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Living Monuments

Caspar David Friedrich, Wall at Dusk, 1837-40.

3,000 words

My ancestors arrived in the Tidewater region of this continent around 400 years ago, and lived and died almost entirely beneath the Mason-Dixon line. As a Catholic, a Southron, and an Anglo-American, I am filled with sorrow and impotent rage at the sight of my forebears being demonized by those who are so manifestly inferior to them. I can scarcely imagine a more contemptible rabble of Untermenschen than the crazed anarchists, academic sophists, and resentmentfueled pawns that have overrun our cities and who presume to cast judgment upon their betters. While I have endeavored to ride the tiger through this dark age, to dispassionately observe our sick counterfeit of a civilization burn itself to the ground, it is admittedly difficult to maintain this equanimity as I see my heritage vilified and physically destroyed.

The removal and vandalism of countless monuments throughout the country, as well as the renaming of many buildings and institutions, is one of the most visible consequences of the late unrest. Of course, in terms of real-world effects, this is nothing more than a purely symbolic offering to the mob, a sideshow whose purpose is to keep the antagonists from discovering the real architects of our misery. However, in a cultural sense, the removal of these monuments represents yet another highly visible rejection of the historic American nation by the acolytes of the new order.

Targets of the recent moral panic include, of course, any public spaces, memorials, or entities memorializing the Confederate States of America (and Dixie in general); anything positively associated with the conquest of the Americas, including Columbus, the pioneers, American military figures in the Indian Wars, Theodore Roosevelt, the Catholic Church, its saints, and Jesus Christ himself; and anything that portrays law enforcement in a positive light. In their fury, the protestors have also chosen some rather puzzling targets, betraying either their blind lust for destruction or complete historical ignorance. These include monuments to antislavery propagandist Frederick Douglass, “all men are created equal” Thomas Jefferson, the “Great Emancipator” Abraham Lincoln, and Union General Ulysses S. Grant, as well as memorials to the very Yankee soldiers who — official history teaches us — fought selflessly to free the slaves from their evil masters. Perhaps most mystifying of all, Portland’s 120-year-old Elk Fountain was repeatedly set on fire by rioters and has now been removed by the city.

It is natural for heritage Americans to be saddened and infuriated by the desecration of our public spaces and these monuments to our history. However, one does have to wonder what the individuals memorialized in these statues would think about the America of today. It seems to me that men like Jefferson, Washington, Lee, and even Lincoln would be horrified by the spectacle, and would very likely wish to be dissociated from it altogether. Even the damn Portland Elk, that proud symbol of natural strength and American wilderness, probably would rather not have his noble image associated with a city that has become a byword for hipster effeminacy and unnatural Leftist lifestyles.

Given my particular love of wilderness, this absurdity was really brought home to me by the Sierra Club’s brave decision to cancel its founder, John Muir, due to his political alliance with eugenicists and nativists. This is a man who, in terms of historical significance and character, is of infinitely greater worth than the entire rabble currently infesting the streets of our metropolitan centers. Yet his memory is being dishonored by a committee of cowards and liberal scolds, in the delusional belief that this concession will make minorities care about wilderness preservation. And donate money.

Of course, this should come as no surprise. The Sierra Club departed from its original nonpartisan goal of wilderness preservation decades ago. Since the 1990s, its leaders have refused to discuss the relationship between immigration and environmental degradation, after receiving a $200 million grant from Jewish hedge fund billionaire David Gelbaum requiring them to abandon this area of activism. Its former president, Adam Werbach, stated in a 2004 speech that members needed to “cease being environmentalists and start becoming American progressives,” directing conservatives to “leave this movement. . . you are making us weak.” The Sierra Club website is replete with appeals to oust Trump. It is completely in keeping with this leftward drift that the Sierra Club’s leaders are denouncing their own founder and, riding the wave of the recent protests, have decided to allocate $5 million of their budget to “racial justice” programs. Whatever that means. It makes me wish I had a membership just so I could cancel it.

All of this is simply to say that we now live in a completely different country from the one these Americans founded and built. The world their statues symbolize is gone. Everybody knows it, and this is why the Leftist agitators celebrate the removal of the monuments. People who whine about “erasing history” apparently don’t understand that this is the point. The erasure of history and the utter demonization of historical opponents leaves people no alternative but to march forward into the Leftist’s utopia — or his gulag.

The Right also acknowledges the passing of the Old America, but regards this as a cause for mourning rather than celebration. Contemporary America is no longer worthy of these heroes or their monuments. This is not to say that we should not strive to protect these statues and defend the memory of the men they represent. A sense of honor does seem to demand it, if nothing else just to show the world not all heritage Americans will capitulate to the desecration of their heroes and founders. However, in terms of political expediency and prospects for success, I consider the defense of physical statues in public spaces to be a futile endeavor.

For one, regardless of actual popular opinion, Leftists control the media, politics, and academia as well as the very language itself. This renders most decent people of average intelligence completely incapable of defending objectionable public monuments to their ancestors, at least in any way that is coherent or not immediately dismissed by the enemy. The shock of having such reputedly evil traits as racism, bigotry, or any of the myriad phobias attached to us, the degree of conditioning and indoctrination we have sustained has a Pavlovian effect on most: the immediate instinct is to deny, deflect, and project. We can say “heritage, not hate,” but of course every schoolchild knows that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves (and WWII to save the Jews) — to them, our heritage is hate. We can accuse Leftists of “erasing history,” but of course this is the point, and the charge does not faze them. The arbiters of respectable opinion believe that some history deserves to be erased. They will reply that Germany doesn’t have monuments to Nazis, and no nation honors traitors, so why should we? And while this is obviously a mendacious and historically ignorant view of the matter, can we compress that into a sound bite as potent to the unthinking as #BLM or #MeToo?

If we speak their language, if we attempt to deflect and project (“Democrats are the real racists”) this ultimately just exposes our weakness and undermines our argument in the face of an unscrupulous, deceptive, and utterly doctrinaire foe.

But really, why do we want to preserve these statues? It’s not because they are simply a “part of our history” — in this the Leftists are correct; not all history is worthy of veneration. There are quite a few statues I’d remove if I had the power to do so. This argument is disingenuous. These statues and the memory of these men should be preserved because 1) they are ours, and 2) this country was a better place when they were in charge. But I don’t expect these ideas will get any traction in the popular sphere, so I am skeptical that many of these monuments will remain in public after a few more years. Let them be replaced by statues of George Floyd, transgender drag queens, and the other misbegotten martyrs and saints of the contemporary Left. They more truly represent the complete joke this country has become, not the noble men whose statues are being desecrated. This visible rejection of their founding stock will hopefully disabuse heritage Americans of any lingering belief that the ruling coalition gives a damn about them or their history.

With the erasure of our monuments, heroes, and holidays from the public sphere, what can those of us on the Right do to defend our history from oblivion?

You can buy The World in Flames: The Shorter Writings of Francis Parker Yockey here.

For my part, I believe writing to be by far the best means of preserving and spreading the light of truth in these dark times. More so than any protests or verbal debate. Arguing in real time with true-believing Leftists is generally pointless; even in the face of defeat, they remain undeterred and will typically respond with some form of sophistry or ad hominem attack. You will never convince them of anything, as you share no common ground. As for protests, everybody knows that the most innocuous Right-wing protesters will be demonized as white supremacists (remember Charlottesville?), while a heavily-armed black militia in the streets of Louisville hardly gets mentioned by the mainstream media.

The ability to reflect and craft your sentences gives the written word a persuasive power that is often lacking in more extemporaneous speech, and written statements can reach a larger audience (and will, perhaps, survive as a testimony to our posterity for those of us who resisted the decline). One has the luxury of being able to formulate thoughts independently of the hearer’s emotional response, allowing a writer to present his case and anticipate objections. The shock and disorientation of being demonized by a commenter is somewhat diminished. Additionally, unpopular views are often so out of most people’s intellectual orbit that it takes more time to accurately convey them, while the reigning party can merely unite people behind slogans and hashtags.

So I would recommend writing, if you have the interest and the skill, in order to memorialize our ancestors and promote a future that will preserve and develop our inheritance. Write historical studies and political analyses that oppose the official narrative; memories of your childhood and the way the world was then; narratives of your ancestors and their achievements; encomiums of now-disreputable historical figures; poetry and prose that celebrate beauty and the spirit of tradition; and visions and blueprints for a better future. Also donate to sites that promote such efforts in the face of contemporary opprobrium, such as Counter-Currents.

In terms of the physical monuments themselves, many of those that have not been totally destroyed have been moved to government warehouses. It would be ideal for sympathizers to purchase these monuments and place them where they can be honored and respected, such as privately-run museums or homes. Indeed, the cities that have removed these monuments — strapped for cash due to the pandemic lockdowns, the destructive wake of #BLM riots, and the exodus of their tax base — may ultimately put them up for auction. However, it is also possible that ideology will triumph over economic sense, and these monuments will either be ritually destroyed or placed into a “Museum of Hate” with appropriate Leftist commentary. Or that our corporate overlords will seek to cement their woke status by purchasing the statues at auction and sinking them into the sea, shooting them into the sun, melting them in a volcano, or some other public display of disapproval.

Other than the costly and perhaps unrealistic prospect of buying these statues, there are other more practical means of preserving our historic identity. The purchase and preservation of historic homes and buildings is one option, as these are vestiges of a time that, however imperfect, nevertheless represents an America that believed in itself and was still governed by the historic WASP ethos (for bonus points, fly a Betsy Ross flag in the yard). Purchasing wilderness areas auctioned off by the Forest Service and putting them in a trust is another possibility. Wilderness is an important part of the American heritage and will be under assault by the need to build more accommodations for our expanding immigrant population; the Left is already abandoning its ostensible environmental commitments in favor of technocratic xenophilia.

On a smaller scale, purchasing books that will likely go out of print or no longer be carried by major retailers is an important way to preserve the ideas of our culture from destruction. Even the purchase of historical oddities from antique stores, the kind that will probably be considered on par with Nazi paraphernalia in a few years (Confederate flags and uniforms, vestiges of the pre-1965 South, anything promoting a positive view of American expansion, politically incorrect advertisements, historic weaponry, law enforcement or military paraphernalia, etc.) is a small step towards preserving the old world from obliteration.

Moreover, on a less tangible level, we need to preserve the traditional practices of our culture. These include those of our European ancestors as well as those native to the American continent. Honor your ancestors and heroes of your people — preserve their relics, place their images around your home, raise your children on their stories. Learn the languages of your people, French, German, Italian, Latin, Greek; and learn to speak and write English well, better than the typical college graduate, journalist, or politician. Observe the traditional holidays of our civilization. (In the last year, in addition to the standard Christian/American holidays celebrated by everyone, in honor of my predominantly English and Irish heritage I’ve added Twelfth Night, Imbolc, St. George’s Day, May Day/Beltane, Oak Apple Day, Midsummer, Lammas, and the fall harvest festival. It gives the children something to look forward to and provides connection to the changing seasons).

We are the sons of European settlers in the New World: conquerors, Cavaliers, pioneers, and frontiersmen. We must embody what is best in that heritage.  We must embrace our history, as well as the faith that has animated our people. This may be Christianity, it may be folk religion or ancestor worship, or even some kind of scientific pantheism — but we must believe in our higher purpose. In addition to a knowledge of the European cultures from whence we came, we should know the history and folk tales and literature of the American nation. Learn the regional folklore, read Hawthorne and London, Melville and Lovecraft, Poe and Jeffers, Emerson and Thoreau, Faulkner and the Southern Agrarians. Know the political thinkers of the old America: Calhoun, Fitzhugh, John Taylor of Caroline, John Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, the anti-Federalists, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard. We must reject the global consumerist culture of the cities, which is the same everywhere, in favor of our folk culture. Abjure mass media, Hollywood, television, pop music, materialism, fashion, throwaway consumerism. Learn to love the indigenous music of the North American continent and its European antecedents. Make your own, if you have the gift. We should love the wilds, spend time in nature as much as possible, and retain a connection to our native land. Work to preserve the wilderness and support local agriculture. Additionally, we must acquire the skills necessary for independence and self-reliance. Remain physically fit, in fighting shape. We are the descendants of conquerors and frontiersmen, and should strive to live up to their example. Most importantly, we should inculcate these values into our children.

In the end, of course, everything is in flux. Material objects fall into disrepair, customs change, ideas evolve. The one thing that is essential is to preserve a people, its blood and its spirit. The purpose of a statue is to honor a culture and inspire greatness in the living. With all of our monuments coming down, we have to fulfill that role ourselves. We must be living monuments.

While our words are important, the best way to convert people and signal our spirit of opposition to the Enemy is through our bearing and our lifestyle. If you truly count yourself as an heir and a monument to your noblest ancestors, you cannot behave as the man of today does. You must strive to be lean, lithe, incorrupt, and beautiful. You must abjure the addictions and weaknesses encouraged by our society, and present a powerful and unconquerable face to the world. Your mind must be sharp, your senses and emotions under control. You must be godlike in this world of ants. You must not accept their terms. Their values are those of broken, miserable, and nihilistic vandals, and will lead only to destruction. Fight them dispassionately, without hatred or anger; they are performing their role in this dark age, just as you perform yours, and to hate them gives them power. Don’t waste any more time thinking about them than you must.

The most important thing to realize is that the essence of America is not its governing ideology, nor its economic system. It is the land and the people who settled that land. It is this folk and the soil from which it emerged, not some damn piece of paper in a museum, not some trite phrases scribbled by an Enlightenment-era politician, that form the core of the historic American nation. It is these that are worth preserving, and it is this spirit that is embodied by our greatest monuments. And when this empire passes away, as all have before it, those who honored their ancestors are the ones who will carry the flame of their spirit into the next age.

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  1. Anthony Kimball
    Posted July 30, 2020 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    I certainly approve of the idea of collecting and preserving the relics of the old all-white America, which was already fading out when I came into the world and has now, of course, been almost totally eradicated by our enemies (though also, it must be said, by our own people’s refusal to act and fight). However, while it’s all well and good to maintain these objects of a fondly-recalled past, doing so will hardly hold back the impending demise of this nation. I’m afraid my pessimism has good cause and, much as it pains me to say so, I believe we need to realize the truth of what our eyes are beholding; the America we all knew is, undeniably, in its death throes and a noble 400 (or 244, depending on how one wishes to date its inception) year old experiment is coming to an end. Perhaps in another 500 or thousand years, whatever remains of the white race on this earth by that time will be able, somehow, to form a nation of their own (like our own racial ancestors did on this continent) on some other piece of land. One fervently hopes, however, that this hypothetical founding stock of the far future will not make the same catastrophic errors that ours made. One hopes, for example, that such a nation will certainly be founded on explicitly racial principles and guidelines. Had those who, in the 17th and 18th centuries, were in charge of shaping and designing the framework of America made race the central tenet of our society, this country would right now still be the utopia it once was, rather than the disease-ridden and terminally ill corpse it is now.

    • Jaego
      Posted July 30, 2020 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

      Truly, the opening of the New World gave our race a new opportunity, crushed as we were by Islam on the south and east. We had been on the retreat for ages before the Chinese, Mongolians, Turks, Berbers, etc. And what did we do with it? We dedicated it increasingly to individual profit, bringing in countless Blacks to help us exploit it more quickly. In Latin America, we searched for gold, shaking down the natives and taking their women since we didn’t bother to bring our own. Everything had to be done as quickly as possible to beat out other White adventurers. Yet the fruit of this haste and twofold lust would be enduring. In short, we blew it completely. What consumate folly. What could have been a secure new home has been transformed into a new battlefield – one that we are losing again for various reasons.

  2. Stephen Phillips
    Posted July 30, 2020 at 8:34 am | Permalink

    Thank you for this essay and some ideas to counter and overcome the current degenerate zeitgeist. I thought the potential purchase of these monuments, land and written/historical material very interesting.

    One thing I have started to come around to the more I read is that there can be no dialogue to be had with these people. They have no idea or appreciation of history, beauty, art or compassion. Engaging with them is both pointless and time-wasting. We must soldier on regardless with our ideals and simply push them aside.

  3. Alexandra O.
    Posted July 30, 2020 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    First, it’s the outdoor statues — easy to see and get to. Next, as we’ve seen with Nancy Pelosi’s demands, it’s the indoor statues in the ‘almost sacred’ halls of the Nation’s Capitol Building. Next it is probably paintings of the same men in the Capitol Building. Then, their statues and paintings in the Smithsonian art and history buildings. Eventually, they’ll go after ‘Grandma Moses’ and her paintings of our idyllic America, and Ansel Adams for photographing the monumental American wilderness that Muir taught us to love. What’s next? The libraries? Us?

  4. Francis XB
    Posted July 31, 2020 at 1:11 am | Permalink

    OK, events since the outbreak of the 2020 Rising Tide of Color & General Iconoclast Uprising have been catastrophic. Then again, how much has really changed? There has been anti-White iconoclasm going on for years, the media and academia are as hostile as ever to White interests, Conservatism Inc continues the cucking, political hacks have once again ordered the cops to stand down, and the globalists are still moving forward their plans to atomize just about everyone into a grey goo of deracinated humanity. Pretty much the same situation going back decades.

    The real issue is: how do White Nationalists take advantage of the converging crisis?

    The most critical thing WN can provide is in ideology. That is, giving your average American a justification for keeping those statues, battle flags and street signs in the public square. And more critically, to exploit those symbols as propaganda.

    One can not get defensive here. This is the error which Dinesh D’souza makes in his film, “America: Imagine The World Without Her.” He spends most of the movie answering “charges” which anti-Whites routinely toss against the US (“colonialism,” “slavery,” “genocide”), thereby ceding the initiative – always a tactical error in information warfare.

    The proven agitprop strategy is to turn the tables and attack the other side.

    For example: what gives a marxist-leninist organization like BLM any right to criticize America at all, given the history of communist totalitarianism, mass murder and, well, slavery (per the Gulag)? How about if Whites start proclaiming that BLM murals are evidence of “black supremacy” and demand they be torn down.

    Fair is fair.

    Or what about the race hustlers whose talking heads babble across the cable network telescreens? They are the ones who need to justify the abysmal record of black regimes in Haiti, Liberia, Detroit, South Chicago, Congo-Zaire, assorted European banlieues and the rainbow nation(tm) of South Africa. Within a decade or two of assuming power, blacks turn any city or country they take over into a wasteland of crime, corruption, collapsed infrastructure and kleptocratic Big Man rule.

    Has there ever been a more sorry record of failure than race hustler supremacy?

    Today’s insurrectionists have absolutely no right to criticize White people, much less bang the begging bowl while tossing about molotov cocktails. White people need to demand reparations (yes reparations!) for all the havoc which blacks and their marxist-leninist-multicultist-globalist string-pullers have wreaked from Minneapolis 2020 back to Stanleyville 1964.

    Attack the contradictions.

    The Left claims to stand for multi-culturalism. OK, if that’s the case, then why is Confederate culture not welcomed into the general “inclusion?” The Confederacy had slavery, they say, so it must be banished to the outer darkness? Well now, slavery was practiced by Africans, by American Indians, by Arabs, by communists (again, that Gulag). Heck, slavery is practiced by third world invaders today – look at Rotherham. Why aren’t their icons banished from the campus green and public square?

    If the statues of Columbus have to be torn down, then let’s also deny the insurrectionists access to all the cities, farms, factories, hospitals and technology produced by White civilization. That includes the cell phones and AK-47s.

    Which brings us to “White Supremacy,” which I gather has become the new ultimate thinkcrime in Oceania.

    Shall we line up the civilization produced by Washington, Jefferson, Henry Ford and Teddy Roosevelt-Woodrow Wilson, then compare it with the urban nightmares produced by the Coleman Youngs and the Ta-Nehisis Coates? Ian Smith’s Rhodesia versus Bob Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? London or Malmo or Calais before and after they became multicultic?

    Whose civilization is superior?

    The obvious point is that all great civilizations are built on conquest, war, population displacement and, yes, often some kind of servile labor. Look at the outsourced labor which BLM’s globalist financiers exploit for an example of modern day slavery. The difference is that White peoples have built civilizations which are, yes, supreme compared to those created by blacks, marxist-leninists and the emerging globalist idiocracy.

    The dilemma is that too many otherwise patriotic Americans (and indeed, Westerners in general) have bought into the liberal-egalitarian worldview. They have tried to be “nice” (welcoming migrants, glorifying low-IQ minorities, looking the other way when their children are sexually enslaved) but the invaders have interpreted this as weakness. The sharks smell blood, start circling, then close in for the feeding frenzy we have seen play out from Minneapolis to the South African veldt.

    Well, the events of the last two months have been a wake up call for millions of Whites worldwide. The politics and politicians upon which they have relied since World War II have proven incapable of resisting that rising tide of color-communism. Where White Nationalists can take the lead is in providing new ideological foundations.

    The struggle of White Americans is the same as the struggle of White Europeans and White South Africans. Columbus, Andrew Jackson, Lee & Grant, Custer, John Muir, Baden-Powell, Enoch Powell, Ian Smith, James Watson – great explorers, soldiers, scientists and civilizers, to be glorified as heroes. Raise those battle flags in the name of the supremacy of White Civilization!

    As a great man once observed: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

    • Ghost of Arminius
      Posted August 1, 2020 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

      This is a good comment. It reminds me, strangely enough, why I detest (mainstream) conservatism even more than I do the Left.

      Most conservatives I know concede all of the Left’s main points, they just get their feelings hurt that liberals are — ideologically speaking — so anti-White. It’s the Left that’s obsessed with race, they say. And then they’ll spend the first segment of a news show apologizing for Washington owning slaves or the fact that America didn’t live up to its ideological promise for the first few hundred years of its existence. But, they gleefully note, we’ve corrected all of that thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Just come to our side: we believe in a colorblind America where you can succeed and be treated equally regardless of those arbitrary categories like race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. After all, generalized Enlightenment principles about human nature and the free market are what matter most. Right?

      And so conservatives signal their virtue by rallying to put the Bible back in schools, Jesus back in American culture, picketing against the abortion of black babies at the nearest Planned Parenthood, and laboring to root out any hint of socialism in society, economics, and government.

      In short, when it comes to choosing between Democrats and Republicans in America, unfortunately, we’re left with a choice between dumb and dumber.

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