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This Little Piggy Saves None

James Brown’s 1990 mug shot.

2,591 words

I tell you, it hit me like a lead hammer. Knocked the wind right out of me. I sure wasn’t expecting that when I went to Facebook the day after Martin Luther King Day I’d find that several of my friends had posted laudatory bits in tribute to the serial plagiarizing, serial fornicating commie. I can’t get over it. I’m totally bummed out.

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Are We Not Men? We are Kudzu!

Twin Oaks Community

3,089 words

The Kavanaugh/Blasey-Ford/#MeToo cluster-debacle has me lately remembering Rebecca.

Bear with me.

I was living in Seattle and working for a municipal codes publisher as a proofer. Read more …

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Space: The Final Capitulation

The Buran, the Soviet Union’s abandoned Space Shuttle from the 1980s, as it appears today.

2,830 words

I frequently see articles by race realists expressing a pro-futurist, pro-technology angle. I roll my eyes, but that’s fine. If you’re an optimist concerning technology, so be it. But if you don’t explore the underlying issues that would make that tech-future possible, you haven’t made your case. Read more …

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