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Who’s Afraid of Afrikaner Refugees?
Anti-White Hate on Display in Australia

Irene van Niekerk, an Afrikaner who has won numerous gold medals as a runner, is one of many South African whites who live in squatter camps, and for whom the government does little.

1,807 words

Some years ago, before “Alt Right” became a household term, there was a meme going around, usually found in comments sections of news articles and such, that “anti-racism is code for anti-white.” The meme became repetitive, but resonated because of the wealth of unspoken truth it contained. After all, if one performs even a cursory search of the facts with regards to racial crime statistics, the pros and cons associated with being of a certain race, or even the general manner in which so-called “anti-racist” groups target whitey for trying to attain the same rights to self-preservation and self-determination that are taken for granted by other races, then one would realize that something is not right. There is a double standard. Read more …

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The Return of Australian Nationalism

Pauline Hanson

2,866 words

Since around the end of the sixties, the Anglosphere has been the sick man of Western nationalism. In the last decade, the Continent has given us the steady rise in nationalist political parties such as the Front National, the Austrian Freedom Party, the Lega Nord, and even more radical groups such as Jobbik, Golden Dawn, and the Slovak National Party.  Read more …

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Red-Pilled by Reality:
A Review of Julian Langness’ Fistfights with Muslims in Europe

Final Cover Fistfights 01.11.20163,309 words

Julian Langness
Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity
E. S. Linden, 2016

Julian Langness’ Fistfights with Muslims in Europe is a coming-of-age tale crossed with profound and highly relevant social commentary. The book describes the author’s search for meaning in his ancestors’ homeland of Norway, Read more …

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Trump, Poland, & Abortion

1,778 words

MotherReadingIt seems that Donald Trump has riled the waters yet again, this time, by being ideologically consistent on the issue of abortion. While not always having been pro-life (or Right-wing at all, for that matter) it appears that in attempting to appeal to the conservative crowd, The Donald has taken a pro-life stance, though as always, he has taken things a step further — perhaps even too far. Read more …

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After Brussels:
The Trap of Counter-Jihad

brussels_explosion_91,266 words

The religion of peace strikes again. At the risk of being immodest, I can predict what happens next. After all, these terror attacks seem to follow a basic formula:

Step 1: Attack happens. World leaders are “shocked” that such a thing could happen. Who would have thought bringing in people who follow a religion founded by a warlord and pedophile would lash out in such a way against us? We’ve been so tolerant! To them! And it’s not as if these things happen on a regular basis . . .  Read more …

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Will Jews Change Sides?

3,037 words

ArchofTitus2The history of Jews in Europe is full of conflict and tragedy. From the days of the Roman Empire, the Jews have been a conspicuous nation, a nation apart from all others. They have appeared to us as a self-segregating and culturally arrogant people, a people who refuse to assimilate. A people who even when they do ostensibly assimilate, cause even greater harm than they did before desegregating: violating our taboos, propagating bizarre ideologies, and even killing Europeans in their host countries en masse when given the power to do so.[1] Read more …

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From Ásotthalom to Custodela
European Solidarity in Hungary

3,677 words

László Toroczkai

László Toroczkai

On the 19th and 20th of December, 2015, I attended a nationalist gathering in Ásotthalom, a small Hungarian town on the Serbian border and a crisis point in the Middle Eastern/African invasion. I first heard about the gathering from the mayor of Ásotthalom himself, László Toroczkai, as I stood among tens of thousands at the conclusion of the Warsaw 2015 Independence Day march on November 11th. Read more …

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