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Chinese Handcuffs

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Imagine, if you will, the perfect system of torture and restraint. A device so effective that the more forcefully you resist it, the tighter it grips you, and the more hopeless your chance of escape. Such a contraption does in fact exist. You might recognize it as the anodyne but frustrating toy called “Chinese handcuffs.”

This nifty gadget works something like this: the unsuspecting mark is handed a cylindrical tube resembling a fat drinking straw, typically woven with strips of bamboo and broad enough to fit snuggly around a finger. The hapless victim places a finger from each hand in both ends of the tube, as deeply as it will allow. He is then told to pull his fingers out of the tube, but the harder he pulls, the more tightly the tube squeezes his finger. The bewildered victim of this prank will soon tire of his predicament and conclude that not resisting the grip of the handcuffs is at least less exhausting than putting up a fight.

Befuddling and perplexing though this situation may be, there is a lesson to be learned from the allegory of a cheap Chinese toy.

If you’ll note in the linked video, the dupe in the recording eventually chooses to suffer the stress, discomfort, and perhaps even pain, of overcoming the toy. He uses all of his strength to tear the very fibers that strengthen the bamboo. If our victim wishes to be free, he must endure the struggle and offer up the resistance required to overcome the inherent weakness of his restraint; for it, too, has a breaking point.

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I think this is a good metaphor for the quagmire in which white Americans have found ourselves mired in 2020. In fact, I think it’s an apt description of the endless struggle against the perpetual state of revolution that is liberalism and universal suffrage democracy. I think it also conveys a convincing argument for why dissidents must support Donald Trump for reelection, despite his shortcomings and failure to fulfill campaign promises.

I do not think a Joe Biden presidency would be the relentlessly oppressive, tyrannical Marxist surveillance state that we imagine. I think a Joe Biden presidency would arguably mark a return to a less hysterical state of madness (while undoubtedly no less insane, a little less frenzied). Our enemies believe themselves powerless victims. It is boogeymen such as Trump drives them to lunacy.

In this way, a Biden Administration would be a form of pressure relief, like the relaxed state of not resisting the Chinese handcuffs. The problem with such a predicament is that white America will still be prisoners of woke liberalism, only we’ll be more manageable for our oppressors; compliant with less energy required to keep us that way.

Undoubtedly, the far Left will still agitate for their revolutions. They’ll lay the groundwork for pedophile liberation and whatever other insane ideas they foment in their twisted minds. They’ll just do it with less urgency, with less violent madness. We’ll return to the slow boiling frog and white nihilism.

Four more years of Trump will push us to the breaking point, which will be an exploitation of the inherent weaknesses of the far Left. Just as our Chinese handcuff victim succeeded in liberating himself by summoning all his strength, the resistance that the Left will be offering in a second Trump term will most certainly cause the already compromised fabric of our society to rip at the seams.

As we speak, the far Left is destroying the very society that has allowed it to gain power. However, their power has always been rooted in their exploitation of victimhood. Once they’ve razed the liberal order to smoldering ashes, they’ll no longer be able to wield the victim card in order secure that power. Their contradictions will catch up to them, and without the backing of the permissive social order they succeeded in destroying, their soft underbellies will be exposed.

The coming fight is a necessary thing. Struggle is the only path to victory. Don’t relent, don’t relax, don’t let up steam. Turn the force and pressure that the Left has placed on us for resisting their dystopia into the energy that we need to overcome them.

Voting for Trump is our only path toward that end. Let the rest of the GOP rot in hell burning in their own feces. They don’t matter. Let the orange man do our dirty work for us.

Remember those salty tears in 2016? This time around it will be rabid frothing at the mouth. The cat ladies will be rending their garments and howling at the moon. Soylent Bugmen will be screaming with their mouths agape rather than posing for their familiar open mouth selfies. Don Lemon, John Oliver, and Robert De Niro will be making death threats on live television. I can almost imagine Taliban style beheadings in the ensuing months.

It will be painful to watch. But it will be a necessary hurdle if we ever hope to cross the finish line of white liberation.

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  1. Peter Quint
    Posted July 21, 2020 at 6:59 am | Permalink

    If Joe Biden wins we will see the return of the endless “gun control-psyops!”

  2. HamburgerToday
    Posted July 21, 2020 at 8:11 am | Permalink

    I completely disagree. Every election is a ‘crisis choice’ between bad and worse. I’ve become immune to the notion of participating in a system where all choices are bad. It’s time for Whites to admit that Jews and non-Whites and White race traitors (like Trump and Biden) have completely hijacked the system Whites built for themselves and walk away from that system. White Nationalists giving a crap about this election is simply bad strategy. Constant focus on the immediate situation is a waste. The situation is fucked and that’s just how it is. Time for White people to psychologically and organizationally to start over. Hopefully, we will have learned a few things (like the fact that National Socialists were right all along) and can apply them when creating one or more White ethnostates. In the interim, our efforts should be focused on creating a virtual White State-within-as-State.

    The GOP needs to be taught a lesson: No White Nationalism. No White Nationalists.

    • GC
      Posted July 21, 2020 at 9:11 am | Permalink

      Yes. The “United States of America” is dead, and it is never coming back. Our efforts are totally futile within the Judeocratic political system. Our efforts must go entirely to building local and State enclaves. It is indeed time to walk away.

      • Afterthought
        Posted July 22, 2020 at 12:32 am | Permalink

        Why must we avoid Napoleonic mass in warfare? America is dead. But a new nation that is viable on the world stage should be the goal. Tiny enclaves will be swiftly rolled up in detail by the Enemy.

        The problem is that many on “the right” have bought into the End of History, and It Cant Happen Here. It is happening here, and if we want to survive we have to start getting smart. November 3rd Trump, November 4th Homeland.

        This isn’t hard at all. Stop making it hard.

    • John Wilkinson
      Posted July 21, 2020 at 10:00 am | Permalink

      You are correct in spirit, but imho, wrong tactically. I agree about the GOP, but not about Trump. Let me do my best to further explain my position:

      Your “stick it to the GOP” idea can’t work in a 2-party system.

      Let’s assume that Biden wins and both houses of Congress goes to the democrats in a landslide, due in no small part to nationalists and dissidents of all stripes refusing to vote for Trump and the Republican establishment. (In reality, we are the quintessential swing voter)

      What would the National headlines look like the next day?

      Will they read, “America’s nascent far-right movement rejects Trump and GOP by swinging the vote in favor of democrats!”

      Or will they read, “America rejects Trump’s divisive rhetoric and the nascent far-right with sweeping democrat takeover of government”?

      Remember, 95% of America is extremely insulated from alternative media.They don’t get to see Greg Johnson’s headlines at the top of their newsfeed or in their smart phone news app. They check out Google for their headline news, not Daily Stormer, Unz, or Vdare…and Google doesn’t even offer those alternatives as a choice, anyway.

      The only place that our “lesson” to the GOP will reverberate is in our own echo chamber.

      What will happen when the masses get their daily dose of spin? (I’m talking about the MAGA types who were on board with immigration restrictions) They’ll stop believing that change is even possible, and they’ll revert back to nihilism. They’ll give up.

      OTOH. If Trump wins and the GOP loses control of Congress, there’s a possibility that despite the headlines undoubtedly reading “Trump hangs on by thin margin but America sends loud anti-racist message to GOP”, there will be some people who question why Trump won but the GOP lost. They might sense that it’s because the GOP failed to support Trump’s nationalistic rhetoric.

      So in my opinion, the best way to send a message to the GOP is to send it to the party itself. Allowing the Democrats to win everything sends the exact opposite message to the GOP. It tells them that they didn’t cuck hard enough, that Trump was too racist, that they alienated too many brown people. It will make them double down on everything that we hate.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted July 21, 2020 at 11:26 am | Permalink

        I said ‘the GOP needs to be taught a lesson’. I did not say the GOP is going to learn a lesson. It’s not. In 2018, the GOP lost control of the House. They didn’t ‘learn a lesson’ then and they’re not going to learn a lesson if GOP candidates go down in 2020.

        This is why my view is that there is nothing of value — either tactically or strategically — for Whites investing anything in the GOP, including a vote.

        The GOP is never going to be pro-White. Never. They might make ‘pro-White’ noises, like Trump has been doing recently — but the (((GOP Donor Class))) will never permit actual passage of any pro-White policies. The GOP is (finally) becoming explicitly the Democrat-Lite Party and that is the future of politics in America outside the WN sphere. Whites need to accept this and move on.

        I’m surprised at the approach you take with regard to the media. Do you think the anti-White headlines and narrative aren’t already prepared no matter what the outcome? I do. Pravda had nothing on (((American media))). It will not matter who gets elected or by what margin, the anti-White aspect of The Narrative will not change. WN will be ‘the heel’ in the Media’s version WWF as long as they are allowed to message to the public. The media is never going to tell the truth about Whites. MAGA folks who are lost in the anti-White Wilderness will just need to make the best of things until they can — somehow — discover our media and/or independently become WN-Woke.

        If the GOP wins, Whites lose. If the Democrats win, Whites lose. ‘Losing less’ just isn’t that motivating. I was there for Trump in 2016. I voted for him in the 2020 primary. I’m just done making — or accepting — excuses for the guy and the GOP. The Democrats have won. I’m a White Nationalist now and don’t need or want the GOP.

        • John Wilkinson
          Posted July 21, 2020 at 11:54 am | Permalink

          Again, it isn’t about the GOP.

          It’s about implicitly amplifying identitarian and white racialism, in whatever way we can, NOT to the actual political class, but rather, to the white proletariat and middle class who are being disillusioned.

          The PEOPLE, white people, need to have it reinforced that there are others, that they aren’t alone, and that 4 years of propaganda against Trumpism wasn’t enough to push their nascent racially aware views back into Pandora’s box.

          A sound defeat by Trump AND the GOP, given the chaos and insurgency, is a message of support for the insurgency, not a message of dissatisfaction with the GOP, (and again. The intended recipient of these messages need not be politicians but rather our fellow concerned citizen who gets his cues from the broader cultural zeitgeist).

          We agree in spirit my friend. I just disagree on the idea of pulling out of the political landscape completely by not voting and failing to inject our influence.

          • HamburgerToday
            Posted July 21, 2020 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

            My point is that we have no influence. That’s what the evidence says. We are disenfranchised. Fully absorb that reality and then move on from there. Stop lending legitimacy to the system that both actively and passively pursues your subjugation and eventual annihilation.

            American electoral politics is a TV series where White people — especially White working people — always lose. As far as every aspect of official culture is concerned, we’re the ‘bad guys’ and our defeat, humiliation and destruction is expected and desirable. Accept that reality and move on from there.

            White humiliation and dispossession has been the one of only a few consistent policy positions pursued by both parties when in power since at least 1954 (when Eisenhower re-invaded the South to impose Black/Jewish rule on Whites). Since that time, no White vote for White interests has made any substantive change in the process of White dispossession.

            Every national election, the same Finklethink ‘us or them’ depoliticized arguments are trotted out to get the nice White people to line up to provide an imprimatur of ‘democracy’ on the process of White dispossession.

            WN thinkers and leadership should just start for the ground-truth that as far as official culture and institutions are concerned Whites are dispossessed and move on from there.

            • John Wilkinson
              Posted July 21, 2020 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

              Ok then my reply to this is, “why not both”?

              Why can’t I give up on the legitimacy of the system (believe me, I have), while also taking the time to cast a vote (it really doesn’t hurt me to do it, it’s like 20 minutes of my time)

              Even if that vote is the “lesser of two evils” or in the case of Trump, “the most likely to have the desired outcome of wrecking the system”…the outcome may not be precisely what I want, or it may not be a certainty, but if there’s even a LITTLE advantage for me in doing so, or the potential of something positive, then why not?

              Just as voting one way or another isn’t going to achieve the WN ideal outcome, not voting isn’t going to do it either. Literally nobody will care that I say at home and didn’t vote, it won’t matter to anyone if I stay home. If voting is sure to not change anything, then not voting is a guarantee that nothing will change.

              I’ve tossed this around in my mind like everyone else: Trump has been a grand disappointment. But there is no argument that tells me that not voting at all would have any benefit, other than possibly saving me 15-20 minutes of time that I might otherwise have spent writing an article for CC

              • HamburgerToday
                Posted July 21, 2020 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

                It cannot be both because voting legitimates the system. I’m not looking at this in terms of Trump, but in terms of the long sweep of White dispossession in America and realizing that we are past the point of no return within the system.

                Trump exploited the last of the Perot/Buchanan/Nader voters to get into office to service every group in America except Whites, particularly working Whites and even more particularly White working heterosexuals.

                Trump’s purpose has been to demoralize these people by getting them excited about roll-back and not only not delivering but delivering the exact opposite of what many of his voters wanted. Doing anything that affirms a system that goes out of it’s way to humiliate you is just masochistic.

                To me the whole act of voting is like being a battered spouse who keeps thinking that this time it will be different.

                It never is. Eventually, the spouse just beats you to death.

                • Rhodok
                  Posted July 22, 2020 at 5:56 am | Permalink

                  voting legitimates the system.

                  this argument is just pilpul.

                  When you are robbed at gunpoint and the afterwards the robber asks you which iPhone he should buy with the money, you are not legitimizing the robbery by telling him which model is best.

                  • HamburgerToday
                    Posted July 22, 2020 at 7:17 am | Permalink

                    No. ‘Voting legitimates the system’ is exactly how voting is interpreted by the ruling class, media and the populace at large.

                    Calling something ‘pilpul’ is just a stealth ad hominem attack.

                    As for voting ‘GOP’ or ‘non-GOP’, I’m not advising either. I’m advising #WhiteWalkaway form the system.

                    Whites, and especially the White male wage-earner, needs to realize that America is lost to them. A great ‘restoration’ is not around the corner. Accept that we have been defeated, but not destroyed and go from there.

                    No matter which party has been elected since the 1980s (beginning with Jimmy Carter), the same globalist and anti-White policies have been pursued. The Left has know this for a long time. What’s shocking is that so much of the Right seems to deny what is obvious.: Voting doesn’t matter except to legitimate the system. Voting cannot be used to change the ruling class’ agenda.

                    If Trump’s failure doesn’t teach you this, nothing can.


  3. GC
    Posted July 21, 2020 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    Intriguing argument — that, actually, the accelerationist position may justify the re-election of Donald Trump. I’m not certain that I agree, as I think the Trump Administration breeds a fatal complacency, because it allows would-be dissidents to claim that they are actually “#WINNING”, but I have not considered this aspect of it. You are correct that, whatever the man says or does, regardless of the fact that he does nothing for us, he still has an uncanny knack for driving them up the wall. Very interesting thought! I will say that I don’t think the election even matters, though, because in my view the totalitarian Left is coming either way.

  4. Rhodok
    Posted July 21, 2020 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    The right will never come together and pick up arms against the left.
    However the left will come together (somewhat) and pick up arms against the right.

    Accelerationism by voting non-GOP takes longer than accelerationism by voting GOP. IMO of course.

  5. SRP
    Posted July 22, 2020 at 7:43 am | Permalink

    If I thought that a second Trump term would cause the Left’s head to explode, I might actually vote for him.

    Problem is, Trump is so old, incompetent and self-destructive, that a second term of his buffoonery would destroy what little popular credibility the Right still has.

    Biden’s election will give us an opportunity for recovery, because as the puppet of ANTIFA and BLM, Biden will deliver America into the truly agonizing socio-economic chaos we MUST and will NEED to finally persuade and win hearts and minds.

    Remember, it was not until the German people were pushing wheelbarrows of worthless money to buy bread, that they finally decided to vote for action.

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