won’t be mentally abused into thinking the genocide of their people is a moral imperative.

    It is my goal to find a handful of other pro-white families and recreate the positive aspects of my childhood for my kids. That’s all you need, just a handful. A real education (mental, spiritual physical), a solid understanding of race and the JQ, a strong sense of family and community, a “never give up attitude,” . . . I know my children will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Will it be hard? Sure. There will there be numerous struggles, mistakes on my part, things I painfully regret, and so on, but they are only obstacles to overcome. I know the end result will be worth it. I will never give up. I will never accept defeat, regardless of my own shortcomings and character defects. I will place the mission first.

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