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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 323
Grace Under Pressure:
Life as a Thought Criminal

116 words / 00:26:54

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This episode of Counter-Currents Radio is the recorded audio of Charles Krafft speaking about life as a dissident at a Counter-Currents event on October 13, 2013. If you wish to volunteer to transcribe this talk, please contact us at [email protected].

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  1. Stephen Phillips
    Posted February 24, 2021 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    A nice talk. Thank you.

  2. Francis XB
    Posted February 25, 2021 at 12:24 am | Permalink

    Nice report from a cultural warrior once up on the front lines.

    Consider the statement that someone was “accused of ‘bigotry’ or ‘xenophobia’ or (what else?) ‘racism’.”

    Let’s take this thing apart.

    For starters, “bigotry,” “xenophobia” and “racism” are not crimes (if they are crimes, can anyone cite a penal code covering them?). They are in the main, attitudes of mind. Of course, racial discrimination is a violation of various civil rights laws, but these cover specific offenses involving actions to deny people (I should say non-White people) of equal treatment in employment, the criminal justice system, etc.

    Is there any evidence anywhere that Mr. Krafft has ever discriminated against anyone on the basis of race, creed, whatever? Did he perhaps refuse to sell a ceramic swastika coffee mug to some downtrodden person of color? Or did he just have doubleplus ungood thoughts, per the article title? Aren’t those thoughts protected by something like the First Amendment, the same Amendment to which our journalist-activist-accusatorials appeal?

    There’s a deeper issue.

    Even if it can be demonstrated that “bigotry,” “xenophobia” and “racism” are actual crimes, any accusation would perforce be brought by the criminal justice system operating under the rules of due process, not by a self-appointed media lynch mob.

    We might also note that if the left spectrum really believed in diversity as they so claim, they would include a diversity of attitudes to include “bigotry,” “xenophobia” and “racism.” Instead, they use these terms in the same way that “heretic” was once bandied, though come to think of it at least with the Inquisition the accused received the semblance of a trial.

    Interesting, is it not, how many on the left spectrum will scream bloody murder about witch hunts long gone yet they routinely engage in their own version of the Crucible, 24/7/365.

    Another contradiction in the continuing chaos…

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