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Jim Acosta’s News Flash

1,309 words

After President Trump’s speech on Friday, Jim Acosta, the “poisonous moron” as Tucker Carlson calls him, announced it xenophobic for President Trump to state that COVID-19 came from China. Read more …

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Netflix’s (and Israel’s) The Spy

3,142 words

Poster for Netflix's The Spy.If the title of this review surprises you, it shouldn’t. Do not be disillusioned — this multi-part spy saga is transparent propaganda, promoted (if not partly financed, I suspect) by Israel. It’s as Kosher as Rosenfeld’s bagels.

But first, the story. It concerns a Sephardic Jewish man, Eli Cohen, born in Alexandria, Egypt. By posing as an importer of Argentinian products into Syria, he manages to ingratiate himself into Syrian political society. Using the name Kamel Thaabet, he befriends members of the Ba’ath political party, including Colonel Amin al-Hafez who would later become Syria’s president Read more …

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Mr. Trump, Build That Wall!

2,359 words

Let us join with Mr. Peabody and Sherman in their Way Back Machine and take a trip into the past. Our destination is the very first civilization established by mankind—the ancient kingdom of Sumer, which emerged around 4000 B.C. between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Read more …

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Jane Elliott & the Perversity of Diversity

Jane Elliott

2,658 words

In 1949 George Orwell published Nineteen Eighty-Four, his dystopian novel of a totalitarian society. Orwell wrote the novel just after the end of the Second World War. His purpose was to warn us that if he could conceive of an unfeeling, soulless government, then someone, somewhere could create it. Read more …

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The Second Death of Dixie

4,486 words

Thomas Goodrich
The Day Dixie Died: Southern Occupation, 1865-1866
Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2001

Thomas Goodrich’s second book for Stackpole Books followed three years after his revisionist look at the culture of the American Indians in Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879. Read more …

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