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Lawrence of Suburbia:
Coping with White Pathology

Lawrence of Arabia: A Paragon of White Pathology

Lawrence of Arabia: A Paragon of White Pathology1,477 words

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The White race is uniquely disposed to pathological responses to interaction with racial outgroups because of its relatively strong will to power. This genetic predisposition has fueled a great deal of our progress and is a vital aspect of our racial character, but it introduces unique and potentially fatal vulnerabilities.

Within a random sample of White males, a greater number of them than any other advanced race will be averse to socially submissive behavior. The number of natural leaders outspans the available leadership roles in contemporary society, leading to a variety of racially unique coping mechanisms.

The first coping mechanism is primordial democracy. From the earliest recorded histories of White populations, we find a prevalence of superficially egalitarian social orders. The Germanic ‘thing’ assemblies, the Hellenic experiments in democracy, the Roman Senate, and the development of the American Republic were all products of this social dynamic. The driving force behind this phenomenon is that a distributed power arrangement is the only stable power arrangement when so many of the tribe’s males strive to be the alpha male.

We're a race of kings, pretenders, rebels, pioneers, and hermitsThe second coping mechanism is abandoning the tribe altogether. This can manifest in several forms. In one form, you have the isolated hermit, a sub-type far more common among our race than among other races. In another form, you have the pioneer, abandoning his tribe in pursuit of new frontiers. What is a rebel, but a leader without any followers? And what race features more of this social type than our own?

Within this context of abandoning one’s own tribe, a particularly attractive alternative to accepting a submissive role within one’s own tribe is accepting a dominant role within an alien tribe. A whole world of submissive and subservient minions await our natural leaders. Lawrence of Arabia, Madonna in Malawi, and countless thousands of White pioneers who integrated into America’s indigenous tribes have all demonstrated an innate will to power which exceeds their innate ethnocentrism.

The uniquely Western development of sporting competitions developed organically as a constructive way to sublimate this competitive instinct. The greater variety of subcultures and political movements — the perpetual social splintering — is a non-athletic equivalent, providing a diversity of politically and reproductively tangential contexts for expressing the will to power.

There’s the time-honored question among White Advocates of whether we fell or were pushed. The answer is: both. In numerous cases, Jews had little if any role in the pathological expression of our will to power. The Conquistadores submerged themselves socially and genetically into the indigenous Amerindian communities on their own accord. The extent and nature of colonialism and neo-colonialism can only be partially explained by exogenous economic factors. The drive for social dominance was insatiable for our people, manifesting itself in both the most egregious acts of aggression and overreach and the most suicidal acts of paternalism.

Jews and other enemies are certainly eager to exploit this vulnerability and have become quite adept at doing so. It is, however, an innate vulnerability which we must resolve independently. If we attempt to resolve it afterwards, then the Jews will merely need to frame themselves once again as huddled masses of humble victims seeking our leadership and protection. And if one White nation is wise enough to resist taking them in, they’ll certainly find another.

The modern Western male is politically irrelevant, no longer a subject of history. He’s no longer even afforded the traditional human male privilege of being socially dominant within his own home. He is, however, empowered to play out his impotent fantasies in a variety of pointless and self-destructive ways. By embracing the banner of civil rights and multiculturalism, he can envision himself as a veritable Lawrence of Suburbia, a selfless defender of his polychromatic minions. By rooting for his college football team, he can vicariously experience a range of emotions concomitant with the assertion of social dominance.

White Guy Sucked Into Virtual World (Pearl Jam - Evolution)Some futurists have a foreboding about the potential consequences of virtual reality technologies which will allow people to retreat from society altogether in pursuit of ever more realistic wish-fulfillment fantasies. While the technology will certainly improve in the coming decades, this dystopia is much farther along than many presume. Pornography, televised sports, narrowly framed political contests between utterly indistinguishable teams, and Internet blogs, forums, and chatrooms already empower White males to satisfy their innate will to power in an array of virtual realities.

Even among our remnant of men and women who realize in some abstract sense that we’re being herded into a soft genocide by the modern world, its cosmopolitan technocrats, and its Jewish oligarchs, the will to power is overwhelmingly expressed in counter-productive ways. Our ethnocentric organizations splinter and implode in a whirlwind of infighting at the slightest provocation, precisely because we have this overwhelming will to power and have yet to master it in the service of our ostensible aims.

Individually, we can improve our fitness by identifying and resisting every impotent expression of the will to power . . . playing video games, indulging in pornography, watching spectator sports, participating in controlled state and national politics, and admiring those who do. Female supporters, being primary objects of male status competition, can play a pivotal role in refusing to respect or humor White male achievements in these pursuits.

While positively esteeming tangible acts of leadership (expanding leadership in this respect to include actively following and supporting useful projects) in the cause of White Advocacy is an obvious and natural thing to do, a blunt refusal to honor any and all virtual status accomplishments, a renewal of the taboo against pornography and masturbation, and an aloof detachment from popular sports and conventional politics will help nudge those in our circles of influence in the proper direction.

A survey of populations which have managed to succeed within the modern world demonstrates that these basic prescriptions are already enacted. Perhaps it’s an organic and intuitive response. Perhaps it’s an incidental byproduct of refusing to part from traditional constructs which include these elements (for an obvious selective reason). Perhaps it’s due to explicit knowledge of this process among community elders who translate this systematic knowledge into the community’s mythic context — as an informed decision to repair the tribal memeplex.

Mormons against the modern world

They’re all traditional, patriarchal, and rigorously careful about which expressions of will to power are tolerated and rewarded. For the most part, they all rely almost exclusively on reproduction rather than recruitment for their expansion. This suggests that while they can reliably educate and train a young male to think and behave in a productive and constructive manner, they’ve had very limited success in pulling contemporary males away from their computer games.

The implication to be drawn from this is that our conventional mainstreaming and recruitment strategies are dramatically less likely to reap tangible progress than expanded efforts to adapt existing resources and develop new resources to inculcating the appropriate thinking and behavioral patterns in our children. One alarming trend I’ve noted within the White Nationalist community is the tragically low rate at which our own offspring adopt our worldview . . . much less become champions in defense of our tribe and traditions.

The goal of translating feminized and decadent adult Western males into champions in defense of our tribe and traditions is one we definitely must achieve. That goal is, however, quite remote. There’s little evidence that even organizations with far more minds and resources at their disposal than we have at our disposal can achieve that goal. It may even be impossible, or at the least practically insurmountable while the overarching socioeconomic context continues strongly rewarding and encouraging self-destructive thinking and behavioral patterns.

Fairy Tales, by Mary GowUntil then, what we definitely can do — and what we definitely have not been doing to any meaningful extent — is cultivate parallel education and entertainment options for the children of White Advocates. We have a rich inheritance from traditional European folk tales to adapt and exploit. We can even rely to some extent on non-White productions from genres in countries like Japan which emphasize martial values and refrain from the pervasively decadent and anti-White indoctrination of our own culture’s creative works. Advances in technology have made producing creative works more accessible and affordable than ever.

If we can rear a generation of young men and women whose first thought is the defense of their own precious families, communities, and traditions rather than those of the aliens in our midst and a cobweb of Enlightenment abstractions, that generation may well be the nucleus of a vanguard capable of challenging a culture which will be all the more senile and vulnerable as it succumbs to the crippling effects of Modernity. The next generation may well be capable of expressing their will to power in a constructive way.

We might even raise ourselves up our very own Lawrence of White America, a man capable of “uniting the tribes” and inspiring an insurgency against our common enemies.