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Who’s Afraid of Afrikaner Refugees?
Anti-White Hate on Display in Australia

Irene van Niekerk, an Afrikaner who has won numerous gold medals as a runner, is one of many South African whites who live in squatter camps, and for whom the government does little.

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Some years ago, before “Alt Right” became a household term, there was a meme going around, usually found in comments sections of news articles and such, that “anti-racism is code for anti-white.” The meme became repetitive, but resonated because of the wealth of unspoken truth it contained. After all, if one performs even a cursory search of the facts with regards to racial crime statistics, the pros and cons associated with being of a certain race, or even the general manner in which so-called “anti-racist” groups target whitey for trying to attain the same rights to self-preservation and self-determination that are taken for granted by other races, then one would realize that something is not right. There is a double standard.

The problem with the meme was that most people couldn’t even be bothered doing such a cursory search. They’re too apathetic to look into why groups such as the SPLC or the ADL are seeking to destroy the lives of white advocates while supporting groups like La Raza or the NAACP. Likewise, as long as someone wasn’t himself a victim, black-on-white crime statistics were something that could be ignored. After all, there didn’t seem to be any intentional effort by the government to implement any kind of policy to eliminate whites. The government didn’t pay blacks to rape or kill whites. It was all a matter of circumstance that could be avoided as long as one had the means to move to a nicer suburb.

Fortunately for us, this worldview is fracturing.

In February, South Africa’s parliament, dominated by the African National Congress (ANC), passed a law put forth by the black supremacist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to confiscate land from whites without compensation. To the informed observer, this was an obvious attempt to scapegoat the Afrikaner for the failings of the black ANC government, which has over the last twenty-four years run the country into the ground, socially and economically. What was once the safest and most advanced country in Africa is now a crime-ridden, HIV-plagued tinpot republic. Murders and rapes have increased dramatically, while power outages and now even water shortages threaten to plunge the country into chaos.

Many of us dreaded the moment the Boer would be officially made a pariah in South Africa. But I must admit that I also saw in these events an opportunity. With such blatant anti-white persecution sanctioned by the government, it would be impossible for the world not to react. Someone would have to say something, for these events would be impossible for the entire international community to ignore.

I was not disappointed. In mid-March, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton contended that white South Africans deserve “special attention” due to the horrific circumstances that they are facing at home and suggested fast-tracking refugee status visas for Afrikaners wishing to flee. Mr. Dutton’s comments came from a purely humanitarian angle, as opposed to an identitarian one, all the while noting that white South African immigrants could make a positive contribution to Australia:

People do need help and they need help from a civilized country like ours. The people we’re talking about want to work hard, they want to contribute to a country like Australia. We want people who want to come here, abide by our laws, integrate into our society, work hard, not lead a life on welfare. And I think these people deserve special attention and we’re certainly applying that special attention now.

Naturally, claiming that one group integrates better than another is a big no-no in the current year. However, short of mentioning the root cause of why certain groups integrate better than others, Dutton made a solid case for allowing Afrikaners into Australia on humanitarian grounds.

Dutton wasn’t the only politician to offer support to the Boers. He was supported by other Senators and Members of Parliament, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbot. Former One Nation and current Independent Senator Fraser Anning also agreed, going so far as to speak at a rally for white South Africans which had an attendance of over a thousand people. Judging by the videos and photos, the participants were overwhelmingly white. Not only did Anning pull no punches when he described what is happening as a genocide, but he also referred to the people (who are, of course, blacks) who commit the atrocious farm murders as “subhumans,” to loud cheers and applause. Here we have statements that deserve the hashtag #brave.

However, humanitarianism does not mean anything to the Left when it comes to offering a helping hand to whites. The vile anti-white hate that is endemic to the Left wasted no time in rearing its ugly head. The aging and childless Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, immediately denounced the plan, saying that “I believe the humanitarian program’s credibility comes from the fact that it is non-discriminatory and that each application is assessed on its merits.” Fair enough, but if we are allowing people into the country based on merit, then why the hell do we allow in black Sudanese migrants who are massively over-represented in violent crime and unemployment?

Greens leader Richard Di Natale, a vile insect who wants to allow ISIS fighters back into the country, reacted in an even less reasonable manner, whining that “there’s no debate as far as I’m concerned, the bloke is an out-and-out racist.” Well, there you go. Wanting to help people who are being murdered in the most sadistic ways and who face having their land outright stolen by the government makes you a racist. He furthermore added, “According to Peter Dutton, if you’re a white South African farmer, you are going to make a great contribution, you’re not going to bludge on welfare. But if you’re not white, you won’t do any of those things.” I’m actually really glad that terrorist sympathizer Di Natale is saying this, because with all the news about African gangs in Melbourne, people are going to hear these comments and think, “Well . . . where’s the lie?”

Jason Wilson of The Guardian also pitched in, bemoaning that the “myth” of white genocide started on the far Right, as if it were something that was made up on the forums of Stormfront with no basis in reality. Speaking of the petition to admit Afrikaners into the United States as refugees, he claimed that “it offers lurid but non-specific stories of whites being killed in the most sadistic ways imaginable.” It asks that they be prioritized over people from the Middle East. South African whites, it says, are threatened with “complete genocide” and are “compatible with our culture and civilization.” Interestingly, Wilson never seems to dispute any of these claims. The whole point of the article seems to be “Seeee? Peter Dutton has the same views as those Nazis over there at Amren and Vdare!” There is a complete lack of empathy for the very real suffering of the Boers and a sick sense of self-righteousness in denouncing white identity politics for the sole purpose of denouncing white identity politics.

The rank-and-file Lefties are hardly any better. “Based Jew” Avi Yemeni went to a pro-refugee rally to ask people if they would be willing to let in white South Africans and received mostly hysterical responses from aging Leftists. One old hag said that they shouldn’t be allowed in because “they had their own country” and that they “stole the land anyway” (which is completely false, by the way, as there were virtually no black tribes on that land when whites first settled South Africa). When our yarmulke-wearing friend explains that they will integrate more easily because they speak our language and have a similar culture, the woman simply responds with, “That’s racist.” When she is told that it would be racist to not offer them asylum, the old harridan simply denies that there is such a thing as “reverse racism.” That’s right, crackers! Even when you’re literally being systematically killed, you still can’t experience racism! Racism = power plus privilege, and everyone knows that whites have all the power. Sure, the South African government is more or less entirely controlled by blacks, but you just know that there’s some white pulling the strings somewhere.

Another woman flatly denied that Afrikaners were facing extermination. The other responses all have basically the same level of intellectual and moral integrity. They rationalize their way out of having to help fellow human beings in need purely because of their race . . . and that of the perpetrators. I dare say that none of these people complained when any other group of brown or black people were given special consideration for refugee status. (Professional Right-wing troll Simon Burgess has similar videos on his Facebook page that have received equally weak responses.)

So basically, we were right all along. The Left doesn’t just really like brown and black people. They also hate whites. And while there are differing views as to why this is so, ranging from Jewish media control to a managerial elite who fears the anti-authoritarian mentality that is inherent in European man, I dare say that the reason why they hate us isn’t as important as the fact that they do hate us, and seem less and less concerned with hiding it. So what do we do?

Rule 4 of Alinky’s rules for radicals is to always make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. The Leftists claim to be against racism. They say, or at least they used to until recently, that they are colorblind and want to help those in need. We should therefore endeavor at every opportunity to expose this rank anti-white hypocrisy and use it against them like a hammer. Those on the Left who are honest and conscientious will be forced to look inwards and think about what it is they are really fighting for. It is these people who are most likely to leave the Left and, in the best cases, even join us. The rest, the most die-hard and militant Leftists such as those who form the ranks of the antifa, will continue to push on and will be exposed as the cowardly, hate-filled psychopaths that they are.

Either way, it’s a win for us. We are reaching a point where some kind of white identity politics is actually acceptable, if not yet fully socially respectable. I never thought I’d live to see the day that there would be a major pro-white rally in Australia, a country which has shown little resistance to being colonized by China and the Third World. And the scum on the Left can continue to throw around their worn-out buzzwords – but it won’t work. When accusations of racism are all they have in response to humanitarian efforts to save lives, you know they are digging themselves into a hole which they won’t be able to get out of.


  1. WynnLloyd
    Posted April 5, 2018 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    They are totally detestable.

    The Boers are an admirable tribe. Strong faith, strong working skills, courageous, etc.
    These leftist need to be trolled into outright supporting white genocide.

  2. Davide Marsden
    Posted April 5, 2018 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    As a (white) Australian, please understand that I would happily have them come to my country.

    But my views are ignored by our three main political parties who are all controlled by you know who, on top of this so are our MSM. In particular the Greens party here are pure communists who hate us whites (even though they are white).

    Thus the political traitors take in black Africans and every other non-white you can think of leading to massive increases in violent crime, white flight from our suburbs and welfare costs. My country is done for….. at least I’ll be dead before the rot “down under” really explodes.

    It’s getting more and more difficult to be able to speak out with laws starting to go down the path of the UK. I note that most whites here are to afraid to say anything for fear of being called racists.

  3. nineofclubs
    Posted April 5, 2018 at 3:25 pm | Permalink

    The proposal to assist struggling White South Africans is a no brainer, really. It’s useful because it really does expose the hypocrisy of the globalist left, which decries discriminatory policy in one breath and then supports it when the target is white people.

    I might add that while the focus of the current debate is South Africa, white Rhodesians face harassment that’s similar, or worse.

    I think it would also be mistaken for Australians to consider this move by Dutton as some sort of major policy watershed for the conservative Liberal Party. Other Libs are already distancing themselves from Dutton. The Libs are more than happy with mass immigration from Asia and the subcontinent – anything to keep the corporate sponsors happy and GDP headed upwards.

    Australia First’s take on the issue..


    • MK Lane
      Posted April 6, 2018 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

      Dutton is an interesting character. It might be worth taking a more in-depth look at him. He has previously made some rather non-PC remarks about the Lebanese and South Sudanese. Its tempting to believe that he might be more woke than he lets off. But alas, I am an idealist 🙂

      • nineofclubs
        Posted April 7, 2018 at 1:17 am | Permalink

        You might be right about Dutton. If he is genuinely nationalistic, I’d imagine he has to tone it right down to get by in the LNP, which (like modern Labor) is hopelessly globalist in outlook.

        It seems that every now and then a civic nationalist stumbles into the Lib/Lab executive sewer and somehow manages to survive for a while. I don’t know how Graeme Campbell made it in the ALP for so long. His ability to hold the seat of Kalgoorlie was probably his saviour. For a time.

        Thanks for a good article, always good to see some Aussie content.

  4. sylvie
    Posted April 5, 2018 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    Are these the same Afrikaaners who happily went into a war in Europe, where they had absolutely nothing to do, war against their brethren, who never harmed them, and some decades later surrendered without a shot their own country to people in all respects different, violating their wifes, conficating their land and expulsing them ?

    I guess they don’t even see the link between their engagement in WWII and their current fate.

    • Comtaose
      Posted April 6, 2018 at 8:42 am | Permalink

      Dear Sylvie:

      At a first look, I couldn’t make a head or tail of what you were talking about. In a second thought especially detecting the word “WWII”, I guess I finally figured out what you referred to with your message. Please correct me if I was mistaken, that I believe you were talking about and (rightfully) complaining against and denouncing the war fighting against the Third Reich by the White African armies recruited to the war effort by the ruling echelons of the Britain as part of the British Empire of that time, doing the dirty and despicable work for the international Jewry nestling around the world’s high financiers.

      As a staunch National Socialist, an ardent admirer of the Third Reich, and even a Hitlerite myself, I can fully understand your emotions and share your righteous indignation. But in my capacity as an East Asian advocate of White Nationalism and in my honest and sincere opinion, you need to view the current reality of White Afrikaner Plight and that particular history, irrespective of latter’s sad and deplorable nature, separately or at least from a different and broader perspective. That is my faithful advice to you.

      The White Africans were propagandized and goaded into the fratricidal war with Germany, which was a historical fact, but in many ways, as ordinary people and subjects of the British Empire, they couldn’t help it and it was hardly realistic to expect them to be able to resist the brainwashing of the British Empire headed by the ruthless and cunning Churchill and his intricate state apparatus of vast influences on the colonial or commonwealth people politically, militarily and educationally. In that factual sense, the White Afrikaners who fought under the nasty Judeo-British banner against the heroic National Socialist Germany were themselves both a perpetrator and a victim, victim of deliberate, systematic and vicious lies and falsehoods churned out by the British ruling elites.

      As for your claim that the White Afrikaners gave up their power and gave in to the hostile forces without putting up a fight, I guess you were referring to the pitiable and lamentable end of the White rule in South and Southwest Africa, I also agree to your general statement in principle. But what actually happened were more complicated than that mere statement itself. Most common White Afrikaners were utterly helpless and perhaps clueless to what would occur after the end of the Apartheid, the common people hardly had any say or sway about the major decisions of their government. Therefore, it can be fairly said that the common Whites in Africa were sold and betrayed by their government leaders, whose de facto betrayal, in a further analysis, was also a result of manifold and multiple reasons and dynamic factors domestic and international that included tremendous international pressure, sanctions and agitations from western leftist liberals and even the political leaders of major Western countries (even the ostensibly “conservative” politicians like Thatcher and Reagan were no true friends to the White South Africa and Rhodesia), their own leaders’ naivety, venality, or outright sellout. In one word, objectively speaking, the common White Afrikaners were the victim to the unseen machinations and the extremely hostile macro-political and international environment of that era, all the more so in this case than their role in WWII. Their collective fate was sealed then by forces beyond their control and contemplation.

      Of course there are valuable and painful lessons to draw on the part of White commoners in Africa from both the two cases above, but their current fate of being driven to the edge of genocide still deserve our deep sympathy and support as members of the endangered White race, that is so to any White man in the West, and even to me as an East Asian Japanese racialist and Supporter for White nationalism, who has a racial consciousness, sound conscience, and mature judgment. It can never be reasonably argued that simply because their grandfathers had entered the WWII on the wrong side, being blindfolded by sinister and lies and propaganda, to slaughter their German brothers in Europe, and they had failed to put up a tough fight and handed their country to hostile black subhumans backed up Jew, elite White traitors and plutocrats, the current plight and misery of the current White Afrikaners are deserved or justified. They are the racial brothers of us, and their suffering today, if failed to be salvaged and relieved because we refuse to give a helping hand at our best capacity due to some historical grievances, will become the fate of the whole White race tomorrow.

      It is NOT time for gloating, it is time for action, action that needs to be taken immediately and urgently to assist, help and rescue our White brothers in South Africa. Old wrongs that were wreaked under particular historical circumstances may not be easy to forgotten, and it is right not to forget them, but please bear in your mind what you need to focus your attention and energy on now, that is the ensuring of the collective racial existence, a matter of collective fate and the future of the entire White race. NOT A SINGLE White man or woman should be left behind, except for the diehard and deliberate White traitors. That’s is my good-faith and humble opinion to you, my dear Sylvie and all other White brothers with similar grievance.

      • sylvie
        Posted April 6, 2018 at 10:31 am | Permalink

        I am not gloating at all – the subject is by far too serious – I try to understand the Afrikaaners mindset and I admit, I have great difficulties.

        1) Despite the bloody wars the British/Jewish invaders waged against the Boers before WWI, a little later they join the British/Jewish war on Germany – practically against their own stock, since Afrikaaners are basically Dutch.

        2) If there is a white community having long experience in living with blacks, then this is the Afrikaaners. I cannot agree with

        “Most common White Afrikaners were utterly helpless and perhaps clueless to what would occur after the end of the Apartheid…”

        3) The white South Africans were intelligent, well armed, courageous and highly efficient fighters. They could easily have retreated to a big chunk of their country and defend it (with or without “sword and bible”, as their forefathers used to boast about).

        Instead they rushed like lemmings into a fate they must have expected.

        • Rego
          Posted April 8, 2018 at 2:24 am | Permalink

          “Instead they rushed like lemmings into a fate they must have expected.”

          Very, very true. I actually happened to witness it.

          After living for several years in my late youth in South Africa, I happened to return for the first time during a business trip just two months prior to the elections. Naturally I made good use of the opportunity to meet with old friends, former neighbors etc. They all knew what was coming at them. I still vividly remember the shuddering exclamation by one of them, who had been to the Transkei and Lesotho the week before: ” I have just seen our future”.

        • ex South African
          Posted April 9, 2018 at 6:43 am | Permalink

          “since Afrikaaners are basically Dutch.”

          More precisely, very simplified, mainly western Europeans – as a rule of thumb half of them Dutch, the other half of German descent and 20% Huguenots, the rest a good admixture of Portuguese (refugees from communist Angola) and other white nationalities from all over Europe.

          “They could easily have retreated to a big chunk of their country and defend it “.

          Theoretically yes, maybe. It depends on the timing and which year this should have been done. Under British rule after a lost Anglo-Boer war – no. At an earlier age, when they lived in small republics with a low population – no.

          During the Apartheid years – very difficult. You have to add the context of the Cold War. The Soviets would have loved to win those blacks over. And it would have given the excuse for the West to invade white South Africa. In the 1960’s (keyword Carnegie plan) the USA had plans in place to invade South Africa, but it would have been too costly. In the 1960’s the army was still a demobilized British army. Later the army got big. Then it would have been even more difficult to invade South Africa, but not impossible. We were no super power.

          Just before 1994 (the hand-over to a black majority government)? Perhaps. Our military and police was at the height of power and battle experience, we had the nuclear deterrent – and then everything was given away overnight.

          But South Africa had devised other methods to depopulate the country from the blacks. The border industry incentives. Create industry on its borders, then black labour and their families would follow. That project was in place (I worked at the state department tasked with this for a short while) and it showed success. But then F.W. de Klerk and his negiotiators came and negotiated everything away, and half of the country was fast asleep on what was actually happening, and any dissident army officers where gotten rid off in the Night of the Generals (the SADF was cleansed of rebellious generals and other high ranking officers).

          The National Party had a good reputation for protecting white interests. Half of the electorate kept on trusting them even when the betrayal started. The betryal was not sold as betrayal, but as necessary steps to continue white self-determination. These lies were sold so effective, that only close observers could see through this trick. But enough saw through this deception that the Conservative Party replaced the Progressive Federal Party (which represented the Anglo-Jewish Money Powers) as the official opposition in parliament.

          The Conservative Party would have acted hard-handed, declared a State of Emergency and the you would have had big sports. They knew what the Money Powers, within South Africa represented by the Oppenheimer family, meant. I have a book with a public speech where the late Dr. Andries Treurnicht (leader, Conservative Party) speaks against the globalist Oppenheimers and their plans with white South Africa.

          Afrikaans filmclip, some of it in English (I have the complete documentary) about the F.W. treason and white resistance by supporters of the Conservative Party just before 1994. The film was called “Pawns” (Subtitle: The Third Freedom Struggle begins….). The public broadcaster refused to show this film. The last part of this short clip showed the Afrikaaner gathering just after the ascend of the then still loyal National Party (the crowd shouts “KP-KP..” Konserwatiewe Party in Afrikaans). It is very sad to see this film and understand all the background, when having experienced it all in its heights and depths. It is a very complex subject with many strings which have to come together in order to understand the situation of white South Africa.

          A good history primer (History 101 in the 1980’s):

    • ex South African
      Posted April 8, 2018 at 3:48 am | Permalink

      You lack some historical background.

      They all did not happily go into war against Germany. There is an unknown bit history that is difficult to find. It was a much more complex issue. The Anglo-Boer war was lost. There was a huge bitterness against the British. But the bigger motivation was to regain independence again from British rule.

      Much simplified: A certain part of the Boer leadership (Smuts, Botha) put their cards on the British horse, in order to regain independence again. Another part put their cards on the German horse for the same purpose (see for example the Oxwaggon Sentinel, van Rensburg, Robey Leibbrandt). Today we know which horse won the race.

      When you read about South Africans who went along with the allied troops, look at the surnames. English. Some leaders Boer. There was a huge pressure on the Boers to particpitate on the British side.

      Some of this history.

    • Sandy
      Posted April 8, 2018 at 10:36 am | Permalink

      Same in Ireland. Both the IRA and the Loyalists have rolled over to allow the invasion of their country.

  5. Debito Duke
    Posted April 5, 2018 at 10:47 pm | Permalink

    The only refugees worth letting in are Afrikaner refugees. Not Abdul, Ahmed, and all their homicidal, rapey friends.

  6. Deon
    Posted April 6, 2018 at 1:40 am | Permalink

    I’m a white South African Boer. We thank you for the attention you give our plight. For far too long we’ve been demonized and persecuted and the situation has now reached intolerable proportions. It really is becoming a situation of fight or flight – but we have nowhere to flee to.
    I find it interesting how Lefties in Australia seems to be twins of the mindless bridge trolls we have in SA that not only outright rubbishes and denies what’s happening but who also try to rationalise it through some form of twisted moral equivalence.
    Below is a link to an archive I created with screenshots of anti-white hate speech and calls to genocide aimed at the small white minority. Currently there’s about 1800 examples and it grows day by day. Use it to force Leftists to confront what they are supportitiong. It works well for me – they normally point, splutter and then disappear from the conversation

  7. Richard Edmonds
    Posted April 8, 2018 at 2:24 am | Permalink

    On Saturday, the 8. April 2018, National Front activists organised a demonstration in support of the White farmers before the South African Embassy in central London. Here is the statement made in front of the Embassy by the National Front spokesman:

    We are here today before the South African Embassy in the centre of London. We are here to remember and to condemn the betrayal committed against White-ruled South Africa, the betrayal committed by the British and American governments of Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan; and we are here to remember and to mourn the victims of the vicious crimes that since the ending of White-rule, have engulfed South Africa.

    Modern South Africa has become the murder and rape capital of the world: forty thousand women are raped every year in South Africa; and twenty thousand murders are committed every year in that unhappy land. That means a hundred rapes are committed every day…day after day after day; and fifty murders are committed every day…day after day after day.

    We remember in particular the thousands of White farmers and their families hideously tortured and murdered; the very farmers who grow the food that feeds the country.

    We also remember the victims of the so-called necklaces – the hideous form of murder invented and promoted by Winnie Mandela, whereby a rubber-tyre is fixed around the neck of the victim, the hands bound or hacked off, and petrol poured into the rubber-tyre and then set alight, the heat and the smoke and the flames smothering the face and engulfing head of the victim; it might take up twenty minutes for the victim to die.

    We deplore the passing of White-ruled South Africa;

    We say: Rest in Peace all the victims of murder, hideous torture and barbarism;

    We condemn the British and American governments for their betrayal and destruction of White civilisation in Southern Africa,

    F I N I S.

    The film of the demonstration will soon be loaded onto the National Front web-site:

  8. Jez Turner
    Posted April 10, 2018 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    EVERYTHING (((our secret rulers))) and their lackeys do has to do with furthering their political agenda of Jewish Supremacism and genocide of Whites. This is easily shown by the fact that the other prominent refugee group that is not given automatic refugee status in the West, and that is of course the Palestinians – millions of them squatting in refugee status throughout the Middle East. ‘Humanitarianism’ has always been a cloak and only fools the simple minded.

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