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The GOP Primaries: A Retrospective


Albrecht Dürer, “Lot Fleeing with his Daughters from Sodom,” oil and tempera on panel, c. 1498

1,000 words

I closely monitor the political horse race despite no longer caring about the outcome. It’s a habit I’ve carried over from when I did have hope for conventional politics. While there’s still ancillary value in remaining engaged to some degree with both mainstream politics and popular culture, so that one can still communicate effectively with persuadables, to imply that I actually care about American politics or culture at this point would be dishonest.

I don’t dress up in costumes or entertain fevered fantasies about an impending “collapse.” I don’t rave about “sheeple” or even have any animosity towards the mass of co-ethnics who have imbibed multinational multiculturalism. But I am indeed “alienated,” and I am indeed a “vanguardist.” While I do feel some animosity towards my racial enemies and the elites within my tribe who enable them, I’m mostly just frustrated with myself for having achieved so few quantifiable goals in my struggle on behalf of my people. It’s neither possible nor tactically feasible to try to reconcile my “radical” beliefs with the toxic and stagnant “mainstream.”

It’s a bit odd to call commentary on something which hasn’t technically begun yet a retrospective, but it’s apt in this context. Mitt Romney will win the party’s nomination. Ron Paul won’t come close to seizing the nomination, but will hold out the longest as the strongest “anti-Romney” protest vote. None of the also-rans ever really had a chance. The Iowa caucus voters flirted casually with each of them. The media took turns propping one up after another as a potentially viable candidate, but none of them had the fundraising pull, the ground game, the message, or the gravitas to seriously challenge Mitt. Ron Paul came the closest, but the critical mass of GOP voters willing to step outside the establishment Republican paradigm and its Christian Zionist worldview simply isn’t there yet.

[2]The media machine managed to get through the entire GOP primary with hardly a mention of immigration. Even the talk about taxation was relatively superficial in spite of a very strong outcry from the Tea Party movement which pretty much only agrees on and cares about lowering taxes. Only Ron Paul was willing to discuss any of the critical issues the media preferred to ignore, a challenge none of the other also-rans were smart enough to accept and which Romney knew better than to accept. They agreed we need more jobs, and they agreed that the man stopping Americans from getting jobs is Barack Obama. They never explained how we’re to find those jobs without either raising taxes for make-work jobs or bringing back the manufacturing sector.

The only thing America manufactures anymore is enemies. The candidates accused Obama of being inept at executing the ongoing wars and insufficiently eager to start new ones. If you vote for Rick Santorum, he’ll bomb Iran on his first day in office. If you vote for Michele Bachmann, she’ll follow the voices in her head [3] warning her of a magic curse awaiting nations which fail to fight Israel’s wars of aggression. If you vote for Herman Cain, he’ll consult his “panel of experts” and bomb whichever random nameless [4] country they recommend bombing. Even Jon Huntsman, the token Democrat in the Republican contest, promises a ground invasion [5] of Iran. The one guy claiming that its perhaps inadvisable to launch yet another war on a country that’s not threatening us (or anybody else) when we’re as overextended as we are militarily is given the “crazy uncle” treatment by both the other candidates and the media.

http://youtu.be/WGcy8MhJo9w [6]

It’s not that I lack hope. I just lack hope in reforming this system. I’ve grown up in an America so far gone and so removed from the less dysfunctional America of yesteryear that reforming it to “conserve” it seems laughable. We younger “conservatives” have abandoned the predominant mainstream conservatism embraced by the Baby Boomers in favor of either libertarianism or revolutionary traditionalism. My guess is that the laws against lead paint [7] which went into effect in 1978 paved the way for a new generation of conservatism free of the brain damage which crippled past generations.

[8]That’s not an implied endorsement of the libertarianism so many in my generation are embracing, mind you. Libertarianism is a sinister and destructive ideology which carries the monetary rationale for modern ethics and policy to its logical extreme. It is now; however, retarded in the way that, say Santorum’s fixation on gay marriage or Cain’s “9-9-9” tax plan is retarded. Gay marriage is silly and would never even be proposed in — much less embraced by — a healthy society; but it’s a trifle relative to the existential crises we face on multiple fronts. Libertarianism is an egregious mistake, but it’s a thinking man’s mistake.

For White Advocates of a traditional persuasion, this election cycle’s been lost before it even got started. That’s no surprise, as we continue lacking the ideological [we need your help! [9]] and organizational infrastructure to inject ourselves into the national debate — much less win that debate. The only silver lining for us in this whole episode is that Ron Paul’s newsletter scandal got some coverage, scandalizing the Beltway with the potential that maybe (if not likely) one of the candidates agreed with the overwhelming majority of the Republican electorate in seeing the urban riots of the 90s as episodes of Black dysfunction and agreed with MLK’s own supporters and biographers that he was a corrupt womanizer.

As I explained on my most recent episode of the Friday Show [10], Ron Paul only receives my “passive support” because he’s the least bad of the current line-up. At the end of the day he favors, as Greg Johnson stated it, “Sound money for the brown people [11].” I can’t know for sure what’s in Ron Paul’s heart, but he must have been doing something right in order to provoke this response from the JDL [12]:

http://youtu.be/IjUUVByySTI [13]