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Video of the Day 
Alex Kurtagić, “Collapse Scenarios
in the West & their Implications”

time: 57:49 / 17 words

Alex Kurtagić’s speech at Identitär Idé 4 (Identitarian Ideas), Stockholm, July 28, 2012.


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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    I had never seen Kurtagić speaking. Thanks for this video.

    As someone who specializes in intuitive psychology, the first time I was faced with claims of a coming collapse at Gates of Vienna in 2009 (see e.g., here) I immediately suspected that it was a clinical case of self-deceit insofar as an overwhelming psychic need often leads to self-delusion. But by 2010 and especially in 2011, I started studying Austrian economics to corroborate if my initial impression was right. It was too good news that a collapse was coming to be true.

    But lo and behold, I discovered that the hard, objective data really pointed to a currency collapse, especially of the fall of the American dollar. After amateurishly studying Austrian economics for a year my working hypothesis had thus been falsified and found baseless: this was not a typical case of self-delusion.

    Had I been at Kurtagić’s conference I would have said in the discussion period that the overwhelming majority of those who think that a collapse of the dollar is coming have nothing to do with white nationalism. Here there’s a small, audio-visual example:

    1. The US dollar will be like wallpaper

    2. What happens at economic collapse

    3. The day the dollar died

    4. Schiff explains magnificently the dollar collapse

    Kurtagić said, “the collapse will mostly catch us all by surprise”. But this is only true for most nationalists, who are indulging themselves in their comfort zones and, with the exception of Edgar Steele (before the system went after him) and a few others, are notoriously unprepared.

    Kurtagić also said that Austrian economics has been predicting a collapse for decades and used the example of a composer who is as charlatanic on music as Keynesianism is on economics. I ignore to what extent Kurtagić is unaware of the main tenets of Austrian economics, but the collapse was not so absolutely certain until the System (thanks God!) committed a couple of monumental blunders, first with Bush’s Alan Greenspan and especially now with Obama’s Bernanke.

    After what Greenspan and Bernanke did there won’t be a collapse in slow motion, especially as QE3 is implemented in the coming years. Whoever is elected this November it is highly probable that an apocalyptic eschaton will occur in the next administration.

    Kurtagić says that in the coming convergence of catastrophes two catastrophes will collide first, and that it won’t necessarily be beneficial to us.

    Well, we can only speculate on the subject.

    While only the fact that the dollar will crash and that social unrest (probably on epic proportions) will follow can be presently ascertained, personally I believe that after the dollar bubble bursts the population-explosion bubble will burst too as many currency reserves of the Third World are in dollars (which means that most of my family and relatives will probably die in the largest city at the south of Río Grande).

    I also believe that when the aftermaths of the crash converge later in this century with the exponential depletion of oil, people will see that Christian ethics (in the form of secular egalitarianism) caused the whole mess. I believe that Christianity/liberalism will be discredited: the opposite of what happened, say, with Haiti in 2010 insofar as a crashed West won’t be able in the least to continue to “play Jesus”: its deranged altruism that is paradoxically aggravated in the secular regimes.

    In other words, we will have a window of opportunity of a few decades and the best we can do is to prepare. Let me add another video to my above list of four videos:

    5. Even for those prepared this is the scenario after the collapse.

  2. Sandy
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Although nothing has changed since Jacob had his dream about the seven fat years followed by the seven lean years it is interesting that a speaker on C-C would talk on our impending seven lean years. Apart from an extra bag of rice in the larder and a silver coin or two under the mattress there is little that the 99% can do to buy extra time. today said that Back in August 1967, there were approximately 65 workers for each American that was collecting Social Security disability payments.
    Today, there are only 16.2 workers for each American that is collecting Social Security disability payments.

    The numbers are such that it is unlikely that the welfare state will continue in its present form into the lives of our grandchildren. On the other hand Blackstone is buying up a billion dollars worth of housing over the next few years to rent out so at least the 1% are confident in the future.
    The best that you and I can do is stay out of debt, be psychologically ready for a reduced standard of living and avoid isolation by supporting such endeavors as Counter-Currents.
    And since time and chance happens to all men perhaps a little flutter with a few ounces of silver (or gold if you can afford it) might be worth it. Or, if you feel energetic you could always plant a garden.

    • phil white
      Posted September 26, 2012 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

      What I call the rational elites (white upper echelon leadership who belatedly realized diversity, deficit spending and off shoring would produce a collapse) seem to be trying to slowly waken whites.
      The RE’s aren’t white nationalist, but do recognize our right to exist as a race.
      They seem to be urging ALL segments of US population to store up food and make preparations.
      They also seem to think it could be potentially so bad that the rural countryside could be the only viable living space. Think of the collapse of Rome.
      They also urge people to network, meet their neighbors and form close knit communities.
      They also seem to hope to avoid racial/civil war, the dismemberment of the country and the rise of a dictatorship.
      This kind of white elite we can work with and even live under, but as yet they don’t seem to have understood the necessity of a white ethno state, which of course is exactly what our founding fathers originally set up for us, their “posterity.”
      Taking the RE’s advice above can only lead to advantage for pro-white dissidents.
      And eventually the hard teacher of experience will bring most white RE’s around to supporting the white ethno state.
      We should pursue the white ethno state in embryonic form, in many locations. We should organize our youth into communities in rural market towns to take over the local cultures, ride out the collapse and slowly rebuild culture. This is basically a repeat of the formation of feudal society after the fall of Rome.
      The collapse may not be as bad as that of Rome, but will look like it in minature at the least.

      • Lew
        Posted September 27, 2012 at 1:43 am | Permalink


        Who is this rational elite you speak of? If they’re elite enough to be in a position to do something, that fact alone is almost enough to conclude they’re not on our side.

  3. Lew
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:12 pm | Permalink

    That was interesting. Alex K. is a very good speaker. I think caution and restraint are in order when it comes to spreading the ubiquitous collapse idea in our circles. While we speak of collapse, white liberals and non-whites are starting businesses, working up the corporate ladder, and acquiring training in math, science, engineering, business, medicine, law, journalism and screen writing. They are training in every field necessary to dominate an advanced technological society on the assumption there will be one.

    I have nothing against stashing guns and ammo — I am very heavily armed myself — but we can’t just cede these slots based on the uncertain assumption we are definitely headed for a collapse variant that will make such slots unimportant. We have to be careful not to do what our enemies do: uncritically believe our own ideas because we want them to be true.

  4. Roissy Hater
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Everyone is concerned with economic collapse, which is somewhat important … but shows how bourgeois we have become.

    Let’s get real, the thing to be concerned most with is the absolutely degenerate slide we are collectively taking into a techno-entertainment culture of mindless robots.

    The masses are now like putty in the hands of social engineers. I see massive miscegenation coming soon.

    • phil white
      Posted September 26, 2012 at 11:17 pm | Permalink

      Massive miscegenation is it’s own solution.
      Pierre Salinger was on an old C-span from 1995. He said how sad it was about the killing in Bosnia because just before the fighting started the young Serbs, Croats and Muslims were intermarrying like mad.
      Later the Jehovah Witnesses left me a pamphlet about their African mission work. It mentioned how tragic the Rah Wanda killings were because there were so many mixed families who couldn’t live safely on either side.
      Finally around Christmas (I think I got all this input in 2000) I was channel surfing past a PBS documentary about Jewish life in Germany in the 1920’s. I didn’t catch the exact figure but I almost fell off my chair. The documentary claimed that about 30% of young Jews were marrying non-Jews, i.e., Germans.
      It wasn’t long before I had a working hypothesis. Mass inter ethnic group marriage immediately precedes… Well you get the picture.

  5. Drexler
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Kurtagic is saying that we are actually living in an era when all 5 of the collapse scenarios are actually happening. We are living them all out albeit att different times in different places. No doubt, they are all a part of our existence-and have been-for over a century now. (Read: Giorgio Agamben’s “State of Exception”)

    He gives a great example of the British Empire. The collapse of their Empire is the biggest story of the 20th Century, yet strangely ignored, and only quietly acknowledged. I had a surreal experience watching the Olympics this year when the American networks did a retrospective of Britain during WW2. My God, how such a Pyrrhic victory has so come to define the Anglo establishment and how much past caring about it all I felt myself to be.

    Like Chechar above, I also wondered a bit about the John Cage reference. But perhaps Cage was a “traditonalist” in disguise. I am finding out that many artists of the 20th Century, even those perhaps identified with a more radical pedigree, fit into this category.

    That leads me to a curiosity: the Traditionalists frustration with Islam that is expressed in Kurtagic’s speech. Certainly, if we are to develop a pre-Modern way of thinking it would undoubtedly conform at least somewhat to the thinking of present-day Muslims, would it not?

    If we take the most important exponents of perennial philosophy and the founders of Traditionalism, which is the basis from which Kurtagic and Dugin form their “Fourth Political Theory,” most of them were Muslims and most drew inspiration from the Orient. This includes: Rene Guenon, Martin Lings, Fritjof Schuon, etc. The idea of “Perennial Philosophy” comes from the non-white East as well, as it is embodied in the santana Dharma-“the eternal religion”-of the Hindus.

  6. Kevin
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    To answer Mr. Kurtagic’s rhetorical question “how long can you last with the food that’s in your pantry…” A long, long time. Not to mention that I have the ability to supplement my stores in multiple ways. Self sufficiency is a lifestyle choice, and while a majority in our current society would not choose to live in such a manner we do exist.

    My personal beliefs regarding preparedness and self sufficiency aside I agree with his main point that waiting for “The Event” is often merely an excuse to keep doing nothing while seeming to care. We need to be engaged now because if/when “The Event” scenario happens Our side will not be in any better position to influence/control a newly arising status quo than we are now.

    • phil white
      Posted September 27, 2012 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

      I’m just getting into prepping for any “Event”. I’ve maybe two months of canned food and ten gallons of gas in jerry cans.

  7. me
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 10:28 pm | Permalink

    Sandy writes:

    Back in August 1967, there were approximately 65 workers for each American that was collecting Social Security disability payments.
    Today, there are only 16.2 workers for each American that is collecting Social Security disability payments.

    My comment: Right now SS recipients are dependent on tax support from 16 workers per person. The government doesn’t have to tax workers – instead, it could create debt-free/interest-free money and spend it into circulation, as under the current system, we are literally starved for cash. Richard Cook, one of the monetary reformers, also suggested government giving free-money, say $1K to 1.5K, each year to citizens (similar to passing GO and collect $200 in a Monopoly game).

    Richard Cook’s website: Several of his articles on monetary reform is found here:

    This is one of the links:

  8. phil white
    Posted September 27, 2012 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    @ Lew:

    I suspect Ron Paul is one. He is not a white nationalist but upholds the bill or rights. As a libertarian he would also support freedom of association.
    Another possible one is Mel Gibson. Gibson is Catholic and shows no overt signs of white nationalism but also supports the constitution and ending wars for Israel.
    I’ll try to find the recent quote by someone here on C-C who said important people are intelligent but not necessarily white nationalist. That’s what I’m talking about. I sense there are intelligent, succesfull people with money. Gibson has about four hundred million and could fund the entire white nationalist movement with his pocket change.
    I think there is also some sort of tacit underground finger into Hollywood even. There have always been a few conservatives, Heston, Norris, Selik, the Jewish guy who produced “Eyes Wide Shut” and also had ratted out the Hollywood communist Jews back in the fifties.
    My take is the RE’s funded the Ron Paul campaigns because he would up hold the constitution and end wars for Israel.
    There was also the movie “Thor” last year. One of the goals of the RE’s is to prevent a pogrom of the Jews once whites wake up.
    Before you get bent out of shape about saving the Jews the RE’s as I read it have four goals.
    1. Prevent a break up of the U.S. as happened in the USSR.
    2. Prevent a bloddy civil war while attaining goal 1.
    3, Prevent the rise of a dictatorship whie attaining goals 1 an 2.
    4. Prevent a pogrom of the Jews while attaining goals 1, 2 and 3.

    Personally I don’t think they can attain all 4 of their goals.
    My computer is getting flaky, I think it’s the hear.
    Go on you tube and check out the comedy space Nazi video “Iron Sky”, Then the left parady “Rust Sky”.
    Then the trailor for “Thor”. You will see in all three a scene where a vehicle (in Iron Sky it’s a Nazi three wheel motor cyclte) is traveling a rough road though a desolate scene, then crest a slight rise and descends slightly into a depression. In the depression there is a facility that is set out in the shape of 1. a Swastika, 2. A hammer and cycle, and finally in the Thor movie this scene fieaturs a plastic tent facility set up by the FBI that looks a bit like a hybred between the Swastick and the hammer and scickle.
    These three videos are obviously connected in some way. I can write you more later.

    • phil white
      Posted September 27, 2012 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

      I’m at the library and my lap top is cool again. Continuing with the Thor-Iron Sky-Rust Sky trilogy first the Iron sky is a bit of a comedy about space Nazis. In one scene a middle aged Nazi officer is playing with a toy zephlin and minature soldiers. If Nazis are imprinted on our minds as comic figures how could they have been dangerous? How could calling someone a “NAZI!” be serious? There are several versions of the Iron Sky trailors.
      One is called “We come in Peace” and features a nice looking Nazi school marm instructing a room of well dressed cute third graders.
      This is clearly a skit that helps white nationalism.
      Rust Sky I’ve no real feel for. I don’t understand it’s role. As I said before I do understand the part in Thor where we are told not to try to murder an entire race of evil hooked nose Ice men.
      Also this stuff is psychological material. I was a physics major, not a shrink so I don’t understand all the stuff the RE’s are doing.
      Mel Gibson on the other hand should be very good at psychology as he is a performing artist.
      My main point is the RE’s are going to pretty much guarantee us our political and free association rights as white dissidents. There HAVE to be a number of power elites who are not only smart but dubious about Jewish double standards. And by the way one major goal of RE’s is to end wars for Israel. They also seem to be trying to stabalize the economy by jaw boning against off shoring and encouraging personal savings by Americans.
      Not all elites are driven by greed. Take Ted Turner. He is not in any way a RE but he is not particularly greedy. He did give one billion of his money to the U.N.
      There must be elites like Ted on the right as well as on the left. They are smart enough to keep quite and do heaven knows what skullduggery behind the scenes to erode Jewish power and the evil plans of white liberals.
      The Jews ALWAYS over step their power, become over confident and are taken down eventually. Look at the Soviet Union. Jews had about as much power there the first twenty years as Jews do now in the U.S. 70 years on though it was all over for the Jews in Russia. Putin didn’t have to do much more that arrest a few of their high rollers to encourage the rest to flee to Israel. There are practically no Jews left in Russia.
      My main goal is to convince you that it’s far from all gloom and doom for white dissident political and cultural resistance and community organizing.
      On the other hand I’ve been around in the white dissident movement long enough to pick out a lot of FBI/SPLC/ADL infiltration/sabotage. Any white movement that has a whiff of secession or violence about it will be FBI infiltrated.
      Maybe the remains of the National Alliance is not infiltrated but I’m not a member so
      I can’t say. What I am saying is all the white movements I’ve experience with have been heavily infiltrated, and any attempt at starting a white ethno-state will likely be useless as it won’t be allowed to get off the ground. I you are serous about that you will need to do cheap genetic test on all officers at least. That way you can screen out the half-Jews infiltrators. FBI is a more difficult problem.
      You can’t have an ethno-state now, although I suspect the main stream of RE’s will eventually come around to the idea that we must shred some sizeable U.S. territory in order to have a place to send blacks if not Mexicans.
      I prefer to just deport illegals and slowly encourage third generation Mexican/American citizens and Chinese to emmigrate back to their ancestral homelands. We founded and built this country. That could be a generation or two from now.
      What we must understand about RE’s is they are not a monolithic ideology any more than we are. The four RE goals I mentioned above are probably a lowest common denominator they could come to an agreement on. These people would have coalesced the same way the July 20th movement came into being in opposition to the Hitler disaster. Some anti-Nazi’s were church men, others army officers, diplomats and politicians even. And yes some were communist. In our case some RE’s will even be white nationalist.
      To sum up the RE’s are going to eviscerate Jewish/Left power and thus save our free association and speech rights. With that we can organize communities that are totally committed to maintaining the exclusiveness of our white gene pool.
      And if historical events never force the major part of the RE’s into something close to white nationalism, we can eventually merge our white exclusive communities into counties, states, regions and finally a nation.

  9. phil white
    Posted September 27, 2012 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    @ Lew:

    Here are two comments in Andrew Hamiltons recent C-C article “Social Aristocracy”

    “It has been said, probably correctly (or almost correctly), that “the only difference between the rich and other people is that the rich have more money.” ”

    “In terms of Communism, race, and other highly contentious social issues, neither aristocracy nor high IQ seem to impart independence of mind to their possessors. Such people think and behave pretty much like everybody else. They conform.”

    Thus it is certan that there are rich powerfull whites who see various evils in Jewish control.
    Some of them will be alturist as are the pepole who care and post here.
    Like we little people, some of them will become activist agains Jewish/Left power.
    And being more intelligent than we little people, they would likely approach the problems in a stealth mode. And they have money.

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