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The GOP Primaries: A Retrospective

Albrecht Dürer, “Lot Fleeing with his Daughters from Sodom,” oil and tempera on panel, c. 1498

1,000 words

I closely monitor the political horse race despite no longer caring about the outcome. It’s a habit I’ve carried over from when I did have hope for conventional politics. While there’s still ancillary value in remaining engaged to some degree with both mainstream politics and popular culture, so that one can still communicate effectively with persuadables, to imply that I actually care about American politics or culture at this point would be dishonest.

I don’t dress up in costumes or entertain fevered fantasies about an impending “collapse.” I don’t rave about “sheeple” or even have any animosity towards the mass of co-ethnics who have imbibed multinational multiculturalism. But I am indeed “alienated,” and I am indeed a “vanguardist.” While I do feel some animosity towards my racial enemies and the elites within my tribe who enable them, I’m mostly just frustrated with myself for having achieved so few quantifiable goals in my struggle on behalf of my people. It’s neither possible nor tactically feasible to try to reconcile my “radical” beliefs with the toxic and stagnant “mainstream.”

It’s a bit odd to call commentary on something which hasn’t technically begun yet a retrospective, but it’s apt in this context. Mitt Romney will win the party’s nomination. Ron Paul won’t come close to seizing the nomination, but will hold out the longest as the strongest “anti-Romney” protest vote. None of the also-rans ever really had a chance. The Iowa caucus voters flirted casually with each of them. The media took turns propping one up after another as a potentially viable candidate, but none of them had the fundraising pull, the ground game, the message, or the gravitas to seriously challenge Mitt. Ron Paul came the closest, but the critical mass of GOP voters willing to step outside the establishment Republican paradigm and its Christian Zionist worldview simply isn’t there yet.

The media machine managed to get through the entire GOP primary with hardly a mention of immigration. Even the talk about taxation was relatively superficial in spite of a very strong outcry from the Tea Party movement which pretty much only agrees on and cares about lowering taxes. Only Ron Paul was willing to discuss any of the critical issues the media preferred to ignore, a challenge none of the other also-rans were smart enough to accept and which Romney knew better than to accept. They agreed we need more jobs, and they agreed that the man stopping Americans from getting jobs is Barack Obama. They never explained how we’re to find those jobs without either raising taxes for make-work jobs or bringing back the manufacturing sector.

The only thing America manufactures anymore is enemies. The candidates accused Obama of being inept at executing the ongoing wars and insufficiently eager to start new ones. If you vote for Rick Santorum, he’ll bomb Iran on his first day in office. If you vote for Michele Bachmann, she’ll follow the voices in her head warning her of a magic curse awaiting nations which fail to fight Israel’s wars of aggression. If you vote for Herman Cain, he’ll consult his “panel of experts” and bomb whichever random nameless country they recommend bombing. Even Jon Huntsman, the token Democrat in the Republican contest, promises a ground invasion of Iran. The one guy claiming that its perhaps inadvisable to launch yet another war on a country that’s not threatening us (or anybody else) when we’re as overextended as we are militarily is given the “crazy uncle” treatment by both the other candidates and the media.

It’s not that I lack hope. I just lack hope in reforming this system. I’ve grown up in an America so far gone and so removed from the less dysfunctional America of yesteryear that reforming it to “conserve” it seems laughable. We younger “conservatives” have abandoned the predominant mainstream conservatism embraced by the Baby Boomers in favor of either libertarianism or revolutionary traditionalism. My guess is that the laws against lead paint which went into effect in 1978 paved the way for a new generation of conservatism free of the brain damage which crippled past generations.

That’s not an implied endorsement of the libertarianism so many in my generation are embracing, mind you. Libertarianism is a sinister and destructive ideology which carries the monetary rationale for modern ethics and policy to its logical extreme. It is now; however, retarded in the way that, say Santorum’s fixation on gay marriage or Cain’s “9-9-9” tax plan is retarded. Gay marriage is silly and would never even be proposed in — much less embraced by — a healthy society; but it’s a trifle relative to the existential crises we face on multiple fronts. Libertarianism is an egregious mistake, but it’s a thinking man’s mistake.

For White Advocates of a traditional persuasion, this election cycle’s been lost before it even got started. That’s no surprise, as we continue lacking the ideological [we need your help!] and organizational infrastructure to inject ourselves into the national debate — much less win that debate. The only silver lining for us in this whole episode is that Ron Paul’s newsletter scandal got some coverage, scandalizing the Beltway with the potential that maybe (if not likely) one of the candidates agreed with the overwhelming majority of the Republican electorate in seeing the urban riots of the 90s as episodes of Black dysfunction and agreed with MLK’s own supporters and biographers that he was a corrupt womanizer.

As I explained on my most recent episode of the Friday Show, Ron Paul only receives my “passive support” because he’s the least bad of the current line-up. At the end of the day he favors, as Greg Johnson stated it, “Sound money for the brown people.” I can’t know for sure what’s in Ron Paul’s heart, but he must have been doing something right in order to provoke this response from the JDL:



  1. Posted January 3, 2012 at 3:35 am | Permalink

    Proofread: It is nownot; however,

    • Posted January 3, 2012 at 10:08 am | Permalink

      @ I don’t dress up in costumes or entertain fevered fantasies about an impending “collapse.”

      Thinking about an impending crash during the next presidency is just plain common sense. The US simply cannot pay the 14 plus trillion debt to her creditors. Since Ron Paul won’t win as you say, if like Bernanke and Greenspan Mitt Romney’s chosen fed chairman continues to print dollars out of thin air, when the Chinese and Japanese stop lending money to the US a collapse won’t be a fevered “fantasy” anymore.

      You have already watched this clip, right?

      • Posted January 3, 2012 at 10:34 am | Permalink


        I’ve watched that clip and dozens like it.

        There’s “collapse”, there’s “COLLAPSE”, then there’s “Collapse ™”.

        1. collapse
        The unsustainable system experiences a major correction with devastating economic consequences. Not only is there a correction down from the unsustainable highs produced by financial chicanery, but also down from the first world economy to one befitting our rapidly caramelizing demographic profile. Millions starve, but few starve to death. Millions get fighting mad, but few actually fight. The regime its concomitant worldview is severely–but not fatally–wounded.

        The Great Depression and the Argentine Economic Crisis were all sort of like this. I haven’t been convinced that our own crisis wouldn’t necessarily be like this.

        2. COLLAPSE
        It all falls apart. It all burns. Negro riots set the cities aglow with arson while the rural areas light up with militias, insurgents, and insurrection. One brave soul emerges from among the chaos on a humble quest to deliver mail. Okay that last part was just joking.

        3. Collapse ™
        White Americans have been closet White Nationalists this whole time, and the destabilization and delegitimization of the regime is their opportunity to strike. Their appearing to be decadent, derelict, and proudly anti-racist was all a big ruse, as they not only know what must be done–they have the vision, training, and leadership to get ‘er done.

        When I speak of “fevered fantasies”, I’m speaking of the third option–one which I don’t happen to take very seriously. I find the models and explanations pushed by people promoting this vision flawed. It seems like wish-fulfillment fantasy rationalized rather than rational strategy.

        As for the first and second, they’re merely opportunities for a coherent and competent organization waiting in the wings. Without that, they’re merely hardships. If anything, we should be hoping and praying that the collapse is delayed with the hope that something can coalesce before the opportunity passes us by.

        It’s not that I believe the status quo is sustainable, I just don’t see it playing out as imagined for us unless we manage to define and implement a coherent ideology, strategy, and infrastructure.

      • Posted January 3, 2012 at 10:56 am | Permalink

        Then we are in agreement. My crystal ball only lets me watch collapse scenarios one and two, but not the third which we can imagine only in novels. The trouble I have with “the hope that something can coalesce before” is that that itself may also be wishful thinking. If the economists of the above clip are right, we simply won’t have time for a movement to come together: the crash—your scenarios 1 or 2—may happen much sooner than expected.

      • George Peterson
        Posted January 3, 2012 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

        I agree that “collapse” is the most likely scenario of the three, although there might be something even less dramatic, like a slow slide into third world status. No sudden breaks, just a gradual lowering of standards and decrease in performance in all areas of government and business.

      • Armor
        Posted January 3, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

        “As for the first and second, they’re merely opportunities for a coherent and competent organization waiting in the wings.”

        Scenario number 1 is perfect. It won’t destroy everything, and it will certainly help people to build pro-white organizations. As KMac and Tom Sunic say, things can change rapidly. Last month, Sunic wrote at the end of an essay that “today’s ruling class in the System, be it in the EU, be it the USA, does not know where it is headed and what to do next. (…) The System is much weaker than it wishes to show.” He’s probably right.

      • Posted January 3, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

        Armor, are you talking of the recent Sunic article at TOO? A couple of weeks ago, while listening to several chapters of Dave Duke’s audio version of My Awakening, I realized how weak the System actually is. It reminded me what Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz said about the Soviet Union a few years before 1989, something like: If the ice statue [the SU] moves a bit cracks appear and instantly collapses.

        I’d say exactly the same with today’s soft totalitarianism in the West.

  2. Kevin
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 6:07 am | Permalink

    I’m betting this will remain the best new quote of January 2012:

    “We younger “conservatives” have abandoned the predominant mainstream conservatism embraced by the Baby Boomers in favor of either libertarianism or revolutionary traditionalism. My guess is that the laws against lead paint which went into effect in 1978 paved the way for a new generation of conservatism free of the brain damage which crippled past generations.”

  3. Eric Hale
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    I’m in agreement with you here. The conclusion I have reached in the past year is this: in a New Right movement lacking direction and a solid leader to rally behind, the default position for Traditionalists should be to watch and see what scares the hell out of the Babylonian Oligarchy, and rally behind it, bending it to an even more pro-white position as we go.

  4. Mickey Meadows
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    Don’t worry Matt…I’m going to become a great billionaire and will help you. I promise! Anyway, you’ve done a lot more than you think already. Seeds of thoughts and understandings put into peoples minds. Intangibles like that.
    I watched The Watchmen the other night…superhero flik. The batman-like character definitely reminded me of you. You’re a hero dude! Seriously, you are.

  5. Sandy
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    The most pertinent line, IMHO was The only thing America manufactures anymore is enemies. Even worse, if that is possible, is, that after “we” have bombed and alienated a country “we” then allow their citizens to come here and become our fellow citizens. There must be something in the air here that makes the bombed become loyal and upstanding, taxpaying citizens.

  6. Mickey Meadows
    Posted January 3, 2012 at 4:33 pm | Permalink


    At the group level our current situation is charactized by us being a dysfunctional incoherent chaotic and pinned down entity, and our enemies as highly internally coherent and structured, and amazingly mobilzed and organized.
    Therefore, even if there was a collapse coming, it would be incredibly naieve to think that they somehow would not know about that, and have it built into their plans.
    In fact, we have to assume that not only is a ‘collapse’ actively sought by them, but that the concept of collapse – for them – is highly particular with certain actively aimed for characteristics.
    It is for these reasons that I would suggest that we really should not be fooling ourselves that a collapse will work in our favour. That would be terribly comforting, but terribly unrealistic.

    But we must all remember that as we stand here now…together…a family in the truest sense. We the few. The woken-up people. No matter how bleak it sometimes looks, from the perspective of our descendents occupying one of the futures we desperately want to prevent, we are standing there back in the times when it was still possible to turn the situation around.
    We are back there in those days of possibility. We are when there was still a good 50 years to turn the situation around and save our people from something truly awful and final.
    We owe it to them…those people in that awful possible future who are looking back at us for help…we owe it them to keep it real and keep facing the realities. One of those realities is that the collapse will be coming by specific design, and by that design it will not be good at all for us.
    So stop looking to the collapse. Stop dreaming. Even if as things stand we are all feeling hopelessly lost at sea….we are still better to be there in that sea lost where it is real.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted January 3, 2012 at 10:35 pm | Permalink


      collapse (1) is well under way, and has been, in real terms, since 1974. collapse (2) is simply a series of moments where the collapse function becomes apparent to all, and, in effect, assets are quickly marked to their true market value.

      So, expect something not unlike the First Great Depression, with several moderating forces.

      What do we have now that we didn’t have then?

      One, prescription tranquilizers. LOTS of prescription tranquilizers, which make what would nominally be intolerable quote tolerable.

      Two, welfare of one form or another. TANF (Food Stamps), and Social Security for elderly, insure the elderly become valued members of the families, as they have a steady income. Expect larger families, as the kinds can’t leave home, return home from collapse/job loss, and grandpa suddenly becomes an income stream supporting the cost of maintaining the houses – notably property taxes.

      Three, The Recoquista goes full steam ahead, as the Mexican economy collapses, and full scale civil war in Mexico forces millions to flee to an America that can not support itself. think “The Grapes of Wrath” without the redeeming social charter. Note, by the way, that government work camps were highly desired by the Dispossessed. This is a point that is much more explicitly made in the book than the movie, but it IS made in the movie.

      Four, the assets of the Old America, particularly the paper assets, are marked to market as they are liquidated to pay yet further on an unrepayable national debt. The end will be a new currency regime, the nature of which has not been defined, yet. The New Dollar will probably start by requiring all valuations of the Old Dollar to move the decimal point two spaces to the left.

      What does this mean for us?

      The painful recognition that, as Harold Covington has been trying to tell us, that Ozzie and Harriet America is GONE, and serious fragmenting of socioeconomic lines is well under way. Look at the last California budget, which is a microcosm of the Old America – White working people, many with defined pensions, versus the Illegals and the urban underclass. Look at the Iowa straw poll – Young (Ron Paul supporters) versus Old (Mitt Romney supporters.) The Paul supporters recognize The System is doomed to fail, while the Romney supporters want it to hold together, if only in a soft, managed decline, for another, say, twenty years. Think of the differences between inflation as defined by the government versus inflation defined by John William over at shadowstats.

      Don’t take my word for this. Go to Wal-Mart just before the first day of the new month – about 10 PM or so – and see the families preparing to buy a month’s worth of goods as the EBT cards and social security accounts are refilled. Or, look at the families who are buying fewer diapers, and more creams for diaper rash – a totally new development in American demographics. Where are THESE people going to get “jobs,” and what will they do? Further, what will they do when they realize the world implicitly promised to them by color television will never come to pass?

      I’d give us ten years, in present circumstances, before it becomes all too obvious that the Old America is like Scarlett O’Hara’s Old South – Gone With The Wind.

      No amount of wishful thinking can bring it back. At the end, our politicians will sound less like Ronald Reagan, and more like Scarlett’s father after Tara was all but leveled by the Northern armies.

      This does create the foundation for simple, interconnected communities based on Faith, and Family, united by the Interent, and choosing lifestyles of Voluntary Simplicity.

      THAT is where our best opportunities will present themselves.

      Incidentally, have I mentioned the Northwest Republic novels of Harold Covington as a source of many excellent ideas for how to build a new nation out of the remains of the old?

      Have I mentioned how few people are willing to even discuss a say in their life, starting with what they see outside their bedroom window in the year 2050? What must their motto be? “Don’t worry, Katie Scarlett, everything is fine here at Tara.”

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Sandy
        Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:38 am | Permalink

        http://wwFourmyle of Ceres wrote
        Incidentally, have I mentioned the Northwest Republic novels of Harold Covington as a source of many excellent ideas for how to build a new nation out of the remains of the old? I think you did once allude to his novels (which I have).
        Also, you wrote, The end will be a new currency regime, the nature of which has not been defined, yet. The New Dollar will probably start by requiring all valuations of the Old Dollar to move the decimal point two spaces to the left. For what it is worth has the new gold backed dollar bill all set to go. It’s also on youtube at More can be found on the side bars

    • Sandy
      Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:17 am | Permalink

      Mickey; You wrote We the few. The woken-up people. True, but at times I wish I had taken the damn blue pill!

    • Armor
      Posted January 4, 2012 at 9:49 am | Permalink

      Mickey Meadows: “even if there was a collapse coming, it would be incredibly naive to think that they somehow would not know about that”

      Our enemy is a coalition of mainly White people led by Jews. The Jews would be nothing without the White traitors who enforce the anti-White agenda.

      The Jews have several different goals: they want the Whites to become a minority so the Jews will no longer stick out in the general population ; they want to maintain some anti-Jewish feeling so as to discourage Jewish miscegenation with non-Jews ; they want to miscegenate the Whites so we will no longer be able to resist them ; some Jews are overdoing it and want to wipe us out completely ; some of them may have a pseudo-religious vision where everyone gets racially mixed until only the Jews are left… Most of them probably don’t have a clearly-identified objective. I don’t think they want a brutal collapse. They probably don’t care.

      White traitors who collaborate with Jews don’t want anything to collapse. On the contrary, they want more money. They act out of cowardice and self-interest (our phony “elites”), conformity (most people), stupidity (the leftists). But I hope the coalition of Jews and White traitors will be weakened in 2012 by the economic crisis.

      One subset of White traitors is the loony left. Loony leftists don’t have objectives, all they have is postures. I think that the craziness of far-left ideology is the result of competition between people who try to go one better than each other in a largely Jewish-controlled environment. Privately, they probably complain about immigration, but they can only keep their dominant positions if they sound more extremist than their colleagues. A big economic depression, adding itself to the race-replacement crisis, will help break that kind of doomsday cycle.

      • Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

        Armor, your comments here and elsewhere are pure gold. I wish you collected the best of them (something similar to what I do in my blog: collecting the best I find in the blogosphere) and put them all in a website.

  7. CompassionateFascist
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    The Jews hate on Ron Paul because he’s the only significant US pol who isn’t a galley slave aboard the USS Israel. If he goes 3rd Party, Obama creaks thru via the EC with not much more than 40% of the vote. Result: existential political crisis. Combine this with certain mid-t0- late-year economic collapse catalyzed by the Iran War ($250/barrel oil plus dollar dumps by Japan, China) and we will have state secessions and Civil War by Spring 2013. Parrot’s pessimism is unjustified…Invest in Lead.

    • Lew
      Posted January 4, 2012 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

      Predicting the future is hard. While I would love to see the regime crumble that quickly, the indicators suggest to me it’s not very likely. Iran only has one high card, and that is the threat of closing the Straights of Hormuz. If Iran plays that card, it hurts them as badly as anyone. They will probably relent on their nuclear program rather than face that.

  8. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 4:14 pm | Permalink


    Note a theme we see in the “collapse” (small “C’) discussions on counter-currents we do not see on other sites, with the possible implicit conceptions of VNN/F’s “Hugh.”

    There is a recognition that the total collapse scenarios – the “Mad Max” thinking – that dominated past WN thought is not so much “thinking” as it is “wishful thinking,” based on Greg Johnson’s first rate Insight – these are nihilists, they have already surrendered, that have adopted The Enemy’s Terms and Definitions, they are failures.

    And they are GONE.

    This is what makes Harold Covington unique. He looked over the horizon, saw likely futures, and realized the best way to deal with the future is to Create the one that works for you. We can do this in microcosm, starting with our selves, and extend forward from there, leading by quiet example. This is why the metapolitical project is so critically important. For the first time, we have our own Pole Star leading us forward.

    It is the Pole Star WE Chose.

    Another excellent Choice we can all make is to contribute to counter-currents financially, each and every month. Again, the regularity is almost more important than the amount, and even ten dollars is gratefully transformed to a Higher Purpose. Of course, with more, counter-currents can do more.

    And there is so much to be done.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  9. Lew
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

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