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The Faith of Heretics

Anthony van Dyck, Saint Ambrose Barring Theodosius from Milan Cathedral, ca. 1620.

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Many people today would describe themselves as being more spiritual than religious. Despite being baptized in two Christian churches, I consider myself a spiritual person of folkish, ancestral faith. Regardless of religion, ethnic nationalists and white advocates stand in opposition to the all-encompassing theocracy of anti-white liberalism. Due to our beliefs, we are modern-day heretics. From classical antiquity to the Modern era, heretics and dissidents have been persecuted in a similar pattern. Nevertheless, I believe that faith can help us overcome the persecution that white people face in Western societies. 

Christians and pagans were persecuted at different times in the Roman Empire. Theodosius I was a Roman emperor who ruled from 379 to 395. He was the last emperor to rule both halves of the Roman Empire. Theodosius is also remembered for persecuting pagans and destroying their temples. He did this through different stages, each with their own strategies and goals.

Pagan persecution under Theodosius began in 381 while he was emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. Theodosius restored Constantine’s ban on certain practices of the Roman religion. Theodosius also limited the rights of pagans to meet and congregate in public. When pagan temples started to get vandalized, he made few efforts to find or punish the perpetrators.

Between 389 and 392 he implemented the Theodosian Decrees. These decrees removed non-Christians from various political offices and banned all pagan holidays. During this period, Theodosius started closing pagan temples, confiscating temple property, and banning priests and priestesses from practicing religious rites.

In 392 Theodosius became the sole emperor of both the Eastern and Western parts of the empire. From this period until his death he ordered the destruction of many pagan temples and holy sites throughout the empire. When non-Christians complained about the destruction of their temples, Theodosius had them arrested.

In 393 Theodosius issued a comprehensive law that banned all pagan symbols in public. Many people that were accused of continuing pagan customs or celebrations were arrested. During this time Theodosius is likely to have discontinued the ancient Olympic games, as many of the games had non-Christian traditions and customs.

Theodosius died in 395. His elder son Arcadius inherited the Eastern Roman Empire and his younger son inherited the Western Roman Empire. Both rulers had to deal with invasions, civil war, and economic decline. Some historians attribute these problems to the increasing religious persecution that Theodosius implemented during his reign. One such historian is Zosimus, a Greek historian that lived in Constantinople during the reign of Theodosius. Zosimus recorded these events in Historia Nova. In this account, Zosimus noted that the persecution of pagans under Theodosius occurred in gradual steps of demoralization, destabilization, and usurpation of political power.

Throughout history, competing kingdoms and empires have fought over land, resources, and sovereignty. The victors usually killed the men, raped the women, and sold the children into slavery. The victors also imposed their religion and culture onto the lands and people they conquered.

This is what has been happening to white societies around the world. Instead of foreign hordes invading our countries through warfare, our governments have imported millions of African and Middle Eastern immigrants without our consent or approval. And just like the invaders of history, these non-whites are killing white men, raping white women, and forcing young white girls into prostitution. Yet the media covers up these atrocities and our governments often punish the people who report these crimes. I often ask myself how white people ever got into this situation in the first place. Then I remember the interviews that Yuri Bezmenov did in the 1980s.

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Bezmenov worked with the KGB in spreading propaganda through various news agencies in the Soviet Union. He defected to Canada in 1970 and spent the rest of his life explaining the propaganda and subversion tactics used in the Soviet Union. His interviews and lectures on these subjects are often removed and deleted by YouTube. Nevertheless, Bezmenov is best known for describing the four stages of subversion.

The first stage is demoralization. During this stage, the identity and morality of the country are put into question, creating doubt in the minds of the people. Manipulation of the media and academia with concepts of “white privilege” and “institutional racism” are some examples. In this stage, peer pressure and social stigma are more influential than facts and reason.

The second step is destabilization. Destabilization occurs during the gradual changes in culture, society, and demographics. A major goal here is to impose an ideology that permeates society and the lives of its citizens. Entitlements and benefits are also promised to a small part of the population in exchange for their support and enforcement of that ideology.

The third step is crisis, and involves a change or usurpation of power. This is where an unprecedented event divides the country and creates panic among its citizens. Recent examples include the Black Lives Matter movement, the refugee crisis of 2015, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The people in power take advantage of these incidents to circumvent the law and obtain more authority and power.

The fourth and final step is normalization. This stage is where the population finally accepts the imposed propaganda and begins to assimilate it as their own beliefs and morals. It seems that many Western countries are currently at this stage. Most white people have been indoctrinated their whole lives with anti-white propaganda in our schools, media, and governments. Yet when a few individuals dare to speak up or question the anti-white narratives, they are shamed, censored, or arrested. For many people in our community, our situation seems hopeless.

When asked how a culture or society can overcome its propaganda and subversion, Bezmenov’s answer was “faith.” Faith can be a great tool to fight anti-white propaganda, persecution, and subversion. However, I do not think it can be the type of faith that we normally put into our religions, governments, or economies. If anything, it should be a faith that we put in ourselves, our people, and our race.

I am really impressed with the amazing work our community is doing on social media. Every day I see people in our community reporting on all the violent crimes committed against white people that the media tries to cover up. These photos and videos are difficult to look at, but it is important that these crimes and atrocities are not silenced and forgotten. Various social media accounts might get censored or deleted, but they cannot censor all of us. I have hope and faith that the dissident right will continue to spread awareness of the violent crimes committed against white people.

One such crime was the murder of Tommie Lindh. Lindh was a 19-year-old Swede who was stabbed to death by a non-white refugee. Apparently, Lindh was at a party where the refugee was intimidating a young female. Attempting to protect the woman, Lindh was stabbed numerous times by the refugee and later died at the hospital. Our community continued to report this tragedy on social media despite media slander and lies about the incident. I have hope and faith that Lindh will not be forgotten and will be remembered as a hero who stood up to protect his land and his people.

Another person who recently passed away was Simon Harris. Harris was a well-respected musician, content creator, and activist. He had recently appeared on a few YouTube shows and that was when I first discovered him. He talked about the importance of ethnic sovereignty and his experience in the nationalist scene over the years. What I found most inspiring was how Harris was able to share his views with his adult daughter. He explained on the show that he was able to share his views with her by focusing on what makes our people unique and what makes our culture worth preserving. I never met him in person, but he seemed like the guy you wish you knew for years. I have hope and faith that his memory inspires all of us to celebrate a positive white identity with our future children.

Spirituality is part of the European spirit. It is in our nature to find our place in the world, a purpose in our lives, and to have hope for the future. Whether you are Christian, pagan, or agnostic, I hope you can find faith in securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. That is why I thank the gods every night before I go to bed. I thank them for everything I have and for surviving another day. I thank them for having the opportunity to be in the white-positive community. I ask them to grant me another day to help my people stand up for our lands, resources, and sovereignty. As a modern-day heretic, I have faith in our people.

I have faith in you.

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  1. Breidablik
    Posted May 25, 2020 at 9:14 am | Permalink

    As for the mass immigration to Europe the stage of normalization and internalization mainly took place before the refugee crisis in 2015. The crisis became its climax. When the systems collapsed and the governments were forced to strengthen their border controls, the development began to turn in another direction.

    The public discourse on immigration is very different today from 2015 and the Refugees Welcome movement is almost dead. Many of the mainstream parties have also realized that they must adopt elements from the dissident national populist parties in order to keep them at bay.

    So it seems to me that many Western countries currently are at a fifth stage. The multicultural ideology is dying, but the parties who have supported it are still struggling to stay in power. And in order to do so they have to censor and silence the growing number of opponents.

    • HamburgerToday
      Posted May 25, 2020 at 11:22 am | Permalink

      Very interesting analysis. All that I would add is to not think of failure/success as entirely separate ‘stages’ of phenomena. Objectively, a process can be failing in some ways and succeeding in other ways at the same time. In the same way that a plant can have new leaves and dying leaves at the same time, so can a process. I think the elites in the USA have lost control of the process. I do not know Bezmenov’s work, but if he was an expert in Soviet propaganda, then he could have told his audience that propaganda comes in to main forms: agitation and consolidation. Agitational propaganda (agitprop) focuses on elaborating what (‘systemic racism’) or who (‘white nationalist’) are ‘The Problem’. The Soviets realized early on that too much agitation can result in a population that is simply out of control and cannot be ‘consolidated’ around a ‘solution’. To apply this to the present time, our elites have been agitating the population to hate Whites and to be suspicious of them, so much so that Whites feel they have to hate themselves and confess to the terrible nature of their ‘whiteness’. The problem for the elites is that this process is now out of control and no solution being offered is sufficient to make ‘the problem’ seem resolved and they are (for the moment at least) unwilling to openly propose the genocide of Whites.

    • Vehmgericht
      Posted May 26, 2020 at 2:20 am | Permalink

      I am not so sure the counter-narrative is striking. Even today Daniel Trilling (a descendant of Holocaust survivors) has a piece in the Guardian arguing against the UK’s new milquetoast points-based immigration regulations.

      He explains that the new system (which in any case will likely be flouted) will deny our nation the lifeblood of new arrivals — the very same class of persons who have just rescued us from Covid-19! It is moreover a betrayal of the British working class in terms of wages and conditions (this point is insufficiently explained).

      As long as elite and popular media continue to pump out pro-immigration agit-prop the bulk of the masses will follow it. Hence the UK’s weekly ritual of applauding ‘NHS angels’ and the ‘spontaneous’ graffiti and posters depicting saintly hijab-wearing doctors and nurses cropping up on walls and in windows all over the place.

      I am afraid that only when the present order crumbles to an extent that the safety and livelihood of the ordinary persons is jeopardised will there come opportunity for change,

      • Breidablik
        Posted May 26, 2020 at 7:39 am | Permalink

        There will of course always be special interest groups and media advocating for mass immigration. But major parties and politicians can’t do that explicitly anymore, even if they still support policies that favour it.

        Five years ago leading politicians like Angela Merkel could persuade their citizens to accept almost all of the immigrants who were flooding into Europe. Today such suggestions would result in a political suicide.

        But Britain is probably worse off than many other countries because of its weak national populist parties, who are mainly focussed on Brexit. So the Conservative and Labour parties don’t have to fear any real opposition.

  2. HamburgerToday
    Posted May 25, 2020 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Excellent essay. The ‘spiritual’ character of our movement is often submerged under sectarian squabbling. It is simply a fact that Whites are all of one religion, but that does not mean we cannot be all of one faith: a faith in our people and our future.

  3. Posted May 25, 2020 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    This maybe warrants an article of its own, but I find that the Mediterranean conception of faith, whatever that faith may be, is more akin to trust.

    I put my trust in our people. We’ve survived worse than this. We will survive this as well.

  4. R_Moreland
    Posted May 26, 2020 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Theodosius was also famous for employing the Goths as foederate troops against his Roman imperial rivals, being more interested in becoming the sole Emperor than expelling the barbarian invaders. You can draw an analogy with the current practice of politicians and corporations employing third world migrant factions to undermine the traditional citizenry and create new power bases, not incidentally opening the borders to further invasions.

    One result has been the establishment of No Go Zones (aka Sensitive Urban Areas) in many cities originally built by European peoples. These zones are not unlike the petty Germanic kingdoms one can observe spreading across the maps found in any atlas covering the last century of the Western Roman Empire…culminating in AD 476 with the Fall of Rome.

    But way back when, Theodosius was stuck with a rather difficult situation. After the Goths had crossed the Danube and defeated the Eastern emperor Valens at Adrianople in AD 378, they had become a powerful military force within the Empire, especially under great chiefs like Alaric. The difference today is that the various third world migrants who are moving en masse into Europe and North America have only a fraction of the military power that the NATO countries possess. Even a minor flex of NATO’s armed forces could easily destroy the migrant flotillas and expel the invaders once and for all.

    And at least in the Western Empire there were Roman leaders who understood the nature of the crisis: generals like Stilicho and Aetius, even the often maligned emperor Honorius, saw the invaders as the enemy for crying out loud and fought (or tried to fight) them with a wide range of strategies. What is remarkable about the Crisis of the 21st Century is that just about the entire ruling elite of the Western World (globalists, media, bought-off politicos, NGO honchos, ad nauseam) openly supports the non-White invasion.

    I suspect this is why Donald Trump has become the subject of so much calumny from those hostile elites. Trump is the heretic who refuses to buy into the prevailing orthodoxy, this regardless of the actual content of his policies. It’s also a reason why that much of today’s repression take on a quasi-religious fervor – the de-platformings, the iconoclasm, the promotion of egalitarian ideology by the entire agitprop system, the ritual apologies, the screaming down of any dissent about the party line on race and gender. “Hate” (i.e., truth about genetics and civilization) has become the new “heresy.” Consider the 2009 movie about the Late Roman mathematician Hypatia, Agora, taking place at the time of Theodosius (reviewed on Counter-Currents back in 2014). Then compare the politics surrounding Hypatia’s dissent with that of James Watson.

    This is one reason that mainstream conservatives are ineffective. They act as if they are still back in the great days of the Republic, voting for candidates on the basis of issues. But really, the 21st Century Crisis has taken on the form of a quasi-religious war. The election of 2020 is not about voting for the party of “big government” versus the party of “small government.” The choice is between a totalitarian orthodoxy and dissenting heretics.

    Organize accordingly.

    • Vehmgericht
      Posted May 27, 2020 at 7:40 am | Permalink

      I think this analogy, though inevitably inexact, is very telling and it chimes with my own views. We are indeed in the early stages of a new Völkerwänderung and whatever the apologists may say about the ‘inevitability’ of such things, it remains historical fact that these great upheaval bring chaos and war.

      This time, to our shame, the barbarians at the gates are no mail-clad goths or hunnic horse-archers, but tracksuited afro-islamic ‘refugees’ touting their puking babies as a reproach to our mawkish and effete way of life. I fear we will not find our Stilicho or our Aetius until our peril has become more gravely acute and our hearts hardened.

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